Gilmore Girls

Season 1 Episode 15

Christopher Returns

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2001 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Wanting to play a greater role in Rory's life, Christopher settles in for his visit and lets Rory give him the grand tour of Stars Hollow. When his parents arrive in Hartford for a visit, Emily invites everyone to Friday night dinner, which turns out to be an unqualified disaster after Richard nearly comes to blows with Christopher's father over critical comments about Lorelai. In the aftermath of the ruined dinner party, Richard retreats to his study to calm down, Emily makes a plate for Rory in the kitchen and reassures her how much she is loved and regarded, and Christopher finds Lorelai on the balcony of her old bedroom and comforts her by repeating a little romantic history. The next morning, Lorelai awakens with a start, horrified that she forgot to help Luke paint the diner after dinner on Friday night. Grabbing a jacket, she races to the diner still clad in her pajamas, and begs Luke's forgiveness. He shrugs it off at first, but appears somewhat wounded when he realizes that Lorelai was with Christopher the night before. When Lorelai returns to the house, Christopher asks her to marry him and she regretfully turns him down, claiming he's not ready for the responsibility of a family quite yet. Christopher returns to California with the promise of doing a better job of staying in touch. The next morning, Lorelai surprises Luke by having the diner completely repainted when he arrives to open up for the day.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • "What can I say – I'm addicted to comedy"

    The first episode marking the return of Christopher into the Gilmore girls' lives…and you know when a guy races into Stars Hollow on a 2000 Indian, it's not going to be a quiet visit. True enough, things were anything but quiet - especially during the 'meet the grandparents' scene – you could really feel the tension and the awkwardness between everyone, and it was great when Richard finally took a stand against Chris' parents. I'm not sure what to make of Lorelai and Chris re-enacting their teenage years on her parents' balcony… a mixture of pent up emotions and one too many margaritas? I liked Chris as a character though, if only to make Luke a little jealous!

    In other news:

    "Hey Luke, does your husband play softball too?" LOVE Kirk.moreless
  • Interesting to see the family together ... I'm not sure about Christopher. No doubt well be seeing him again. Good episode.

    So this was an interesting episode. It was strange to see how Christopher's presence affected Lorelai, she did seem different. I mean any mother would when the father of her child comes back and her child is a bit too excited for her liking. I did feel suspicious of him at times, especially in the book shop, when his card was rejected, then he asked Rory to lie to Lorelai, that just spelt trouble.

    The family reunion' was really entertaining and engrossing. Richard defending Lorelai was good to see, liked everyone's reaction. Was annoyed at Richard then having a go at Lorelai, get over it Richard, I say! Good on Emily for then telling Rory that none of this should affect her. Fair enough that Christopher was making an effort but he was acting like he'd been around for years.

    Poor Luke, Lorelai stood him up, she is distracted by the fight and ends up sleeping with Christopher, not sure what I think of that. Was glad that Lorelai went out of her way to apologise to Luke, shows that she really cares.

    Then Christopher asks Lorelai basically to marry him, I agree with Lorelai, he is insane. Enjoyed this scene a lot, the whole 'offspring' and metallica' was funny. Glad to see Christopher leave, though he wasn't that bad of a character, he seemed to change things a lot. Look forward to more!moreless
  • Rory's dad

    Christopher is in town and he's staying with the Gilmore girls. Rory is excited, but Lorelai is reluctant. While at dinner with Richard and Emily, Christopher's parents and Lorelai's parents get into an argument. Lorelai and Christopher have sex later and Christopher wants to be in their lives. Lorelai learns that Christopher's business isn't going so well after all. He asks Lorelai to marry him, but she declines. Luke is upset that Lorelai missed their date.

    This episode was good. I liked the introduction to Rory's dad. I don't think that he and Lorelai are getting back together though. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • He is back...

    Chris is back and wants to be around more for Rory.

    He goes to a softball game with Rory and meets Dean.

    Luke makes a date with Lorelai to paint the dinner Friday.

    All town find out about him and everyone talks about it.

    Guess who is coming to dinner on Friday?

    Emily, Richard, Lorelai, Rory, Christopher and Christopher's parents.

    What a great evening, they not even make it to dinner.

    All hell breaks loose, Richard almost hits Straub, Lorelai and Chris have sex on her room's balcony…. Busy night. And on top of all, Lorelai forgets about Luke. Next morning, she goes to the diner in her pajamas but no luck. Chris asks her to marry him, she says no. And he leaves.

    To end well, Lorelai breaks into Luke's diner and paints the place, he likes it. It's everything OK.

    She sorted things out, that's good.moreless
  • Rory meets her father

    We are more than half way through the season 1 and writer decide it's time to introduce us to Rory father-i was expecting this to be the season 1 clif-hanger but i'm glad they did this because at least you can't predict season 1 ending unless you read the episode guide.

    I will start Rory grandmother-god she can be so annoying you kind of guessed it couldn't go well with Gilmore and Christopher parent blaming Lorelia for ruining their son lives-i was so glad when Rory grandad stuck up for his daugher-it was some brillant acting and i think i felt how difficult it was for him espically when how difficult it was accept Lorela getting pregant.

    Still i thought this episode deserved a review mainly due to fact Rory dad seem to big factor in any child life and unlike other show where parent fight about it-this has to be first show i seen where the mother actually wants the father to visit his child whenever he wants-not many woman would allow that. It was nice that Chistopher wanted marry Lorelia but she knew he wasn't ready to take on responsablity and i got more respect for her character than when this show started.moreless
Peter Michael Goetz

Peter Michael Goetz

Straub Hayden

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Cristine Rose

Cristine Rose

Francine Hayden

Guest Star

Liz Torres

Liz Torres

Miss Patty

Recurring Role

Michael Winters

Michael Winters

Taylor Doose

Recurring Role

Jackson Douglas

Jackson Douglas

Jackson Belleville

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • At the end of this episode Luke walks down the street to the diner to find Lorelai finishing painting the diner. How would he have gotten out of the diner without seeing her in the first place when his apartment is above the diner?

    • Emily tells Straub she wishes he could talk Richard into retiring, but in "The Bracebridge Dinner", Emily becomes angry when she learns that Richard retired, and Richard says he did not tell her sooner because he knew she would be disappointed and he did not want to tell her he had spoiled their plans for their life. This implies retiring at that point was not what Emily hoped Richard would do. Why then did she want Straub to talk him into retiring the prior year?

    • Lorelai uses a key to get into her parents house. This is the only time that she ever uses a key. Any other time she rings the doorbell.

    • In this episode Dean asks what kind of bike Christopher has and says he has an 86 Suzuki himself. But in "Kiss and Tell" Dean told Lorelai that he didn't have a bike. Also in "Double Date" Dean told Rory that him and Todd worked on their bikes together. Lorelai repeats that Rory will not get on the motorcycle at which point Dean agrees. Implying he was lying to her about not having a motorcyle, and she knew it.

    • When Jackson turns to look at Chris and Rory after talking about Chris you can see Chris' hand on Rory's shoulder, but when we look at them they are just standing side by side. Then we see his hand on her shoulder again when the camera turns to look at Jackson.

    • When Luke is outside the diner waiting for Lorelai, you can see the camera crew in the window to the left of the door when Luke goes inside the diner.

    • When Luke walks up to the diner at the end of the show, the curtains are bundled up on their rods, but when Lorelai and Luke are pulling the chairs down, they are all hanging normally.

    • In the opening scene at Lorelai's house, Christopher's first night in town, Rory tells her parents she's going to study while she waits for the Chinese food to arrive. Christopher laughs and reminds her tomorrow is Saturday, which means that he arrived on a Friday, a night when the girls should have gone to Friday night dinner. Either they skipped the dinner, or there's a time inconsistency.

    • During the softball sequence, the sound of rainfall can be heard over the dialogue although it's not supposed to be raining. Near the end of the scene, an actual raindrop falls through the middle of the frame.

    • When Christopher asks Lorelai to marry him, you can see the shadow of the boom mic on the refrigerator as she responds.

    • Luke comes to the diner twice, presumably from his home. However, it is established later that Luke lives above the diner.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Luke: So, uh, where's the guy?
      Lorelai: Oh he's gone.
      Luke: Oh, too bad.
      Lorelai: We'll be fine. Luke?
      Luke: Yeah?
      Lorelai: Um, can I make one more suggestion?
      Luke: No.
      Lorelai: Curtains?
      Luke: No.
      Lorelai: Manly curtains.
      Luke: Oxymoron.
      Lorelai: What did you call me?
      Luke: No curtains.
      Lorelai: Aw come on. You gotta give a little. How about a tablecloth?
      Luke:No. We don't do table cloths here.

    • Emily: Straub is actually a good man. Very smart. He was one of the top lawyers in his field, a very arcane aspect of International law. And he's always been so active in his community. His charity work has never diminished over the years. (she pauses) Oh let's face it - he's a big ass. [Rory laughs] Rory, I know you heard a lot of talk about various disappointments this evening and I know you've heard a lot of talk about it in the past. But I want to make this very clear - you, young lady, your person and your existence have never ever been - not even for a second -included in that list. Do you understand me?
      Rory: Yeah, I do.

    • Emily: You usually knock.
      Lorelai: Not since you gave us a key.
      Emily: That is for emergencies.
      Lorelai: Well mom, I'm starving to death. Is that enough of an emergency for you?

    • Christopher: I can be a family man. I'm responsible now.
      Lorelai: Honey, you can't even buy a book without having your credit card declined.
      Christopher: I told Rory not to rat me out. I can't believe she did that!
      Lorelai: She didn't. Andrew from the bookstore called, and Jackson, and the UPS guy, and ooh, it was the lead story on the Stars Hollow web page. Then I asked Rory, and she very reluctantly confirmed it. "Rat me out". What are you, 16?
      Christopher: I'm sorry.
      Lorelai: And what are you doing telling my daughter to lie to me, anyway?
      Christopher: She's my daughter, too.
      Lorelai: More like your playmate!

    • Rory: How's Diane?
      Christopher: Diane is ancient history.
      Rory: When I met her at Easter, you said she could be the one.
      Christopher: The one to be gone by Memorial Day.
      Rory: You're worse than Mom.
      Lorelai: Low blow!
      Christopher: Can't keep a feller happy?
      Lorelai: Oh, I keep them happy. I keep them very happy.
      Rory: Okay, now, don't get gross.

    • Lorelai: You remember Rory. You haven't seen her in quite a while.
      Straub: No, we haven't.
      Francine: I think she was just beginning to speak in complete sentences.
      Lorelai: So not for two years, then! (long, awkward pause, nobody laughs) I....she's obviously been talking a long time, so I was making a humorous comment sometimes referred to as a joke.
      Straub: I see you haven't changed, Lorelai.
      Lorelai: No, not at all.

    • Emily: I didn't hear the doorbell.
      Lorelai: We didn't ring the doorbell.
      Emily: You let yourselves in?
      Lorelai: It's okay, Mom. Look, not a rapist among us.

    • Straub: Tell me, Lorelai. What have you been doing with your life anyway, besides hating successful businessmen? I'm just curious.
      Emily: Why don't we all go into the dining room?
      Lorelai: Well, um, Straub, I run an inn near Stars Hollow.
      Straub: Really?
      Lorelai: Yes, really.
      Christopher: Dad, come on.
      Straub: Nice to see you found your calling.
      Emily: Dinner's ready.
      Francine: Christopher, your tie.
      Christopher: Mom, please.
      Straub: (to Lorelai) And is your life everything you hoped it would be?
      Lorelai: Yes, it is.
      Straub: Because it seems to me that you might not want to take such a haughty tone when you announce to the world that you work in a hotel.

    • Luke: So, Rory was at the game today.
      Lorelai: Oh, yeah.
      Luke: Yeah, she was with some guy.
      Lorelai: Dean.
      Luke: No, I know that punk. Some older guy.
      Lorelai: Oh. That would have been her dad.
      Luke: Really? So he's....
      Lorelai: The guy who impregnated me with Rory, yes.
      Luke: Yeah. He did a good job.
      Lorelai: Impregnating me with Rory?
      Luke: Okay, this has taken a very weird turn.
      Lorelai: Yeah. (Luke leaves quickly)

    • Richard: Lorelai, what are you going to take away from this? That everything that happened in the past is suddenly fine because I defended you?
      Lorelai: No.
      Richard: That the hell you put your mother and me through over the past 16 years is suddenly washed away? Well, it's not!
      Lorelai: We've all been through hell, Dad.
      Richard: I had to tell my friends, my colleagues, that my only daughter, the brightest in her class, was pregnant and leaving school.
      Lorelai: That must have been devastating.
      Richard: Then you ran away and treated us as lepers. Your mother couldn't get out of bed for a month! Did you know that? Did you?
      Lorelai: No.
      Richard: We did nothing to deserve that! Nothing to earn that!

    • Lorelai: All right, I get it. I'm horrible. So why don't you disown me and adopt Christopher? You love him.
      Richard: Oh, don't be a martyr, Lorelai. And don't be naive. Do you think I love the boy who got my daughter pregnant? I wanted to kill him. I would have, too, with my bare hands! But there was a proper procedure to be followed in a situation like this.
      Lorelai: Marriage.
      Richard: Christopher was willing to follow the plan we laid out. You weren't.
      Lorelai: What about what I wanted? Dad, didn't that mean anything to you?
      Richard: Sometimes, one has to sacrifice something in order to do what is right.
      Lorelai: (speechless) I.....I feel indescribably sad for you right now, Dad.
      Richard: Well, save your emotions, Lorelai. I've had quite enough of them tonight.

    • Rory: (about Christopher's parents) These are my other grandparents. I don't even know them. What do I call them?
      Christopher: Call them what I call them. Ass--
      Lorelai: Chris!
      Christopher: Sorry, my tie's too tight.....
      Lorelai: Just call them Straub and Francine. Nah, just call them Mr. and Mrs. Hayden. Sir and ma'am? (pauses) Why don't you just avoid calling them anything?

    • Christopher: (about Rory's boyfriend) She has a Dean?
      Lorelai: She has a Dean.
      Christopher: How did this happen?
      Lorelai: Well, long ago, a single-celled organism crawled out of the primordial ooze, and that pretty much led to Dean.
      Christopher: I think I need a beer.

    • Rory: I'm gonna go study before the food gets here.
      Christopher: What? Tomorrow's Saturday!
      Rory: I know, but I like to get all my weekend homework done and out of the way by Saturday so I can do extra credit stuff on Sunday. (leaves)
      Lorelai: (to Christopher) Don't look at me.
      Christopher: She's a great kid, Lor. I wish I could say I saw more of myself in her, other than the fact that we have similar left earlobes, but she's all you. Chip off the old perfect block.
      Lorelai: Why the hell are you here?
      Christopher: Behold the queen of the sudden transition!

    • Rory: (making a bed for her father on the couch) I just want him to be comfortable.
      Lorelai: He's gonna come and go as he pleases, babe. You know that.
      Rory: I know.
      Lorelai: And no amount of bedding is going to change that.
      Rory: But he's never been to Stars Hallow before.
      Lorelai: I know.
      Rory: So that means something's gotta be different, right?
      Lorelai: Why don't you just enjoy the time you've got, okay?
      Rory: (long pause) Yeah. Okay.

    • Rory: So where did you guys go?
      Lorelai: Nowhere.
      Rory: Where's nowhere?
      Christopher: Where we were.

    • Richard: This little girl is quite smart, Strobe. She could even give you a run for your money.
      Strobe: Oh? (Stares at Rory, who stares at the floor) I think my money will be safe.

    • Lorelai: I hate President Bush.
      Strobe: What?!
      Emily: Lorelai!
      Christopher: Oh boy…
      Lorelai: He's stupid!

    • Jackson: Yes, it is her real dad. He seems very nice, kinda a folkey, poppy, urban, gruffly look to him. And obviously there's some money mixed in there, cause he has a money nose and...
      (Women coughs. Jackson turns around to see Christopher and Rory standing there)

    • Lorelai: (sigh) I've gotta see my parents.
      Christopher: (sigh) I've gotta see my parents.
      Rory: Ladies and gentlemen, the drama king and queen of Connecticut.

    • Christopher: (on phone with Emily) Well, I'm actually sitting here with your girls. (hands the phone to Lorelai) She wants to speak to you.
      Lorelai: Mm. Hi Mom.
      Emily: Lorelai, Christopher's in town!
      Lorelai: (gasps) What?! I didn't know! Although, coincidently I'm sitting across from an amazing Christopher hologram.

    • (the morning after the dinner fiasco with Lorelai's and Christopher's parents)
      Christopher: Lor?
      Lorelai: What?
      Christopher: I want to marry you.
      Lorelai: And the hits just keep on coming.

    • Lorelai: (to Christopher) And to top off the whole fabulous fiasco, I stood up a friend of mine who was counting on me and - and he just stood there looking hurt with the paint and the chairs and it hurt me. And it's not your fault but in this parade of stupid and dumb, I am the one twirling the flaming baton!

    • Emily: You remember Straub and Francine don't you?
      Lorelai: Oh, yes, the Schnickelfritzes.
      Emily: The who?
      Lorelai: (rolls eyes) The Haydens.

    • Lorelai: My father almost hit someone. My father has probably only hit another man in college, wearing boxing gloves and one of those Fred Mertz golden gloves pullover sweaters.
      Christopher: Fred Mertz?
      Lorelai: I Love Lucy - Fred Mertz.
      Christopher: Landlord to Ricki, husband to Ethel, I know. It's just a weird reference.
      Lorelai: (pointing at the pajamas, she's wearing) Hello, pajamas.

    • Christopher: And you brought up Bush because...
      Lorelai: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    • Lorelai: Did you just curtsy?
      Rory: Shut up!
      Lorelai: Sorry, milady.

  • NOTES (5)

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • Lorelai: My father has probably only hit another man in college, wearing boxing gloves and one of those Fred Mertz golden gloves pullover sweaters.

      Fred Mertz was a character on the popular 50's show I Love Lucy, and played by William Frawley.

    • Lorelai: My father hit his head surfing Rincon a couple of years ago.

      Rincon, Puerto Rico, is a popular surfing destination.

    • Kirk: I'm dumbing it down for you, Alfalfa.

      Alfalfa was one of the characters in The Little Rascals.

    • Christopher: (hefting the Oxford English Dictionary) Holy mother! This is the monolith from 2001.

      Stanley Kubrick's film 2001 featured a mysterious featureless black rectangular object about 15 feet high, known as "the monolith".

    • Christopher: Let's get married and get to know each other as adults.
      Lorelai: That's very Fiddler on the Roof of you.

      One of the themes of the Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof is the idea of arranged marriage, and whether spouses in such a marriage love each other.

    • Christopher: Because when you say no to coffee, especially in the morning, all is not right in Whoville.

      This is a reference to How The Grinch Stole Christmas, which was set in Whoville.

    • Lorelai: Jose Cuervo still has amazing magical powers.

      Jose Cuervo is a brand of tequila that Lorelai and Christopher were drinking on the balcony.

    • Lorelai: (to Rory) No, they were directing them at me because I screwed up their big Citizen Kane plans. That's all.

      Citizen Kane is a film by Orson Wells that is loosely based on the life and big successes of William Randolph Hearst, Howard Hughes and Samuel Insull.

    • Lorelai: You know the opening lick to Smoke on the Water.

      Smoke on the Water is an influential rock song by Deep Purple.

    • Lorelai: (to Christopher) You have flipped your lid! Charles Manson is freaked out by you right now!

      Charles Manson is a convicted murderer and was the leader of a group of young followers who gained deep control over them and convinced them to start the ultimate race war.

    • Lorelai: It's been cold pop-tarts for a week, it's like a damn Dickens' novel.

      Charles Dickens is an English writer who often wrote about impoverished families and the poor side of society.

    • Lorelai: That's not true. If Tony Randall could crank one out in his seventies, you have decades left to spawn.

      Tony Randall is an actor known for his part as Felix on The Odd Couple.

    • Christopher: And you were the girl in the Pinky Tuscadero T-shirt, sitting right next to me.

      Pinky Tuscadero was a character on Happy Days who stole Fonzie's heart.