Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 12

Come Home

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2005 on The WB

Episode Recap

Emily and Richard have recently reconciled after helping a dog find its home and have decided to renew their wedding vows. Rory begins to fall for Logan and Christopher must decide if he wants to have another chance with Lorelai.

Emily and Richard helped a lost dog finds its owner, which was the first thing to help settle the struggles between them. When Richard and Emily decided to attend a function together since both have significant reasons for being present Emily runs into Simon. A friend of Richard's that she went out on a date with durring the seperation. When Richard pulls up and sees them talking he looses it. He rear ends Emily's car and they ride home together and decide to make the reconciliation official and to renew their vows. Richard: "I really don't want to go back to the poolhouse." Emily: "Come home."

At the Yale Daily News Logan's father showed up and requested that Doyle give Logan some assignments so that he can become familiar with his future job. Startled and disoriented Doyle says that he will do so, and after he leaves Paris fans Doyle to try and help him calm down. When Rory walks in Paris brings her upto speed on the situation, Doyle's fear is that Logan will slack off and not write the article. Rory asks if he is any good and Doyle says that he is very good when he decides to dain them with his presence, Rory then offers to help get Logan motivated and Doyle is very greatful. Rory then arranges for Logan to meet her at the pub, she arrives with a lot of research that she has categorized by color into different folders. The layout is so simple that Rory has pretty much done all the work for him. When he shows up she pulls out the folders and he is impressed by all the work she has done. They have a few drinks and begin to talk, Logan tells Rory about how he will be getting on a plane to New York this evening to go to a party his dad is hosting with a well known reader as a guest. Rory is excited to hear about this and secretly hopes that Logan will invite her along, which he doesn't. It is believed that it is at this moment that Rory begins to fall for Logan.

With Lorelai and Luke, in order to spend more time together Lorelai decides to spend the night, even though he has to get up really early. Since Luke ended up going to sleep at 9pm Lorelai tried to sleep but failed and ended up going downstairs and read the oven manual for lack of other things to do. When she shows up later at the diner, she hears Luke yelling and swearing in the kitchen and asks Lane what was going on. She explains that he is frustrated with the oven and has been all day, then Luke come out to say hi to Lorelai and she asks him what he has done so far, remembering the information in the manual, she finds out what he forgot and Luke is shocked to find out that she could help him. Lorelai then tells him how she couldn't sleep and read the manual. The next night when Lorelai decides to sleep over again she finds a surprize in Luke's bedroom. He had bought her a tv for the bedroom like she talked about before so that she could watch her late night shows.

The episode ends with Emily showing up at Christopher's house and tells him about the renewal. She also mentions that Lorelai and Luke were getting serious and that if he wanted any last chance with Lorelai he better act soon, and offered the renewal as a prime oppertunity. Emily also says that while she was never impressed by Chris she prefers him over Luke and feels that he is a better match for Lorelai. Emily: "My daughter's stubborn, but she's capable of greatness."