Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 19

But I'm a Gilmore!

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2005 on The WB

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  • Rory and Logan become an official couple but what will his family think? Luke fills in as head chef at the Dragonfly as Sookie is on bedrest. Great one .....!

    So Logan and Rory are finally an official non-casual couple. I liked the scene when she told him that she was done with the casual thing and he took it all weirdly and girls kept ringing or showing up. Then comes the big one, she's invited to have dinner at his parents house because his sister Honor is announcing her engagement.

    It is awkward, cold and not very nice at the mansion. I felt sorry for Rory, she did everything she could and somehow still wasn't good enough. Most of what was said was to her extremely insulting. I liked Logan's reaction, quite protective of Rory. But things don't look good, Logan drops Rory off quickly and that's that.

    Rory rings Lorelai and her mother finally tells of her concerns. Just as she's listening, Logan arrives and he apologises. Rory ignores what Lorelai has said, leaving her Lorelai pondering. Elsewhere Luke fills in for Sookie, this was an amusing storyline.

    How Sookie kept getting the food sent to her and how mad Luke got, brilliant. So I guess her baby will be arriving soon. The episode ends with Rory being offered an internship by Logan's dad, she refuses at first because she thinks its to say sorry for the dinner. He says even if that's true, why not take the offer? He tells her he'll see her on Monday.

    This should be interesting, last three episode now....
  • I LOVE this episode. I hate the Hunzburgers! Except for Logan and Honor.

    Ok, can i just say that i HATE the Huntzburgers? They are so stuck-up! Saying that Roryb isn't good enough for Logan? And then his mum mentions that lovely Fallen, and doesn't Logan see her anymore, but she would make a perfect choice. Excuse me?! Rory is the best thing that has evr hppened to Logan. Oh, and I have to correct my first two statements. I hate all the Huntzburgers, and they are so stuck-up, EXCEPT Honor and Logan, they are the only two exceptions. Honor is cool. Really funny, and down to earth. I love her wedding, but her choice of friends is a bit wierd, but to each his own. And i love that Rory is the very first girl that has ever got Logan to date just one girl, which is her. And i love how she tells Lorelai that they are now boyfriend and girlfriend. And i love Paris' reaction when she hears the news. And i love love the thing with Nanny, her and Dole. And that whole thing with Sookie and Luke? I love this episode!
  • LOVED IT ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Rory confronts logan and tells him that she doesn't want to date with no strings attached she says they should just be friends. He doesn't want to be just friends so he says that they should try being boyfriend and girlfriend. Then when his sister is in his room waited for him she tells them to come to dinner with their parents. When they go to the dinner his parents don't approve of rory for logan.Meanwhile sookie's on bedrest so lorelai has to find a replacement. She asks luke to cook for the inn.Sookie has people send her food so she can taste it. Luke gets mad and says no one can leave the inn. So sookie comes to the inn and gets food. Luke finds out and kicks her out.Lorelai finds out that sookie doesn't want anyone to cook except her. Logan and rory don't talk the whole way home and he walks away acting weird. Rory calls lorelai andlorelai tells her he told her that he wasn't the commitment kind of guy.Logan comes back and tells rory he's sorry. Lorelai heard him because she was still on the phone. Rory tells her everything's fine.
  • Rory and Logan finally become an official couple.

    any episode that has Logan in it becomes automatically great, and this one was pretty awesome!
    Rory finally gets fed up with the 'casual-dating' thing with Logan and confronts him about it. Logan however surprises her with the idea of starting a hardcore relationship. They go to Logans parents' house for dinner but it goes badly because Logans' family don't take too well with Rory. Sookie gets confined to bed rest then gets paranoid about Luke( who is helping in as a replacement for sookie) messing up the dinner, at the inn.
  • A very good episode.

    This was a very good episode. I loved the whole thing with Logan's family. Although I don't like his parent's and grandfather, it was very fun to watch. I also liked the whole thing with his sister, she is awesome, but her fiance is a little odd. I am so glad that Logan is finally Rory's official boyfriend, instead of that "casual dating" thing. I am one of the few Logan and Rory supporters. It was a very good episode, it kept me watching the entire time. My friend has this episode on dvd, and I think we have seen the episode about 20 times. I give it two thumbs up!!
  • Rory goes over to Logan's house for dinner but it turns into a diaster. Rory is then offered a intern job from Mitchum.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Logan and Rory really. One thing I do know is that Logan changes Rory to not be herself really. Logan seems like a nice guy and all but I'm sure still. I loved this episode for the whole blow up at the Huntzberger and I loved how Mitchum is acting like the nice guy right now when we all know what's gonna happen next. If you want to know more I suppose you should watch it but I'm not sure when you can watch it next on Tv but if you have season 5 DVDs.
  • this is my personal favorite of season five

    i personally like the rory and logan thing better than any of her other boyfriends, so in this episode, when they finally start goin steady, i was loving every second of it. On top of that there was the hole huntzberger clan jumpin on rory because they think she's sub par which wasnt actually my favorite part of the show, but still a crucial one. The only huntzbereger i do like is Logan, his sister seems a little floozy to me and his mother is a crazy b****. Anyway, the best part of this episode was when Rory, Kirk, and Paris are hung over, AND when Logan and Rory finally become official. ^_^
  • Demasiado bueno. En este capitulo he de decirles que ciertos personajes no la pasan muy bien.

    Rory se siente despechada al ver que Logan no la llamma, y decide hablar con el, para que solo quedaran entre amigos y ya no tener citas ocasionales, Logan al ver que va a perderla, decide comprometerse y empezar a salir como novios.
    Mientras tanto Sookie tiene que mantener reposo segun indicaciones del doctor y por lo tanto no puede ir a trabajar. Lorelai se encarga y le pide a Luke que la suplante en la cocian por un tiempo, pero Sookie se pone panaroica y lo empieza a molestar para ver si esta haciendo bien el trabajo.
    Rory es invitada por Logan a una cena con su familia, pero vaya que la paso muy mal. La mama la empezo a comparar lo que la hizo sentir un poco triste.
  • rory tell logan how she feels

    after getting drunk and waking up on her bathroom floor roy goes to yale and tells logan exactly how she feels about their dating situation. i was really shocked that logandecided to be rory's boyfriend. it was a rreally good scene between the two of them. i really like logans sister she seemed really cool. i really hated the rest of logans family. i thought that they were really snotty and they hink that htey are better then everyone else. i really hated the part where they made rory feel like crap because she wanted to work instead of being a housewife if that is what you can call it.
  • logan the dream boy proves that he deserves why he was called like that.

    rory's questions in her mind about logan and the answers of them were the base of the episode. they were the perfect couple even though logan's family who gave a terrible surprise to rory, didn't think that way. rory, as the name of the episode, said but i'm a gilmore, which until that night was not any more important than a surname for her. yes she's a gilmore but she's rory, she's absolutely unique, smart and god bless her beautiful.
  • Rory is tired of being "one-of-the-many" so she tells Logan that she just wants to be friends, but he tells her that he'll be her boyfriend becuase he doesn't want to stop seeing Rory, and Rory doesn't want to stop seeing him.

    I loved this episode becuase Logan is finally getting more mature and ready to commit and try a new kind of relationship. I really wanted Rory and Logan to get together becuase Rory has so much fun when she's with Logan, she tries new and exciting things which she usually turns out to love. Rory deserves a break from the super serious relationships that she had with Jess and Dean.
  • Rory is sick of the no-strings agreement she made with Logan and confronts him as Sookie is put on bedrest, making Luke the chef for a day at the Dragonfly Inn...

    an amazing episode.
    Rory gets together with Logan and his family was horrible to her, I'm glad that Logan stayed with her.. Definite character development for Logan..
    And like it previous reviews I've mentioned that i love this couple so I'm totally loving this episode! It's great and funny and lovable!! :)

    Also the whole Sookie and Luke parts were funny. Classic Sookie antics and I'm loving her for it :)

    And you can see that Lorelai isn't completely satisfied with the Rory/Logan relationship but IMO she should give it a chance... I think that maybe she lets her memories with that world be too much of an influence on her opinion about Logan.

    But overall great eppie, I enjoyed it and also hurray for Paris and Doyle!! :)
  • I need a taco!...

    A step up from the episode before, as the fifth season starts setting things into place for it's amazing finale. It's great that the show has had such great consistency and continuity. This episode pretty much picks up right where "To Live And Let Diorama" left off. This is a very Logan-centric episode and at first viewing, this was none too exciting for me. But the episode, and Logan, made me change my way of thinking. More on that as we get into the storyline. The fifth season is heading to it's finish, and it has been a wonderful journey. Such an improvement over season four. This season has been classic GG, and these final episode drive home that fact. I would of been pleased to see the Emily/Lorelei feud come into play here as it was missing in the previous episode, but it is not to be found here at all. Too bad. That's the next episode. "But I'm A Gilmore" finds our two ladies in two different situations. One whose relationship takes a new turn(and a nasty one), and another that just keeps going. I guess the Luke/Lorelei storyline here is not as important and meaningful as Rory and Logan's is. And Sookie!. Sookie gets a storyline as well, and anytime Sookie gets more of a part in a single episode the better. We need more of that. Anyways, what are the girls getting into this week?...

    Picking up where "To Live And Let Diorama" left off, Rory and Paris are feeling the burn of Miss Patty's "special" punch the previous day at the opening of the Twickum museum. Having hangovers, Lorelei arrives with tacos, burritos, etc. Perfect hangover food according to Lorelei. Does this woman know everything or what?. But Rory has come to a decision. She does not want this playing arounf thing with Logan anymore. Something is going to happen here, or nothing at all. She realizes that she is not like Logan. She is not a casual dater and doesn't want to just be with him whenever. She decides to lay down the law and let it lay wherever it lands. She goes to Logan's dorm room to let him know how she feels. She tells him that she is the kind of girl who wants to be a serious girlfriend. She pretty much lays it on the line that they are to be a couple or nothing at all. She's walking. Logan catches on pretty quick and sees what she is doing. He thinks she is threatening him(is she?), and he surprises her by saying that he wants that too and maybe they should be boyfriend and girlfriend. Honor, Logan's sister, drops by and asks if Logan would come to the family dinner where she would announce her engagement to her boyfriend, Josh. He said he would, and he's bringing along Rory as well. Rory's cloud of happiness soon turns dark as she goes to the Huntzberger mansion for dinner. Logan's mother and grandfather are cold people, and it turns out that their coldness is not about Honor and Josh, but about Logan and Rory. They think that they are really serious because Logan referred to Rory as his "girlfriend", and has never really done that before. They, namely the grandfather, show that they don't feel Rory is right for Logan or for this family. That she is not good enough, and she wasn't raised this way. Logan stands up to his family, and stands up for Rory, and leaves. But not without running into his father, Mitchum, on the way out. Lorelei says she already hates these people when she finds out, and you are pretty much right there behind her on this. Who do these rich, arrogant, delusional twits think they are?. She wasn't raised this way?. Listen to Rory's comments. She went to Chilton and is going to Yale!. Her ancestors came over on the Mayflower. She's a Gilmore. She may not of lived this way with Lorelei, but she was certainly around it. But beyond that, this was a turning point with Logan. We saw a side of him that we haven't seen before, and it was for the better. This episode really showed that Logan was more than a rich, pretty boy who just was out to have fun. Things have changed, and maybe Logan is good for Rory. But his family?. His father comes to Rory at Yale and offers her a job at one of his little newspaper offices. He comes off as quite smug, but should Rory accept a great job offer when it's nothing more than a rich millionaire trying to apologize?. There will be dire consequences. All in all, this was a great storyline with great writing.

    On a much lighter note, Lorelei finds herself in a bind when Sookie is ordered to go on bed rest from her doctor. The baby is coming soon, and she needs to stay off her feet. Lorelei panics when it seems that it is only Sookie who knows how to get the food in the kitchen done. Michel is no help, and Lorelei calls Luke, who comes to his lady's rescue. Luke takes quite well to the kitchen, and seems to know what he's doing with all of the "fancy food". Luke's job is not too easy as Sookie keeps calling questioning him on what he's doing, and worrying about what he's doing to her food. When Luke learns that one of the kitchen staff members is slipping the food out to her, Luke blows. Sookie goes even further as she sneaks into a room in the inn. Sookie can be quite nuts, but you got to love her. Luke tells her to back off, and this creates a small confrontation with a hilariously peeved Jackson. Things simmer down as Luke's cooking is a hit, and Sookie wants to know what he put in his lambchops. It's a fun little running storyline, but is mostly episode filler. Luke and Lorelei have fun little kitchen banter, and Luke getting fed up with an increasingly annoying Sookie is always fun. But the main course here is Rory and Logan and Logan's family, but this is a nice little appetizer.

    Even more filler is Paris' little side story. She has been in the dumps over her relationship with Doyle, but learns why he has not called her in a few days. She comes back home to find him sick in her bed. Paris doesn't want to take care of him since sick people freak her out(and she is constantly reminded that she is pre med), so she calls her nanny who comes to take care of the sick Doyle. As he quickly gets better, he and Paris talk, and Paris reveals to Rory that they are now an item. It's always nice to see Paris, but this story didn't really have much interest to me, and it didn't have that Paris kick. Mostly forgettable filler.

    "But I'm A Gilmore" is a strong, well written, and well acted episode. It's important for the remainder of the Logan/Rory storyline this season, and is the real starting point for the fantastic drama that's just up ahead.
  • in this episode, rory tells logan she can't do the casual dating anymore. and logan decide rory become in his girlfriend. and lorelai is not very happy with the news.

    i love this episode, the best part of course is when rory talks with logan about his relationship, and for not loser her he agrees be her boyfriend. i think she really like her (remember pulp fiction).

    A later in that episode he takes her in dinner with his parents and grandfather but they don't like rory they think she is not good enough, i think the family is crazy, of course they like her more if she been like her grandmother.

    then the actitud for the logan's father is totally false.

    but it was a good episode, so enjoy gilmore girls.........