Gilmore Girls

Season 6 Episode 2

Fight Face

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on The WB

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  • Rory is being annoying but...

    I disagree with those that say people don't change, or that you don't go through rebellious periods in your 20s. I went through a strange time in my 20s, and I think that period of time is when you are figuring out who you are, and you go through a lot of changes. That being said, this episode wasn't my favorite. There wasn't a lot going on, and both Rory and Lorelei are being so stubborn.
  • What did they do to Rory?

    Oh Boy! This Episode is the first in a row of bad Character writing of Rory.

    Rory used to be this girl full of Energy and thirst for life. She was laughing and funny and lovely and glowing. Now she is more like an empty shell with a whole new look. And a bad one it is. She looks like a miniature Emily. Where was she supposed to get all these clothes if not from Emily's wardrobe. People don't change. And they certainly don't change that much in such a short time.

    And I was really set off when Rory said that she had to do 300 hours of comunity service within the next six months. Let's look closer at this. It is around June or July in Hartfort right? Let's say it's July. That means Rory has July, August, September, October, November and December to do 300 hours of community service. This makes 184 days or 26 weeks approximately. Therefore Rory would have to do eleven and a half hours a week which leaves her plenty of time to work. But she says it's a full time job.

    Now springs to my mind something that bothered right from the start. If Chilton was really that tough and she had to work so hard and she took I don't know how many classes in Yale so she had plenty to do then to. And all of a sudden 12 hours a week are a full time job? When did that change of mind happen? This would have been a lot easier if the Judge had given her 800 hours or something like that or less time to fulfill it. Anyway this is just ridicoulus.

    I know better than to hope that this will be over soon.
  • Lorelai gets a dog and names him Paul Anka, Rory starts her community service. Another good one.

    I liked Paul Anka and it is a good ideas as it was extremely funny at times. Like how he was scared off almost anything. Lorelai and Rory still aren't talking which is entertaining but you do wish they'd reunite. You could tell Rory was adjusting to her new life, I can't imagine her being in the DAR club.

    Emily is obviously loving that Rory is there, Richard as well in a sense. I liked when Rory went to see Luke, I was hoping she'd apologise in some way but she took the news of her mothers engagement to heart, because Lorelai didn't tell her. The community service was strange to see, Rory Gilmore doing that...just doesn't fit.

    I did like there confrontation at the end, the first time they speak for some time. It looks like we'll be waiting for a reunion for a while. Good episode, good start.
  • Not the best ep but still - its gilmore girls!!

    I still love watching gilmore girls every week, especially as i havent' seen these last few seasons. But i am a bit worried abour Rory, she's not who she used to be. i know you're meant to change in colledge or whatever but seriously stealing yachts, quitting yale, community service, not talking to her mum?? WTH?? i did feel heartbroken when she found out about the engagment from Luke not her mum, that was sad, showing how bad their r'ship is right now. I am heaps annoyed with Emily and Richard! what's with their attitude with maids? i hate that! Rory so doesn't fit in that household, she fits back in stars hollow with her mum and luke. I hope that works out in future eps (don't ruin the suspense for me tho.) i will keep watching to make sure they do get 'back together' if that's what mums and daughters do, but if they don't I.. will be mad! lol
    This was a pretty entertaing ep even if it didn't have Kirk. Loreli's dog was great and Luke's sister and bro in law.
  • Lorelai...check Luke...check Emily and Richard...check Rory...MIA?

    Rory? Is that you? Why are you exhibiting your teenage rebellion in your 20s? Granted, the writers are using Rory as a pawn between Lorelai and Emily - but at the end of the day, Rory always comes to her senses! I'm just not buying it! It is true that Rory always runs to her grandparents when Lorelai disagrees with any major life decisions (i.e. When Rory slept with Dean and Lorelai disagreed, Rory ran off to Europe with Emily for the summer). But this is more than just running to "grandma and grandpa" - she has in fact become the daughter they always wanted!
  • rory has community service and lorelai see her and tries to talk to her.

    Man i thought that rory was really selfish in this episode. i mean did she really think lorelai was going to tell her that her and luke were engaged. then she gets all ticked of because she didn't tell her right away. i think that i was the right thing for lorelai not to tell her daughter some important information in her life after her daughter decided to drop out of yale and move out of her house into her grandparents pool house. i thought that it was really funny when rory and the other girls was getting into the fight an the side of the street.
  • Pro! I loved this episode!

    In this episode a different Rory shows up, a Rory that is not shown frequently in the story. Though it kinda makes me nervous and desperate that Lorelai and Rory are still mad at each other, I enjoyed every second of this episode. I hope the show keeps going on forever.
  • Oj. Det är nästan så jag funderar på om Gilmore Girls överhuvudtaget har varit bättre.

    Oj. Det är nästan så jag funderar på om Gilmore Girls överhuvudtaget har varit bättre. Visst har det funnits bättre enskilda avsnitt (även om inte så många), men jävlar vad den här storylinen får mig att känna... Ja, 6.02 var minst sagt rätt bra. Ena sekunden skrattar jag och sitter bara och myser och har ett leende så stort att jag tror jag kommer svälja mina öron och i nästa stund känner jag mig som Jaye i Cocktail Bunny "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow, ow, ow, OOOW!"

    Så mycket att säga. Luke och Lorelai är fantastiska. Jag älskar att det äntligen finns ett onscreen-par som inser att inte varje bråk är the end of the world utan som kan tjafsa om såväl hundar och hus som om Rory utan att behöva överdriva det och göra det till mer än vad det är eller behöver vara.

    Stora delar av det tidiga avsnittet skrattade jag högt ("High ground"-diskussionen, TJ och visitkorten, "That's what she said", "I'm working my way towards Paul Anka, but it's gonna take a while", "How did you close the door?") och sen dyker Rory upp hos Luke och allt börjar göra ont. När hon får reda på nyheterna och springer iväg... jag skrek åt Luke att följa efter henne, stoppa henne, prata med henne. Å andra var jag rädd att det skulle bli en sån dum TV-grej av det och att Luke inte skulle berätta för Lorelai att de hade träffats bara för att skapa konflikt, och blev därför ytterst lycklig när han sedan gjorde det direkt efteråt. Perfekt scen.

    Och sen sista scenen... "You hurt me". Jag tänkte precis samma sak...

    Gilmore Girls är i en klass för sig bland heltimmes-serierna nu under hösten. Inget annat kommer ens i närheten.
  • Was this an actual Gilmore Girls episode?

    Well, that could be one of the worst episodes of Gilmore Girls I have ever seen. It didn\'t even feel like I was watching a Gilmore Girls episode. It was almost like I was watching something else. What that something else was I couldn\'t tell you, but it was just awful. I loved the beginning with Sookie and Lorelei and the whole Kenny Chesney/ Runaway Bride thing (which is even funnier considering that the KC just happened), but it just went downhill from there. I did enjoy the Rory and the Spanish maid bit thought. Dom DeLuise\'s kid got on my nerves and for once so did Kathleen Wilhoite. I was glad when it ended I\'m sorry to say.

    Final Grade (hate to do it): D+
  • Welcome back, Lorelei.

    Thanks god, here the is the wonderful life of Gilmore girls again.These crazy jokes and original ideas.The pet market? Great.Loreleis history with petsa and Miss Patty asking for a blacklist.And the dog with all his fears.The mailbox, sorry.And Rory acts day after day more like Emily, creepy.They should really tolk together again.
  • They just have to get back together!!

    I just want that Lorelai and Rory are friends again this fight has taken long enough!!
    If rory just appologized everything will be good. Unless Rory is really angry now because Lorelai didn't tell her that she was engaged. I don't know but I just want those 2 back together!!!!

    Ow and Lane has to come back from her tour!!
  • Who needs Rory? Lorelai rocks.

    Rory: \"Not telling me you were hurt me\".
    Lorelai: \"Back at you\".

    Can we all say heck yeah? I mean come on Rory what on earth do you expect after moving in with your grandparents? Oh by the way have fun at the DAR Emily Junior.

    Ug...I can\'t help but rant. Is anyone out there happy with Rory?, I mean at all? If she were a real person I would find her and give her a piece of my mind. Other than the stupid Rory Gilmore, this is a great episode. Luke and Lorelai decide to live in Lorelai\'s house (could we really see her moving?). There are frisbee jokes, and a new dog. All and all as funny as ever. Makes you realize that the show doesn\'t even really need Rory.

    Lorelai rocks.
  • This is going to be interesting....

    I think this episode was very well thought out. I can see the anger between Rory and her mother. I also notice that Lorelai is starting to treat Rory the same way she has treated Emily in the past (i.e. not telling Emily about her engagement to Max,), and that's not good. Lorelai and Rory is going to turn into Lorelai and Emily fairly soon if they don't patch things up. On the otehr hand, my mother would probably get angrier than that if I dropped out of college. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.
  • Rory looked pretty bored at grandma's

    Let me just say first, how I loved the way Luke decided to just remodle Lorlai's house instead of buying the Twickem house.

    Now, I think this episode was very much needed. I hate seeing the girls fighting, but no mother daughter relationship is perfect. Rory messed up big time. If I had decided to drop out of college my mom would have been mad too. But then Rory decides to move in with the Her grandparents, what a slap in the face to Lorelai. These things being considered, I can see why Lorelai is acting the way she is. She wants Rory to relize what she has done.
    In this episode we see Lorlai moving on without Rory in her life. Rory, looking pretty bored at grandma's, makes friends with the Guatamalan housekeeper, which Emily promptly fires after seeing their interaction. This would be the time to leave Rory. But no she stays and starts her community service.
    Lorlai's first jab is not to tell rory about her engagement. This is the one way she can get back at Rory. I do think that she would have told Rory, but Luke beat her to it. The scene with Luke getting mad about the frisbee is classic. I was laughing so hard. What a stupid thing to start a fight over. I am glad it ended with them on good terms.
    With the last scene an arguement between Loelai and Rory where they both brought up valid points for being mad at each other. I see this rift not being filled soon. But I think I can handle that, because this is a problem that can not be fixed in one episode. I think Amy Sherman Palladino knows what she is doing and I trust her.
  • It's not the same anymore.

    I watched this episode and I first was disappointed. It just didn’t feel like Gilmore Girls anymore. Well too much has changed or is still changing. First we saw a few very interesting aspects in here. So Luke the first time can hit back at Lorelai, when is on top of the roof. Nice! But in the fast discussions he still can’t compete with her. That’s what I miss most. Rory always could hit back at Lorelai or even most of the time. That made most of the spirit. I think Luke can learn it too, but he has to do it quickly or he really won’t be enough for Lorelai. As sad as it is, I don’t like the idea ether, but we have to face the facts. I missed the funny (most political) jokes most in the last season and now, nothing points that this would come back. And now we have the powerful Lorelai with no opponent. That can’t go well to long. All the energy gets lost.
    And in the other part of the show we see Rory. I think it’s only a matter of time till she will “explode”. All the frustration about dropping out of Yale, loosing her mother, the fact that she’s only a toy for Emily and everyone just pushes her around. We saw the first hints for that, when she started a fight at her community service and the “fight face” towards the officer afterwards. I really start to ask my self, what she will do. Break down or run away? I first thought (I wrote it in the review to the last episode, I think) that she would run away to Lane, be disappointed and the run away further. But now? I just read on, that Lane will be back in Stars Hollow. So that can’t be anymore. Then Logan will be back too, but I don’t think that the relationship will work anymore. She changed too much. I first thought that she might run away with him and get married as Matt Czuchry told us in an interview. But now with the Alexis Q & A in mind, she will run to Jess (god I hate him).
    I in some kind liked this episode after all, because it was quite funny with Liz and TJ. But really it’s getting time to bring back Sookie!! She’s important and I miss Jackson. We saw him in some parts of season five in every episode and now? He’s missing totally. Bring him back! But I have to say here too, that I can’t take much of episodes like this anymore. The spirit is missing. I need to feel the spirit of a show; otherwise I can’t watch it anymore. So I really hope it gets forward again. The big steps were missing so far in this season. The show really needs to take speed up again.
  • Rory lonely and helping the maid, Lorelai and Paul Anka

    This was a funny episode but not as interesting as the season premiere. Kinda a filler episode for me. Lorelai and Paul Anka was funny, but the dog is just a replacement for Rory, i think. No sign of Logan. Rory's conflict with her fellow community servicee person was funny, she got in trouble and just sat there. I've kinda gotten sick of her this season and last season, she's such a pushover and just allows Emily to mold her into a proper little lady. Hence the remodeling of the pool house, joining the DAR and all that stuff. The funniesy part was the hole in the wall. Lorelai could just say "hole" to Luke. T.J. is an IDIOT!! Liz is kinda annoying badgering Luke like that.
  • I'm naming my dog Neil Sedaka

    I was hoping to say that season six would start out on a major roll like season five did with it's first few episodes. Last week's premiere was great, and was big in the ratings with 6.2 million viewers, even beating the season premiere numbers Monday night for 7th Heaven's big 10th season premiere. But the show didn't make it two for two with this episode. This was not a bad episode at all, but it was not a great one either. There were moments throughout this episode that were just uncomfortable and hard to watch. The best parts of the entire episode were Lorelai and her new dog. But, more on that in a minute. The return of Luke's sister and TJ is always fun, and hey!, was that Sookie in the beginning?. Nice to see they haven't forgotten that she was still a part of the show. One small scene in the opening teaser is better than nothing, right?. Now if only they would fill us in on what's happening with Lane. I forgot to mention this in my review for the premiere, but I would like to thank whoever was responsible for adding(finally!)some new scenes into the opening credits. I was beginning to think that they would never change!. Granted, most of the credits are pretty much the same, but the new blood is nice to see every now and then. So, what did Lorelai and crew have in store for us this week?. Plenty. And let's hope Paul Anka is getting some checks for this. Here we go...

    Luke and Lorelai have the majority of the screen this week. What was cute, sweet, and romantic last week, is not so much this week, unfortunatley. Lorelai and Sookie(where's the new baby?!)are looking at the old Twickum house and are taken aback by it's size. It's big. We get Sookie and Lorelai talking about Lorelai possibly bailing out of the whole thing. The house, the engagement, etc. Lorelai tells Sookie that she is not bailing. She is staying put. Echoes of Dean's talk to Luke in "Live And Let Diorama" sneak up again. Is this what Lorelai wants?. Does she want to bail?. Is she having second thoughts?. I guess we will have to wait and see. Speaking of big, Lorelai is in her house all by herself and with everything going on with Rory, she is feeling a bit alone. I don't know why when she has Luke. Anyways, the town is having some kind of pet fair and Lorelai spots a cute shaggy dog. Miss Patty intervenes and lets us know that one Lorelai Gilmore is not one that pets should be allowed to go home with. In a funny bit, she informs us of all the casualties that have happened under Lorelai's care. She gets the dog anyway and decides to name him Paul Anka. Leave it to Lorelai, and this show, to get a dog that needs serious psychiatric therapy(but don't tell Tom Cruise that). Luke voices his dislike for dogs(which is surprising since he seems like a real dog kind of guy). During his visit, he lets Lorelai know his plans for selling her house. Right away you know that Lorelai does not want to give up her house, and it seems obvious to Luke too. He sets about doing some work on her house if the two of them are going to live there now. Okay, so that part was sweet. Luke giving up his dream house so his fiancee can stay in hers. Pressured by sister Liz, he lets TJ work on the house as well. This results in a giant gaping hole in Lorelai's bedroom wall. This whole dog/house plot was fun. Especially the dog. Things got a bit heated and uncomfortable towards the end and the remodeling and such. It's always uneasy to see the characters we love have a spat. No matter how big or small it is. The dog storyline was really funny. It started to get a little ridiculous towards the end. The dog is a little nuts. We get that. But they were really milking a bit too much after a while.

    Rory. Where to start?. As I have stated before in other reviews, I loved the direction they had taken with Rory. It was a smart, creative, and risky idea. And it worked. This was the first time that I had started to doubt the direction. I still like it, but the scene towards the end with Rory talking to the guy after getting into a fight was off putting. Sitting there, dirty, with her fight face on, was just a tad jarring. It was a little darker than what this show has done with a character, and for a moment I doubted what they were doing. I know that it will be fine and will pay off in the end. Anyways, Rory begins her community service by working on a road crew and picking up junk along the sides of the road. What a sight to see!. The best part is Emily driving Rory to the site in her jag. She gives Rory the info on how to handle these "criminals", and it's hilarious to see Emily try to read up on this stuff and tell Rory. Emily also gives Rory a job working at the DAR office. Rory will have to become a member first, but Emily seems ready to start that as well. Feeling a bit lonely herself, Rory makes a stop at Luke's diner to check in on things. Luke tells her that he and Lorelai are engaged. This was heartbreaking. The look on Rory's face spoke volumes and Alexis Bledel was good in the scene. You hate that things have to be this way, but at the same time are excited with the great drama, writing, acting, and chances the show is taking with throwing a wrench into the relationships we thought we knew. The confrontation at the end between Rory and Lorelai on the side of the road was the worst. We had never really seen anything like that between them on the show, and it was hard to watch. This is a great thing that is happening in Lorelai's life, and it's a shame that there has to be this cloud hanging over it. Mother and daughter should be overjoyed with the news, but this is happening in it's place. You feel for Luke as well. He is now officially in the picture, and like he tells Lorelai, he is caught up in the middle. She didn't like him telling Rory about the two of them, but what was he supposed to do?. This is between mother and daughter, and he is put in an awkward situation. Scott Patterson was great in his scene when he lays it on the line to Lorelai about it.

    "Fight Face" was a well written episode, but it was painful to watch. Lorelai and Rory seem to be getting further and further away, and it's hard to bear. The acting in the episode was as good as it can get. All three main players here(Graham, Bledel, Patterson)all gave Emmy worthy performances, and I hope furry Paul Anka gets his own trailer and name in the opening credits. The scene in the beginning with Luke and Lorelai talking about movies and "Star Wars" was pretty funny. I can't really comment any further since I have not seen Episode III or "Bewitched". In the end, it was an interesting episode. Not the best ep, but it certainly served up some things that I can't wait to see develop. It was a mixed bag to me. It certainly had some great moments, some funny moments, but on the whole it rubbed me the wrong way. I hope some things get lighter before they get darker.
  • Luke Was Right You Know...

    Star Wars Ep III did suck! God that movie blew so hardcore, but all the toolbox nerds out there will deny it to their grave! I have the higher ground...i win! YOU SUCK!
    Anyway, i LOVED when Luke was trashing it! It made my night. Go Luke!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!
    Rory is still a bitch.
    Lorelai better not mess things up between her and Luke
    The End
  • I think Lorelai has a point about Rory.

    Her point is not just "Go back to Yale." It's more "Be strong and don't hide from mistakes or failure." If Lorelai herself had tried to hide from decisions she made in the past that didn't turn out as planned (getting pregnant at 16) she wouldn't be where she is now. She wants Rory to be a strong person who's able to take care of herself if need be--not to essentially give up when things don't go her way. Rory should also accept the responsibility for her actions. I was so annoyed when she said 300 hours of community service in 6 months was a full time job! It's twelve and a half hours a week. That is not full time.
  • I think the writers are slipping this season in their writing.

    How did I miss luke giving Lorelai her engagement ring? or was it not even played out. How could the writers leave out such a pivotal moment as Luke giveing her the ring? and why did he jump on Lorelai at her house when he was repairing the hole in her bedroom? Poor Lorelai she is really getting dumped on, first by Rory, then her parents now by Luke. No wonder she got a dog!
  • Feeling a little lonely, Lorelai adopts a dog. Rory starts her community service assignment. Feeling neglected and unhappy with how things are going, Rory visits Luke at his diner. He lets it slip that he and Lorelai are engaged, leaving Rory feeling even

    Rory figthing was a little bit strange. She's sooo not being her self.. She's weird.. Fighting with others.. She's going to get involved with DAR stuff.. It's not her..

    The only time she was the Rory we know was when she went visiting Luke, she was really hurt when she heard about the enagement.. And well she was being herself.. not totally but a little..

    And Paul Anka it's a weird dog.. he's sweet but also a bit annoying I think.. but he's fun.

    Lauren's acting was outstanding AGAIN. She did a great job.. As Scott Patterson did too.. and happly he wasn't wearing that ridiculous wig..
  • Lorelai and Rory 'talk' for the first time as TJ starts to work on Lorelai's house as Lorelai buys herself a dog, which she names Paul Anka! :)

    overall I enjoyed this episode very much.
    There was a lot of fighting going on but it was nice to see some back of the old Rory we've come to know and love. The talking with the maid was really entertaining especially when Emily wasn't pleased with it at all.. Rory being pushed into the DAR was a bit unexpected to her but it's a job, she can earn some money this way. But no Logan, well at least the promo showed us some good scenes with Logan :)

    And Paul Anka, I love that dog! :)
    Lorelai and lUke were great too, even though they had a fight but it was reasonable because Luke is in the middle of it. And TJ was annoying at some point but overall I liked his character in this episode. Also LUke's sis Liz was nice in this episode. She's got a nice voice, especially when she says "Luke and you are engaged!" :P

    The confrontation between ROry and Lorelai was short but is really making me anxious to see the other episodes. It intrigues me, though I have to say you look at GG differently now with the rift going on but it's good nonetheless...

    Great episode, can't wait for more!
  • This episode is going to be one of my favorites, I can already tell.

    This was a great episode if you ask me. I think that Rory is acting like a 6 year old and I am totally on Lorelai\'s side with this one. Rory screwed over a lot of people by dropping out of Yale, herself included. I think that the fact that Luke doesn\'t mind staying in Lorelai\'s house is so sweet. I love him! I am glad Rory has to do community service. I wish that the girl would have beat her up. She deserves a good punch. I think that her mom not telling her about the engagement was a great step on the way to Rory coming around. I won't be suprised if we find out Rory's pregnant soon either...
  • Another great episode. Well written and I very happy with the way the written are going with the Rory and Lorelei fight. It makes it a lot more realistic. People have disagreement and don't always make up so fast.

    Another great episode. I love watching Lule and Lorelei. Emily was very funny with the prison lingo. T.J. and Liz's return will only add to the season. I would have liked to see more of Sookie. Rory is starting to feel the backlash finally and hopefully she will get the message.
  • I hope that the tone of the show starts to change

    i LOVE this show, I mean really love it. But I have to say that the premier and especially this episode have let me down.

    I love this show becuase of the great writing and witty banter. But this episode it seemed like no one was doing anything but fighting and it got really old, I had to make myself watch the end of it, about half way through all the yelling just got grating to the nerves. Luke and Lorelai, Luke and TJ, Lorelai and Rory, Lorelai and TJ, Luke and his sister. And where was everyone else in thie show. There was no Lane or Logan or Kirk or even Taylor. It was all Luke and Lorelai fighting and no fun loving anything, it just was not fun to watch!

    Also does it seem like something is wrong with Luke and Lorelai. I have been waiting for them to be together forever, I love them together, but these last two episodes, I am just not buying them. They have kissed once and other then that they have not even touched, it seems so akward when they are together. It is almost like the actors themselves are not getting along and it is showing on the screen.

    Also I am just not buying this whole Lorelai and Rory rift. I am having a hard time buying this story line. Lorelai has always stood behind Rory, I just don't buy that her first reaction to her doing something she didn't agree with would be to totally turn her back! Of all people they have spent so many years building her character up as someone who doesn't do something to please her parents and now she is not accepting Rory for needing to take a break.

    Ok I do realize this is a show not real life, but I just think the writers have forgotten the characters they have built up and are not being true to who they are.
  • Glad that Rory and Lorelai don't just make up right away... the conflict between them was written very well indeed.

    Okay, so the part with Luke's brother in law doing the work on Lorelai's house was totally annoying... but I enjoyed the rest. I'm glad Lorelai got herself a dog to fawn over. That's cute! I also am happy that Luke realized that Lorelai didn't want to move. I think that their current home is perfect the way it is (except that gaping hole in Lorelai's bedroom!). I'm surprised Rory got in that fight. That just seems like odd behavior, even with the stress she's under. I also was pleased that Rory came back to check up on her mom through Luke, and that he confessed they were engaged. She needed to know that info. Maybe it will help her realize how much she misses her mom.
  • Just make up. It just isn't the same without Lorelai and Rory together.

    Some of the best Gilmore Girls episodes and dialogue comes from Lorelai and Rory. They are so good together and the show is definitely lacking when they don't interact in any way. The lack of interaction does, however, build more drama and tension but in order for season 6 to be on par with the last 5 seasons, Lorelai and Rory need to make up.

    Here's my prediction: Lorelai and Luke won't get married. It seems like Lorelai's heart just isn't in it. They haven't even said "I love you" to each other yet. It's hard to be married if you don't love the person. Emily will drive Rory away with the DAR and well, just being Emily and Rory will come back to Lorelai with a better understanding of why Lorelai left, etc.

    Also, Lorelai is wrong for not talking to Rory. Sure she feels like Rory abandoned her, but she's her best friend and her mother. If Rory needs anyone right now, it's Lorelai.

    And where's Lane? I miss Lane. And Kirk. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kirk needs his own show.
  • Loralei and Rory are still on the outs. Tj helps luke remodel Loralei's house.

    In keeping with the tension of this new season, Rory and Loralei are still on the outs. Rory is falling farther in her grandmothers clutches. It seems that Emily is slowly and carefully trying to make Rory into the daughter Loralei did not become. Luke shows want a perceptive guy he is and pushover he really is. He gives into his sisters tears and lets TJ near tool and he cannot help telling Rory about the engagement.
    I know that eventually things will work out, but you can still feel the hurt feelings between Rory and her mother.
  • Why won't Lorelai and Rory just make up already...

    This episode was actually a pretty good episode, it was a happy medium showing Lorelai in sort of a sunny setting ( getting the dog, deciding to live in her house with Luke instead of getting the Twickam house) and Rory in a more gloomy setting ( being incredibly bored at Richard and Emily's, being repramanded for talking tot the maid, flipping out in the "chain gang") But in the last fifteen minutes it all meshed together very well. The one thing that drove me insane was when Lorelai drove over to see Rory, whom she obviously misses like hell, and then they got into a bickering match and walked away bitter. Just go up to Rory, tell her you are sorry, hug her and tell her you love her. She loves you, she loves Luke, she is upset because you are shutting her out of your life, and you are upset because she is not going back to Yale. You mother and daughter and better yet best friends for god's sake, just make up all ready. I miss them being together, and i think Lorelai, Rory, Luke, and yes even Paul Anka are going to be very happy together. Rory loves Luke and Lorelai, Luke loves Rory and Lorelai, and lorelai loves Rory and Luke. In fear of sounding like Rodney King " Can't we all just get along." I hope next week Rory and lorelai at LEAST have a civil conversation and talk about the engagement and Yale. Besides Rory kinda is righ to sstop going to college because I think now she is unsure about being a journalist, and throughout the show her articles have always been subpar, She should still go to school, but probably not Yale, maybe another university and take some general courses while she figures things out.
    Now for three things they need to deperatly fix in the show:
    1. Michel(the french guy in the inn) needs to be in every episode, he is HILARIOUS, the funniest guy in the show. i love his sarcasim.
    2. T.J. or A.J. or whatever his name is needs to be randomly hit by a tractor trailer and hurdles into TV obscurity. He is not funny, he is incredibly annoying, and he really needs to get lost. So does his equally annoying wife, i know she's Luke's sister, but they can have an episode called " Funeral for a sibling, and that annoying husband of hers" Where they both mysteriouly die, after sharing a sandwich with some "suspect" Grey Poupon inside. Even Dean's annoying sqeaky voiced sister wasn't this annoying.
    3. They need to bring Lane back from her tour. not only is she incredibly beautiful (despite her scrubby boyfriend) but she is Rry's best friend and her mom is straight crazy, she also is quite hilarious.
    Thank you very much for reading my review, i love this show, i watch every weekday on ABC Family Channel and every tuesday night on the WB. One last note, did you know Alexis Bledel is a hispanic-american. Apparently her mother is from Argentina. I beleive it too, because i used to date this girl from Argentina and she had beautiful eyes just like Alexis. okay this is really the end i love this show, even though I live in fear of anyone finding out I watch it. Gilmore Girls RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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