Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 14

Farewell, My Pet

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2007 on The WB

Episode Recap

This episode begins with Richard taking a lap around the Coronary Care Unit. The good natured banter does not foreshadow the drama to come. Lorelai is relieved to have her father doing well but doesn't know how to deal with Chris's absence. She reassures Rory that everything is okay, however, clearly Chris's behavior has her concerned.
Back at the Dragonfly, Lorelai catches up on what has been going on while she was away. Michel comes in with Paw Paw and announces Chin Chin's passing. Lorelai is appointed funeral director by the grieving Michel.
Later, in the Inn Michel corners Lorelai and Sookie. He presses them for details on the doggy funeral. He is upset that nothing seems to have been done and that they are not taking the event seriously. Lorelai reassures him that it will be a beautiful event and he shouldn't worry. Chris shows up for the first of three talks he has with Lorelai. After a few angry exchanges, Lorelai walks off with the promise to talk later.
Rory meets the economics instructor, Tucker Culbertson, who is helping out Richard while he is recuperating from his heart surgery. Rory has a rather confusing reaction to him. This normally articulate and intelligent woman stammers and stutters through their meeting. Needless to say, she is puzzled by her reaction and eventually confesses her crush to Logan. Logan reassures her that it is normal and reasserts his love for her.
Lorelai and Christopher have their second talk at the house. Lorelai tries to reassure him that she loves him but Chris has serious doubts. Chris doesn't believe that Lorelai has resolved her feelings for Luke. Lorelai tries to convince him that they can work out these problems. Chris is skeptical.
Chris: Work on what? Work on you thinking that I'm the man you want to spend the rest of your life with? I've been asking you to marry me for 20 years. We're finally married...I still feel like I'm asking you.
Nothing is resolved and they promise to talk again later.

While Lorelai and Sookie are discussing the funeral plans, they begin talking about Chris and the discussion Lorelai had with him. As always Sookie is Lorelai's perfect sounding board. She helps Lorelai focus on the important issues in her relationship with Chris. She discusses the how quickly she rebounded from Luke and reminds her that she never really had a chance to get over him before she married Chris. She asks Lorelai...

Sookie: (She sighs) If there were no Luke, I mean no Luke in the past, no Luke in the picture...well, would it be Christopher? I mean would he be the one?

Lorelai arrives home after the funeral. In a remarkably poignant scene, Lorelai ends her marriage with Chris. They both take responsibility for the error in judgment.

Lorelai: It's not just Luke.
Christopher: Lor...
Lorelai: I mean you were right. There are feelings there...because...when that ended I just jumped.
Christopher: I pushed you.
Lorelai: I jumped. But if that's all there was...if that's all it was...we could fix it, you know...with time.
Christopher: But it's not.
Lorelai: (Lorelai shakes her head) You've always been this...possibility for me. (She looks at him affectionately) This wonderful possibility but it's just not right...and I'm so sorry. (Shakes her head) I am so sorry.
Christopher: (Sadly, hanging his head) Yeah. I guess I should have known, huh. It took me 20 years to get you to say yes.
Lorelai: (Breaking into tears) I need you to know...that you're the man...I want to want.
Christopher: I know.
Lorelai: (Sobbing) You have no idea how badly I wish.
Christopher: I do. I do know. (After a long pause) I do. (He grabs her hand)
They sit holding hands