Gilmore Girls

Season 6 Episode 16

Bridesmaids Revisited

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2006 on The WB

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  • Rory finds out something about Logan and Lorelai baby-sits for Christopher. Still good but not only did the whole thing feel disconnected but some of the acting felt off too.

    Right so you could say this was a big episode, Lane and Zach getting engaged and Rory breaking up with Logan, obviously Paris and Doyle's break-up as well. To be honest I wasn't greatly impressed by the episode which since were into the final 7 episodes of this season I thought it would be done better.

    Firstly, Lane and Zach's engagement is a bit weird...I mean wouldn't they just get back together. But I'm not complaining hugely because I think there wedding could make a brilliant episode. Lane's reaction was strange, we knew she was happy....but it wasn't as happy as I predicted.

    Now Logan makes us not like him once again when Rory learns that he slept with other girls during thanksgiving when they were having time off. I though Rory's confrontation of Logan could have had miles more emotion in it....Alexis just stared blankly at the screen the whole didn't seem real.

    Plus her drunkenness didn't exactly convince me, but her and Doyle were amusing together. As was Paris when we saw her, the whole Chinese food and no eye contact was funny. As for the Lorelai/Christopher thing, it was amusing...well a bit. But didn't really relate to anything, Chris admitted his kid is big news.

    We did see more of Lorelai's discomfort at never seeing April and how Luke is handling the situation when Lane tells stories about Luke's daughter. Rory moved back in with Paris..probably the highlight of the episode!
    Hopefully we won't get many more like
  • Lorelai offers to babysit for christopher & is horrified @ Gg\'s behavior. Rory attends Honors wedding & while she helps Honor get ready she finds out that Logan didn\'t exactly spend they\'re \"time apart\" without some company.Lane rec

    It was sad to see Logan & Rory\'s relationship go back on the rocks after they finally worked through they\'re previous problems, it was nerve-racking because of that. The Christopher & Lorelai scene was what dragged this episode down this was true for several other episodes in season six. The best part of this episode was Lane & Zack getting back together in a surprising way, it was so exciting to see the first of Rory’s friends get engaged. The writing for this episode was good but there were no good lines to quote.
  • Unbelievable...

    Logan is a jerk. Well, what a surprise, I knew it all the time. I liked him and I liked him with Rory, but this episode made very clear that he's just such an idiot... He's not really an ass, but he's so unexperienced with relationships and real committment that he was not able to deal with the situation he and Rory were in. He seriously thought they were broken up, I believe him. But that's still not a reason to hook up with all your sisters' friends, right? I was completely shocked when I found out, just like Rory. And also just like her I felt the need to get drunk ;-)

    But this episode was well balanced. On the one hand there was the Rory drama, which was fun until the dramatic part began. And on the other hand, there was Lorelai babysitting Gigi. OMG, it wasn't even funny, I'm just realizing. It was awful... :D :D :D
  • Lorelai watches Gigi and Rory finds something out about Logan.

    I thought that this was a wonderful episode and i really enjoyed watching it. I thought that it was nice of Lorelai to watch Gigi for Christopher and i think that Gigi is a spoiled brat. I thought that it was nice of Rory to hang out with the bradial party before the wedding evan though she found out that Logan had slept with all of them. I thought that it was funny that Logan said it was not cheating because they broke up evan though i do not remember him telling her that it was over between them. I thought that it was funny that Rory went back to Paris's apartment after she talked to Doyle and found out he Left the apartment and Paris.
  • A proposal, a wedding, a panel, and a babysitting job. Also, a really funny image of Doyle in Rory's coat! :)

    This was a really good episode. It wasn't an amazing one, but thats okay, because it had some really funny parts in it.

    First of all, it was nice to see Kirk, Zack, Brian and Gil again. But there wasn't any Sookie and hardly any Luke! Also, no Emily or Richard. But...Chris appears and also Gigi. She is such a spoiled brat, but I think she's soooo cute!! I really liked the dialogue between Chris and Lor before, while and right after Rory's panel. It was funny. "To think that we created her." "Out of thin air." And "Dud?" And lots more. I also liked when Rory was drunk! She was so funny! "Don't touch my stuff," tantrum. I thought Doyle in Rory's coat was so funny! :)

    I think that Rory might have overreacted just a little when she found out about Logan and the bridesmaids. They WERE broken up, but Logan should have told Rory that they were, before he "fooled around and hooked up" with Honor's friends. But I still feel sry for Rory.

    Okay, Gigi is cute, but SO spoiled. I thought what Lorelai said to Gigi was kinda funny: "Fine, I get it, I don't like it when people talk to me when I'm watching TV either." Or, "I know this is cliche', but just you wait until your father gets home!" And when Chris dropped Gigi off, "Do you want to give Lorelai a hug?" "NO!!!" And "I think the Olsen twins weigh less now then they did on this show."

    OMG, Lane and Zack are going to get married! I can't believe tha would ever happen. But I think its kind of cool. A question, "I wonder how Mrs. Kim will react when she hears?" I heard that there was going to be a wedding at the end of the season, now I KNOW it's going to be Lane and Zack's. Although I would rather see Lorelai and Luke get married at the end of the season, instead of Lane and Zack.

    I'm also glad that Rory and Paris are friends again, and that Rory is moving back in with Paris. Lorelai should be relieved!
  • Beware, invasion of the minor characters!

    This episode lacked the zing that we have become accustomed to.

    The storyline was not bad, technically speaking, but it lacked something to make me care. Too much of the episode is based around Rory, and the changing relationships with Paris and Logan. Which I just can't seem to care about.

    Lane and Zach also, seemed to take up much more than a normal amount. And I could only squim at Lane's blanked out reaction. I can't help but think that matbe Zach should have simply asked Lane to get back together. My only hope was that it would spur Luke to action, and as will see, it has yet to be the case.

    Kirk's fruit juice diet (almost the only quirky StarsHollowness) seemed to be simply a sad attempt to make Lorelai's sadness about April less strong.

    Chris's daughter seemed a slightly unneeded way to work Lorelai into this episode. While Gigi was rather cute, and you would expect her to be spoiled, I am still tempted to ask, why does it matter?

    Luke and Lorelai moments were rare and fleeting, all I could think was, call Dr Wainwright, this is the beginning of the end.
  • Not much here to love. Get to hear Rory say “You eat something!” but other than that…

    Not much here to love. Get to hear Rory say “You eat something!” and “He cheated on me… with an entire wedding party,” but other than that… Well, wait a minute; we learn what Logan was up to while on sabbatical from RoryLand, and there is the Lane proposal. The band (or what’s left of it) plays “Hollaback Girl” (Gwen Stefani) and Hava Nagila. That was awesome. Rory gets back with Paris. Am I crazy or is she hot? It’s probably just that she’s as neurotic as I am. Anyway, I guess there’s as much to love as ever.
  • Witty, funny, and full of surprises.

    This episode was everything Gilmore Girls is, full of wit funny moments, and surprises.

    Lorelai offers to babysitting Christopher's 3-year-old daughter, G.G, who turns out to be a brat.

    Rory and Logan attend the wedding of Logan's sister, Honor. While Rory's is helping the bride and her three druken bridesmaids get ready, Rory learn's not only did Logan cheated on her, he REALLY cheated on her. Logan slept with each bridesmaids during the time her and Logan were apart breakup. Zach visits Brian and Gil, wanting to bring the band back together and Drian and Gil agree they will only if Zach can get Lane to come back. Zach just doesn't ask Lane if she will come back to the band, he asks her to marry him, in the middle of Luke's diner.She says yes!

    Rory breaks up with Logan and ask Pairs if she can move in with her. We find out that Pairs dumped Doyle.

    This wasn't the best episode of the season, but it was pretty good.

  • Rory finds out that Logan did not stay home feeling lonely when they were apart. Lorelai babysits GG, Christopher\'s daughter, and finds out that GG is really spoiled and does not listen to \"No\"

    One of the best episodes ever!
    Zach\'s proposal to Lane was really sweet and completely unexpected!

    Lorelai babysitting GG and discovering how whe\'s behaving was a good part of the episode.

    It was really painful to watch the wedding-part. I felt so sorry for Rory when the bridesmaids started talking about Logan. I can\'t believe she came home with him in the end!

    Not one of the funniest episodes, but it was really good anyway!
  • Lane and Zach deserve it... lol

    It was cute that Zach and Lane are getting married, they are really like any small town character, that's the life they'll get. They don't think about living anyplace else, and Lane carries her christian roots about marriage and all, so it was "adequate" that they got engaged in such an early age... they found love and will probably be happy together.... unlike Dean's wedding thing, I think this one is bound to last

    Also, I love that Rory is becoming such great professional. She has all the knowledge and the thirst for information, but now she's showing she has carisma and formed opinions, which is nice!!! Loved her answers

  • Logan's the worst "person" in the world. Why don't I find that surprising? He's the worst thing that ever happened in 'Gilmore Girls'.

    Of course I knew stupid Logan was going to do something awful to Rory sooner or later, but still I think they could have made their breakup better. If Rory truly forgives him after he cheated on her with half his sister's friends, well, 'Gilmore Girls' will be over for me.

    Rory used to be this nice, sweet girl, who carried books everywhere. The first part of the episode, with the proud parents watching their intelligent daughter talk about journalism, made us remember the good old days, just to see Logan break Rory's heart (again) minutes later. I don't understand how people like Logan. He destroyed Rory, Rory's relationship with Lorelai, the whole show. He is to GG what Kem was to ER or Chloe the girl from the copyplace to Friends.

    To better subjects... Lane and Zack were so cute! I did not see an engagement coming, but still it was adorable. I missed the whole band as friends, and Lane's so sweet, she deserves a nice guy like Zack.

    G.G. shocked me, but it gave Lorelai a good opportunity to tell Chris what she tought. Best scene of the episode was Chris complaining that he didn't believe how Sherry left her own child and Lorelai making that face - "Well, you abandoned a child yourself."

    Not the best, but still, nice to see Logan feel bad about something.
  • Lorelai babysits Gigi, Rory and Logan break up because he cheats on her,

    This episode had some serious potential. It was everything I could have wanted in a gilmore girls episode. Rory and Logan break up abd the band is back together. all while still remaining funny. (i was so happy when it aired because i thought rory and logan were done, but now i know otherwise) Logan is a jerk, i cant believe they actually kept him around for this long. And since they did, why not make him actually a like-able character. I have tried so hard to like him, but i just cant do it.
    By the way, gigi is such a brat! Lorelai should be happy she raised rory by herself! Chris would have messed her up!
    Im so happy about Lane and Zack. Lane is one of my favorite characters, and im happy shes happy again. If i could pick anyone, i would prefer dave be here but i know thats never going to happen, so im over it. Zack is great too!
  • Great episode, but I've got to disagree with the Logan/Rory haters...Logan is right in their fight!! And Zach and Lane!? Terrible!

    Okay so first off, this was a great episode. After a string of mediocre-good episodes (granted, a mediocre episode of Gilmore Girls is equivalent to the most amazing episode of any other show on TV...), this was a fine example of Gilmore at its best; lots of under-the-breath witty comments, references, etc. However, I must say, Logan is 99% right in this Logan/Rory fight. They were broken up, so whatever he did doesn't count. It's not like he saw it as a break and he assumed they'd be getting back together; at the time, he saw it as a breakup and so he figured that if he sleeps with other girls, what's the difference? Plus, you have to remember that he's a first time boyfriend. In his mind, they WERE broken up, regardless of what Rory thought, so technically speaking, what he did is not wrong at all. Now, he's 99% because although I think his reasoning is right and it's okay that he slept with (NOT cheated with) the other girls, 3 is a little high and it just seems kind of sleazy. But honestly, I think Rory is over-reacting and not understanding where Logan is coming from and how right he is. Rory and Logan belong together; they're a perfect match. He's like Jess, brain-wise, and with the same fast-talking wittiness, minus the whole hardcore rebel thing. Although he's got a little bad boy streak, he's not quite as rebellious as Jess, who I must admit, I still love.

    As for Lane and Zach...what is going on?!?! Zach is terrible! This isn't cute!!! Lane is YOUNG! She shouldn't get married to this annoying guy. He's kind of dimwitted and doesn't even come close to matching up with Dave. Just look at Rory's 21st birthday; he's like crude and embarrassing. I cringe when I watch him. Please, ASP and DP, break off this engagement immediately.

    Lorelai and Luke need to resolve the kid thing because it's getting old, fast. Luke shouldn't have a daughter. That's just getting on my nerves, like one of those plotlines shows use as a test and then realize they made a mistake with. Except there's not much that they can do to retract this, so they'd better patch it up fast. I'm actually thinking Lorelai and Chris belong together more. We keep seeing a better side of Chris that makes him more and more endearing, and I must admit, he seems like a better fit for Lorelai. I'm on the verge of getting sick of Luke, which is crazy because I used to be his biggest fan.

    Other notes: Bring back Mrs. Kim, Sookie, and Jackson. The journalist panel was GREAT, especially because they FINALLY recognized UPenn as a school that's right up there with Harvard and Yale, above Cornell & Columbia! Except I was kind of confused because they made a big deal of Pompous Princeton Guy and so you'd think he'd have some sort of continuation outside of the panel, but he didn't. Oh well, I loved that scene regardless.

    So my advice for the rest of the season: Patch up Rory and Logan, fast. Make Rory realize that she's wrong in this fight. Get Lorelai with Chris, or make Luke less moody and ship his kid off to Cali with Jess.
  • LOGAN logan LoGan...what are we going to do with cause more pain then love. In this episode Logan is found guilty of cheating on Rory....and Lorelai gets stuck with a spoiled rotten brat of a child..that Chris let get out of hand. The main quest

    It doesnt matter what it is that the Gilmore Girls are doing....we love them no matter what...sometimes we want to laugh, some times we want to yell...but all the time ..we just love them. We think its about time Rory realizes what Logan is all about. Get with the program.
  • Logan annoys me sometimes... Gigi is psychotic... Poor, sad Rory...

    Lorelai offers to babysit Gigi, and is shocked at her obnoxious and spoiled behavior. She draws on the floor, screams when she doesn't get her way, and does not seem to have the word "no" in her vocabulary.

    Rory and Logan attend his sister's wedding and the bridesmaids spill on how Logan slept with every last one of them while they were "on a break". It was like Friends all over again. Rory and Logan have a fight and Rory takes advantage of her age and drinks her fill of liquor. She also runs into Doyle who has just been dumped by Paris. Paris and Rory get into a fight, but make up in the end.

  • it was pretty good not the best but good, i cant believe logan cheated on rory(what a jerk,he really didnt even tell her thay had broken up) in the next two eposoides jess will be coming back(jess was my favorite of rorys boyfreinds, and they are going to

    logan cheated on rory, what a jerk. i hate him, i mean rory really didnt even know thay had broken up until honor called her. I hate logan, he is a spoiled rotten, jerk. I think rory should get back with jess, they understood eack other. Jess is coming back on april 11, him and rory are going to kiss(i am so happy) oh yeah also in the third episodee after this one logan gets in an accident with his life and death barged buddis, and has to go to the hospital with a collasped lung, a broken ankle, bruises all over, an a concusion(that si what he deserves any way.
  • A pretty decent episode compared to the last few...

    I liked this episode....maybe just because of the crappy Vineyard Valentine episode....jeepers. It was actually funny and things happened. So it was decent, it made me laugh.

    However, the Luke Lorelai thing is getting ridiculous. Has anyone noticed that that talked MORE when they were broken up than they do now that they're engaged? Ugh. I hate it.

    Someone PLEASE made asp write the next few episodes...for my sanity.

    Oh, but Lane getting engaged...AWWW! And afterwards was well acted by Keiko Agena.

    But not bad by an outsider.

  • Lots of Mixed reviews for this episode. I say we ought to give this season a chance!!! I'm not ready to give up on Luke and Lorelai.

    While this was not one of my most favorite ones for this season, it was really nice to see Zack and Lane get back together and he proposing to Lane, at Luke's with dozens of friendly neighbors was a nice touch - happy to see that!!

    So Logan and Rory have some issues, were you all that surprised? Logan has problems, serious ones all of which have a lot to do with his family - give the guy a break!!

    Luke and Lorelai, really need to get back together, soon I agree, its awful not seeing them together as a couple so that needs to change soon.
  • What's going on with this season...

    Well first I wanna say that I love Gilmore Girls but, I don’t know what’s going on, the big question is who the hell is directing because Alexis Bledel is acting weird I don’t like it, and her hair totally wrong, Luke is way too rude is like they wanted us to hate him or something because he is acting totally different from the old Luke the Luke we used to love, and what about Lorelai she is acting sooo weak, etc, etc…
    And let’s be clear I’m only talking about this season, if you have the time, watch old episodes and compare you will definitely notice the difference.
    Even though I still love the series and I don’t miss an episode, I’m just sad…
  • rory logan break up, lane zach engaged.

    Where are the writers going with this Rory-Logan plot line? In the previous episode we feel sympathy for Logan and we want them to work it out. Next thing we know, Logan is a jerk. How are we supposed to know what to think and how to feel? Seam the plot better folks. Lane and Zach getting engaged is highly random.
  • Two spoilt brats & a broken heart.

    Did anyone else think that the dress Rory was wearing at Honor's wedding was a little unappealing? It didn't do anything but harm for her otherwise beautiful figure. And is Luke being dropped from the series or something cause Chris is a moving on back in? Dosen't Rory realise that Logan was a bit of a love rat before, what is stopping him going back to that. Oops, sorry, already has.
  • This episode was already done by \'Friends\" where they were on a break, but only one person knew it. The terms of the \'break\' had not been outlined and one of the people gets upset because the other consoled himself with the company of another.

    What is the deal with GIGI? How can a kid be allowed to be so bratty? How can Christoper let this kid get so out of control? Why would Loralai offer to help him out? How is Loralai going to help him control his kid? Also, why doesn\'t Loralai tell Luke how she feels. Their relationship has always been based on Luke doting on her and doing for her. So how can Lorlai do a 180 and become a meek g friend?
  • Lorelai babysits Gigi, which is a disaster. After a some alone time with Honor's bridesmaids, Rory finds out that Logan was cheating on her with 3 different girls during their breakup. The episode ends with a surprise proposal by zach.

    Ok, i honestly did not like this episode much at all. The way Rory found out a about logan was a good plot though, nothing really wishy-wasshy, but it was just about average. Also , as a active Java Junkie, i was dissappointed in the fact that luke was hardly in the episode at all. The was absolutely not improvement in the Luke and Lorelai situation, which proves my thoughts that the last few episdoes have been dissapointing to Java Junkies, not including a Vineyard Valentine, of corse. The whole babysitting thing was just a waste of time to me-just something to fill time. basically the whole episode was just a wasted hour, except for when zach proposed =).
  • I think we needed to see GG if they are going to continue to have Christopher as a regular on the show. She isn't just going to disappear and she was important to the initial story line of why Christopher and Loralei aren't together.

    I am glad that Paris and Rory are friends again. I miss Paris' character, she is too obnoxious and querky to stay out of the picture for too long. I agree that Loralei and Luke need to do something about the relationship between Luke's daughter and Luke's new family. He needs to start including April in his real life if he wants a real relationship with her.
  • Lorelai babysits for GG, Rory finds out that Logan slept around while they were apart and Zach proposes to Lane

    Apart from the Rory and Logan storyline this eppisode was a lot of filler. While I like Lane I am tired of anything that has to do with the band or with any of the other filler characters really. Kirk should have no place in the show other than as a backdrop to rory and lorelai, and the same goes for pretty much the rest of the townspeople. Its clear that Lorelai is bothered by Lukes not letting her into his new life with his daughter, but it is unlike her to just sit by and not do anything about it, over the years we have seen huge confrontations betweeen her and several people over matters much less important than her finacee haaving a child. And why is Rory so supprised that Logan was with other girls, he was seeing several at the time when they first got together as I recall, and he has never really proven to be a one girl guy. I do hope that she forgives him though, his bad boy persona is a very nice contrast to the good girl status that she has recently reclaimed
  • Am I am the only person who is tired of Luke and Lorelei not spending time together?? It is so out of character for Lorelei to just sit back and let Luke not include her in April's life! The past episodes have centered on everyone except them!

    I liked the reunion between Paris and Rory. And I loved Zach's proposal! But I am tired of hearing about everyone except Luke and Lorelei. This show is about mother and daughter, not about daughter and friends. The REAL Lorelei would not just sit back and let Luke not include her. She would demand that Luke treat her like his fiance and introduce her to April.
    I like Logan because he is the opposite of Rory, but how many times are we going to have to see him screw up and hurt Rory. It is out of character for Rory to take this time and time again. You can definitely tell there are new writers who aren't familiar with how the characters would react to a situation.
  • Rory and Logan go to Honor's wedding, and Rory finds out when they were apart Logan slept with his sisters friends. Lorelai babysits Gigi, who has turned into a total brat. Zach proposes to Lane, in front of an audience, and she says yes.

    Rory and Logan don't seem to have luck on their side, after Rory finds out that Logan was with other girls on their break, she tells him she's moving out. Zach finally gets his act together and proposes to Lane! Atleast some happiness in this episode. Christopher has given Gigi everything she's asked for and in turn has turned Gigi into a spoiled brat, who only says the word, no!". Lorelai and Christopher get into a fight because of Gigi. Christopher later tells Lorelai that he knows that Gigi's spoiled and that nobody else will keep her because of it.
  • Lorelai babysits Gigi. Rory goes to Honor's wedding only to discover Logan's hookups during their "break" and subsequently runs away to a bar, meeting Doyle who also broke up with Paris. Zach tries to get the band back together and proposes to Lane. Rory

    This episode didn't annoy me as much as other episodes as the characters weren't their normal annoying selves. The Zach-Lane-band part of the episode was the most entertaining, especially seeing Sebastian Bach sing "Hollaback Girl" and then break out into Jewish songs. The episode allusion to "Brokeback Mountain" was funny, too. The writers really successfully wrote funny lines for Zach. The Lorelai-Christopher-Gigi part was good in that it really showed character development and possible storylines (Lorelai and Christopher getting closer, making Luke uneasy and jealous??). The one thing that really annoyed me was the Rory-Logan-Honor's bridesmaid part. I think Rory didn't really handle it well, and the storyline was reminiscent of the "Friends" episode where Ross and Rachel were on a "break." Did anyone else get the connection?
  • It was Ok.But Logan is a jerk.A cute jerk.

    Logan was really stupid to do that to poor sweet innocent Rory.How dare he.She was just madly in love with him and we all thought they were going to end up married with 3 kids in a small house and a big garden with a swing.Rory don't forgive him.He dosen't derserve it.But she does.She's young.
  • Rory Finds out that Logan cheated on her well they we apart with his sisters friends.Lorelai babysits Christophers 4 year girl Gigi.

    Wow I really think that Rory and Logan should judt break up. I never liked Logan and I heard that Jess comes back do maybe they will get back together and
    Zach asking Lane to marry him . I think they just threw that in there. They aree just lke what the heck lets have Zach ask for Lanes hand in marriage.
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