Gilmore Girls

Season 1 Episode 13

Concert Interruptus

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2001 on The WB

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  • Lorelai takes Rory and some friends to a Bangles concert. Such a brilliant episode, this is why I watch the show.

    I loved this episode, it is definitely my favourite so far. I don't know, just the whole feel of it was really good. The rummage sale was a really good part, with Lorelai complaining about giving up clothes and it was cool to see a few things. I thought Rory was school was enjoyable, seeing her actually kind of getting along with some class mates, bar Paris, who still seems fairly iffy on the idea.

    Tristan is an ass but it is interesting to see him liking Rory and she not liking him. You kind of feel for Parris, Tristan using her to make Rory jealous, which didn't work.
    Lane trying to get her mother to let her go to the concert was funny, calling it a play instead of a concert. I liked her rant about a lie and a non lie.

    When Luke flips out on Lorelai about wearing a jacket she found, I was interested to see what this was about. Then Sookie tells Lorelai about Rachel, the 'Elle McPherson' like ex girlfriend of Luke's. I found Lorelai's jealously really enjoyable. I wonder if we'll ever see Rachel.

    It was good to see Rory getting on with Madeline and Louise while doing the debating work. It was interesting how at this point, Rory thought she could be friends with those two but after the concert its actually Paris who seems to be the one closer to Rory.

    Lorelai and Sookie were amusing at the concert, in fits of laughter. Paris obviously wasn't surprised at her friends sneaking off, but Rory was, how stupid are they. Anyway, I loved Lorelai crashing the party to find the girls 'get out of my way, Skippy!' very funny.

    So this was a brilliant episode, I wonder if Paris will become friends with Rory and Lane ... when are Lorelai and Luke going to get together?!
  • This episode is a great Gilmore Girls episode and it is one of my all-time favourite episodes!

    This episode is really good. The acting was great, the storyline was even better and the Bangles rock. I don't know why I love this episode so much, but I always have and when I watch the entire season in order, this is the episode I look forward to seeing the most. I liked how we get to know more about Luke's history a bit more with Rachel, and to me, this episode was one of the first times I realised that Lorelai might like Luke. I also liked it because it showed a softer side of Paris and it paves the way for Paris and Rory to become friendly towards each other. In saying that, I respected Paris for staying with Rory and this episode really made me hate Madeline and Louise more than I already did. I think this episode is the best of the entire series and I'd recommend it to anyone.
  • The Bangles

    Sookie gets tickets to the Bangles concert. Lane tries to go, but her mom won't let her. Rory gets grouped together with Paris, Madeline and Louise for a school project. Rory invites them to go to the concert. Paris has a great time, but Madeline and Louise get in trouble when they sneak off with some college guys. Lorelai hosts a rummage charity sale and learns about Luke's ex-girlfriend.

    This was a great episode! I'm glad that Paris and Rory are starting to get along. I don't know much about the Bangles, but it was cool how they were in the episode. This episode gets a 9.5!
  • Lorelai, Rory, Sookie, Paris, Madeleine, and Louise go to a Bangles concert. Madeleine and Louise sneak off to a party.

    This was very excellent episode. I thought it was very interesting that Rory, Paris, Madeleine and Louise end up working together on a project. They had not been very friendly. I thought that it was great that Lorelai had given up the great seats so Rory could try to at least end the animosity that she had had with the girls. It was also nice to see Lorelai acting like an adult and mother when she went to find Madeleine and Louise. They deserved to get yelled at. That is for certain. I am glad that Rory and Paris were not dumb enough to go with them. I think it would have been worse if Rory had gotten involved with it. You do not see Lorelai get mad at Rory too often. She is generally a laid back parent. They are more like best friends than mother-daughter, which isn't always the best way for a mother and daughter to interact but it seems to work for them for the most part. they do have their moments though.
  • Great concert

    There's a big charity sale going on and guess who is organizing it? Lorelai!!

    The house is a mess, there is stuff everywhere, cloths, plates, paintings...

    Sookie gets dreaming tickets to see the Bangles in New York and the only problem is talking to Lane's mother. That doesn't work out.

    Rory is forced to do a paper with Paris, Louise and Madeline. The only available house is Rory's so...
    They get there and Lorelai thinks of giving Rory and the girls the tickets.
    The say yes.

    The concert is great, Lorelai and Sookie get the worst seats but the love it.
    Madeline and Louise sneak out and go to a party.
    When the concert end they are not back.
    Lorelai dresses her mother suit and goes after them, knocking on every door. They finally find the party and get the girls out. At the end, Paris admits that that was the best night of her life.

    At the sale, Lorelai returns Luke a jacket that once belonged to Rachel, Luke's old girlfriend. He had make a scene a days earlier so she find the story and returns it.
  • the girls go to a bangles concert.

    this episode was wonderful rory is starting to make friends a chilton when she gets put in the same group as madilene lousie and paris. when the chilton girls get to the gilmore girls house it was distroyed with all towns crap for the rummage sale. madilene and lousie could not stop talking to rory so lorelai thought that it was a good idea for rory to invite them to tag along but later regrets it when the concert is over and she has to drag madilene and lousie out of an party at some guys they just meets house.
  • Go Lorelai!

    Louise and Madeline are really stupid in this episode; it would seem like they are asking to get into trouble. They leave the concert and expect not to get into trouble. It is so awesome how Lorelai goes after them and yells at them. She's not their mother, but she cares about her daughter and the whole situation involved Rory. I felt so sorry for Luke and the whole Rachel thing; its obvious that Lorelai was jealous of her considering she asked Sookie so many questions and wanted to know everything about her.
  • Rory, Paris, Louis, and Madeline go to a bangles concert.

    After Lane can't go to the Bangle's concert with Lorelai, Sookie, and Rory, so instead ROry takes Madeline, Louise, and Paris, and Lorelai and Sookie buy tickets when they get there. At the concert Madeline and Louise meet two boys who take them away from the concert to go to a party. Later, after the concert Lorelai, Sookie, Rory, and Paris go to find the two of them. SHe pulls them away from the party and gets them really mad. Another eisode that is not my favorite of the season, but still good.

    One of my favorite bands ever is the Bangles and seeing them guest star as themselves on a TV show was great. Even if this episode was bad, which it wasn't, having the Bangles on would have saved it. I liked how Lorelai tried to help Rory make friends at school and all the cracks that her and Sookie made sitting in the last row at the concert. A good episode through and through. A-
  • One of my favorite episodes, it really displays the characters well.

    This episode, in my opinion, is the beginning of Rory and Paris's friendship. Paris starts out not wanting to be on the same debate team as Rory, but grudgingly goes to her house along with Madeline and Louise.

    Once there, the conversation quickly drifts from the upcoming debate to Rory's mom and boyfriend, much to Paris's dismay. And once Lorelai picks up on the "friend potential", she gives the four girls tickets to a Bangles concert previously reserved for herself, Rory, Lane, and Sookie.

    But of course Madeline and Louise can't stay at the concert for long. In a matter of minutes they sneak off to a party with two boys they just met. Paris and Rory wisely refuse to go with them, but actually have a decent conversation with no verbal abuse. (What DOES Paris see in Tristan?)

    When Lorelai comes to pick them up, she's understandably angry to find only two girls instead of four. She becomes even more furious when Rory tells her where Madeline and Louise went.

    Quickly going from 'friend' to 'mom', Lorelai storms into the apartment and knocks on every single door until she finds the party, causing Paris to wonder if her mother would do the same thing for her. Lorelai drags out Madeline and Louise and tells them exactly what she thinks of their running off.

    While Madeline and Louise's good time quickly came to an end, Paris tells Rory it was the best day she'd ever had. And so a slightly volatile friendship begins.
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