Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 7

French Twist

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on The WB

Episode Recap

Lorelai is giving Gigi some last minute instructions for their trip to Paris while Christopher packs the car. Chris is secretive about what time the flight leaves until everyone is in the car. He then reveals that they have three and a half hours until the flight leaves. They say au revoir to the house and drive off to the airport.
At the newspaper, Bill, the newly elected editor-in-chief, is toasting the Rory, the out-going editor-in-chief of the Yale Daily News. The mood is jovial, although Paris seems disinterested in the revelry. They present Rory with a framed front page of her last edition and a large editor's pencil. They thank Rory for her inspired leadership. Rory seems a little sad to abdicate her role but does it with and grace.
Zach and Lane are trying to cope with the latest baby news. Lane is holding up an ultra sound picture of the twins they are having. Zach is trying to comfort a very upset Lane. He begins to babble about how it will be a challenge but they can handle it. He tells her that there are surgeries that the babies can have to separate them. He suggests that they will have to have specially made clothing for them. Lane realizes that Zach thinks that they are having co-joined twins. She explains that they are having twins not "Siamese twins". Zach is relieved and wonders why Lane was so upset. Zach reminds Lane that since she is starting to show they are going to have to tell her mother that she is pregnant. Lane is terrified that her mother is going to think that they had sex before the wedding. Zach is incredibly supportive in his goofy way.
In Paris, Lorelai had Christopher are in the hotel after dropping Gigi off with Sherry. They are unpacking and discussing how prepared Sherry was for Gigi's visit. Lorelai excitedly realizes that she is in Paris. She makes the mistake of lying down on the very comfortable bed while Christopher makes a reservation at a fancy French restaurant. Chris tries unsuccessfully to talk Lorelai out of her jet lag.
At Mrs. Kim's house, Lane and Zach are having a quiet and very uncomfortable meal with her mother. Lane seems very nervous about the news she has to reveal. After some awkward conversation, Lane finally blurts out that she is pregnant and that she has a note from her doctor to prove they didn't have sex until after they were married. Mrs. Kim gets up and moves toward Lane. Zach frantically tells her to hit him attempting to deflect Mrs. Kim's anger from Lane. To Zach and Lane's astonishment, Mrs. Kim takes Lane's face gently in her hands and tells her that a new child is a great blessing. She congratulates them in Korean and Zach reveals that they are having twins. Mrs. Kim is ecstatic. She tells them they will move in with her next Monday. Stunned by this announcement, Lane is speechless and Zach simply says, "cool". Mrs. Kim rushes off to phone the relatives to tell them this wonderful news. Lane can hardly believe that Zach agreed to move in to her mother's house.
In Paris, Lorelai and Christopher awaken from their unscheduled, nine hour nap. It is four o'clock in the morning but Lorelai is starving and they have missed their reservation. They attempt to call room service but there is none. They try to go back to sleep till the morning but are wide-awake. They decide to go out to try to find an open restaurant in beautiful Paris.
In her apartment, Rory seems to be following Paris' advice about combating her depression after stepping down from her position of editor by calling Lucy and Olivia. They decide to go to Rory's house in Stars Hollow.
Lorelai and Chris are walking on the Paris streets hand in hand but have been unsuccessful in finding any food. They try to converse with a local but with no luck. Lorelai reminisces about a high school moment when Chris thoughtfully brought her pizza after an exam. They are feeling the romantic effects of Paris and walk back to their room.
In Luke's, Lane is still angry with Zach for agreeing to move into her mother's house. He apologizes and tries to explain but Lane is not in the mood to hear it. Luke is solicitous with Lane as he tells her not to carry anything too heavy. He tells her if she has any questions to talk to Liz. He tells Lane that they will be great parents. This provides Lane with a wonderful revelation. She tells Zach that they are adults and no longer have to listen to what her mother tells her to do.
In Paris, Lorelai and Chris are in bed, enjoying the after glow but it isn't enough to distract Lorelai from her hunger. All of a sudden, Chris gets a brilliant idea, which will solve the hunger crisis they are experiencing. He refuses to inform Lorelai as to his plan.
In Stars Hollow, Rory, Lucy and Olivia are looking at some photo albums of Rory and friends while the new color in their hair sets. Lucy talks about her mysterious boyfriend. As they chat away, Rory decides they should make Rice Krispie treats.
In Paris, Lorelai and Christopher go to the fancy restaurant to find it open. Lorelai is thrilled. She finds out that Chris has bribed them to open. Once again, they reminisce about their high school romance. They have a very romantic meal and declare their love for each other.
Zach and Lane are at Mrs. Kim's are trying to tell Mrs. Kim that they will not be moving into her house. Mrs. Kim keeps interrupting them until Zach finally blurts it out. Mrs. Kim is confused by this insurgent declaration. Lane explains that they are adults who are starting their own family and should do it in their own home. To Zach and Lane's shock and delight, Mrs. Kim tells them that she will respect their decision.
Rory, Lucy and Olivia are admiring their dyed hair in the mirror. All of a sudden, it hits Rory that the end of school is near and she really doesn't know what is going to happen after graduation. She begins to weep. Lucy and Olivia think she doesn't like the red streaks in her hair and reassure her that they can be easily taken out. Rory explains the anxiety she is feeling about the uncertainty of her future and is somewhat comforted to know that Lucy and Olivia are feeling the same way.
As the sun comes up over Paris, Lorelai and Chris are caught up in the romance the city offers. As they sit in the beautiful restaurant overlooking Tour d'Eiffel, Lorelai marvels at how surreal it all is. She tells Chris that she is so happy that she doesn't want it to end and that she never wants to go home. Once again they declare their love for each other. Christopher reminds her that although he said he would wait until she figured out their relationship, he has changed his mind. He asks her to marry him right there in Paris. Lorelai suggests it is too soon but Chris continues to pressure her. She reminds him that Rory isn't there and that she thinks they should wait but he tells her that he loves her and asks her again to marry him.
Zach and Lane arrive home to find her mother has moved into their place and is busily baby-proofing the apartment. She unpacks the groceries she brought and explains that she will begin dinner as soon as she unpacks. Brian has been move to another Korean family and happily eats dinner with them.
At Yale, Rory finally meets 'boyfriend'. Lucy introduces her to Marty. Rory smiles with recognition. She begins to greet him warmly but to Rory's confusion, Marty pretends he doesn't know her. When Lucy and Olivia leave Rory and Marty alone, she asks him why he pretended he didn't know her. He explains that he thought it would be weird and that it really wasn't important. Rory begins to protest but Lucy and Olivia bounce into the room modeling their dresses.
Lorelai and Christopher arrive home from Paris. Lorelai greets the house with a loving bon soir. They sit down and talk about how things look a little different when you have been away for a while. Christopher tells her he is going to unload the car. He kisses her and lovingly calls her Mrs. Hayden. As he goes outside, Lorelai looks down at her wedding band. A faint look of uncertainty or regret passes over her face.
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