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What do you think Amy thinks about season 7?

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    [1]Apr 1, 2011
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    I know Amy "quit" after s6 bc she was insulted CW wouldnt offer her a 2 yr contract upfront and only gave one, but at the time that she wrote the s6 finale had the whole contract scandal already happened? seems l8ike she intentionally tried to screw up as payback. Like "here new writers, deal with this!" Gilmore Girls is here and Im surprised she would end the show, the show that SHE wrote (therefore not counting s7), in such a mess and with Lorelai having betrayed the relationship that Amy made the whole show evolve around for 6 yrs. And I was watching that finale the other day...sorry, Lorelai's a b!tch and was not justified in any way. Luke shutting Lorelai out with April was a *relationship issue*, however what she did was a complete betrayal and waay went over the line. My favorite line of s7? "Yeah, Im fine. So we're not getting married. so what? Youre the one who proposed to begin with." Anyway I just think what Amy did was completely selfish to fans and stupid. As a writer who has written several chapters on fanfic.net I know how special a script can be to the writer. to do that for payback after 6 yrs is baffling. Its like "IDK where the story can go from where or how the LL can be repaired but who cares I wont be writing it bc I got to big of a head and turned down a 1 yr contract." For a show in its 6th season a 1 yr extension is good. Who the heck wants to end up like One Dead Hill in its 8th season or 7th Hell with 11 seasons?

    So ya what do you guys think Amy thinks of s7, or did she even watch any of it? Also unless I missed ssomething, technically the 6th finale only implied they had sex. i mean obvi they dont show it but there were no real clues that it was for sure after sex. it had them her laying there and chris with his shirt off getting into bed.

    now what im saying is if the new writers were smart they couldve played it as no sex happened. Like it couldve played as just making out they were making out which can explain the lack of shirts...but then Lorelai backed out, couldnt go further. Cut to the part with the close up of lore's face and chris trying to get the kid and mother out. Lorelai's conflicted and hurt look could still be explained by the make out and chris cuddling with her...just as comfort.

    LL would still have to be broken up but at least then Lore wouldnt have crossed the line as much as she did. and LL should have only been broken up during s7...leaving LC out of it. She shoulda just been single.

    I totally wonder what amy had planned for s7...assuming she only wrote that ending as payback of sorts. also i remember amy saying she knew the last word of the show in the series finale back in like s5, that she planned that far ahead. sucks we dont find out what the creator of this show what planned for the end.

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    It was just one of those stupid TV things that happens from time to time. Amy just got too big for her britches...Just a matter of an ego that was way too big!

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    She probably thought oh why did I quit over something so stupid. Should have ended it with season 6.. Funny how the actors or writers who makes tons of money and have tanturm because they want more money. She thought she showed them but it was more like oh what did I do..
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    She didn't quit because they wouldn't renew her contract for 2 more seasons instead of 1, she quit because they expected her (and her husband) to write every episode without hiring more writers to help them out leaving them with absolutely no free time. Amy was getting too big for her boots she was overworked
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