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Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 8

Die, Jerk

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2003 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Richard and Emily hold widely differing points of view on the success of their business trip to Atlantic City; spurred on by her editor, Rory writes a strongly opinionated dance review that leads to a dining hall confrontation with the ballerina; even though she continues to resist his interest in her, Lorelai can't help but be impressed by Jason's smooth moves. Lane and Dave have a long distance argument over pottery; When Lorelai learns that Nicole and Luke have put their divorce on hold, she has a strong reaction.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Ha ha ha, Die Jerk!

    Okey, this is my last episode of Gilmore Girls for good, a good last epi. Well Rory's scenes at least.

    Okey, this is my last episode of Gilmore Girls for good, a good last epi. Well Rory's scenes at least. Okey, this is my last episode of Gilmore Girls for good, a good last epi. Well Rory's scenes at least. Okey, this is my last episode of Gilmore Girls for good, a good last epi. Well Rory's scenes at least. Okey, this is my last episode of Gilmore Girls for good, a good last epi. Well Rory's scenes at least.moreless
  • Interesting at times!!!

    Well, Gilmore Girls is a show with a lot of filler episodes and a good filler episode is always an indicator that a show is gorgeous. This 8th episode of the fourth season was a filler episode in my opinion but it had its moments.

    I liked the Rory storyline. Actually, I like all the college stuff that are happenning this season. College experience is very interesting to me. Well, Rory is asked to write a review of a dance performance for the Yale newspaper. After her previous reviews were rejected by the newspaper editor, Rory decides to write her own opinion no matter it is harsh. And her review is pretty harsh that she ends up seeing the slogan 'Die Jerk' on her dorm room door. Paris was pretty funny as she was thinking that the sign is written because of her.

    I also liked the other storylines:

    Richard and Emily commenting on their trip to Atlantic City.

    Lorelai showing that she is not happy with Luke and Nicole being together.

    Overally, a good midseason episode!!!moreless
  • Rory has trouble with a review she wrote, Lorelai is surprised to see Nicole has returned. Great episode.

    I liked the Rory storyline a lot, maybe because it's something I'd actually like to do later in my life. Anyway, the whole situation was very good, at times very funny. After writing a bad review for a dance show, the words 'Die Jerk' are written on Rory's dorm door. As always Paris was hilarious here, how she thought she was the main culprit.

    The confrontation in the hall was entertaining and amusing. The college stuff continue to impress me, Paris is really shining as well. As for Lorelai, she was obviously jealous that Nicole was back and didn't hide it well. Since hours after she gets in an argument with Luke, I'm interested to see how there relationship goes.

    Jason continues to impress her as well, it was funny how he got himself invited to Friday night dinner and was asking Lorelai about a date by asking Emily things. Also, Sookie had her baby, Michel was funny here. Mrs Kim was great as always, amusing how it turned out that the pot was just a pot.

    Great episode.moreless
  • A true opinion is cruel and Rory writes what she really thinks.

    Davie is cute lol and Bruce still scares them Rory is writing for the Yale newspaper and looks like her review aren't good enough. Now she has to write a new review for a ballet, it doesn't look to good.

    She is honest and cruel in the review and her boss loves it. Nicole is back.

    I loved seeing Lane freaking out with the gift her mother wanted to sent Dave.

    The Die Jerk written in the girls apartment door was written for the most impossible person of all. Rory was the reason. The ballerina was angry because of the review, she was really mad. But hey it the show was bad then Rory was right, despite of being a little thought.

    Jason and Lorelai are starting a thing, it even involves flowers and chocolates. And the bet of getting Emily to ask Jason to dinner was fun.

    And when Jason finds a way to know what type of food Lorelai wants in front of the whole family without them even noticing was great. He looked being talking to Emily but he really was talking to Lorelai.

    Great way to find the best restaurant to take Lorelai out.

    Rory gets another job and Lane finally calms down with the gift thing.moreless
  • Rory writes a review with bad results

    I thought that this episode was really great the fact that Rory had to write a review and then she had to write it over again. It was great that the only review the editor would accept was the harsh one. It was evan funnier that when the Die Jerk appeared on the door everyone assumed that it was for Paris and that she evan hired people to find out who it was or they were people to protect her but either way it was funny. i thought that it was really great that it was the person who Rory wrote the review on. I think that it was funny that Emliy was getting upset over Jason and that Jason was using it as a way to try to date Lorelai.moreless
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Nicole Mansour


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Katherine Brunk


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Kevin Salter

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Emily Kuroda

Emily Kuroda

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Danny Strong

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Tricia O'Kelley

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • When Rory is talking to Doyle about her rewriting the review, one of the slides that Doyle holds up is the cover to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon.

    • When Rory's talking to Lane on the phone and she sits down on a bench in the hall there is another person sitting on the other side of the bench. However, when the shot cuts back to Rory later she is the only person sitting there.

    • While Rory is talking to Lane on the phone, after she has sat down, Rory's bag strap switches positions inbetween shots, going from on Rory's shoulder, to slipped off her shoulder, then back to a different postion on her shoulder. Although this could just be that the strap slipped and then Rory put it back, she must have been very quick, as each of the shots off Lane are only short.

    • When Rory asks Tanna if she wants to watch TV and Tanna says "Something light," Rory takes the remote and supposedly turns the TV on.....but if you look closely, you can totally tell that she's just pretending to turn it on.

    • In this episode Emily is against the internet. She asks Rory why she uses the internet and Rory says it's for research. In "The Lorelai's First Day at Chilton" Emily sends the cable company over to Lorelai's house so they can have a faster internet connection.

    • Rory says that she never heard of Lacrosse before she had to write an article about it, but in the episode "Kill Me Now" Lorelai says "I thought you were the Lacrosse kid" indicating that she knows what it is.

    • In the scene when Rory is talking to Lorelai on the phone, a girl in khaki pants walks by twice.

    • Lorelai says she got kicked out of a camp for 'liberating the horses' which contradicts her statement in "Richard in Stars Hollow" about getting kicked out of camp because she wouldn't call the counselors by their nicknames.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Sookie: He said his first word today!
      Lorelai: (gasps) Who? Michel? (Michel laughs sarcastically)
      Sookie: Davey said his first word.
      Lorelai: What did he say?
      Sookie: He said "a-oopah".
      Lorelai: (baby-talking to Davey) Did you say "a-oopah"? Well, you are very talented, yes you are!
      Michel: If I throw up, do you want it in the bushes or on the grass?

    • Sandra: Your review was mean and petty and despicable!
      Rory: All right, listen, Sandra...that is your name, right? Sandra? This was all in the line of duty. It was an assignment from my editor, so it was nothing personal, okay?
      Sandra: You called me a hippo!

    • Emily: What do you use it for?
      Rory: Research like for when I can't get to the library.
      Lorelai: And for shopping.
      Rory: Yeah, shopping.
      Lorelai: A lot of shopping.
      Emily: Shopping?
      Lorelai: Yeah, the stores you normally have to go to, they're on the internet now.
      Emily: But going to a nice store is half the fun of shopping. I like being greeted at the door and the bustle of people and the shoes and clothes all lined up nice and pretty.
      Lorelai: That's true.
      Rory: Yeah, we like that, too.
      Emily: Having someone help you pick out the right thing or help you exchange it if it's not right. With the internet, what do you do? Mail it back?
      Lorelai: We usually just forget.
      Rory: Yeah.
      Emily: So you're just out the money?
      Rory: Pretty much.
      Emily: I don't get it.
      Lorelai: I don't get it anymore either.
      Rory: We should go to real stores more often.

    • Rory: You got kicked out of camp?
      Lorelai: I tried to liberate the horses.

    • Lorelai: Hi, hon. Jason, this is my daughter, Rory. Rory, Jason.
      Rory: Right, Scooper.
      Lorelai: Digger.
      Rory: Sorry. Digger.
      Jason: It's nice to meet you. And I don't really go by Digger anymore.
      Lorelai: What is it, P. Digger now?

    • Richard: Say, are you and Rory wireless?
      Lorelai: Oh, no, we're pretty wired most of the time.

    • Sandra: You're a jerk! I just wanted to come tell you that to your face! You're a jerk, and I hope you die! Bye, jerk. Die, jerk.
      Paris: The door thing was about you?
      Rory: Apparently.
      Paris: (on cell phone) The strike is off. Stand down. I repeat, stand down.

    • Bruce: Every second Davey's brain is hard-wiring for life. Baby talk can retard his language-acquisition rate. Is that what you want?
      Lorelai: Definitely not. I want him fully tarded.

    • Emily: You really should eat more green things, Lorelai.
      Lorelai: I plan to eat a five-dollar bill later tonight.
      Rory: Oh, have you seen the new twenties? They have a little peach color in 'em.
      Lorelai: Peach, perfect. I'll eat a new twenty, I'll have my fruits and vegetables.

    • Lorelai: (gasps while reading Rory's article) Do I see the word 'hippo' coming up?

    • Lorelai: The roll around the bra strap!
      Rory: That was your line!
      Lorelai: Oh my God, I'm horrible!

    • (After compiling a list of their respective enemies)
      Janet: I'll keep you posted on my person.
      Paris: And my five are already taken care of.
      Tanna: They're taken care of?
      Paris: I got my East Side 860 partners on it. Now let's move.

    • Tanna: I guess it is vandalism.
      Paris: It's more than that. This is an assault that should be met head-on using extreme prejudice. Now let's face it, I'm the most likely target, so I've already made up a list of enemies, which I've narrowed down from twenty-six to five.
      Janet: Just at Yale?
      Paris: Just in this building.

    • (After finding 'Die, Jerk' written on their door)
      Tanna: I may have been here when it happened.
      Janet: And you heard nothing?
      Tanna: No.
      Paris: Way to have that radar up.
      Rory: Let's not make each other feel bad.
      Paris: Hey, hug a dolphin another day, all right? We need to rev up the gunships and retaliate before the next strike. We gotta go full-out Sharon.

    • Janet: (about who might have written "Die Jerk" on the door) This one girl on my volleyball team is livid at me. I kissed her boyfriend.
      Tanna: I'm exceedingly dull.
      Paris: Keep her close.
      Tanna: Hey, what about you?
      Rory: Me?
      Janet: Make anyone mad lately?
      Paris: Oh, please. That would be like Dorothy pissing off the Tin Man. It's impossible!

    • Rory: She's sending Dave the marriage jug. What does that mean?
      Lane: I'm guessing it means she's reserving a hall and ordering that 'Stations of the Cross' ice sculpture.
      Rory: Whoa, this is serious.

    • Emily: I liked the line about how you regretted that evolution had caused man to stand on two feet because it led to this night.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Rory: Most people aren't even interested in ballet. It's awful and unfair and I hate but what can you do? It's Avril Lavigne's world and we're just living in it.
      "My World" is a song by Avril Lavigne released on her debut album Let Go, on June 4th, 2002.

    • Lorelai: Well, Siskel's chimed in. What about you?

      Siskel & Ebert was a popular syndicated movie review show hosted by film critics Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune and Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times.

    • Lorelai: If Vicent Gallo could just see this, he'd feel a whole lot better about "Brown Bunny".

      "Brown Bunny" was 2003 movie that Vincent Gallo wrote, directed and starred in. The plot centers around Bud Clay, a competetive motorcycle racer traveling cross country and hooking up with numerous girls. The movie was a flop.

    • Paris: I got my East Side 860 partners on it. Now let's move.

      This is a reference to gang activity in New York. Although, 860 is a high class area in the Upper East Side on Park Ave.

    • Jason: It's nice to meet you. And I don't really go by Digger anymore.
      Lorelai: What is it, P. Digger now?

      This is a reference to the musician, Puff Daddy, who changed his name to P. Diddy.

    • Richard: So, which camp was it where you two met?
      Lorelai: Hm, it had a funny name and canoes.
      Jason: They all have funny names and canoes. Was it Camp Waziyatha?

      Camp Waziyatah was the camp in the first season on The Disney Channel's reality camping show Bug Juice.