Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 21

Blame Booze and Melville

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 10, 2005 on The WB

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  • Surprises all around, Rory gets a performance review, Emily sees Lorelai's article and Sookie's baby arrives one week early. Good set up to the finale.

    I was shocked about Rory's review, she seemed to be getting on so well at the company, in fact she definitely was. Logan's dad is wrong about her but sadly the damage has obviously already been done. A devastated Rory finds Logan and asks him to steal a yacht which he agrees to. But things sound bad, she calls Lorelai sounding distressed, she asks her to pick her up but we don't know where.

    Jail perhaps? It seems her downward spiral has finally come to a head, I can't wait to see what happens with her in the upcoming finale. Sookie gives birth to her baby early and her and Jackson must decide on a name. But he keeps saying oh we can wait for the next one. Sookie tells him no and he gets something done to ensure this.

    Lorelai also has a small pregnancy scare, I'm so glad she isn't pregnant. Also Emily reads the article where Lorelai slag's her mother off. Emily is shocked but after much persuasion from Lorelai, is calm about the whole thing. Also Luke seems to be getting the house, even though Kirk wants it too.

    Can't wait for the finale, sounds great!
  • Love Love Love

    This episode was beyond great . Rory and Lorelai wanted to throw Sookie a baby shower but when they get there she is already in labor! Then Lorelai and Luke went to New York for her magazine and were a little loopy when they got tho his apartment and she was eating a apple when they were at the hospital and she thinks she might be pregnant but she wasnt ( i wish she was )! then Mitchum told Rory she "doesnt havee it" and then she went to Logan and they stole a yacht together! I also loved the thing with Emily and the Ballerinas!
  • The magazine article about the Dragonfly has come out. Kirk stands in the way of Luke getting the Twickham house. Rory is devastated by Mitchum's evaluation. Sookie has the baby.

    Although I always enjoy Gilmore Girls, there were a few credibility challenges in this episode. I didn't believe that Lorelai who was once a 16 year old mother and who is now a 37 year old woman didn't know how long it takes before you know if you are pregnant or not. The pregnancy scare was an interesting twist but Lorelai just wouldn't have been that uninformed about such a basic women's issue. She is just too smart. Even though she was young when she had Rory that is something women know.

    It also seemed a little out of character for Rory not to go to her mother when she is so devastated. One could perhaps argue that her judgment is severely compromised since she started going out with Logan, but I still feel she would have gone home to her mother.

    Having Luke compete with Kirk for the Twickham house was very funny. The steam room scene was priceless. Kirk continues to entertain.
  • Sookie has her baby and Lorelai thinks she is going to have one.

    I thought that this episode was very funny and one of the best episodes of this season. I really liked that Lorelai and Rory was going to throw Sookie a baby shawor but Sookie goes into labor and has to go to the hospital before they could get the party ready. I thought that it was funny that Lorelai thought that she was pregnant so she talked to a doctor then called Rory to make sure she is safe and to tell Rory her maybe news. I was happy that Loerlai was not pregnant. I thought that it was really mean of Mitchum to tell Rory she does not have it. I was dissappointed in Rory that she would steal a boat with Logan and to get arrested.
  • Sookie goes into labor and Lorelai believes she is pregent after craving an apple. Rory gets told thats she not cut out for jouralism. She decides to steal a boat with logan at Honor's party.

    This episode was above average. It was just like any other episode of Gilmore Girls besides Sookie having a baby and Rory stealing a boat. It's not like Rory but that's what Logan always does to her. Lorelai was very funny with the whole pregent thing. I loved her eating an apple it was just so funny to see. Mitchum was a complete jerk to Rory and I cannot believe he did that to her. I also liked the whole balleria thing with Emily and how the guy freaked out over Stalin. It was just so funny and the magazine thing was great also along with everything else in the whole episode besides Rory deciding to steal a boat with Logan.
  • In this episode we have dancers, Lorelai thinks she's pregnant, Sookie goes into labor, Mitchum tells Rory she doesn't have it.

    There are many things that happen in this episode. Emily wants to sponsor individual dancers and she has Rory and Lorelai help her pick out which one she should sponsor.

    Lorelai and Luke get drunk and I should not have to tell you what to people who are together do when they are drunk...The next morning she wakes up with the "Oh my God, I did WHAT?!" look on her face. We find out later that she thinks she is pregant.

    Sookie goes in to labor just as Rory and Lorelai were about to throw Sookie a surprise baby shower. Rory is grossed out about what Sookie is going through. Rory needs to get a grip. It is not like that baby is going to come flying out of Sookie right at that moment.

    At the hospital, Sookie thinks she is seeing famous people like Andy Dick and Ben Stiller. Lorelai is eating an apple and the last time she ate an apple was when she was pregant with Rory. Later on in the episode we find out that she was not pregant. False alarm.

    At Rory's internship, Mitchum tells Rory she does not have what it takes to be a journalist but she would make a great assistant. Rory is crushed by this and how does she deal? She runs off and steals someone random person's yacht with Logan.

  • Luke and Lorelai get a bit too excited, giving Lorelai a pregnancy scare as Sookie gets into labor and Rory gets her review from Mitchum Huntzberger!

    I like this episode.. except for Mitchum's review of course but besides from that it's an excellent episode

    The whole Lorelai/Luke moment in the limo was nice.. and sweet.. and it gave Lorelai a pregnancy scare... That was hilarious how she asked the doctor all those questions

    Also Sookie giving birth was funny, especially when Rory couldn't watch it and Sookie arranged that appointment for Jackson because she didn't want anymore children. But I feel sorry for Martha with all those names... 9 names and a few boys names as well :)

    As for ROry and Logan.. the sweetest couple ever! :) I love the line

    'You're very one note today'
    'Well I miss you Ace'

    So sweet that I really like it
    But the review she got from Mitchum was a little worse and not really appropiate.. Of course she did a lot of assistant work but she's been there for 2 weeks and she hasn't written an article as far as we know so... A bit stupid IMO

    But the felon they commited together, it was sweet that Logan tried to talk with her about it but she wouldn't budge... :) But even though they got arrested now... they're still cute to me

    Next week season finale!! :) I can't wait :D
  • season

    I loved this season, I was so sad that this was the last episode in the season, as always i hate endings! i HAVE to buy this season on dvd, i loved it, my favorite season so far! this episode wan't my favorite, but i think it was well written, and a very good foreshadower for episodes/things to come in season 6
  • An apple a day won't make kirk's chest go away...

    The three episodes preceeding this one were all great, but I think this one was better than those. The calm before the big storm, so to say. This episode pretty much has everything that makes Gilmore Girls so great. It has the incredible humor(Emily and the ballerinas, lorelei locking herself in richard's office), the serious drama(Mitchum Huntberger's overview of Rory and how she handles it), and well, the fun of Luke, Kirk, and Taylor. No doubt about it, this was a good episode. Since season five was so good and was such a return to form, one was sad to see it end already. It can't possibly be over already!. But the show regained enormous strength and a creative freshness this year, and the show will end the season on an extreme high. Leaving us wanting more. That's always a good sign. As the previous episodes started new life chapters for a number of our favorite characters, this one just enhances what has come before. Some good, and some not so good. The direction the show has taken with it's current storylines and characters has been excellent. It will only change more as we go into the season finale, and that's always a good sign of great writing and drama when a show has the courage to change things, situations, and people around. I guess I will get into that a bit more with the season finale review. Anyways, this episode was interesting, fun, and hilarious as well. What is Stars Hollow up too this week?...

    The main drama here is with Rory and her internship at Mitchum Huntzberger's paper. She started there last week, and by the end of the episode, it looks like she had really settled in and was really finding her place there. We couldn't of been happier for her. Even if the job was handed to her as a pay off, well, at least she is doing what she has been working towards, right?. We see that Rory is running the place and all is pretty much a well oiled machine by this point. After one meeting, Mitchum says that he had planned on talking to Rory about how she is doing there. Rory has the time, so Mitchum talks to her. Mitchum tells Rory that he has worked with a lot of young people, and that he has a pretty strong gut feeling about people and if they got it or not. He tells Rory that she doesn't got it. Basically, she would make some big wig a fine assistant, but anything else?. Not really. It's a moment where you take a second to think of if you just heard what you thought you heard. Did he just say what we thought he said?. It was a stunning moment and you feel so bad for Rory. Alexis Bledel was wonderful in this scene as well. Just like Lauren Graham, Bledel can make a serious scene be that without doing the big 'acting' and over do it. She handles herself well, and does it subtley and gracefully. Like mother, like daughter I guess. You also want to smack Mitchum too. Was he serious?. Why is everyone down on Rory here lately?. First his nitwit family treats her like dirt, even though she comes from a well to do family and goes to Yale and all that, and now this. Now another member of the Huntzberger tribe is attacking Rory. At least, he was nicer about it. In one way, he's right. It's best to just say it, not lie, and just do it. But he's wrong with everything else, of course. Rory has worked most of her entire life to get where she is today, and she has done nothing to fail. Going into the job and the Huntzberger "world" would be intimidating to anybody at first, but you have to let them get their bearings. You want to put your arms around Rory and tell her that he's an idiot and everything will be okay. But nothing will be okay, as this wonderful episodes rolls along.

    This is one of the best Emily episodes in a while now too. The ongoing Lorelei/Emily feud was really good, but this is a more funny episode for Emily. This whole scenario was a great part of the episode. Emily tells the girls that she is taking in a foreign ballerina. The beginning where the three are picking through hopefuls was hilarious. It gets even better, and funnier, when the foreigners actually get there. Emily's comments about the first female ballerina were priceless. "She hardly made a sound when she moved. I didn't know if she was coming up behind me. It was like I was being stalked by an elf". Priceless. But the ice seems to be thawing between mother and daughter, but the article that Lorelei thought was pulled comes out and she thinks it's best to just tell Emily. The result is hilarious, and goes over much better than you would of thought. This whole storyline was very funny and entertaining. It's great when the two have some humor between them instead of a brick wall.

    Celebrating the release of the article, Lorelei and Luke celebrate in Manhattan, much to Luke's chagrin. After a night at Luke's, Lorelei wakes up feeling something. She wasn't careful, and now she's eating fruit!. She thinks she is pregnant. Sookie gets in on the action as she goes into labor, as Lorelei and Rory plan her a surprise baby shower. The whole section with Sookie and Jackson was good. Sookie thinks everyone in the hospital looks like a celebrity(Andy Dick!), and tells Jackson that she is done having kids. No more. She has also informed him that he is getting snipped. In a funny scene, the "big nurse" just takes Jackson away like that. But it was actually Rory that ruined the whole storyline for me. When Sookie goes into labor, Rory freaks out over the whole thing and is just disgusted. Not only did I think Rory was acting like a real twit about it, but I was disappointed in her. Probably more so than stealing the yacht, if you can believe it. I always thought that Rory would be the one of the two who was more into the whole thing, and would think it was the "gift of life". Instead, she acted opposite of that. It was annoying and quite ridiculous, and It put a damper on the proceedings. Otherwise, Sookie and Jackson were fun.

    Luke is getting closer and closer to getting the Twickum house, but something comes in his way in the form of a higher bidder. Taylor informs Luke that the other party is none other than Kirk. Kirk has had many jobs over the years, and has saved all his money. He's rolling in the dough, and he wants the house for him and Lulu. Luke goes to the town elders to get this house, and after an uncomfortable scene in the steam room with the most frightening image I have ever seen in my entire life, the elders decide that Luke should get the house for him and Lorelei. How many more surprises does that Kirk have up his sleeve?. Fun storyline.

    In the end, "Blame Booze And Melville" was a hilarious, serious, and all around great episode. A great episode leading up to the incredible season finale.
  • Not the best

    This episode was definately not the best episode of Gilmore Girls ever but it wasn't the worst either. Pretty close, but not the worst. Since when does Rory get into trouble with the law. It seemed very out of character for her and I don't like episodes where the characters arn't themselves. Not the best episode but it can only go up from here.
  • Not the best episode of the season, but one of the most interesting of the series

    Wow. A very interesting episode. In this episode, we can see that the dream not alway become true. And when it's not,we can see the reaction. I don't know what will happen in the next season but we all hope Rory will continu to believe in her like she did before. As for Lorelai, I was sad when I heard that she was finly not pregnat :(But hey, they're maybe gonna get married ;)