Gilmore Girls

Season 3 Episode 13

Dear Emily and Richard

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2003 on The WB
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Luke and Nicole have a successful first date. Jess and Dean trade verbal blows. Sherry goes into labor with only Lorelai and Rory for company until the final moments, while Lorelai has flash backs about her teen romance with Christopher, her pregnancy and Rory's birth. Richard and Emily decry Lorelai's and Rory's plans to backpack through Europe, which it turns out she and Christopher had toyed with doing as teens. The war between Paris and Rory continues when Paris picks a yearbook photo of the "Franklin" staff that has the worst possible shot of Rory. The episode concludes with Lorelai surprising Emily with a touching gift, inspired by her regrets at the way she hurt her parents when she left home after Rory's birth.moreless

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  • Excellent episode. The flashbacks were brilliant, revealing and very well done.

    This was an excellent episode. It was just so interesting to see the flashbacks to Lorelai at sixteen. I'll first say what a could job they did with the one who played young Lorelai, she was brilliant, she had Lorelai's great humour, it made the whole thing believable and even more enjoyable.

    I just felt so satisfied actually seeing what we've heard about for two and a half seasons.

    I liked how it worked as well, it linked with Sherry's birth. How she felt, how Lorelai felt. I found Sherry's birth amusing at first, because all her friends had to work and that woman kept saying she screwed up. Sherry's happiness at Rory being there would obviously be overwhelming.

    Also nice to see Emily and Lorelai having a night alone, Lorelai's concern about what her mother does at night was revealing. Emily was funny in the flashbacks too, how she reacted about the birth but it still showed she cared, she wouldn't let Chris's parents say anything bad about Lorelai. I liked that too, young Lorelai and Chris sitting on the stairs, listening to there parents panic.

    It was hard for Lorelai, that came across well, was done well basically. It was nice how she helped Sherry through the birth. Then Chris arrives and it gets worse, they look at the new baby and she remembers the same thing happened sixteen years ago. Then the end when Emily finds the note from young Lorelai, her devastation was done well.

    Other things were great too, like Dean and Jess's confrontation at the start, very interesting, things are heating up. Plus the retirement party was funny at the beginning. I liked how Jess was interested in Luke's date which turns out being good. Paris continues to argue with Rory, a bit harsh if you ask me.

    So I loved the flashbacks and everything else in this episode, ten out of ten from me!moreless
  • great episode, one of my favorites

    This one was great!! I really loved it!

    Lets see, Lorelai and Rory are planing a backpack trip to Europe and they bought some books, Emily sends some old ones from Richard and that's where it begins...

    We can see bits of Lorelai's life before she got pregnant, the plans she made with Chris...

    This is a real flashback episode!

    Different hair styles, clothes, the same humor...

    Sherry schedules her C-section and invited Rory but the baby wants to come out, a week earlier! A friend of hers calls Rory and she goes to the hospital.

    This episode shows two situations, Lorelai's pregnancy and Sherry's.

    Rory gets there and is the only one, they other ones are working and Chris is out of town. Later she calls Lorelai for help, they both stay with Sherry. At the time Chris shows up and goes in.

    It was so different! Lorelai felt Rory and went to the hospital alone, her parents showed up when she was going in and no one stayed with her.

    Sherry had company, Chris got in with her and loved it.

    I felt sorry for Lorelai, her look when she heard Chris talking about the birth...

    The way Lorelai told her parents about going to the hospital...She used the same way when told them she has gone, that note...

    This episode helped me to see Lorelai's life, a normal 16 years old life before pregnancy, her plans and everything fell apart.

    I really loved it.

    Oh and Emily gets a DVD player!! lolmoreless
  • So great!!

    This is probably my favorite episode of Gilmore Girls ever. I love the flashbacks of Lorelai and Chris as teens! It was just so cute! I must also add that it was great to see that Lorelai has, in fact, always been that sarcastic and witty. I can't say I'm a big fan of Christopher (at least at that point in the series), but I really liked him in this episode. At least when he saw his daughter (Gigi) for the first time. It was adorable. And the baby was so cute!!

    The only part of this series I liked more was the scene about the anvils ;)moreless
  • Sherry goes into labor a week before she expected and Rory is the only one who could be there with her because Chris is on the road. Lorelai comes to the hospitol to help Rory and Lorelai reminisces about the birth of Rorymoreless

    I loved this episode because it shows how Lorelai felt about being pregnant with Rory and how she was basically all alone through the whole thing. Her parents were not very supportive of the whole thing and Chris wasn't really there for her either. While watching Lorelai in the hospitol with Sherry I couldn't help but feel bad for Lorelai because here she was, comforting Rory's dad's wife, a woman she doesn't even know, when no one was there to comfort her. I also thought that Sherry working and panicing about the baby coming a week early was very humorous. All in all, I really loved this episode.moreless
  • Grea episode!

    This is a very, very great episode!!! It was a great flashback and told us an enourmous amount about Lorelai when she was 16. Lorelai has a whole bunch of flashbacks in this episode because she goes to save Rory since she is the only person who went to help Sherry when she was in labor. When Lorelai went there, there were a lot of funny parts in the episode with Sherry. Especially when Sherry is trying to make the baby come out faster! But when Lorelai sees different things, she has flashbacks of when she was younger and pregnant with Rory. It was a great episode, and told a lot!moreless
Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn

Kirk Gleason (Episodes 44 - , recurring previously)

Keiko Agena

Keiko Agena

Lane Kim

Kelly Bishop

Kelly Bishop

Emily Gilmore

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel

Rory Gilmore

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

Lorelai Gilmore

Edward Herrmann

Edward Herrmann

Richard Gilmore

Phillip Van Dyke

Phillip Van Dyke

Young Christopher

Guest Star

Mädchen Amick

Mädchen Amick

Sherry Tinsdale

Guest Star

Cristine Rose

Cristine Rose

Francine Hayden

Guest Star

Tricia O'Kelley

Tricia O'Kelley

Nicole Leahy

Recurring Role

David Sutcliffe

David Sutcliffe

Christopher Hayden

Recurring Role

Teal Redmann

Teal Redmann

Louise Grant

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Lorelai sees Luke dressed up for his date with Nicole, she asks, "Is that the sweater that ...?" and he answers, "Yes." Presumably the sweater is the one she bought for him in the first-season episode in which she helped him by shopping for a birthday gift Rachel. She ended up buying him a lot of attractive new clothes, all on his credit card.

    • When Lorelai arrives at the hospital, Sherry is squatting and running on the spot so that the baby comes quicker but Christoper isn't there yet so what's the rush. Why not just let nature take its course and give Christopher little more time to get there?

    • In this episode, we see young Lorelai in her coming out gown. This same gown was supposedly the same one Emily gave Rory for her coming out party in "Presenting Lorelai Gilmore," but these two gowns look nothing alike.

    • The actress used to play young Lorelai has brown eyes during the flasbacks. However, it has been established that Lorelai has blue eyes. In some (but not all) of the shots from the DVD version (most notably the one with her and Chistopher on the stairs while their parents are arguing) the eyes have been colorized to blue. This might arguably be blamed on the washout tone used for the flashbacks.

    • In this episode the invitation to Sherry's C-section says 6 o'clock, but in the episode "Take the Deviled Eggs..." Sherry says, "do Gigi at 5."

      Possible explanation: If her appointment was at 5, she would have checked into the hospital at 5 and did the paperwork and got settled and prepped before going to surgery for the C-section. That makes 6 a fair guess as to when the "party" could wish her good luck before she is wheeled off.

    • In this episode Richard thinks that backpacking is a bad idea. However, in the episode "Kill Me Now," Rory tells him about their backpacking plans and he thinks it is a good idea. Of course, it's been established that Richard is not a particularly attentive listener, and sometimes responds despite never having heard what was actually said. Another explanation for this could be Emily's mocking of the idea, and that Richard by habit just falls in line.

    • In all the flashback scenes, the area between the living room and the staircase has no wall between it. But, in the first season there was a wall there, up until Emily and Richard obviously renovated. There must have been a wall there before the first season, but there wasn't.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • (in Lorelai's flashback as she's being wheeled to the delivery room)
      Emily: You're having a baby. Do you know that Lorelai?
      Young Lorelai: Well that explains the stomach ache.

    • Lorelai: So, you spend 15 minutes talking to Dad and then you hang up the phone, and you...what? Watch television?
      Emily: I don't watch that much television. I don't find forensic work quite as fascinating as the rest of the world.

    • Sherry: It wasn't supposed to happen this way. Christopher was supposed to be here, I wrote it down... I WROTE IT DOWN!
      Rory: Boy, do you look thin!

    • Jess: Gimme your order and get out.
      Dean: Service with a smile. Okay, I need four hot dogs, two with ketchup, one combo. A combo means mustard and -
      Jess: I know what a combo means.
      Dean: Sorry, guess that confused look is just how your face is.
      Jess: Do you wanna talk about this outside?
      Dean: Just as soon as I'm finished. Uh, four hot dogs. Two egg salads on white. One chicken salad on wheat. A chef's salad with ranch. Five fries. Five onion rings. Two chips. Extra pickles.
      Jess: On what?
      Dean: Excuse me?
      Jess:: What are the extra pickles on?
      Dean: On the side?
      Jess: On the side of what? On the side of the burgers, on the side of the sandwiches, or on the side of the road where the ditch I'm gonna dump your body into is?
      Dean: Just make sure there's enough for everyone.
      Jess: Fine
      Dean: Aren't you gonna read it back?
      Jess: Nope.
      Dean: Okay, but these men were hired by Taylor, which means if they aren't satisfied with their orders, they will send them back. And they will continue to send them back until they are happy, which means you could be making this order until you die.
      Jess: Six burgers, three with cheese- two cheddar, one Swiss.
      Dean: Slower, please. I'm marking it off as we go.
      Jess: Two plain burgers, one chili with cheese and onion on the side.

    • Sherry: I can't just stop everything because...
      Lorelai: You're having a baby. Admitting it is the first step.

    • Rory: I need my mommy and dammit I don't care who knows it!

    • Maureen: Sherry is in there, don't mention how fat she is, for some reason she's very sensitive about that right now.

    • Rory: He changed his mind again?
      Lane: I know, he's worse than my mother at the Glory of Easter t-shirt stand.

    • Young Christopher: (in flashback, about baby Rory) She's pretty.
      Young Lorelai: She's perfect.
      Young Christopher: I guess this means we have to get married now.

    • Christopher: (talking about his new baby daughter Gigi) She's perfect.
      Lorelai: No, Rory was perfect...this one does, however, come in at a close second.

    • Michel: Here's an's a retirement party, yes? Okay. So what happens after you retire? You die. So, why don't we dig a big hole, throw him in, hand everybody a shovel, they take turns covering him up. We go inside, have dinner, the wife gets used to eating alone...

    • Jess: If a horse-drawn carriage shows up here, my throwing up will be eternal.

    • Lorelai: And the second thing is, you need to tell me why you're sitting like that.
      Sherry: Maureen told me that Howard Stern said that if you squat, it makes the baby come out faster.
      Lorelai: Okay, as long as you have a sane reason from a reliable source.

    • Lorelai: Oh Rory, come on. Did you order from Amazon again? Because we're getting your books their own house.
      Rory: I didn't, I swear.
      Lorelai: It's from my mother.
      Rory: What is it?
      Lorelai: It's heavy. It must be her hopes and dreams for me.
      Rory: I thought she discarded those years ago.

    • Rory: I have been cordially invited to Sherry Tinsdale's C-section.
      Lorelai: (gasps) No way.
      Rory: Friday Feb. 7 6:00pm "Join the girls for a toast, a hug, a wave to the Mommy as they wheel her off. Dinner at Sushi, Sushi and then back to the hospital for a formal viewing of brand new baby, Georgia. RSVP at your earliest convenience. P.S. Gifts are not necessary but are always appreciated."
      Lorelai: You have to RSVP to a C-section?

    • (Customer calls to change his party theme again)
      Lorelai: He decided the golf theme was dull. And he doesn't want to be remembered as dull.
      Michel: Would he like to be remembered as limping? Because I can be a fabulous help with that.

    • Emily: My first trip to Europe, I went to Paris and stayed at the Ritz.
      Lorelai: Well I'll tell you what. If it'll make you happy, we'll go to Paris and eat out of their dumpsters.

    • Lorelai: We want to do it cheap.
      Emily: We'll pay.
      Lorelai: No.
      Rory: Grandma, it's going to be fun really.
      Lorelai: Kids do it all the time.
      Emily: Yes, but you're not a kid.

    • Richard: What a ridiculous thought.
      Rory: We are. We're going to backpack around Europe.
      Emily: Yes ,I know it's fun to tease your grandmother dear. They're going to backpack across Europe, Richard.
      Richard: I heard, it sounds delightful. Perhaps we should join them.
      Emily: That sounds wonderful. Tomorrow I'll go out and buy some cutoffs.
      Lorelai: Guys, we're not kidding.
      Emily: You're telling me you're seriously going to traipse around Europe with your possessions strapped to your back? And sleep in a room with 30 other people?
      Lorelai: Yes.
      Richard: No, you're not. I forbid it.

    • Rory: I got the guide books. They have all the information about backpacking and staying in Hostels.
      Emily: Backpacking and staying in Hostels?
      Richard: Who's backpacking and staying in Hostels?
      Rory: We are.
      (Richard and Emily burst out laughing)
      Emily: No, you're not.

    • Lorelai: Tell Sherry to keep her legs crossed 'til I get there.
      Rory: Does that work?
      Lorelai: No. Bye.

    • Emily: I'm not an invalid, Lorelai.
      Lorelai: Well, of course you are, Mother. Why else would I suggest a DVD player?

    • Paris: Okay, everyone, gather around. I have in my hand the 2002 Franklin Yearbook photos. I got copies for everyone, so let's leave the Barney's clearance sale reenactment for another day, shall we?

    • Emily: What are people going to think when they see a grown woman bunking down with a bunch of twenty-year-olds?
      Lorelai: Well, if the twenty-year-olds are cute, they'll probably think, "Lucky!"

    • Lorelai: Oh no, it's raining in Spain! But since the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain...
      Rory: ...looks like Italy for us.
      Lorelai: Mamma Mia!

    • Emily: You do not just leave a note. You call and say: "Mom, I'm in labor. Will you please drive me to the damned hospital?!"

    • Young Lorelai: Okay, this is a big pain and I'd really like it to go away, please.
      Nurse: Just breathe deep, honey.
      Young Lorelai: Breathing doesn't help. Can I hit you instead?
      Nurse: What?
      Young Lorelai: Or pinch you really hard, 'cause that might make me feel better.
      Nurse: No, you cannot hit me.
      Young Lorelai: Can I bite you, or pull your hair, or use the Epilady on you 'cause I really need to do something.

  • NOTES (6)

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Lorelai: (Singing) In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you'll be the greatest lady in the Easter parade...

      Easter Parade is a song by Irving Berlin from the highly-acclaimed movie Holiday Inn(1942).

    • Young Lorelai: Can I ... use the Epilady on you or something?
      The Epilady was a hair-removal device that was heavily promoted during the 1980s; incredibly painful, it ripped out the hairs by the roots.

    • Pregnant Lorelai is watching Quincy, ME on TV when she gets in labor.

      Quincy, ME was a popular show about a medical examiner that worked to ascertain facts about suspicious deaths. In the process, he frequently comes into conflict with his boss and the police, each of whom have their own (often flawed) ideas about what's going on. Ironically, it was a precursor to the modern profusion of forensic shows that Emily mocks earlier in the episode.

    • Lorelai: I wonder if Laura Mercier makes Demerol?

      Laura Mercier is a line of cosmetics.

    • Lorelai: You need to learn that there are gonna be times in your life where you have to do ridiculous things for money. If you're Adrian Zmed, that includes everything that ever happens in your whole career.

      Adrian Zmed is a hunky pretty boy actor who was mildly hot in the 1980s, when he played an eager young rookie on T.J. Hooker and then hosted the series Dance Fever after Denny Terio left it.

    • Lorelai: These are Paris and Nicky Hilton's kind of travel books.

      Paris and Nicky Hilton, heiresses to the Hilton hotel fortune, inherited $350 million and are known for their opulent and excessive money-whut-that? lifestyles.

    • Paris: I got copies for everyone, so let's leave the Barney's clearance sale re-enactment for another day.

      Barney's is a large clothing store in New York.

    • Rory: In 90 tries, there wasn't one other picture that was good for the group and didn't have me looking like I'm in Cirque du Soleil?

      Cirque du Soleil is a performing troupe incorporating dance and art into circus acts.

    • Lorelai: Who died and made you Sara Moulton?

      Sara Moulton is host of a cooking show on the Food Network.

    • Emily: I don't watch that much television. I don't find forensic work quite as fascinating as the rest of the world.

      Emily is referring to the very popular CSI franchise including CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, NCIS, etc.

    • Lorelai: Oh no, it's raining in Spain! But since the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain...

      The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain is the name of a song from the musical My Fair Lady. Henry Higgins uses this phrase in teaching Eliza Doolittle to articulate her words correctly.