Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 9

Emily Says Hello

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2004 on The WB
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Jackson is the soul of patience as Sookie suffers from mood swings and pregnancy food cravings; Paris' decision to fast for Ramadan to bring authenticity to her writing takes its toll on Rory and Marty; against Lorelai's advice, Michel persists with his plan to foil the bathrobe bandits and nearly gets arrested; Emily decides to start dating again, and calls on a reluctant Lorelai for advice; Jackson is so overwhelmed by his duties as Selectman that Miss Patty is forced to resort to a ruse to get him to preside over the town meeting; Lorelai invites Christopher to lunch at the Inn and decides to surprise Rory by inviting her as well, but it's Lorelai who's surprised by the tension between father and daughter, which erupts into a heated argument out of Lorelai's earshot; Lorelai feels guilty for lying to Rory when her daughter asks about Luke's reaction to the lunch date with Christopher; Luke helps T.J. with some plumbing problems at the new house; Emily appears to have a wonderful time on her date, but bursts into tears when she looks around her empty home at the end of the date; Luke feigns indifference when Lorelai finally tells him about lunch with Christopher, but hints at some ambivalence during a later conversation with T.J.; Marty's timing is off by mere seconds when he attempts to ask Rory out on a date.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Emily starts to date, Christopher goes to lunch with Lorelai which causes more tension between him and Rory. Something about this episode really stood out, I loved it.

    I think I'll start with Emily starting to date. It was a shock but a great idea for some entertainment. Rory's idea to both have dinner with either Emily or Richard separately was doubtful to work but I liked Lorelai's reaction over the phone, hoping Rory wanted to cancel the dinners in general. Also her shock at Emily wanting to date was amusing.

    Emily's panic about what to wear on the date was good and it was nice to see Lorelai try and help her. Strangely the date goes very well and Emily seems to enjoy it vastly. But there is a touch of sadness when she bursts into tears when she gets home. I just hope her and Richard come to there senses soon.

    Onto Christopher, he's back on the scene again here. Lorelai calls him wondering why he hasn't called her since her visits to his messy home. Obviously this is due to Rory wanting him to stay away from her mother. The lunch scene at the inn was great, with Rory and Christopher arguing and Lorelai having no idea what was up with them.

    It is good to see Rory so protective and I agree with her, things are always ruined when he comes into the picture. I'm interested to see if Rory and Chris sort out there differences. This all leads to Lorelai telling Luke about the lunch and he confides in TJ to see if he should be jealous. After a date, Luke and Lorelai have a passionate kiss showing us there relationship is going extremely well.

    He then tells her that the lunch was fine. Lorelai later ignores Chris's call, either taking Rory's advice or staying true to Luke. On the Yale side of things, Rory is spending time with Marty and Paris goes on a fast. Paris was very funny as always, great one liners. Marty looks like he's going to ask Rory out but she has fallen asleep, let's wait and see if he'll go through with it on a later date.

    So yeah, this episode could be one of my favourites so far in the season. It's not really an episode you'd think would be a favourite but for me it stood out!moreless
  • Christopher is back, and Emily goes on a date

    Jackson tries hiding from the town, he doesn't want anybody asking him for more favors as town selectman. Rory has the idea of "divide and conquer" with Lorelei and her splitting up for Frida night dinner. Rory takes Richard, and Lorelei takes Emily. Rory makes allusions to furniture being comforable "after 40 years" and Richard says she's a lovely girl. On the other hand, when Lorelei attempts to confront Emily, Emily says she wants to date other men and asks Lorelei how to go about it. The way she panicked about what to wear on her date was really funny, she has to have Lorelei to help. Also, Lorelei realizes she hasn't heard from Christopher in a while and calls and invites him to lunch. He agrees, after hesitating at first because Rory asked him not to have contact with her mother. When Rory comes to the Inn and sees Christopher, she gets quite angry. But Christopher tells her that it was Lorelei's idea, and she should just deal with it. Later, after Emily goes on a date, she comes back home and bursts into tears.moreless
  • Chris is back, Emily goes on a date and Lorelai helps her

    Poor Jackson, he is hiding from everyone in town lol

    Sookie is pregnant and now come the hard part, the hormones, the cravings...

    And she had hope but it got token away lol Lorelai and Rory talking about Friday night dinners...

    TJ shouldn't be allow to do any handy work lol

    Chris is back in the picture, Lorelai noticed that he hadn't called and she called him and invited him to lunch.

    The idea of having separated Friday night dinners backfired. At Rory's end it went well but Lorelai's... Emily wants to date other man!!! When Rory showed up for lunch that was weird. As you remember Rory asked her father not to call Lorelai so him being there was bad. And all this because she loves her, Rory knows how Lorelai is with Chris, all the history they have...

    Jackson flipped! No town meetings! Well no luck, the town tricked him lol

    And Emily!!! She is going on a date, killer cloths flying around the room, she was hysteric, panicking! The dinner went well but her reaction at the end, that reveal how ready she was about dating, she hated it, she felt guilty.moreless
  • Luke is not a jealous man.

    After Lorelai realizes that she hasn't heard from Christopher since that manic night when she aided him in caring for Gigi she calls him, not aware of the fact that he stayed away from Lorelai at Rory's somewhat heated request. Making lunch plans Lorelai inadvertantly causes a rift between Rory and Chris, who get into a fight about the whole situation when she is out of earshot. Chris leaves and Rory calls her mother on the situation, claiming that Lorelai can't just break free of him and he'll mess things up between her and Luke. Lorelai rebuffs claiming all is good but we later find out she never even told him about the lunch date with Christopher, thinking that it meant nothing at the time but now it seems odd that she kept it from him. But when she comes clean at the diner Luke seems totally passive about the situation. Later, at Tj and Liz's he expresses some concern about the situation and asks Tj's advice who proves to be little help (though quite comical). Rory doesn't even seem to wante Christopher around expressing to Marty that she spent so many years just wanting him to come around period and now it's all just so complicated. Luke later tells Lorelai that it is totally fine with him that she had lunch with Christopher, just very nonchalantly. He really doesn't actually seem to care all that much and seems to realize getting jealous over it would really just make the both of them crazy. And hey bonus, when Chris calls later that night Lorelai goes to pick up the phone but then recoils and goes to bed. Looks like she can finally break free of Chris after all. I really liked the fact that Luke seemed to, at least at the time, understand how complicated it was with Christopher and that as much as he had every right to be jealous and even angry that she kept something like that from him that it was just unnecessary and pointless. It's another like fact that really let you know that Luke Danes was the one for Lorelai. Probably one of the few men that Lorelai dated, actually one of the few men of the planet, who wouldn't get totally paniced at the name Christopher Hayden.moreless
  • Emily needs help getting ready for a date.

    I thought that this episode was really great i liked the whole Emily dating idea i thought that it was funny. I really liked that Lorelai seemed upset that her mother wanted to date again it was nice of Lorelai helping her mother get ready for her date. I thought that Paris was really funny durning her fasting experance for her news story but i felt at times she took it a little overboard. i want to know when Rory is going to start dating Marty i think that they would make a cute couple. I was happy to see that Emily looked upset after her date.moreless
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Sean Gunn

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Christopher Hayden

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • How is it that the Inn was even set up for Chris to have lunch? The restaurant had no kitchen staff working because several weeks earlier the lunches were discontinued due to it's not making any money!

    • When Lorelai sits in the living room with Emily for Friday night dinner, Emily joins her on the same couch. Then Lorelai remarks how odd it is that she is so close. However, there have been several times in the past that Emily has sat next to Lorelai on the couch.

    • Rory tells Marty that she broke up with her boyfriend this week. Dean broke up with Rory on a Friday night. The next Friday Lorelai and Rory split Friday night dinner and Christopher came for lunch on Saturday. When Rory is with Marty it is almost the end of the week so it would have been 2 weeks that Rory was broken up with Dean.

    • Technically, the date of this episode fell in the Islamic month of Shawwal, the month after Ramadan.

    • When Lorelai is showing Christopher around the Dragonfly, Gigi is nowhere to be found. However, in the next shot, Gigi is with them at the table. It's highly unlikely that a random guest or Michel is looking after her while Christopher is touring the inn. Obviously Gigi couldn't just sit in the dining room alone either.

    • When Lorelai is in the diner talking to Luke about his gloating behavior, two people (all dressed in black) walk by twice.

    • When Lorelai and Rory are just about to order lunch at the inn, a woman wearing a denim jacket walks by twice.

    • As Lorelai and Rory are leaving Emily's house, an inch of a camera lens is visible in the top left corner.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Emily: I have no idea what to put on. I'm in a blind panic and it's all your fault.
      Lorelai: How is it my fault?
      Emily:Because I used your line and it worked!
      Lorelai: What line?
      Emily: Hello!
      Lorelai: Hello is not my line. Hello is not a line. Hello is hello.
      Emily: Well all I know is I helloed him today and now he's taking me to dinner.

    • Lorelai: This is the second time I've told it. Both times, crickets. (sips her coffee) I mean, Rory and Christopher looked at me like I was Pauly Shore.
      Luke: Christopher?
      Lorelai: Rory's Dad. He came for lunch today. I had lunch with him today. And Rory. Had lunch with Rory and Christopher. And Gigi, his daughter with
      Sherry, he brought her 'cause Sherry moved to France and he's a full time dad now and we all had lunch. All of us, together, today. And when I told the Bathrobe Bandit story they all acted like that. (Laughs nervously)Except Gigi, who spit up, 'cause she's a baby. That's what they do.

    • Lorelai: I lied to my kid, Sookie. I hate that I lied to her. But I didn't
      want her to think there was any weird reason why I didn't tell Luke.
      Sookie: Was there any weird reason that you didn't tell Luke?
      Lorelai: Sookie, come on.
      Sookie: I don't know. Maybe you were afraid that he would get jealous. I'd be afraid that Jackson would get jealous.
      Lorelai: I was not afraid that he'd get jealous.
      Sookie: He did beat up a car.
      Lorelai: One time.
      Sookie: That we know of.
      Lorelai: No, I didn't tell him because it was no big deal! (She sighs) I thought it was no big deal. I should have told him, right?
      Sookie: Well -
      Lorelai: Yeah. I should have told him. Now he's going to think I'm hiding something from him and I'm not. Damn it. He's going to beat up my car.
      Sookie: It's American, it can take it.

    • Rory: I went to see Dad.
      Lorelai: When, today?
      Rory: No, a while ago. Right after Sherry left. I went to see him and I told him that I didn't want him to call you anymore.
      Lorelai: Why?
      Rory: Mom. Come on.
      Lorelai: (confused) No "Mom, come on". Why, why did you do that?
      Rory: I didn't want him to screw anything up between you and Luke.
      Lorelai: Oh, kid. You are so far off here. That is not going to happen.
      Rory: Every time he comes back he ends up messing up your life.
      Lorelai: Not true!
      Rory: It's completely true. He wants you back and then he disappears or Sherry gets pregnant or he loses his job or he just takes off, whatever. No
      good reason necessary. And it's been like this forever and you just let him do it, you can't help it.
      Lorelai: (offended) Rory, come on!
      Rory: You can't just break free of him.
      Lorelai: What are you talking about?
      Rory: You're engaged to Max and then suddenly you're not.
      Lorelai: Christopher had nothing to do with Max.
      Rory: Who was the person you were calling from your bachelorette party?
      Lorelai: I was drunk. I tried to call Abe Vigoda too, if you remember.
      Rory: You're just always waiting for him to get himself together.
      Lorelai: No, no, hon. I am not always waiting for him. There have been times when, yes, it would have been nice to actually be with the father of my kid,
      but not now. I'm with Luke, completely.
      Rory: What did he say when you told him?
      Lorelai: Told who what?
      Rory: Luke. What did he say when you told him you were having lunch with Dad?
      Lorelai: Nothing.
      Rory: He didn't care?
      Lorelai: No. He didn't care. He didn't have to care, 'cause there's nothing to care about.

    • Emily: Your father has proven to me once and for all he's moved on with his life.
      Lorelai: You don't think that moving on with his life would've actually
      included moving?
      Emily: No.
      Lorelai: Okay.
      Emily: We attended the Dorman School Bazaar last week - it was a big, formal gala, all our friends were there - and at dinner he made me reach for the
      Lorelai: What?
      Emily: It was sitting right there in front of him, and yet he didn't offer me the dish. He buttered his own roll, offered the dish to the man next to him, and that was it.
      Lorelai: And that's why you think he's moved on?
      Emily: It was a total disregard for my needs. I might as well not have had a roll in front of me at all.
      Lorelai: Well, Mom, I'm sorry.
      Emily: Very upsetting. But at some point you have to face facts, and the facts are, he's moved on. And therefore I should move on also.
      Lorelai: Absolutely. Move on dot org.

    • Rory: I am sick of humoring Grandma and Grandpa during this stupid
      separation of theirs. This "drinks here, dinner there" is dumb. It's not working, and we should not do it anymore.
      Lorelai: Well, if you feel it is best to end the Friday night dinners, then, as your mother, I feel it is my duty to support you.
      Rory: I'm not saying we should end Friday night dinners.
      Lorelai: Okay, well, then, as your mother, I feel it is my duty to tell you that you're wrong.

    • (Lorelai spends Friday night dinner with Emily while Rory spends it with Richard, Emily sits down right next to Lorelai on the couch in her house to have a drink)
      Lorelai: Isn't this weird to you?
      Emily: What?
      Lorelai: Sitting next to each other?
      Emily: Would you like me to move?
      Lorelai: No! It's fine. It's just close.
      Emily: Will you explain to me again why we are doing this?
      Lorelai: I have no idea, cause you usually sit over there.
      Emily: I'm talking about Rory being in the pool house, Lorelai!

    • (Emily called Lorelai for help on her date. Lorelai enters Emily's room)
      Lorelai: Mom? Have you...(A shirt flies through the air almost hitting her) Ah, Chanel attack!

    • Emily: (to Simon) I'm very dangerous. Ask my maids.

    • (about Emily wanting to see other men)
      Rory: What? Why?
      Lorelai: He wouldn't butter her roll.

    • Richard: When you're entertaining an elegant young lady for dinner, then dinner is to be expected.
      Rory: But I just sprang this on you. You can't be held accountable for your lack of elegant young lady food.

    • Lorelai: So, which one do you want me to take?
      Rory: How about I'll take Grandpa and you'll take Grandma.
      Lorelai: Blagh! No.
      Rory: OK, then I'll take Grandma, you take Grandpa.
      Lorelai: Blagh! No.
      Rory: Mom!
      Lorelai: Can't I take the butler? He doesn't talk much and as far as I can tell, thoroughly enjoys the way I dress.

    • Rory: OK, so I've got an idea.
      Lorelai: Finally, this Yale thing's kicking in.

    • Sookie: When I worry too much about how I'm treating Jackson, I just remember Brandy.
      Lorelai: Brandy?
      Sookie: Christopher's Brandy.
      Lorelai: Christopher's Sherry?
      Sookie: Oh, I knew it was something like that!

    • Lorelai: Hi, T.J.
      T.J.: Three feet, Lorelai, because I haven't showered in as many days.
      Lorelai: Uh! Bye, T.J.

    • Lorelai: Michel ripped his pants, and his underwear is pink and shiny.

    • Emily: You see a man. You walk up to him, and you say -
      Lorelai: Hello.
      Emily: Is that too forward?

    • Lorelai: So Mom, do you think you and Dad are getting back together?
      Emily: Absolutely not!
      Lorelai: Okay. Got any peanuts?

    • Paris: People came to America to escape religious persecution.
      Marty: Well, what religion is anti-leftovers?

    • Emily: I think it's time for me to date.
      Lorelai: (Chokes on drink) Oh my God!
      Emily: I want to go on a date.
      Lorelai: With a man?
      Emily: No, a weasel. Of course with a man!
      Lorelai: I'm not hearing this!
      Emily: Well, why shouldn't I date? I'm still a viable commodity.
      Lorelai: I need a paper towel and a valium, please.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Jackson: This is the fish on the doorstep! It's the horse head in the bed! It's the 'either your signature or your brains are going to be on the contract'!

      Three allusions to The Godfather

    • (Jackson is holding giant scissors that were left at his front door)
      Jackson: This is a threat!
      Lorelai: Yeah, those people at Butterick patterns are a real threat.

      Butterick patterns are used for fashion and home sewing projects.

    • Rory: Apparently that wasn't enough Peyton Place for me.

      Peyton Place was a novel, then movie, then TV series, about scandalous lives in a small New England town.

    • Emily: (about Richard) The facts are he's moved on, and therefore I should move on also.
      Lorelai: Absolutely. Move On dot org.

      Lorelai is alluding to the liberal political action group and website, something that would appall Emily if she caught the allusion.

    • Lorelai: (To Christopher about not calling her) I thought you'd turned Amish and couldn't make any calls until Rumspringa.

      Rumspringa is the traditional coming of age time for Amish teens when they are allowed to drink, smoke, party and experience the modern world before they either commit to the church and give it all up or chose to continue living in the modern world for the rest of their lives.

    • Lorelai: Good thing we ditched that Audi in Marseilles, now we just have to find that tracking device.

      Reference to the movie The Bourne Supremacy starring Matt Damon.