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    [1]Nov 20, 2012
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    Can anybody tell me where I might possibly find for purchasesome of the clothes worn by the characters on "Gilmore Girls"? I am not speaking of the clothes that they wore personally, mind you. I am however looking for places that sell clothes that are identical to what they wore. One example is the dress that Rory was wearing while visiting her grandfather in the hospital during the first season episode "Forgiveness and Stuff". The second is the dress that Lorelai was wearing at her father's office party in the second season episode "Help Wanted". Any help that you can offer to this end would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello Friends, i am newbie in this Forum. I want some help from all of you guys. I want to make an image of myself in this Forum, so what things that, which i do for complete my dream as well as a good member in this fabulous and amazing Forum Site.

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