Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 10

But Not as Cute as Pushkin

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2004 on The WB

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  • Rory shows a girl from her old school Chilton around Yale, Lorelai learns about Luke's dark day. Good one.

    So we learn about Luke's 'dark day' where he just disappears. Lorelai doesn't know what to do and asks around town. It becomes clear that it does happen each year and luckily Luke comes clean to Lorelai saying its the anniversary of his fathers death. This was quite sad but it was nice to see him open up to Lorelai.

    Also Lorelai keeps a boat of Luke's father that he was going to sell, he lashes out saying she only does what SHE thinks is right but later apologies and claims that there good. In other news Rory is showing a girl from Chilton around Yale, her name is Anna. All this Anna seems to be interested in is the boys, freedom and fun in Yale rather than education etc.

    Logan makes a scene in a classroom pretending to confess his love for Rory with two of his friends. This humiliates her but excites Anna. Anna later is missing and Rory and Marty go to find her. Where he tells her that she is being naive and that Logan actually likes her. This is after Rory says in front of Anna that Marty is just a friend, this leaves him disappointed.

    Logan and Rory also have a conversation because Rory is mad with loan for the stunt, she tells him there two different people and leaves. Also Paris goes on a speed dating course because her therapist tells her to get herself out there. She ends up hooking up with Doyle and they discuss if it was a one night stand or a relationship. These two could be a funny couple.

    Good episode, not as strong as the last.
  • A girl from chilton is visiting Rory to get to know how college is, but things don't turn out the way she expected. And Luke had a 'dark day'. (contains spoilers!)

    I thought this episode of GG was hilarious, and sweet at the same time. On one side we have Roy who has a girl form her old school on a visit who she wants to show everything she finds important. Anna arrives and from that moment on things don't go the way Rory wants them to. Anne turns out to be a girl who just wants to party, which Rory doesn't want to see. On top of that Logan pulls a prank on her in het class. Which was brilliant funny and hilarious. I thought that was one of the funniest moments in the whole series. But Rory can't really appreciate it. She only sees a missed class and that Anna is getting the wrong idea of college. She doesn't see it's Logan's way of showing that he likes her (maybe not in the way they get in the future, but there's the beginning of the relationship). Which Marty, the poor guy, has to explain to Rory. It ends with Anna at a underage-drinking party, and Rory getting even with Logan using her granddad. That was again extremely funny. Then in Stars Hollow there is the matter of Luke having each year a dark day. Seeing it is already season 5 and we know Lorelai by now she isn't going to give up until she know exactly what causes the dark day. She goes against Luke's wishes and keeps his boat (very flashy in her garage). We learn that every year on the day Luke his dad died, Luke goes somewhere. He wants to be alone. Lorelai respects this, but Luke still comes back in the end to thank her for the boat and being who she is. I found that really sweet.
  • Hilarious episode about Logan! (contains spoilers).

    This was such a great episode. The parts with Miss Patty's party, Rory showing Anna around Yale, and Luke's darkest day were good, but they were far surpassed by the parts with Logan and Rory (and many other people watching!). In one of Rory's classes (Philosophy I think), a guy bursts into the room, yelling at Rory about how she left him heart broken. Then, Logan bursts in and starts yelling too. They yell about how she has stolen their hearts and their balls, and say she must choose one of them. When the teacher tells them to leave, Collin, dressed in a very funny guard's outfit pretends to take them away. The "Life and Death Brigade" has struck again! This was so hilariously done! It gets even funnier when, at the end of the episode, Rory decides to get Logan back for the stunt that got her whole class into a frenzy, and employs the help of her grandfather to do so. He bursts into the courtyard where the three members of the "Life and Death Brigade" are talking and starts ranting about how he heard about the stunt. He then goes on to tell him how he met with Logan's father and arranged the pre-nups, and money, and everything else for Rory and Logan's engagement! Hilarious! I'm hoping this is the beginning of Rory and Logan's relationship and I recommend it for all to watch!
  • fun fun fun

    Chilton comes back to Rory's life. She has to show a young girl Anna the Yale life.

    And Luke's dark day is arriving, Lorelai didn't knew about it and I have to say I don't remember this day in the other seasons. Miss Patty is having a party in that day and before he knows the day he says yes but after he backs out. Paris is going crazy, must be all that glue. Anna got impressed right from the start, people is nice, Martin came with food and Paris wasn't that bad. The trip to the newspaper was not the best one and the library, with Logan, was good.

    I never saw Luke yelling with an old lady. He was really upset, bad mood. The woman had his father old boat and now she is moving and the boat has to go.
    And the fact that he tells her the truth about the dark day, about his father's death anniversary...

    And that play at class, Logan, Finn and Colin acting lol. That was fun, I almost believed Colin at first lol, I didn't recognized him. That was very fun!!! Colin storms in the classroom, yelling to Rory about he love for her and then Logan comes in and starts fighting to him for Rory. They start fighting all over the place and then Finn comes in, dressed as a policeman and breaks up the fight.

    And Paris and Doyle, both at speed dating, that's the start. It ended in sex lol and a call to Terrence.

    Anna is loving Yale life lol then she disappears, that's not good for Rory because Anna was arrested by the campus police at a party.

    And Luke is still in his bad day, he looks bad and then the boat thing and fighting with Lorelai, that was bad. Lorelai wasn't in the mood for it but Miss Patty's party was fun.
    Then Luke showed up and they made up, he even when to her place to look on the boat.

    Oh I almost forgot it!!! Richard talking to Logan at the end of the episode!! I believed him! Really!! But the sign with the nose was cute and all was great. Logan was white lol
  • Luke's dark day.

    What a mystery, Luke has a dark day! Very mysterious indeed and no one in all of Starshollow seems to have any idea where he goes or what he does on this dark day, only that he has and mysteriously disappears on this day every year. Very mysterious. As it turns out the mystery isn't so much mysterious as it is very sad, every day on the anniversary of his father's death Luke just kind of disappears. He has a hard time being around people on that day and is just in pretty much a fowl mood. He shares this fact with Lorelai after he has a small issuse with his father's boat and just decides to sell it. And because they are in a relationship, and that's what you do when you're in a relationship. You share. Unfortunately, Lorelai doesn't see fit to share with Luke the fact that she kind of bought his father's boat without exactly telling. Which upsets Luke when he finds out, granted it has more to do with the fact that the day itself is upsetting him, and they get into a little scuffle. Fortunately, the scuffle isn't really about the boat and as it turns out Lorelai thinking that she maybe Luke would regret getting rid of the boat in the heat of the moment was defenitely right thought. All as well once again in JavaJunkie-land. Rejoice!
  • Who would've thought that Luke had a darker day thatn normal. Lorelair wants so bad to change this, and make it a good day. They are such a good couple together. She is light and he is dark. It is all so believeable.

    Rory while trying to give a responsible tour of yale to a chilton student everyone is doing everything they can to corrupt.
    While in class with her little follower Logan comes into the class and basicly emabarrasses her to death Mary felt like he did it to get her attention cause he likes her.
    That's o.k. richard is an shoe at this sort of stuff so he accompanys Rory to Yale. He walks up to Logan and announces his pleasure with his and Rory's new union. Freaks him out.
    Mean while Lorelai and Luke are having their own little problem.
    In a fit of anger Luke tells the woman who has been storing Luke's dad's boat that he was working on before he died.
    To get rid of the boat throw it away I dont care.
    Well Lorelai tried toi talk him out of it.
    So she went and bought the boat from the woman and stashed it in her barn. when he found it it made him mad. That broke heart and begin to dout her own motives for doing this. Maybe Luke is right I should not to assume that everyone thinks like me. But apparently once he got over the mad he really did appreciate it. I think it will be ok.
  • Gilmore Girls at their very best!

    I have always liked Gilmore Girls when they were first aired in Germany, but the synchro is a little weird. But ever since this season when I started watching it in English, it got me absolutely hooked and this episode is one more reason to love Gilmore Girls!
    It was sooo funny when Logan and his pal played that prank on Rory, but even funnier was the ending when Richard and Rory went for payback. G r e a t!!
    Also, the Lorelai and Luke storyline with what he's doing on 30th was really touching, probably one of their best ones ever!
  • Rory has a girl from Chilton shadow her around Yale.

    I thought that the idea of having someone fallowing around Rory Yale was great. I liked how the girl i can not rememeber her name was intersted in parting all the time instead of the acual schooling. I thought that it was very funny that Logan and his friends barged into Rory's class and did a skit for her and that it embarssed her. I found it funny that Rory lost the girl then found her when headmaster charleston called her to tell her that she was in the campas police office. I felt bad for Luke that it was his dark day.
  • I literally LMAO!!!

    This episode was so brilliant, I don't think I have laughed so much at anything in a really long time. The scene where Logan, Colin and Finn come into Rorys class and do their routine was so funny that I was crying with laughter and I'm surprised I didn't fall off my bed. Also the end scene was brilliant, Logans face was just classic. I'm a new fan of GG so this episode is as far as I've got so far, although I'm pretty sure not much more have been shown on English TV. I'm a Literati fan all the way but I have to say that I am now a massive Logan fan and I have to stop myself from wanting him to be with Rory. The fact that this show is still so good in it's fifth season (and without Jess) really is a credit to all the people involved.
  • I watched this episode just today and I totally loved it! It's writen much better then any other episode of GG I watched till now.

    This episode is totally hilarious. And also somehow deep.
    Luke looks cute, if you love wounded angry males. I know I do. And Lorelai first time actually shows how much she cares about him.
    But star of this episode is Rory. I loved the part when Logan do an entire play in front of whole class, and the way he is looking in the end after talking to Richard Gilmore. It was so funny. And dialoges in this episode was so fast and entertaining, that one between Logan and Richard is the best.
    But Paris and Doyle totally hooked up. I wish they stay together.
    This episode really made my day much happier.
  • Smart funny and very well writen!

    This is the reason I watch this show. Fun, intelligent, interesting characters and a story line that keeps you watching. Clever pop culture refrences mixed with good old fashion humor make this episode a must see for and fan of good television. Gilmore girls has always been a top ten and this episode is one of the reasons why
  • this is a very funny yet interesting show

    i love gilmore girls all the episodes it rocks! THIS SHOW is is is is is is is is is is is is is is si is is is is is is i sis is is is si si s is i si si si awesome i love it yeah
  • I usually don't watch The Gilmore Girls but I was bored so I watched this episode, it was fantastic!

    I usually don't watch The Gilmore Girls but I was bored so I watched this episode, it was fantastic!
    I didn't even mind how fast they talked, it was a really good episode and I plan to tune in again. But I have to wonder, are all Yale dorms that nice?
  • i have never laughed this hard in one episode alone.

    oh my god. what a episode!!!!! first with the hilarity that is logan and rory, the whole coming iin in the middle of a class to play that joke on rory cracked me up to no ends! Colin : Rory you can't just do that! i was still in bed when you left!" and then Logan com ing in and saying that "She is with me know. tell him you locve me rory not him!" and the end with coling coming in a blowing the whistle to signal the end of the performance. omg how funnny! and then with the end, with richard "Welcoming Logan in to the family " "and telling him that Emily will cover the press coverage of the engament." logan's face was priceless at the least.
    but then with the sadness of luke and the boat. we see just how much loelai cares for him, and the seen in the car, any time that they needed to say "I love you" would have been perfect, but come to think of it, they did with everything they said to eachother.
  • It was funny, it was sad, it was great! This episode can make you love GG immediately! :) Of course I already loved the show and now even more! :D

    a great episode.
    Some character development for Luke when we learn more about his father's dead and the boat he's been having for years now. Really sweet of Lorelai to buy it but she should have consoled Luke first, but sweet nonetheless. Though I was happy that the fight was solved pretty quickly again because I don't want to see them fighting, :)

    Secondly Paris and Doyle, interesting couple and I liked Paris in this episode. She was really being herself. Always nice and Doyle in a robe! :O

    Anna dropping by was fun as well. Smelling the books! Visiting benches! Dropping by the pub! All fun! :) I especially liked the class scene with the Logan/Colin fight and Finn dropping by in a english police officer costume! Also nice pay back of Rory by having Richard talk to Logan and his friends about marriage. She knows how to hit a sore point.

    Kirk was being Kirk, always good and I liked Patty, also liked the part where Lorelai dropped by Pasquale and she flirted with him and Patty said 'She's good!' Well that she is! :)

    Overall a good episode, funny, sad but great nonetheless! :) ASP has done a wonderful job!
  • A lot can happen in one episode. L&L have a fight, Paris and Doyle get together and Rory loses a teenager.

    Rory's exited when headmaster Charleston gives her a chance to show a youngster around Yale. Rory really thinks she can show the kid around, but it turns out Rory and Anna have very different idea's about college life. What's the use of this plotline? It's fun, but... does it contribute to the rest of the show?
    Meanwhile in Stars Hollow: Lorelai finds out she doesn't know Luke as well as she thought. How did this happen? They know everything there is to know about each other, yet this very important thing for Luke, Lorelai has never noticed. I didn't really buy that. Glad they made up, anyway.
    Paris and Doyle. I guess it was inevitable. They could really hit it off together. Paris is obviously going to be the boss of him, even though he's her boss at the paper.
    I know it doesn't seem like it in what I wrote down, but it's really a decent episode. Not very special, but fun none the less. Some couple developement too, which is always good: L&L fight but make up, Paris and Doyle get together, and Rory might see more in Logan than she or I originally thought.
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