Gilmore Girls

Season 1 Episode 13

Concert Interruptus

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

Rory is lying on Lorelai's bed as Lorelai pages through her closet. Lorelai turns around and tells her she has nothing in her closet to get rid of. Rory doesn't believe this and joins her. She points to the red and black halter top that has rhinestones, zebra stripes and tassels. Lorelai is adamant she has had it since she was 17 and it's a classic. Lorelai doesn't want to uproot any of her happy family of clothes and Rory reminds her it's for a charity rummage sale she helped organize and volunteered to run. Lorelai hedges it was very hot in the room and Rory reminds her it was her idea. Rory pushes her out of the way and takes a pile of her clothes to Lorelai's protests. She tells Lorelai all of it goes and orders her to go to her top drawer and take out everything she'd be embarrassed to be wearing during a car accident. In the Gilmore living room, Rory and Lane are sorting through people's donations. Luke comes in with clothes and old pots and pans. Rory tells him to put the kitchenware in the kitchen and she takes the clothes. Lorelai comes down the stairs and hands Rory a pile of clothes. She asks who wants cheese and Rory asks if they're crackers and Lorelai answers there are crackers somewhere in the state of Connecticut, but not the Gilmore house. Lorelai goes into the kitchen and jokingly reacts surprised to see Luke. Luke tells Rory her mom's a fruitcake and wishes her luck with everything. Lorelai laments the rummage sale isn't until Sunday and it's only Tuesday. Taylor comes in with a set of dishes but is worried about the chips of the dishes. He goes into the kitchen to write an instruction set for his dishes. Lorelai pulls a jean jacket out of a bag and Rory tells her the point of the rummage sale is to get rid of crap not replace it with new crap. Lorelai begs and Rory tells her they can get rid of it at next year's. Sookie comes in with four tickets for the Bangles in New York on Saturday for her, Lorelai, Rory and Lane. Lorelai declares this will be a very special night which needs a new outfit. Rory and Lorelai start arguing over her latest find. In Chilton, a teacher is telling Rory's class about their class's upcoming debate. Rory is busily taking notes, not noticing Tristan is staring at her. The teacher notices and calls him out on it, to which Rory blushes. The teacher assigns Paris, Madeline, Louise and Rory to the same team. Paris confirms who she pointed to and is disappointed Rory is on her team. Paris glares at Rory. Outside the classroom, the four set out to make a plan. Paris tells them her house it out and Louise presses her as to why and tells them her mother is redoing the house to get all evidence of her father out. Madeline offers her brother's having the measles and Louise adds her mom's having an affair. Rory reluctantly offers her house. Tristan joins them and stands right in front of Rory as he flirts with Paris. When he walks away, he says goodbye to everyone but Rory. Louise and Madeline tease Paris about Tristan. Rory and Lane are walking to Kim's Antiques and Rory fills her in on her debate team. Lane tells her she's telling her mother she's going to a play with her and Lorelai which isn't too far from a lie in her mind. They go inside and Mrs. Kim is negotiating a deal. A man buys a chair and Mrs. Kim immediately asks Lane if something's wrong. Lane asks if she could go to a play after church. She can only come up with the play is about people who own instruments and play them. Mrs. Kim tells her to find out what the "play's" about and they'll talk. Lane tells Rory she'll ask her mother again later. Rory is going into Luke's when she sees a sign for the rummage sale in the window. She goes inside and teases Luke about the sign. He tells her Lorelai asked him to put the sign there. Luke goes in the back to get coffee when Lorelai comes in wearing the jean jacket and a cowboy hat. Rory tells her they haven't argued about the hat and she needs to stop buying other people's junk. Luke sees Lorelai and tells her to take the jacket off and it's not hers. She tells him she paid for it and he yells at her that it doesn't make it alright and she asks what's the matter with him. He tells her to pour her own coffee and walks off in a huff. People are pouring into the Gilmore house, past the sign for the rummage sale that reads "Nothing alive or gross please." In the living room, Lorelai asks did anyone in town keep anything? Sookie agrees it doesn't look like it and Lorelai grumbles she's never being civic minded again. Sookie falls into a pile and struggles to get up. Rory comes down the stairs and Lorelai warns her about the pile that ate Sookie. Rory considers sicing it on Paris when she arrives and Lorelai remembers her study group is coming over and apologizes for all the stuff. Rory isn't worried and tells Lorelai they'll come in, say something snotty, study and leave. She tells Lorelai she can't wait for it to be over so she can focus on the concert. Miss Patty enters and asks Lorelai where she should put her drums. Lorelai goes to help her and Miss Patty starts to reminisce about the drums over the years. Miss Patty goes into the house behind Lorelai as Rory is getting off the phone with Lane. She tells Lorelai that Lane told her mother the truth and can't go to the concert. She goes to make coffee as Miss Patty remarks the jean jacket looks familiar. Lorelai tells her Luke brought it in and she ponders it must've been Rachel's. Sookie tells Lorelai that Rachel was Luke's very serious girlfriend five years ago who broke his heart. Lorelai can't believe she didn't know about her and Sookie tells her Rachel traveled as she was a photographer, or an archeologist or a flight attendant. Lorelai muses she can't picture Luke with a girlfriend, or a broken heart. Sookie goes upstairs as a BMW pulls up outside. Lorelai remarks Paris must be a hell of a babysitter to afford the car. Paris, Madeline and Louise come inside and Rory introduces them to Lorelai. She greets them all in a very Lorelai way and goes upstairs. The four settle down to work in the living room and Paris gives everyone assignments. Rory asks why Paris gets to handle the debate and Louise and Madeline tell her Paris is the best at debate. Madeline and Louise start going through the stuff and Louise teases Paris about Tristan. They fawn over Dean and Rory tells them they've been together a month. Paris snaps at them and tells them to get back to work. Louise ignores her rant and asks how good of a kisser Dean is. The girls except for Paris giggle. Upstairs, Lorelai asks Sookie to tell her more about Rachel. Sookie asks why she cares so much and Lorelai tells her everybody knows but her and asks where she went. Sookie tells her Rachel liked to climb things and dive into tiny lakes and fly planes and Lorelai clarifies she was Wonder Woman. Sookie answers she was to Luke and she thought they would get married, but Stars Hollow was too small for her. She wanted to go somewhere else, but Luke didn't, as he never left Stars Hollow to go to college and never will. Lorelai remarks it's sad and Sookie leaves to go get ready. Downstairs Sookie tells Rory she'll see her tonight. Louise asks what they're doing and Rory tells them about the concert. They're shocked she's going to a concert with her mom and Louise asks how old Lorelai is. They're floored Lorelai had Rory at sixteen and Madeline asks if she thinks Lorelai is sorry she got pregnant so young. Paris bluntly answers of course she is and Rory tells her she wouldn't recommend it, but she's glad how things worked out. Lorelai joins them and opts to order pizza. When she goes into the kitchen, Louise tells Rory she finds Lorelai very fascinating. Rory jokes Lorelai does too and Madeline adds it's like having a big sister and Rory adds Lorelai is her best friend. Louise muses it's truly, completely fascinating. Lorelai calls Rory into the kitchen and is excited to see Rory and the girls getting along. She suggests inviting the girls to the concert which Rory isn't sure is a good idea. Lorelai tells her it'll be way for them to bond and she and Sookie can get cheap seats. She goes into the living room and invites the girls. Louise and Madeline are excited but Paris declines but Madeline and Louise ignore her and tell them she'll be there. At the concert in New York City, Rory is showing Louise and Madeline the bracelet Dean made her as Paris trails behind them. Lorelai gives them the tickets and tells them they're about to enter sacred space, tread on hallowed ground, walk like Egyptians. They take the tickets and Lorelai tells them they'll meet there after the concert. Rory hugs Lorelai and thanks her. Lorelai and Sookie go to find their seats. Rory and the girls find their seats and Rory gushes at how good the seats are. Louise and Madeline agree, but because there are two hot guys behind them. Paris isn't surprised. Lorelai and Sookie are hiking to their back of the balcony seats which Sookie compares to the movie Everest. They reach their seats and Lorelai declares them the worst seats in the world and they start cracking jokes about how bad they are, which the gentlemen sitting by them don't find humorous. The Bangles start performing and the girls and Lorelai and Sookie enjoy the concert. Paris and Rory are watching the band while Louise and Madeline are talking to the guys in the seats behind them. Later in the show, Lorelai asks Sookie if Rachel was pretty and what kind of pretty, like Catherine Zeta-Jones or Michelle Pfeiffer. Sookie tells her she was an Elle MacPherson and this surprises Lorelai and Sookie asks if she pictures Luke with a Lorelai Gilmore kind of pretty. She tells Lorelai she's jealous and Lorelai retorts she's accusing her of being jealous of a woman with a man she's not interested in five years ago. Sookie agrees it's crazy but she is jealous. Louise tells Rory the guys are so gorgeous and they invited them to a party. Rory tells them they can't go because they have to meet Lorelai after. Louise scoffs at this and asks if she's afraid and Rory agrees she's afraid of going into a strange city with two guys she doesn't know. and Madeline protests the guys are so cute. Louise tells Paris to join them but she declines. Madeline gives Rory the address and tells her they'll be back before the concert's over. Rory asks what she's supposed to tell Lorelai and Louise answers she can tell her what a good little girl she is. After they leave, Paris tells Rory she really likes the band. After the concert, Louise and Madeline still haven't returned. Rory can't believe they just left and Paris tells her they've done it before. Rory asks her if she can ask her a question and Paris answers maybe. Rory asks what she sees in Tristan and Paris answers she wouldn't understand. Rory asks if it's just that he's cute as there are a lot of cute guys and he's such a jerk. Paris retorts Tristan isn't always a jerk and Rory asks when he's not a jerk. Paris tells her she has been in the same class as Tristan since kindergarten and he has stuff in his life that's hard on him. His family isn't that great, something he and Paris have in common. She tells Rory he kissed her during a game of truth-or-dare in the sixth grade. She adds she knows he's flirting with her to get to Rory, but at least he's flirting with her. Rory tells her she can do better than Tristan. Lorelai and Sookie join them and Rory reluctantly tells her Louise and Madeline split. Lorelai is shocked and they're off to find them. In the apartment building of the party, Lorelai is knocking on doors trying to find the party. Paris asks Rory if she's going to knock on every door in the building and Rory answers she will. Paris wonders if she was missing if her mother would come looking for her like that. Rory tells her she would and Paris answers she'd send somebody at least. Lorelai finds the party at last and Rory recognizes the guy who answers the door. Lorelai tells him Louise and Madeline are sixteen and they join her in the hall. She yells at them for going to the party and tells them if they ever pull anything like this again it won't be around Rory. She adds she's going to tell their parents and they head down the hall. Paris tells Rory this is the best night she's ever had. At the rummage sale, Lane regrets missing Lorelai yelling at the college guys. Lorelai joins them and asks Rory if she's talked to anyone. Rory answers she hasn't but school should be interesting with tales of Rory's Bangles-obsessed mother ripping open apartment doors and Lorelai tells her she had to do it and Rory knows that. Lorelai laments she thought inviting the girls would make things easier and Rory tells her easier is overrated. Rory tells her Paris agreed to split the debate time with her which is like the spitting-in-your-palms friendship oath thing boys do but way less gross. Lorelai tells her she's glad then and she'll be right back. Lorelai goes and finds Luke. He apologizes for blowing up at her in the diner and she in turn wants to give him the jean jacket back. She tells him she didn't know how much it meant to him and if she had, she wouldn't have flaunted it in front of him like that. She tells Luke it obviously means something to him and he retorts you have to let things go evantually. Lorelai tells him sometimes you need a little something to remind him and he wouldn't want to forget about everything, would he? Luke adds there are some things he wouldn't want to forget and Lorelai hands it to him so he doesn't forget. He takes it but tells her he's not pining, he's remembering. She agrees and walks away.