Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 14

Farewell, My Pet

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2007 on The WB

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  • Christopher is gone. That should be all anyone should remeber about this episode.

    I am one of the many people who is elated, estatic, jubilant, or any other word to describe how happy I feel that this marriage is finally over. This was a great episode because one, Christopher is gone, and two, the scene between Christopher and Lorelai was excellent. It was sad and it made you feel bad for Lorelai because, even though it is Chris, you really want her to work out her relationship.

    But was I the only one who thought "yesss!" (with such an evil thought to the yes part) when Chris and Lorelai were talking about how there marriage wasn't working? It is about time Lorelai realize that her feelings for Luke will not go away in 8 months. He was her friend before they were together and not only a friend but a lover after they were together. Feelings like that do not go away that quickly even if you wish they would.

    Now, I am so sick of Rory and Logan. What was up with her telling Logan that she had a crush on her TA? Who tells their boyfriend that they have a crush on someone else? She could of kept that to herself. Their whole relationship makes me sick and I just wish that they break up. Next week looks pretty good and I hope word spread around town pretty fast about Lorelai and Chris breakup. If Miss Patty and Babette has anything to do with it, it will.
  • Lorelai breaks her marriage

    This season keeps getting worse and worse, the writing sucks and everything feels out of character. It was stupid for Lorelai to start dating Christopher after her break up with Luke and even more idiotic to marry Chris... c'mon!!!! Lorelai has more brains than that!.
    They made the poor Chris the bad guy again, he was really trying to be with Lorealai and prove He can be the man for her, I always thought those two really were compatible; they had the quirky quemistry and shared a lot of memories together.

    They come up with 4 stories in 1 episode. this is the worst season with season 4... gosh I hate them for ruining my fave show! learn something from classics dumb asses!!!
  • As Rory gets back to school and Michel's dog Chin Chin dies, Lorelai and Christopher decide the time has come to end their marriage.

    Not much happened on this episode. Michel is in much pain after the death of his beloved pet Chin Chin (he even go to Luke's to eat a burger! Loved that) and makes Lorelai and Sookie throw a memorial service. Of course the two don't give it much attention (Sookie's pregnant, Lorelai's dad in the hospital, her husband's missing from the world), and much of the episode is around Michel getting his friends do something nice for Chin Chin's memory, which of course was funny, but a little too much.

    Also, Rory gets back to Yale and meets Richard's substitute, a handsome young man who makes her blush every time he speaks to her. Apart from that not being Rory at all (it was a long time ago, when Dean was around), it just didn't make any sense in the episode. Her telling Logan about it afterwards was nice, tough, it showed how grown-up Rory is, even after Logan slept with half the rich girls of Connecticut when they were still together.

    But in the end, after two new small fights and an important talk with Sookie, Lorelai decides her marriage with Christopher is over. Their conversation, where she reveals she does have feelings for Luke and it was all her fault, because she jumped into the new relationship, was just so painful to watch. Lauran Graham and David Sutcliffe were both really great, they made me cry. What I loved the most was Christopher being so understanding, admitting his own faults, holding Lor's hands while she cried. It showed how they never can be apart. I know most people hated them together, and I was probably the only one who tought 'French Twist' was insanely perfect, but I guess this was the best they could have done after Lorelai and Luke's break up. Lorelai and Chris needed closure. After thirty years of friendship, a baby, getting together, Sherry's baby, fights, and Chris finally getting his life together, they needed to try it once more, to realize they're better off as friends. It was a nice ending.
  • Michel's chow dies, Christopher confronts Lorelai about her still being in love with Luke. Rory crushes on her TA.

    Lorelai shouldn't have been too shocked for Michel's dog funeral, afterall, she help Babette organize one for her cat in season 1, "Cinnamon's Wake." I miss the old writing, this episode definitly shows that no one can compare to Amy. I love Gilmore Girls and wish the humor could be a little more snappy and integrated more into the script, not just by "quoting." I guess you would have to see the show to get what I'm saying. Still a huge fan of the Luke and Lorelai romance and I really despise Christopher. He is not a nice character and I wish she never married him. He tries too hard.
  • Time to move on to the series finale reunion of Luke and Lorelei

    I have mixed feelings about this episode. I won't lie. I warmed up to Lorelei and Christopher as they went through their worldwind courtship. I even agreed when Luke told Lorelei, at the supermarket, that they just weren't going to work out, that they were from different worlds. So, even though I've been a L & L fan, I wanted her marriage to work out. I say this only because the two seemed good together and both seemed to be trying. They rushed into marriage but now they are rushing out. The storyline feels just like it is...a way to keep the seemingly star-crossed lovers apart until the series finale. Still, it was necessary. Without it, Lorelei might have always wondered about Christopher...he was after all who she called when she was supposed to marry Max. So, this episode finally marks the conclusion of the triangle and brings us back to Luke and Lorelei land.
  • One of my favourite episodes so far this season!

    Wow! So I guess the marriage between Chris and Lorelai is completely over now. The ending was SO powerful, it was good to see Lorelai let out all the emotions, and just be sad about the realisation that it wasn't really Christopher who was supposed to be the one...
    I loved that Sookie helped her figuring that out. Sookie made an excellent point when she asked Lorelai "If Luke wasn't there, would it be Chris..?" You could tell that really made Lorelai think.
    I'm really not impressed so far this season with Rory's part. She's become so boring, and I really thought that this becoming smitten with the TA-thing is unbelievable. I hope something interesting happens to her soon...
  • Lorelai throws a funeral for Michel's dog. She and Christopher realize their marriage is over. Christopher is not the man she wants to be with.

    The whole dog funeral was a bit weird. It was supposed to be weird and funny and a bit sentimental. It was all that. I just don't know if it was exactly what I wanted to see at this point. It is about time Luke and Lorelai had some real interaction! Lorelai now realizes completely that Luke is the one she wants to be with. Thank God!

    I don't hate Christopher, but I hate that DR had Chris and Lorelai marry. Hopefully, Christopher and Lorelai can remain friends. It would event be nice if he could help L&L back together again. At least, he was willing to show her that she is still in love with Luke. And it did look like the marriage was able to end on an amicable note. I am glad about that.
  • Great episode!

    This episode was by far one of the greatest! I love how they put this episode together, it is definately one of the more sad episodes. I really don't like Christopher, and in this episode Lorelai and Christopher broke up, but even though I don't like him, it was SO sad! Then they also had put the break up scene as last and right after the funeral for Chi Chi, one of Michel's beloved dogs. It was sad, Zack played "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dione, and it was really sad. But, this episode was also helping the rest of the episodes bring more wit in to the episodes!
  • Poor Lorelai. She can't stay engaged OR married. It was good, though. A tad boring, but I'm glad her and Chris are over.

    So that's that. Christopher has finally gone bye-bye! I'm relieved. Hopefully that'll help ratings. I liked Chris at first because he liked to have fun but then he just turned into a drama queen. I had to deduct a couple of points because it was pretty boring with some parts. You have a dog funeral being planned, which was funny, but that was pretty much all that was happening for a side plot. Oh yeah and Rory develops a crush on Richard's substitute. I would've liked to see that plot turn into something bigger because frankly, I can't stand Logan.
  • Lorelai has seen the light.

    After seven seasons and endless tries Lorelai and Chris are finally done. And you know as much as I hated to see him back and hate to see Lorelai not with Luke in a way I think I understand why they brought Christopher back. Now, there were of course new writes that had to pick up from where ASP had left off so they obviously couldn't just have Luke and Lorelai reconcile in a day after an academy award winning fight like that. So, in a way I suppose they did it right having her rebound with someone who had always been this possibility for her. She and Chris have had chances, here and there scattered across the years but they had never actually made a real go of it. They two of them actually being together was probably the only way that the both of them were ever gonna realize that they just weren't right for one another so I guess I take solice in that. But I am so glad that they finally realized it. I mean even if there were no Luke in the picture, disreguarding him completely, their marriage just wasn't right. Lorelai was on the rebound from a really serious relationship that ended badly and she jumped head first into this thing with Chris which let's face it was a rebound, but even after that when they were married and living the life of togetherness it was never exactly right between them even before the fighting. It has never been exactly right between them ever and as much as to the two of them it had always seemed like it was timing, like they could never get the timing right, that wasn't it. They aren't right for another but like I said they both needed to make a go of it to realize that fact and thinking about that really makes me realize why the brought Chris back because now it can be done once and for all, wether or not we ever see him again. Before no matter who Lorelai was with there could always be this chance that somewhere down the road she could end up with Chris, now that's finally done and Lorelai can really move on from Luke!
  • Anybody feel sorry for Christopher? Heeeeelll no! Good riddance! Long time coming...

    I, for one, was ecstatic to see Lorelai finally hold Christopher responsible for something. Shocking. While this is the episode that finally puts to bed the L/C romance, it didn't really do much for me. Why? Because it was a relationship that never should have happened in the first place, and the fact that they spent half the season indulging in it, taking it SO much farther than made ANY sense, that wondrous moment...just wasn't that wondrous for me. It took too damn long to come. Sorry. Now, it's like, what, 8 episodes left in the SERIES to straighten things out. It makes no sense. I would love to know what has been going through the writers' minds. I'm an L/L fan all the way, but I'm also an open-minded person. I can accept another reality if it was believable. This was not. It was forced and took away what little tolerance I had for Chris. The whole situation makes Lorelai look stupid and flighty. Now, they have just enough time to put together some compulsory reunion between Luke and Lorelai where Luke does all the apologizing and Lorelai does all the forgiving and she tells him she loves him, which will mean absolutely nothing since she said it to Chris more times than I can count. Where and when the hell did all that 'love' spring up for him anyway? Anyway, Lauren Graham did a good job, and Chris is finally gone, so I can't be too mad. Oh, and Paris will always be true to form. Love her. She's doing a good job of giving a little life to Rory's character too b/c god knows, Rory's storyline has been really dull this year. When did she become so secondary? She seems really different, too. I know growing up means changing, but, um, too much. Is it too late to start this season back over with the Palladinos?

    I'm sorry, did I sound too happy to finally get to put that in writing?! Honestly, although I'm ecstatic that Lorelai has realized that it isn't meant to be with Christopher (as I think he has always known it deep inside)I really liked the way it ended. It was one of those tear-jerking standard GG moments. I think it was great continued character development (did that make sense) to see Lorelai admit why she married Chris and how she feels about their relationship.

    I'm also very happy to see that Logan is still being a very supportive b/f and reassuring her that she has not "broken" him.

    I thought Chin-Chin's funeral was very touching. Even the rendition of "My heart will go on." I didn't think it could actually not sound annoying, but Zack definitely made it bearable. I also think that by attending the funeral, Lorelai was able to face the fact that she needs to put her life back to normal...without Christopher.
  • Richard recovers in the hospital, Rory goes back to Yale and Lorelai and Sookie arrange a funeral for one of Michels´ dogs. And finally......

    ....the worst storyline in Gilmore Girls history is over. Lorelai has finally realized that she does not want to be with Christopher and calls it quites. I hate the whole Lorelai and Christopher relationship for the very begining of the season and when the got married I hoped that it was all a dream but it wasn´t. Christopher was never good enough for her. He is too selfish and he has never been there for her and Rory, the way that Luke has. I truely believe that Lorelai and Luke are meant to be together forever.

    I felt bad for Zack when he had to play Celine Dion at the funeral. Poor guy. This was a good episode and hopefully it will only get better.
  • So once again, Lorelai has a ruined relationship! Rory crushes on her new teacher, and tells Logan! Paris is her usual kind of scary self. While Michel deals with the death of one of his dogs... the usual GG set up, gotta love it eh?

    So first the rocky relationship between Lorelai and Christopher is resolved. Finally at the end of their dispute Lorelai realizes she jumped into something she wasn't ready for: her marriage to Chris! While she cries her eyes out, Christopher nodded in agreement and held her hand. The usual Christopher, but i am still a little angry with his character's performance in the marriage situation.

    Rory crushes on her new teacher, and tells Logan, which i htink foreshadows that maybe her and Logan won't last. But i do adore Logan, i always have, but they're both young and somtimes it feels like he is only with her because it defy's his parents. But i do hope they end happily, i don't know if i can handle another break up drama... until next week...
  • Lorelai has some trouble with her housband n takes some time organizing Michel's dog funeral. Rory has a crush on her new teacher n she tells Logan for not having future problems. Finally Lor realizes that her marriage with Chris is not working.

    Richard had an emergency surgery, that's why he's going to be replaced in Yale. When Rory meets the new teacher, she had a crush on him. For avoiding annother jealosy trouble with Logan, she tells him she had a crush on someone, but that doesn't matter 'cause Logan is so in love, that it is just a tinny problem for him, who used to be a player, by the way.
    Michel had a big lost, so Lorelai offers to make a funeral, for his dog, and that's a good plan for getting distracted of her issues, but at the end, Lorelai understands her feelings for Luke, and the ones for Chris are totally misplaced. She's not loving the one she should love. For not making any other mistake, she decides to broke her marriage. At last, she's seeing the things like they are. She already open her eyes, and the break up was awesome, super sad, it almost made me cry, but it was the only right thing she could do now.
  • Lorelai is back. . .

    The wounded, put upon creature that quietly endured the torturous relationship that was Lorelai and Chris has finally stood up for herself and realized where her heart truly lies-with Luke. After Mr. Gilmore was hospitalized, it took Chris a full day almost to come to see him. That fact, along with the confrontation they had about Luke made it perfectly clear that their relationship was a farce. Rory, in the meantime- is getting closer to Logan, as he begins to be a more amiable boyfriend and person. But, it seems that Rory may be right in the self assessment she's made about being self-sabotaging. Depsite things being near perfect with Logan, her new Econ professor has caught her eye, and I don't think that's all that will happen between them. This episode was great, sans the annoying scenes where Michelle bulliyed Sookie and Lorelai around about his dog funeral. I can't wait to see how Luke reacts to the breakup news that seems inevitable, now.
  • Richard is recovering nicely so the girls go back to their daily routines. Michel's dog chin-chin dies and Lorelai and Sookie get roped into having a funeral for a pushy Michel. Chris and Lorelai finally talk & Lorelai wants to want him.

    The episode is fianlly here..the demise of the ill-fated marriage. As much as I was looking forward to this it was still hard to watch. It was nice to see a lot of Sookie and Michel. I really loved the scene where Sookie was givng Lorelai advice and asking the tough questions. Rory was so cute yo see Rory blush and get all tounge tied around the TA. Logan was very understanding and we fiannly got to see them address the Marty issue a little. All and all it was worht waiting for.
  • Michele's dog passes away, Sookie and Lorelei organize a funeral/tribute. Rory crushes on her new economics TA and feels guilty about it. Lorelei realizes she married Christopher for the security, and she ends their brief marriage.

    I think that most of us were expecting Lorelei and Christopher to end, but I thought it was too sudden. In the span of one episode, Lorelei went from arguing that Christopher is the one (and maybe she needs to cut out Luke entirely) to not even trying to make it work with Christopher. I wish that the writers would have built up to that point a little more. That being said, I thought conversation in the kitchen with Sookie was very revealing... it really clarified that Lorelei went with Christopher because she wanted someone to want her in that "all-in" way, and she only went to him after Luke expressed doubt. I appreciated that insight, and I think it was the best part of this episode. This episode does also have some of the older 'Gilmore Girls' charm, with the (absurd) Chin-Chin funeral/memorial. I think the most telling detail with respect to Rory was not the crush on the TA, but the fact that she felt so guilty about it (enough to tell Logan!). I'm uncertain whether Logan would have done the same (I don't necessarily trust him, for some reason)...

    Overall, I thought 'Farewell, My Pet' was pretty good, but I would have liked the Lorelei/Christopher breakup to be a little more developed.
  • That was it for Lorelai and Chris. Here go Luke and Lorelai!

    I don't share people's extreme affection for pets, but I think this dog funeral thingy even was way too over the top for pet lovers! But I loved it! It was soooo funny and when Zach played "My heart will go on", you could almost see Lorelai's mind working like "I can never cut out Luke". It was once again all perfectly connected! And I must say I'm really glad she finally saw her mistake and stopped trying to make it work! It's just a matter of time until things get better with Luke now! I can feel it coming!
    Logan is really great at the moment and their relationship has really grown. They are so much more mature than when they started dating. I just hope that crush on the TA is really harmless and doesn't affect the perfect Rory-Logan-relationship!
  • Good eppy, but i didn't like where the story went.

    I thought the episode was good, but i did not like the breakup of Lorelai and Chris. I thought that they were a cute couple and it makes me upset that they broke up. I know a lot of people saw this coming and i have to admit that i did too, i was just hoping that there would be more between them.
    I thought it was funny about the dog funeral, that really made me laugh. i love michelle and loved having Paris in this eppy. they are too of my fave characters. Umm that TA that Rory was supposed to have a crush on was supposed to be good looking, whoever did the casting must have been blind because i did not think that actor was at all attractive, i had hoped that he would be younger and cuter so as to show a bit more of a competition between him and Logan. That is another thing. Rory and Logan's relationshiphas seemed to cool off. it's almost like there is no spark and it seems more platonic than sexual.
    well it was good episode, i only hope that more of the eppies this season get better.
  • Rory reacts to her new Economics instructor. Michel mourns the passing of his beloved Chin Chin. Lorelai reaches a watershed moment in her marriage.

    This episode was brilliantly written. Lauren Graham was masterful from the comic moments with Michel to the dramatic moments with Chris. She has brought such dimension to this character, how she has been overlooked at the Emmy awards is a mystery.

    I've always believed Logan was wrong for Rory and I was always searching for a suitable suitor (Marty is my first choice) but I'm asking myself why should she necessarily be with anyone at this point? She is 22 years old and brilliant. She has always been very focussed on her education. Why is she not considering grad school? If not grad school, her energies should be focussed on her career. Hopefully her crush with the new TA will make her recognize that her relationship with Logan may not survive beyond graduation. I've read the spoilers and I think next episode may send up more red flags for her.

    What a marvelous friend Sookie is. She seems like a ditz sometimes but often has Lorelai hold a mirror up to her life and helps her come to some important realizations. Today was no exception. She had Lorelai think about the reality versus the fantasy of her life with Chris. The break up scene was so touching. There was no hateful vitriol. It was just two people, in pain, admitting their mistake. I believe that they will survive this setback in their lives and redefine their relationship in a very positive way. There will be no more "what if" questions in their mind and their friendship may deepen in a new, albeit a non romantic way. They will always be parents of Rory and will share that bond. Lorelai can finally put that adolescent fantasy behind her and try to move forward.

    Of course most of us hope Luke and Lorelai find their way back to each other. I hope now that Chris is gone we will enjoy more of the small town antics we love so much.
  • The wheels are finally rolling!

    It's taken to long to get Gilmore Girls back to the orginal fun pace. The quick wit, eccentric characters and the Gilmore Girls are no longer true to form. I was really hoping that the writers would get back to the old groove. A replica of the old show would be impossible, but a fun show would be good. I really enjoyed the break-up. It was long over due, but Lorelai taking all the blame is not so. Christopher pushed and pushed. He didn't respect the fact that Lorelai did not have Rory by her side was end to their beginning. I love the previews for next week. I am so excited to see Ms. Patty, Babette, and Kirk. Cool it's going to be nice to watch.
  • Rory meets her new professor. Michele loses Chin-Chin. Loelai & Chris finally come to terms.

    Richard is on the mend, but in no shape to teach so he has a TA teaching his class. A very cute & charming TA teaching his class. Rory gets flustered by him. She feels all guilty about it & tells Logan. Who is fabulous by the way & tells her it's just a crush & no big deal. Only a make-believe character would be so secure.

    Michele's dog Chin-Chin passes away. It was so sad. You can see that the writers aren't really dog people though. They are like your kids. But it was funny to watch him make all those over the top demands.

    You find out Christopher never came home, just visited Richard for an hour & took Gi-gi & himself to his mother's. They have an argument about that & he decides it's over without trtying to work it out. Lorelai tries to work it out & he agrees to be ther tomorrow to talk. Lorelai has decide to cut Luke out of her liffe to save her marriage, but she can't. Chris shows a really sweet side teling her how he pushed her into everything. Lorelai took some responsibility too. I missed the sneek peek at next week, so I am hopin it's good
  • Rory and Logan honesty. Richard getting better. Young professor feeling Rory. Chris and Lorelai finally trying to come to an end.

    I thought this was a very revealing episode because Lor finally came into reality with her feelings about Luke. I liked the idea of Sookie pointing out to Lor that if Luke was shut our of her life would she still be with Chris. I think Rory just paniced about the new teacher liking her and that is the only real reason that she told Logan. I hate to see Chris get hurt, but he is just not the right one for Lorelai. I liked the sweet moment Luke and Lorelai shared when she looked into the diner and he waved at her. I just love to see those two making a connection like that. I definitely see them getting back together and moving forward together.
  • this episodes is one of the most important through this season

    this episodes is one of the most important one through this season and i think it`s preparation to rory and logan engagmen as i read before

    and i think that scene is the most hidden twist that the writer will build in the entire next season if it gonna be next one ( hope fully there is )

    i don`t know why the writers chose to seperate lorly anf chris they were like perfect togther it`s nice to see where this season is going to but not knowing the way and the twists inside it i deing to see the next episode

    be well
  • where is word "weird" under Classification

    *What's wrong with Rory flirting with teacher substitute? giggling and blushing. that was so out of character, so artificially made up just for the sake of showing how cool Logan
    * Liza Weil is great. *I am sorry but dog funeral ,dog jokes are NOT a good show mover. please stop it. Michel character is no more funny annoying but annoying-annoying. *Star Hollow reduced to bits and pieces. glimpses I don't know why but I felt suffocated with camera work for the whole episode. the same close-ups, no space, no air.
    Show is slowly changing from GG to something else.
    At least final scene between Lorelai and Chris was great, the rest of the episode was just a filler to that moment.
  • The final kick out the door for Christopher

    Richard is on the road to recovery and so Rory heads back to Yale. Paris doesn't hesitate to let Rory know that life has continued on without her while she was away. Rory is on a mission for Richard to make sure that the substitute prof follows the syllabus and when Rory meets the sub she gets a little flustered because she finds herself attracted to him. Lorelai and Chris discuss the letter for Luke and why Chris got so upset about it. Lor tells Chris how upset she is with him for not being there with her at the hospital and they argue.
    Back at the Inn Michel announces that his dog has died and that he wants to have a funeral for him, and wants Lor and Sookie to plan it. Lorelai talks to Rory about Chris and Rory tells her that no matter what happens she will be on Lorelais side. At this point it seems clear that Rory knows that the marriage is on the rocks but Lor hasn't quite accepted it yet. Once she finds out that Rory won't be mad at her she seems to come to terms with the fact that her marriage is over. Rory runs into her prof a the bookstore on campus and finds herself flustered because she has a crush on him. Later Logan surprises Rory at her apartment and Rory confesses that she had a crush on her prof. Logan seems surprisingly grown up about the whole thing and tells Rory that he s not worried about their relationship at all. The two of them together seem to be going down a pretty good path with their relationship and I look forward to seeing more of it in the future. The dog funeral goes beautifully but I think it was underused. The town events are usually a high point in each episode but this one seemed glossed over.
    Finally Lorelai and Chris decide that their marriage clearly isnt working and Lorelai realizes that her feelings for Luke aren't going away. In a heartwrenching moment Lorelai and Chris say goodbye, and I say a little cheer.
    Looking forward to next week but I hope that we get some more Rory/Lorelai moments that I have been missing recently.
  • Seems that Rosenthal starts to get it. Still, there is a long way to reach the quality of Amy's episodes.

    It's not a bad episode. But, still, it's not the Gilmore Girls I was used to. I terribly miss Taylor and Kirk and the town festivals, the town meetings and all those quirky characters that were the salt and pepper of the show. There is no more Stars Hollow in this film.

    Oh, and please, someone remind Rosenthal and his crew that Lorelai and her mom were not so good friends and they were always arguing about something. Being different from her mother is part of Lorelai's character. You just can't take that away from her without a good explanation.

    The Funeral of Chin Chin. That was it? Just the song? There were many people there. What were they saying? What were they doing? What happened? How can you just forget about these?

    And Lane? Where is she? I don't understand why she dind't speak with Rory at all about her pregnancy and her troubles. These two girls shared a lot of secrets together (including their first sexual experience) and now they don't speak anymore? Not to say that Lane was a music freak and she had so many records and the band and now she's becoming more like Sookie. Just a waitress in a diner and a future mother. Where is that grumpy Luke we all loved? He just suddenly turned into a nice family guy?

    I have the feeling that the CW haven't got enough money to support the show properly. The actors appearing on the show are much fewer than before. There aren't anymore town festivals and town meetings which required many actors and much resources. Probably that is why Amy left the show.

    Oh, and wasn't the show like 50 minutes. Now it's only 40? It's not enough that there aren't anymore fast dialogues, now the show is 40 minutes.

    They are very lucky to have Lauren Graham. Her acting was really great in this episode. Best toughts for her!

    PS: Does anybody remember the town troubadour?
  • Saying goodbye has never been easy...

    So many great stuff, but there was one thing that I was totally not looking forward to and that was the scene where Rory would tell Logan about the TA thing, which turned out to be not so bad in the end if you ask me. Logan took it so well, and told her that he sometimes had the same thing about women, about finding them attractive, but that he never took action in doing stuff with them.. Total honesty is just one thing that I loved about that scene.. It so worked.. and that package that Logan send for Rory's last semester at Yale! So cute and sweet!! :)
    Btw, TA totally looked like Chris in some shots.. That made me feel weird! lol

    Michel and Chin chin.. So sad.. I knew that his dog would die but they totally made it work in this episode, because it reflected Lorelai's situation as well to some level if you ask me. And the scenes were quite funny, but you also felt sorry for Michel.. I loved that about those scenes..
    I loved the scene where Lorelai and Sookie had no plans at all for the memorial thing.. Cute!
    The memorial was sweet as well with the whole 'My heart will go on' tune.. Loved the focus on Lorelai at that moment, and Zach's reaction to playing that was great as well. The waving scene between Luke and Lorelai.. Loved that!

    Lorelai and chris.. I enjoyed their scenes.. Yes I admit, it may be because of their downfall but there is an understanding between them, and I didn't expect them when you just know that they'll end.. They both took blame for what happened between them and I think that was the most important thing of this whole marriage thing. That both Chris and Lorelai learned stuff.. and it was nice of Lorelai to admit that Chris has always been a possibility, because he has always been that for Lorelai, but she never honestly tried this possibility until now and it's not working.
    I totally loved Sookie's question about if there wasn't a Luke in the picture, would Chris still be the guy?! Loved that!
    Also the last scene totally worked, Chris and Lorelai did that scene very well.. In general I truly think that David Sutcliffe and Lauren Graham totally worked this episode and I'm glad that we got an explanation as to why Christopher never returned the calls. I'm glad it didn't end up in the whole 'What happened to that?' list that we already have of so many things Gilmore Girls concerned.

    I also love Paris and her obsessions.. I love the whole planning thing, and bellydancing?! OMG! How I would love to see that! I also loved seeing Emily and Richard in the teaser, to see that Richard is doing a lot better.. And the hospital gossip was so funny to watch! LOL
    I also loved all the Lorelai/Rory stuff.. It's nice that they're still honest, despite the fact that Chris is the subject. It shows how close they truly are. I liked that!

    The promo for next week is also freakingly funny!! XD Can't wait!
  • Farewell, Christopher!

    Eventually, I feel so sorry for Christopher. It seems like he was the victim in Lorelai’s confusion even though she was hurting too. The funeral for one Michel's beloved dog was real nice and hilarious. But still…it was good to arrange one for any beloved dead dogs. By the way, “My Heart Will Go On” song played by Zack was so beautiful and really fit with the funeral. Even though there are too many complications in Lorelai’s life but things for Rory are going pretty good. Amazingly, Logan handled things nicely when Rory told that she might has a crush on the economics teacher assistance. Hopefully, Logan will keep being this cool.
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