Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 14

Farewell, My Pet

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2007 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • (Sookie is waiting in the library)
      Michel: Please sit down. (everyone sits) Ok, I am ready to hear your ideas for the funeral.
      Lorelai: Uh, ok ummm gosh our ideas, well, we've got sooo many ideas
      Sookie: So so many! Why don't you start, with uh, the ideas.
      Lorelai: Ok, um well first of all we thought we'd put him in a box-
      Michel: A box?
      Lorelai: A bag?
      Michel: A bag?!
      Lorelai: Sorry, animal disposal isn't my area of expertise.
      Michel: Chin Chin has been cremated at the animal hospital. After the memorial his ashes will be scattered under the Poplar tree behind my house, where he so often went to think.
      Lorelai: Aww, ok cool.
      Sookie: Oh a tree! That's nice.
      Michel: Why don't you just talk me through the particulars of the event?
      Lorelai: Right, well we uh we thought we would have it here?
      Michel: Hmm that sounds good.
      Lorelai: Ok, during lunch.
      Michel: During lunch?
      Lorelai: Or before lunch?
      Sookie: Or after lunch?
      Lorelai: Either way, before or after lunch, doesn't matter.
      Michel: Why must it relate to lunch at all?!
      Lorelai: Oh, it doesn't have to we were just using lunch as a measure of time-
      Sookie: -a way to you know, break up the day-
      Lorelai: Yes, totally arbitrary.
      Michel: I was thinking twilight might be nice.
      Lorelai: Great!...well then 5 o'clock it is, that's uh a wonderful, idea...Sookie, what else, was on our list?, do you have yours with you?
      Sookie: You know...I don't, sorry, uh I left mine, with yours, sooo-
      Michel: -the flowers.
      Lorelai: Oh!
      Sookie: Oh, that was the first thing on our list!
      Loreai: There will definitely be flowers!
      Michel: I was thinking gerber daisies would be nice, maybe in reds, yellows, oranges, to complement his fur.
      Lorelai: Done and done.
      Michel: Can I trust you to liase with the florist?
      Lorelai: I'll liase with the florist.
      Michel: Let's discuss the programs.
      Lorelai: The programs-
      Sookie: You want programs?
      Michel: Do you think when the Princess of Wales was entered at Althorp, the Spencer family was asked whether or not they wanted programs?!
      Lorelai: ...probably not.
      Michel: I assume there are no stationary selections for me to choose from yet!
      Lorelai: Not yet-
      Michel: You know what? Who cares! Why don't we just use fax paper and hey, why not print them out on the computer, after all it's just a dog!
      Lorelai: Hey, Michel don't worry about the programs ok, we'll make up something really nice for you.
      Michel: (teary) Fine. Now shall we go over the menus.
      Lorelai: Ahh the menus! Well Sookie, take it away.
      Sookie: Oh hey! Stay, I'd love your input.
      Lorelai: You've always let me know that when it comes to food, you're the boss, well, you're the boss. (leaves as Sookie goes to grab her arm)

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