Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 21

Blame Booze and Melville

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 10, 2005 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • This is the third time that a labor is described as being 14 hours long. First, Lorelai tells Rory that she was in labor with her for fourteen hours in "The Breakup, Part 3" in season one, episode 17. Emily also tells Lorelai that she was in labor for fourteen hours in "Driving Miss Gilmore" in season six, episode 21 and in this episode, Lorelai tells Rory that Martha was born after fourteen hours.

    • Lorelai says she hasn't eaten or enjoyed an apple since she was pregnant with Rory. In season 1, episode 6, scene 2,"Rory's Birthday Parties", Lorelai is eating an apple while talking on the phone with Emily.

    • If Kirk has a quarter million dollars in savings then why did he have to jump from couch to couch when he left his mom's earlier in the season? Why didn't he just buy a house then or check into the Dragonfly? Kirk obviously is very stingy. He proved that with the toast. He probably didn't want to spend the money to stay at the Dragonfly.

    • Lorelai told Rory that she ate an apple, but she didn't eat the whole thing.

    • In this episode Rory persuades Logan to go steal a boat so that they can go out to sea.

    • Surprisingly, Emily didn't go berserk after reading the magazine. She somehow was calm, usually she would just continue to argue with Lorelai.

    • Mitchum Huntzberger tells Rory that she doesn't have what it takes to be a journalist.

    • Lorelai says that she thinks she may be pregnant in this episode because she ate an apple and liked it. This is going back far, but in the season 1 episode "Rory's Birthday Parties", Lorelai is cutting up and eating an apple when she is on the phone with her mom. Not only that, there is a huge basket of apples there, which they probably wouldn't buy if they weren't going to eat them.

    • Actually, studies have found that cell phone use in hospitals does not interfere with electrical monitoring equipment as previously thought. Many hospitals are now lifting the ban in most non-critical areas of the hospital.

    • When Mitchem is giving Rory her "evaluation" in the conference room, the conference room door is open, then shut, then open again.

    • In the scene where Sookie and Jackson are in the hospital room and Sookie is in labor. During their conversation, there appears to be an eyelash or some type of obstruction on the bottom half of the camera lens that appears and disappears as the frame switches between the two!

    • Luke claims on the limo ride he hasn't gotten drunk in years, but he forgets that in "You Jump, I Jump, Jack" he got quite schnookered at Richard's country club.

      Also, last season in "Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels" he got really drunk after a discussion with Jess.

    • Rory is called at 11:50am to be told that the baby was born after 14 hours of labor. If this was the case it would mean labor would have started at around 9pm the previous day. However the day before Rory arrives somewhat late to setup the baby shower which was to be setup between 11:30am and 12:30pm when Sookie actually goes into labor. The only explanation would be that Lorelai didn't know about the baby being born until 10 hours after it being born which would not make sense due to how close her relationship is with Sookie.

      Possible explanation: Sookie could very possibly have had 14 hours of labor. Beginning at around 11:00 am, the baby would have been born at about 1:00 am the next morning. Lorelai may just not have wanted to wake Rory, and so waited to call her with the news.

  • Quotes

    • Talking about Lorelai's magazine article
      Emily: I did not force Jimmy Carter out of his room at that hotel!
      Lorelai: See, now that I thought was just an amusing anecdote.
      Emily: I did not get into quote bitch fight with him. He's an ex-president! It was with that insufferable Rosalynn.

    • Kirk: You've got change for a hundred, right?

    • Logan: Just checking. So what do you think about Friday?
      Rory: An excellent alternative to Thursday!

    • Rory: I don't understand. I mean, I have always done what is asked of me!
      Mitchum: See, that's the thing, Rory. In the real world, it's not always enough to do just what is asked of you. Now, I'm not saying you're not competent. You're very smart and good at anticipating people's needs. You'd actually make someone a great assistant.
      Rory: Oh...
      Mitchum: I know it's tough, just springing this on you like this, but it's healthy. I don't know any other way. I don't BS.
      Rory: (stands up) I better get back.
      Mitchum: Listen, I know this must come as a shock, but....I may have actually done you a big favor.

    • Mitchum: (to Rory about her performance) I have a pretty good gut feeling about these things, and I have to tell don't got it. Now, these inclinations can be wrong. Mine have been wrong before....but not often.

    • Rory: Sounds good. Hey, um, did you ever mention this pregnancy scare to Luke?
      Lorelai: My God, no. Can you imagine? 'Uh, Luke, you're going to be a daddy.' Suddenly there's nothing left but a puff of smoke and a baseball cap spinning on the floor.

    • Lorelai: (about birth control) So you're caught up on the subject?
      Rory: You've caught me up. Society has caught me up. The health channel on cable has caught me up. Miss Driscoll, the sad spinster gym teacher at Stars Hollow High has caught me up –
      Lorelai: Miss Driscoll. Right, like she would ever need birth control.

    • Luke: I've got to get a new pair of pants.
      Lorelai: Okay. That didn't exactly follow.
      Luke: You know, for the party they're going to throw you.
      Lorelai: You don't need new pants. You just need pants. And the party's in New York, so you may not even need pants.

    • Luke: I haven't raised the price of my toast in seven years, Kirk. It's still a bargain.
      Kirk: I'll give you a dollar four.
      Luke: No.
      Kirk: A dollar five. That's my last offer.
      Luke: Do I look like e-bay?

    • Kirk: You overcharged me for the toast. It's only supposed to be a dollar.
      Luke: I didn't overcharge you, Kirk. I raised the price of wheat toast. It's a dollar ten.
      Kirk: You're kidding.
      Luke: I don't do toast humor.

    • Lorelai: So, meet me at their house at noon. Bring decorations and she'll wake up to a nice, fun surprise baby shower.
      Rory: You got it.
      Lorelai: I think it's cool we waited this long to throw it. She's totally not going to expect it.
      Rory: Plus we forgot.
      Lorelai: But only we know that.

    • Rory: Oh, you really want to re-live the U-haul incident of May 2004?
      Lorelai: (indignant) Ah! You make one iffy u-turn.
      Rory: We were in a tunnel!
      Lorelai: A wide tunnel.
      Rory: Going the wrong way down a one-way street.
      Lorelai: They don't let you forget.
      Rory: Yeah, I've got that elephant's memory when it comes to nearly dying.

    • Lorelai: I love ranting, Luke.
      Luke: Why does this song keep playing?
      Lorelai: Because I put the CD player on repeat with my fancy remote in my fancy limo. Hey, do a limo rant. I bet that's a good one.
      Luke: No, that's right, they sent you a limo. You deserve it.
      Lorelai: And it enabled us to drink and not drive.
      Luke: That's good too.

    • Luke: Where did you get a quarter of a million dollars?
      Kirk: I'm a little short.

    • Cesar: (answers phone) Hello? Hold on. Luke, it's for you. It's Taylor.
      Lorelai: (gasp) Cesar, you just broke Luke's standing "When Taylor calls, I'm out even if he can see me through the stupid connecting window" rule.
      Cesar: I can tell him you're out, and that Duke, your evil identical twin, is in town.

    • Lorelai: I bet he would taste good dipped in chocolate...

    • Luke: I'm not really hungry. I am something, though; what am I?
      Lorelai: You're drunk.

    • Lorelai: I think I might be pregnant.
      Rory: Oh...Wow.
      Lorelai: I just ate an apple.
      Rory: Oh.
      Lorelai: And liked it.
      Rory: Whoa.

  • Notes

    • French episode title: "Les Anciens De La Ville", meaning "The City's Good Old Folks".

    • Music:
      - "Oblivious" by Aztec Camera

    • There is a reference to Star Wars in here. When Luke and Kirk are in the steam room talking to the elders, one of the old guys (wearing a towel over his head, giving you the impression he is wearing a cloak or robe) waves his hand like Qui-Gon Jinn did in Episode I when talking to Watto. He says a long speech about how Luke has waited 9 years for Lorelei and how he should have the house. He ends by waving his hand again. Another one of the elders then immediately agrees, saying, "Yes, I think Luke should get the house." The almost exact thing the Jedi-dude said before waving his hand again!

  • Allusions

    • Kirk: I know he wants the bone. I know there's going to be a complication getting the bone, but Marmaduke still cracks me up every time.

      "Marmaduke" is a newspaper comic strip drawn by Brad Anderson from 1954 to the present day. The strip revolves around the Winslow family and their Great Dane, Marmaduke.

    • Lorelai: Whatever Pola wants, Pola gets.

      This is an allusion to the song Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets from Damn Yankees, a popular musical.

    • Emily: I did not force Jimmy Carter out of his room at that hotel.
      Lorelai: See, now that I thought was just an amusing anecdote.
      Emily: I did not get into a, quote, bitch-fight with him. He's an ex-president! It was with that insufferable Rosalyn.

      Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the United States (1977–1981). In the decades since he left office, Carter gained more respect for his role as an international mediator and peacemaker and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. He is married to Rosalyn Carter.

    • Lorelai: Mom, it was meant as a joke! The Pol Pot, the walking anthrax. I was just being edgy, like Chris Rock!

      Pol Pot was the ruler of the Khmer Rouge and the Prime Minister of Cambodia from 1976 to 1979. The excesses of his government are widely blamed for causing the deaths of up to two million Cambodians.
      Chris Rock is a comedian known for his biting sense of humor.

    • Lucille: So, Franz Ferdinand comes to New York. Forget freelancers, you'll go cover it?

      Franz Ferdinand is a rock/alternative band that comes from Scotland.

    • Rory: I still can't get 'coming round the mountain' out of my mind. It's like one of those phrases, like Drop It Like It's Hot that I really wish I'd never heard.

      "Drop It Like it's Hot" is the title of a Snoop Dogg song featuring Pharrell Williams (2005).

    • Sookie: I'm breathing. Hey, was that Andy Dick out in the hallway?
      Jackson: No, honey. This happened last time. You go into labor, you start thinking you see famous people.
      Sookie: Right. Suddenly my midwife was Wolf Blitzer.
      Lorelai: Yep. I'll be here. Comfortable?
      Sookie: I am, Penelope Cruz.
      Sookie: It does look good. Oh, it looks like Ben Stiller.
      Lorelai: Oh, sure. (She whispers to Sookie) She looks like Marlo Thomas.

      Andy Dick is an American television and film actor. He is best known for his roles on TV sitcoms, movie parodies, skits and fake interviews.
      Wolf Blitzer is an American journalist and author. He has been a CNN reporter since 1990, and is currently the host of the newscast The Situation Room and the Sunday talk show Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer.
      Penelope Cruz is a Spanish actress, who was romantically involved with Tom Cruise at one time.
      Ben Stiller is an American actor, known for his sense of humor and many roles in comic movies.
      Marlo Thomas is an Emmy Award-winning actress who is best known for her role as one of television's first independent women, Ann Marie, on That Girl.

    • Mitchum: Hey! Someone new. Have we been introduced?
      (Mitchum and Logan shake hands over the partition)
      Logan: Jose Canseco, post-steroids. Should be a warning to people.

      Jose Canseco is a famous baseball player who confessed taking steroids during his career. He also declared he would never have been a major league-caliber player without using the drugs.

    • Kirk: Mm. An oral agreement's only as good as the paper it's written on. Hey, that would be a good line for Dennis the Menace after he fails to mow Mr. Wilson's lawn. I should send that in.

      Dennis the Menace was originally a syndicated comic strip and TV series in the 50s that was made into a movie in 1993. It is a classic children's comedy.

    • Lorelai: Imperialist propaganda.
      Rory: I think Noam Chomsky would agree.

      Noam Chomsky is an MIT linguist known internationally for his bold analysis of politics and the media. His far-reaching criticism of US foreign policy and the legitimacy of US power has made him a controversial figure.

    • Episode Title: Blame Booze And Melville

      The first part of the episode title, "Blame Booze" refers to Lorelai and Luke getting drunk, having sex and Lorelai thinking she might be pregnant the morning after. "Melville" refers to Herman Melville, author of "Moby Dick", who in turn is "blamed" for inspiring Rory to steal the yacht;
      Rory: "Do you know the part in Moby Dick, when the narrator says that when he's feeling grim about the mouth and wanting to knock people's hats off, he takes to the sea?"

    • Lorelai: But not until we see Spamalot. I paid a lot for those tickets!

      Lorelai's mention of not leaving Manhattan until she saw Spamalot was a reference to the new Broadway play based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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