Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 7

French Twist

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on The WB

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  • I cant wait for the season to end already.

    This show is totally different and not the one i loved. I try to like chris, but i just cant. In this episode, lorelai said "I love you" to Chris more than she ever did to luke. didnt she say in the last season that Luke is the only man she has ever been truly in love with???How can she easily say that she loves Chris when theyve only been dating for a couple months, when on the other hand it took her like 6 years to say "I love you " to luke. She threw out everything she and Luke had and instantly marries a different guy!! Unbelievable! The new writers has gone way overboard. This isnt the story line that I loved and spent hours watching. It's a complete different show. Theres not even one Lorelai and Rory moment. Luke has clearly been out of the picture. Where did the smart independent Rory go? Where did the old Lorelai go? I get that she was hurt and confused when she broke up with Luke, but to say I love you to a different man and to elope like that, it's like the past doesnt matter to her at all.

    Just because Chris is super rich now with all the money he got from his dead grandfather, that doesnt meant he can go around wooing the girl that got away back. It's so selfish and arrogant of him. He basically pressured Lorelai into marrying him. UGHHHHHH. I forwarded through most of this episode and im probably gonna keep forwarding till the very end. I used to love this show so much and never wanted it to end. But now, all i can think of is how much relief it would be once i finish the rest of this season.
  • I loved the whole Laine and Zack scenes with Laine's mom...but aside from that nothing happened!!! Oh sure Lorelai and Chris got married...but big deal...nothing still didn't happen!!!

    It was so obvious that if you took out Laine, Zack and Mrs.Kim from this would see that nothing happened! (and thats too bad!!!)

    Oh sure Lorelai and Chris got married...but big deal...nothing still didn't happen!!!
    There wasn't any magical breathtaking moment...where they looked into each others eyes and knew they were meant for each other.

    The only reason Chris got Lorelai to marry him was because he starved her ...then presented her with food.Obviously she would have said "yes" to get some food!!!

    Who wants a man that starves you, drags you across town looking for food(on a empty stomach) and then realizes that his grandfather choked/bite the dust...leaving him with tones of now he can bribe people to get food!
    How utterly romantic!(not!!)

    Luke is a master cook/chef, he could have prepared a feast without having to leave the room!

    But no biggie...Lorelai you chose the one with money who can bribe his way this rate, i have only one question: 'What will you do when the money runs out?'
  • Loreali and Christopher take Gigi to Paris to visit her mother.

    No! No! No! They did not just do that. They did not just marry Loreali and Christopher. Does anyone else see how wrong that is? Luke and Loreali are meant to be together. Am I the only one who thinks that? I can't believe Loreali would ever get married without Rory there. That is so out of character. Maybe the writer's plan to break them up and have Lor and Luke back together by the end of the season. I sure hope so. The scenes between Lane and Zach and her mum were the only entertaining parts of the whole episode.

    This episode was a dream come true. Lorelai and Christopher take his daughter Gigi to Paris to see Sherry. And what was supposed to be a romantic trip ends up crushed by severe jet lag and hunger. When they're finally awake, it's 4a.m. and every restaurant is closed. But Chris, adorable as he is, pays for a restaurant to open just so he can get Lor some food. There they start remembering everything they had planned for their Paris trip when they were sixteen (which kinda got postponed due to, well, Lorelai's pregnancy). And he remembers every single detail. I mean, Luke didn't even bother to tell Lorelai he had a kid, Chris remembers stuff she said more than twenty years ago. And she says she loves him!!!!!!!! Like, three times!!! A record for Lorelai Gilmore!!!!! Then he states the obvious: they love each other, they're perfect for each other, and they're in Paris, the most romantic city in the world. He proposes. She thinks it's too soon. But he's just so sweet and loving and they cut to another scene, and I get crazy.

    But in the end of the episode, they get home and after small talk, Chris simply says "Welcome home, Mrs Hayden", and Lorelai has this beautiful ring on her finger. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! They got married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never loved 'Gilmore Girls' this much!!!!!

    Also, for the first time this season, I liked Rory. As much as I hate her "Girls Gone Wild" (according to Paris) friends Lucy and Olivia, Rory was on her sweet, cute ways again. Maybe it's because I'm graduating High School next year and have the same worries Rory had on this episode about where is her life going, but I think all the scenes were pretty well written. And I tought Rory's hair looked pretty great in pink. Oh, and Marty's back, pretending he doesn't know Rory. That's a wait and see.

    Lane and Zach are having twins!!! That is SOOO sweet! All their scenes with Mrs Kim were completely hilarious, and I can't wait to see them all living together. But nothing matters, because Lorelai and Christopher are now Mr and Mrs Hayden!!!!!!! Thank you, David Rosenthal, for this wonderful early Christmas gift!!!!!!!!
  • The marriage was rushed and not much seems to be happening this season.

    So the whole Paris thing was bearable but not exactly entertaining. It was very lovey-dovey and not what I really tune in to Gilmore Girls for...I agree with others that the marriage was really rushed, all Christopher said was please and then we found out she said yes...her face at the end already screams regret. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting but just wasn't what GG is...

    As for Rory not much happened but at least she remained in character. She had a panic attack about what she'll do next...her new friends aren't developed enough yet but I loved the Marty thing at the end. The way he pretended not to know her was interesting. The Lane/Mrs Kim stuff was funny, with her moving into their house.

    So...a filler episode except the annoyingly bad marriage. Just not great writing.
  • The way Rory described how she felt like she was on an edge of cliff, and not sure where or what to do next I was like 'oh my gosh that is exactly how I'm feeling!'

    I was feeling really teary when I watched this episode anyway because of what is going on in my life, but the way Rory described how she felt like she was on an edge of cliff, and not sure where or what to do next I was like 'oh my gosh that is exactly how I'm feeling!', in fact I said it out loud at the time. I've got half year of Sixth Form college left and I have lots of pressure on me to get good grades for uni, where I'm going to do Biology, but I'm only doing that because I have no clue what I want to do with my life and Biology seemed like the right choice for me, I want to end up doing something I love..
    Before I get too depressed/worried again I just want to say, this is one of the reasons why I love Gilmore Girls so much, even though it's in a different country and not exactly like my life, I can relate to the show so much, and I think that's what makes a good, make that great show!

    I've skimmed over other reviews for this episode and I really don't how people can't like this episode..or maybe I'm bias... although I guess it is true the whole Lorelei and Christpher thing in Paris was bit boring to watch (mainly because I prefer Luke!)

    Great episode!
  • Lorelai and Chrip elopes!!

    OK - this is not easy for me. I don't really understand why they should get married now. It seems so rushed and out of character for Lorelai. She's been so afraid of getting married consistently, and now all of a sudden she is convinced by chris saying "please..."!??! I don't think so... Off course this isn't going to last. Lorelai obviously still has feelings for Luke, so this marriage has to fail, unfortunately...
    I liked the fact that we got under Rory's skin a bit. She's been kinda blah this season so far, so it was nice to see her thinking and talking about something else than Logan.

    Not the greatest epi!
  • Lorelai,Chritopher and GiGi set off for Paris to meet up with GiGi mother Sherry who wants to make a ammends with her daughter. Rory is dealing with Logan and editor withdrawal and Lucy and Olivia to help her. This epsiode ends with an unexepted twist.

    This episode was a very heart-warming yet sad episode. The relationship between Lorelai and Christopher grows while they reminse over past romatic moments and spend romantic moments in Paris.

    Rory suffering from Logan and Editior withdrawal tries to move on. Paris tries to help her out but Rory turns to her party friens Louise and Olivia and road trip down to Stars Hollow.

    Lorelai and Christopher travel to Paris to allow GiGi's estranged mother Sherry to make ammends with her daughter. Christopher uses his current finacial situation to make things go his way and treats Lorelai to a 5am breakfast at a romatic restaurant.

    Rory tries to deal with her feelings about the paper, Logan and now why her friend Marty lied about knowing her.

    The episode ends with Christopher and Lorelai arriving home, supposedly married.
  • i know after lorelai slept with chris she had to break up with luke, but to be married with chris?!?!?! the series has reached its lowest point

    i don´t even know where to begin
    this was one of those episodes that you just can´t get over with, i mean who thought that lorelai and chris should be married? that´s like the worst thing that could happen in the series, that´s reaching a very low point
    i mean i wasn´t really excited about this new season since amy sherman-palladino and daniel palladino left the series, but to marry lorelai and chris? that´s taking thing on a very bad level, it makes me feel like this series it´s not worth watching any more, and it makes me sad because the series used to be so good the first five years, it´s a shame
  • Can it get any worse than this Drivel? Uh its not letting me pick 0 as a score, least going into the negatives (which this episode surely deserves)

    Im a Christopher fan, but even I found this to be a complete waste of an hour.

    The whole thing felt completely rushed. Useless to be a fact. We spend one season with Lorelai building a marriage with Max only for it to fall down, two seasons with Luke only to see that fall down, and this new guy Rothensal comes and we get Lorelai and Christopher marrying in 7 episodes. Oh well done. You may have gotten all the sayings right and how they talk, but you obviously haven't learnt how Amy and Dan have plotted out their storylines in the last six years.

    And dont get me started about this "French" setting. The backdrops were some of the worst I have ever seen and the accents were horrendous. Try and be cheap somewhere else CW, because you're ruining the show while trying to do it here.

    Im off Gilmore Girls for life at the moment. At least I'll have the first six seasons when i go to my grave.
  • Worst episode EVER!!!!!!

    I was shocked when I read the spoiler about this in TV Guide. I had decided not to watch the episdoe but I gave in. I regret it highly. Christopher just wants to seal the deal. He knows Lorelai will bail out on him so he's just gotten her surrounded with a lot of romantic (if you want to call it that) crap so she'll be practically hypnotized into eloping! She's awfully stupid. She loves Luke deep down but doesn't want to come to that realization just yet.

    I did like the Mrs. Kim storyline but that was the only good part of the episode. This CANNOT last!
  • Rory relinquishes her position as editor of the Yale Daily News. Lucy and Olivia help her with the transition with a girl's night out in Stars Hollow. Lorelai and Christoper take Gigi to see her mother and get caught up in the romance of Paris.

    It's unfortunate that the writers can't wake Lorelai up from this nightmare and have her sleeping next to Luke on their honeymoon. That said...What is Christopher thinking! He pushed Lorelai into this marriage when she was too vulnerable emotionally to make such a life altering decision. Does he really think this can last?...and by the way how could it even be a legal marriage? It was opportunistic and shameful to push his agenda in this way. His reckless behaviour will end up hurting not only Lorelai but also Rory. It won't be particularly easy for him and Gigi either. This was extremely poor judgment and nothing good will come of it. Well maybe that's not true. Lorelai will finally realize that when she was 16 she made the right decision and there will no longer be that nagging doubt in her mind.

    I just don't get Lucy and Olivia. I'm not sure if it's the actors or the writers that have missed the mark on these characters. Maybe it's a little of both. There is no depth to the characters, so they leave you wondering what Rory could possibly have in common with them. It's understandable that Rory might experience a little angst with the end of her tenure as editor and the end of her senior year, but I just don't believe she would fall apart the way she did. In the first place she would wait until her mother came home and in the second place she is so driven she would throw herself into some sort of academic or career pursuit instead of falling apart with people she has known for two minutes...but that's just one reviewer's opinion.
  • Isn't It Romantic?

    Rory says farewell to her position as the Yale editor, and is very sad and confused about what she's going to do with her adult life. Ahhh, welcome to the rest of your LIFE! Adulthood sucks! Oh, sorry. This leads her to call Lucy and Olivia and invite them to Stars Hollow where they sit around coloring their hair (pink!) and melting down about the future. Arriving back at Yale, Rory meets Lucy's boyfriend who she is surprised to find is her old pal Marty. He pretends that he doesn't know her and hurts her feelings. Hey, what could be worse than Lane having Zach's baby? Having two of them! Lane's having twins, and is finally forced to tell Mrs. Kim that she's pregnant. MamaKim is so happy, she insists they move in with her. They turn her down. Lorelai and Chris fly to Paris where they dump Gigi off with her mom and promptly fall asleep from jet lag. They wake up starving and run around the city trying to find something to eat, and end up doing a lot of remembering about "when [they] were sixteen." They hurry back to the hotel for sweet, sweet lovin'. Sorry, again. Finally, Christopher pulls some strings and takes her to the fanciest restaurant in Paris at 5 in the morning...where they get all I-love-you-kissy-kissy-oooh-la-la. They're so swept up by the sun coming up over the Eiffel Tower that Christopher proposes. Not only does she say yes, but they go ahead and get married. Here comes the ugh.
  • So sweet and romantic

    This episode was soo cute! Chris is trying soo hard too make Lorelei happy. I still think Lorelei should be with Luke. They just belong together... But for the time being, Chris is a very good second. He is too sweet. I can hardly believe there are such sweet men on this earth.

    And Miss Kim was great too! Hilarious, how she reacts on the pregnantcy of Lane. Well acctually how Zach reacts when he thinks Miss Kim is gonna be mad after telling her Lane is pregnant... "Hit me!It's my fault not Lane's" I only thought Rory's "breaking"... having a void and stuff, was kinda weak. It is gonna be interesting seeing Marty again... Being "Boyfriend". I don't think that's gonna have an happy ending.
  • The show is getting worse and worse

    I really was a huge Fan of the Gilmore Girls but this season just sucks! The old Lorelai had never married Christopher so fast. The new writers of the show are not like Amy Shermann, they suck. I mean whats next? Luke will marry April\'s Mom? I hope Amy will return and turn the show back into what it was - a hit show!!!
  • No, bad...

    No, bad idea. Chris and Lorelei, yea right. She belongs with LUKE not CHRIS. Bottom of the barrel is to nice, more like bottom of the out house. It is asking for the show to be canaled. I almost turned it off and Gilmore Girls forever. I couldn't take about it until now. And it still boils my blood. If losing Luke and Lorelei's wedding wasn't toucher we had to hear Chris call Lorelei his wife. And Rory is not involved, It's her parents for crying out loud. The only reason I watched the next week and after that was to see if they would show more of Lanes story, that was so funny.
  • God! what a frigging twist!! i still don't know if I like it or what, but I know that this is HUGE...I really didn't think that Lor would do that but..gee that's why I love this show..hope thge writers handle it in a good way....

    Lorelai goes with Chris to Paris to take GG visit her mom and both have an unforgettable time at the city of lights and La Tour Eiffel; just like Katie and Tom. Lane's got a new house member that turns upside down her life. Lane's mom moves in with her to take care of the incoming child of the threats a house might mean. Rory's got two new party-wacky-lady-buddies and an old friend who denies her. Marty reappears as one of her new friends boyfriend, but has issues telling about their friendship in the past. And a shocking finale, including a wedding ring.
  • One of the worst chapters ever!! I hated the fact that Loreai and Chris got married, it's just too much!! What's next?? Rory getting back with Dean?? Come on!!!!

    I hated this chapter so much! Lorelai nor marrying Luke was a bad idea, but marrying Chris is too much!! Them going togheter to France was the worst idea's like the writers have no more ideas!! Can't the writers see that Luke is the one ment for Lorelai? They should be togheter and give the show a nice ending, and stop all this nonsense. I used to love this show but now I am full of it. What's next? Rory getting back with Dean? come on!!!! When the show is going nowhere is time to end it, I wouls rather stop seeing it because it is over than because I don't like it any more!!!
  • WOW Paris..Lorelai and Chris together in Paris!! Chris = Rich..Boring Episode.

    This was a horrible episode...I thought it was going to be interesting and it's was made me want too go to sleep. It's bad on the writers part about not showing them getting married..Come on, of course we are going to want to see Lorelai get Married..That's what we have been waiting for since Season 1 with her and Max and now you don't show it..That's bad on your part. I really loved how Rory made new friends, but Rory needs to move on with her life without Logan...Logan and her are not meant to be. But this was a horrible episode and I almost said no more..But I can't because I am a huge fan of Gilmore girls and Lauren Graham.. Hopefully no more episodes like this.
  • This\'s the last episode I\'ll ever watch of Gilmore Girls. Sure, it\'s been stupid, April, Lane\'s pregnancy with twins after one night, but this, this has gone too far. It\'s completely unbelievable. Lorlelai is not like this.

    They let us get to know Lorelai over the years and we do. We know that first and foremost her relationship with Rory is crucial. It is by far the most important relationship to her. Even if she was suddenly not committment phobic she would never ever get married without Rory being there. I simply can\'t bear it any more. They have finally pushed me too far. They have taken a great show with great characters, that was the highlight of my week and made it something so trite and stupid that I am now embarrassed that I ever watched. I should have known that nothing good could remain on television, oh, it could remain but it could not remain good. And it didn\'t. It makes me very sad.
  • Lorelai and Christopher take Gege to Paris to be with her mom Sherri. Lorelai and Christopher check into a gorgous hotel and they fall asleep during the day and miss their dinner reservations. Christopher payes the restarant to open at night.

    This episode of Giilmore Girls is my favorite episode. I loved how Lorelai admired the bed. I also liked the end of the episode where they finally ate at that fancy restarant. Another good part was when they were roaming around the Paris streets at night and she remebers a time when Christopher brought her pizza after she finished a test. I love this episode. I could not take my eyes of the bed every time they showed the bed. Other times their words just kept me laughing. I totally give this episode one hundred stars and two hundred thumbs up.
  • I thought \'The Long Morrow\' was going to be the most painful episode...

    I was completely expecting them to be all lovey dovey in Paris. That was just a bullet that I was fully prepared to bite. What was helping me, at the beginning of the season, get through stuff like this was the knowledge of knowing that LorELAI was just going through the motions and a big dose of denial. When she said i love you so effortlessly to Chris, I almost cried I was so mad. Not only did she say it, but she said it like 3 times. If that was not a big f you to L/L fans, I dont know what was. I mean...damn.
  • good show whose storyline takes a bad turn... here's hope for recovery

    alright I barely watch any television, but Gilmore Girls is one of those shows that I just started watching and had to catch up over the past year with my friends DVDs and yes, illegally downloading episodes via the internet. so yes, obviously my devotion to this show is not nearly as intense as many other reviewers. but i got addicted recently, and all i have to say is:
    the show is still funny this season. i dont think its 'gone up in flames' or is at 'the bottom of the barrel' as many reviewers have gone so far as to say. the actors are still hilarious, and the writing is... good. obvi its not as great as past seasons, but its cool. its still an entertaining show.
    but letsbe real: nobody wants chris and lorelai to end up together. and im sure that the new writers are aware as well. so heres hoping that the season turns around fast. there are still like 15 episodes left. the rory storyline isnt interesting me too much anymore... im just ready for luke and lorelai to tie that knot.
    my specific thoughts on the luke and lorelai situation: i feel as if they CANT stay apart forever. i dont remember exactly where and in what season it occured, but that little conflict with Dean and Luke stands out: Luke called Dean out on being a prick, and Dean goes on and on about Lukessituation being the same as Deans was with Rory... how Dean and Luke are just small town guys who arent going anywhere else with their lives... how Lorelai is going to get bored of Luke, etc. Well, the way I see it, if the show doesnt put Luke and Lorelai back together, it\\\'s just going to completely affirm all that stupid BS that Dean was preaching. PLEASE WRITERS, DONT DO THAT! Luke and Lorelai were perfect BECAUSE they completely contradict the \\\"perfect\\\" looking couple that Chris and Lorelai make. Yes, Chris comes from a \\\"good family\\\" in the words of Emily Gilmore. Yes, Chris has money. Yes, he is Rorys dad. But none of these reasons should put them together. Luke and Lorelai compliment each other. They are definitely NOT the same, but they appreciate each other and the love between their characters was believable.
    The love between Lorelai and Chris, however... NOT believable. Im going to trust the new writers, though. Im going to trust that they know the show and its past well enough to do the right thing in the end. And hopefully the season is going to improve. B/c I will admit, its getting a little hard and slightly annoying to watch.
  • This episode was an interesting mix of adventure and sentimentality between Loralei and Chris. Kudos to the writers for that development.

    As a viewer, I've had some difficulty in warming up to Chris's character. I think he is almost too superficial in his interactions with the other characters. Then I will notice an emotional side of his character, and notice how well the actor can present a reasonable balance of being needy and giving in his character's interpersonal relationships. With our beloved Loralei, I can understand how hard it is to "commit". There is too much old baggage in the character's life, and it keeps getting in her way to happiness. I truly enjoy the writing and how the directors handle Loralei's ambivalence when she is "pressed" to make a choice about an interpersonal relationship, other than her relationship with Rory. Emily and Richard "push my buttons" too, so I can relate to Loralei, but I have the safety of my home from being "Gilmored." (One has to love a term that defines being undermined by one's family.) I really enjoy relating to this series. Kudos to how hard everyone works to make the series successful inspite of all the hurdles.
  • Lorelai goes to paris with Chris n he\'s so romantic with her there. Rory freaks out about the future n spends some time with the 2 crazy friends she got. Lane had to face her mom n the pregnency.

    When Lorelai started to date Chris, it was a little silly \'cause one minute she was with luke and the next she was with chris. Now, they\'re in paris and, besides he\'s a gentleman with her, they don\'t seem that perfect for me, that \"meant for each other\". Meanwhile, Rory got new friends and start to do crazy things with them (like logan with colin and finn) and suddenly she freaks out about what\'s next with her and the future. And like the writter didn\'t had imagination while he was writing this, Lane tells her mom she\'s pregnant with twins and mrs kim moves in their house \"to help them\", like they don\'t have enough problems with the idea of being parents that soon.
    The cherry in the top, was when Lor and Chris come back from paris and he calls her \"Mrs Hyden\", you realize that they really got married. The only good part of the episode was when Chris walks out and Lor is like dissapointed and like asking her self what she have done now!!!
  • Each episode gets worse. i don\'t know why i torure myself. I keep hoping that the old Gilmore Girls show up. but each week i am saddly mistaken.

    Why, OH, Why did the network not keep the Palladino\'s? what were they thinking. the quality of the episode was awful. it was torture. it is not the same show. the old episodes ROCKED, these are not good. I am going to have to find another show to watch on tuesdays or just stick in dvd\'s of previous episodes to get my gg fix. this episode was truely the worst of the season. as if lorilei would go and get married without Rory. OH PLEASE!!! have the current writers watched any of the previous seasons? it is sad to see this show go down in flames.
  • This episode was hopefully as bad as it gets for the old GG fans like me, because one thing was made clear in this episode, it\'s not GG anymore!

    This episode was hopefully as bad as it gets for the old GG fans like me, because one thing was made clear in this episode, it\'s not GG anymore! You might like the new dialogues, you might even like the new story, you might actually become a fan, but only if you just tuned in. The episode was not actually \"bad\", it was pretty average for a rather good show. But no, this wasn\'t Gilmore Girls anymore. It\'s like they kept the actors and the title, changed the story and the characters. They all seem to be someone else!

    Why do I seperate them like this? Because they are completely seperated, there is NO interaction between them anymore, not even Rory and Lorelai seem to be talking! First of all, Rory. Why make up two girls who are just like Colin and Finn and make them Rory\'s new best friends? Doesn\'t make any sense at all. Yes she did get along with Colin and Finn but it\'s not like she was crazy about them. So now she has two new best friends, Paris is completely out of the picture (I remember when she and Logan broke up, who did she go to? Nope it sure wasn\'t Colin and Finn!) and Logan seems to be written out of the story altogether. She cries with two girls she has seen a couple of times, but doesn\'t call Logan. Is he even still there? What was the point about Marty and his hair? I mean no one could possibly care about Marty in any way! Rory doesn\'t know where she is going? That\'s weird, why would someone like Rory NOT know whether to go to gradschool or not? She ALWAYS knew what to do and all of a sudden it hits her, she has no idea what to do with her life...

    Lorelai: It\'s hard to put all my anger into words but, who is Lorelai? Seriously! Does she even have personality in this season? She gets together with Chris because he is so sweet (never seemed to turn her on that much in the past), oh and she marries him (because he is so sweet and he wanted to do it when they were 16 or what?) just like that (why would she prepare so much for a wedding with luke just one season ago and then marry CHRIS in a matter of hours after he proposed?) and without Rory (she didn\'t even tell her, have they even spoken to each other this episode?).
    Whats that look at the end of the episode? Does she regret it? Why would she, she never gets bullied into something she doesn\'t want, oh wait, I forgot, that was the old Lorelai!
    Oh and the trip to paris, what the hell was that? A cheesy blur, nothing more. The music, so NOT french, the people, SO NOT french, the whole thing SO NOT romantic Luke/Lane: There is absolutely no point in this storyline, it has nothing to do with Rory or Lorelai, it would be like having a story about Rory\'s grandpa and his problems at work. How boring can you make it? Luke isn\'t THE MAN anymore, he is a very different and very strange person. I dont like \"new Luke\". Who cares about him and his daughter? Yes it was interesting while there still was Lorelai but why do we see him now dating a swim teacher like in the last episode? No point to the story. Lane is a similar matter, we dont hear or see her a lot and then when we do, there is no evolution in the characters or the story, it just simply jumps. So now we have three completely different storylines with no interaction between them and the characters are completely changed. I am not saying its a bad show, I am just saying its not Gilmore Girls anymore like it used to be. If you just tuned in, and you like it, stick with it and enjoy. If you are an old fan who has seen every episode, you are probably going through the same thing I am. If you guys want the old fans to keep watching, bring the Palladinos back!
  • I'm actually starting to like Lorelai and Chris.

    This episode was very cutesy and I enjoyed it. I thought at the beginning when Lorelai was interacting with Gigi i thought she was very cute and i thought is showed how great Lorelai really is with kids. I think this episode really showed how cute Chris and Lorelai are together and as i was watching it i started thinking that they are very good together and i'm happy that they got married. I know people are not going to like it, but if they watch the episode then they will see the chemistry between the two.
    Rory's story was also very interesting, i dont know if i like her pink hair, but these two new girls seem very cool. i also like the fact that they brought back marty. i thought him and rory should have been together and i hope that they have a nice connection durring the season.
  • Marty comes back in the picture, Lorelai and Chris get married and Rory freaks out about the future. Oh! and Lane is pregnant with twins!

    Is it me or is gg becoming worse episode by episode. I know they changed writers but the ppl currently writing it is like they never saw gg before in their lives. I believe that the show is seriously lacking in dialogue. The scenes miss the quick wit that is such a feature of Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai got married with Christopher is not something i dont like because Christopher is hot but what i dont like is the manner that was done, so in the spur of the moment which is not something that Lorelai does ever! Lorelai doesnt get pushed to do that and now she is married, and the whole Paris scenes were like a bland and dumb romantic comedy set in Paris...all i am saying in this scenes i was like yuck! Lorelai doesnt do cute things that are too sweet, what are these writers thinking! And then the Marty storyline! wtf was that!? Who cares about Marty, Amy and Dan did it and it is over, who cares who he is dating and why and why he is not speaking to Rory. This is the most mundane and unnecessary plot line ever on Gilmore Girls! Only the Lane story was good the rest was bad! Again i love christopher so i dont care if she ends up with him, i just dont like the way it was done!
    amy dan where are you !!! we GG fans miss you insanely much!!!
  • In this episode Chris and Lorelia go to France. Oh and get married! Rory does annoying stuff with her two new idiot colin and fin type friends. But at the end MARTY! comes back and is Olivia's boyfriend. But then Mary acts like he doesn't

    This episode was one of the best ones in season 7 (which isn't saying much). The writing was better and Lorelai wasn't too annoying (funny in some parts). Rory on the other had was very annoying with her new friends. Rory would have never died her hair PINK! and she would never hang out with those ditzy girls. I don't like that Lorelai married Chris, but it adds drama to the show and it could lead to Lorelai and Luke getting back together! At the very end, Marty (my love) came back and acted like he had no idea who Rory was. Ooo Marty grew some balls, I like it. Rory deserved it, she could tell Marty liked her and continued to lead him on! ugh next weeks episode looks pretty interesting, but this season doesn't feel right. DR is no ASP, even though the show is not as good as it used to be it is still awesome.
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