Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 17

Gilmore Girls Only

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2007 on The WB
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Lorelai plans a road trip to North Carolina to attend the wedding of Mia, the woman who took in Lorelai and Rory and served as a surrogate mother/grandmother for many years. Rory has a fight with Logan over his immature reaction to his business disaster, and agrees to go on the trip with Lorelai. Emily invites herself along in an effort to get away from Richard, who is driving her crazy while he recuperates at home. At the wedding, Emily is upset by the close relationship Mia shares with Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai learns that Emily came to see Mia five years earlier to ask for pictures of Lorelai and Rory during the years they were estranged. Logan makes a surprise appearance and asks Rory to forgive him. Meanwhile, Lane and Zach ask Luke to be the godfather to their twins. Finally, Lane goes into labor and Luke helps get everyone to the hospital.moreless

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  • Lorelai, Rory and Emily goes to Mias wedding in North Carolina.

    I must admit that I am a sucker for these episode where the relationship between Emily and Lorelai has a chance to grow and become better. Lorelai reluctantly had to take Emily along for the ride, and it was very obvious that Emily wasn't comfortable at the wedding. She was very Emily, getting the other guests to get her water, and just sitting on the couch looking bored. Mia makes Lorelai realise how hard that period when they were estranged, must have been for Emily. So it ends up with Lorelai telling Emily that she understands it. And you could tell that it was really nice for Emily to hear that... :)

    I also liked Rory's part in this episode. It was really good to see her being a bit hard on Logan and finally standing up to him. She's been so in to him that she has lost her edge, and it suited her that she didn't just forgive him right away for just showing up... It is going to be really interesting where the new storyline for Logan is going to lead them. What is he going to do now when nobody expects anything of him...? ;)moreless
  • The gilmore girls leave on a road trip to annas wedding!! to blow off steam but gess who also tags along Ms.gilmore! and leads to annas wedding and at the end pregant lane has her twins!!moreless

    i thought this episode was good!! it had alot of things the other episodes didien't!! like lane haveing her twins and ms.gilmore on a road trip!! and ana returns because its her wedding there goin to!! all in all i thought this episode was very special to the series! you gotta love gilmore girls!!
  • The writers are finally off drugs making this one of the best episodes this season

    I have been complaining about what the writers have been doing to this show for the entire season. From the horrible and pathetic christopher episode to the boring relationship between Rory and Logan,i have hated this season so badly. And then, light at the end of the tunnel. The writers decided to stop doing drugs and he destruction of one of my favorite shows has stopped, for t least this episode.

    This episode just brings back all the great things about the gilmore girls that we all love: tension btween lorelai and emily, great sarcasm, and sweet memories from seasons before. I was giving up on the girls, i thought there was no way the show would end in a way i would be satisfied, but this episode brings back the hope that i have lost. The gilmore girls are back, and maybe, it will be with this great writting that the show will end.moreless
  • Better than most of the episodes this season. All three Gilmore Girls go on a road trip, and Lane has her babies.

    I didn't like this episode as much as I liked the previous one, but it was still pretty good. It was nice to see all three Gilmore Girls together. Emily's lack of humor was also pretty funny, and it was good to see that Lorelai finally realized what her mother must have gone through when she left. I just hope that all the bonding between them over the past episodes doesn't go to waste and that they actually start to become closer. It was also so cute to see Zack and Lane ask Luke to be their children's godfather, and then later see Zack ask Luke for fathering advice. I really wish we would have been able to see Lane's twins, but maybe in the next episode we will. The most impressive thing about this episode was the Rory finally grew. She had spent so much time over the past seasons pinning for Logan and forgiving every bad thing he did. Finally, this time she stands up to him when he tries to crash the wedding and get her listen to him. When she said, "This is so last year's Logan," I actually yelled "Yes". Rory always had a backbone before, but seemed to loose it when around Logan, catering to his every need. It was nice to see Rory be the strong woman she is.moreless
  • Gilmore Girls road a Jag, of course...and Luke is reverse adopted by Lane and Zack.

    So...I was not a fan of the sixth season...Thought that ASP really lost her way, and actually maybe even went out of her way to alienate her audience...Characters that she had spent years developing were turned into people I didn't even recognize...I didn't hold out much hope for this season, especially with the Christopher/Lorelai elopement and then break-up...The Lorelai I have come to know wouldn't marry Chris and then three shows later be done...I was just about done with the show...I kept watching more out of habit than anything else...It was like a trainwreck...I wanted to know what else they could do to ruin what had been one of my favorite shows...and then they actually handled the Chris/Loreali breakup in a way I could wrap me head around...and since then I have actually been enjoying the episodes...Not sure how I am going to feel when they revisit the Luke/Lorelai drama, but for now, I am quite content to watch Stars Hollow baby showers and Gilmore road trips...I think the Lorelai/Emily dynamic is probably the most interesting relationship on the show...And despite Mia having to point out the obvious to Lor...I definitely loved how it ended with the girls (and that includes Emily) chowing down on vending machine junk food and watching Smith on the boob tube...I am not sure what they are going to do with the Logan storyline...I have never really been a fan, but was starting to make my peace with the character when they had him revert back into an irresponsible playboy...and actually find it a little sad that Rory continually falls for his grand gestures, but then again I have never had a millionaire fly down just to say he was sorry, so what do I know? Either way...This episode wasn't quite what I expected, but given my low expectations for the season, I am not complaining in the least...moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Rory walking out to Logan with cake is very similar to a scene in "You Jump, I Jump Jack" where Logan walks into the forest with food to find Rory, who mistakenly thinks that he has brought food for her.

    • With this episode, audiences will notice a significant change regarding Rory's reactions toward Logan's immature, selfish behavior. One year ago, in Season 6's I'm OK, You're OK, Rory refused to stand up for herself when Logan slept with some other girls, and she took him back without much of a fight. This time, however, Rory is clearly tougher and less willing to put up with Logan's actions, making him work pretty hard for her forgiveness.

    • In this episode, Lorelai finally finds out about the run-in that Mia and Emily had in Season 2's The Ins and Outs of Inns, when Emily asked Mia for pictures of Lorelai and Rory that were taken during their 16-year estrangement. Apparently, five years went by before Lorelai was informed about this.

    • When Rory and Lorelai open the TV at their first night at the hotel we hear the opening music of the DVDs.

    • In the car, Lorelai tells Emily about the "skirf" she made for Rory when she was a baby. She explains that it is the first sewing project she ever made for Rory, however, in "The Festival of Living Art", Episode 4-7 she shows Sookie a little baby jumper and says...

      Lorelai: Same here. Rory's first jumper.
      Sookie: Bananarama?
      Lorelai:I made it out of one of my t-shirts. It was the first thing I ever made her - ever made, ever. It was post-Gilmore economy. Look how tiny.

      So the "skirf" wasn't the first thing she ever made.

    • While at the Wedding, Lorelai's hair is hanging down, loose, but at the motel, her hair is now pinned up.

    • When Emily first decides to go on the road trip with Lorelai and Rory, you can hear Rory call shotgun, meaning the passenger seat. In the next scene, though, she is riding in the backseat.

    • Listen carefully when Rory comes in at the very end to tell Lorelai and Emily that Lane had her twins. She clearly says "Lane had her baby!" instead of "babies."

      Edit: In addition, the closed caption for this scene definitely reads "Lane had her babies!"

    • When Rory came into the hotel room to tell Emily and Lorelai that Lane had her babies, she never closed the door to the room.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Lorelai: Those other cities are so far away, so expensive, so tiring. And plus, you know you can get a good cup of coffee in New York. I don't know about those other cities; they have crappy, crappy coffee.
      Rory: You mean like Seattle?

    • Howard: (to Lorelai and Rory) You are exactly as Mia described you. You both are. And believe me, she described you a lot.
      Lorelai: Well, hopefully, she left out all the bad stuff.
      Mia: There is no bad stuff.
      Emily: Lucky you!

    • Rory: Nice menus!
      Lorelai: Yeah, looks good so far.
      Rory: Oh, I love when they show pictures of the food!
      Lorelai: Yes, but I would be upset if I were that fried chicken. That picture makes her look fat!

    • Rory: Well, I need it to say more than that. I mean I'm hoping to hear from The San Francisco Chronicle, The Seattle Times, The Detroit Free Press.
      Lorelai: Well honey, you can't ask one suit to say so much.

    • Emily: Why did they misspell "happiness?"
      Lorelai: Well, we'll find out.
      (Girls start to watch "The Pursuit of Happyness")
      Lorelai: There's your boyfriend, Mom.
      Rory: Who?
      Lorelai: Will Smith. Mom has a thing for Will Smith.
      Rory: You like Will Smith?
      Emily: (embarrassed) I....I think that he's very charming.
      Rory: That's all right.

    • Lorelai: I always seem to forget that my mother doesn't play well with others.
      Mia: Oh, I think she's doing very well, considering.
      Lorelai: Considering?
      Mia: Well, considering me, you, and Rory, and our past.
      Lorelai: Yeah, so? We have a past.
      Mia: Seeing me with the both of you must bring back some very painful memories. Imagine how painful it must have been for her to lose you.
      Lorelai: She didn't lose me. I embarrassed her, so I had to leave.
      Mia: But, Lorelai, even in the best of circumstances, you never want to think that your child doesn't need you anymore.
      Lorelai: She just wanted me out of the house so she wouldn't have to explain why my school uniform didn't fit anymore.

    • Rory: What the hell are you doing here?
      Logan: I'm sorry, I don't mean to crash this. I just need to talk to you.
      Rory: How did you know where I was?
      Logan: I called Paris, she found the invitation. I kept trying your cell, but you didn't pick up.
      Rory: Well, that's the advantage of caller ID.
      Logan: I get it. You're still mad.
      Rory: No kidding!
      Logan: But I'm here now, so you have to talk to me. That's the advantage of showing up in person.
      Rory: Wow. I can't believe you're still doing this. This is so last year, Logan.
      Logan: What?
      Rory: You think you can just fly anywhere I am and overwhelm me, and sweep me off my feet? I'm just not impressed anymore by your grand gestures!

    • Lorelai: Where did you go off to?
      Rory: Logan showed up.
      Lorelai: What?
      Rory: Yeah.
      Lorelai: Where is he?
      Rory: Outside, leaning against the car.
      Lorelai: Why? You wouldn't let him come in?
      Rory: No.
      Lorelai: Really? Wow, look at you, all tough love!
      Rory: I'm still mad at him. I'm not going to melt just because he flies down here to see me. If we're gonna do this, it's gonna be on my terms!
      Lorelai: Wow.

    • Donna: Oh, hey, your toast was so great!
      Lorelai: Thanks. I didn't know I was going to be the only one.
      Donna: (while Emily is sitting right there) Oh, but you were the perfect choice! I mean, for God's sake, Mia was like a mother to you.

    • Lorelai: Have you seen "The Pursuit of Happyness?"
      Emily: Is that the one with Will Smith? He's so attractive.
      Lorelai: Mmm, Mom has a thing for Will Smith!
      Emily: I do not have a "thing" for him!

    • Lorelai: (about Rory) Oh, I bought her a suit.
      Emily: Did you?
      Lorelai: Yeah. It was so fun. I mean, it felt weird, you know? But we found something really great, and it just felt like a rite of passage.
      Emily: I'm sure.
      Lorelai: It made me imagine, you know, what's it's going to be like......after she leaves.
      Emily: Of course.
      Lorelai: It's going to be hard being without her.
      Emily: Well, I'm sure you'll get through it.
      Lorelai: What I mean to say is, Mom, I know that it was hard for you.

    • Mia: It's hard for me to think of little Rory with a boyfriend.
      Emily: She's not so little anymore.
      Mia: I know. I just hope she doesn't get her heart broken.
      Emily: I can assure you, if anyone does any heartbreaking, it will be Rory.
      Mia: Probably.
      Emily: Definitely. She's such a smart, confident young woman. She's really amazing. Witty, charming, valedictorian in high school, editor of her college paper. Sounds as if she'll have her pick of jobs at newspapers all over the country. Rory will be fine.
      Mia: Well, you would know.

    • Emily: Well, good night.
      Rory: Oh, Grandma, aren't you coming in?
      Emily: Oh, no, I just wanted to walk you to your room, seeing as this isn't the safest of neighborhoods.
      Lorelai: Mom, now I feel like I should walk you to your car, and then you'll feel like you have to walk me back. Then we'll both be stuck in this terrible loop, and neither of us is wearing the shoes for that.
      Rory: Oh, Grandma, you should stay! We're going to get junk food out of the vending machines and watch a movie. Come on, don't you like Dots? (heads for the vending machines)
      Lorelai: Get some Little Debbies!
      Emily: Seriously, Rory, I can't stay!
      Rory: Too late, Grandma. I'm already getting you a Little Debbie!

    • (Lorelai putting down window)
      Emily: What are you doing?
      Lorelai: It's stuffy.
      Emily: It's too cold to have the window down.
      Lorelai: Mom, just let me have it down...oh my God.
      Emily: Lorelai, stop playing with the window!
      Lorelai: I'm not playing, I just want it down and you're making it go...are you kidding me? Pl...mother I'm putting it...I'm putting it...wha, (gasps) Mom!
      Emily: It's called a child lock, appropriately enough.

    • (Lorelai holding phone at Emily's face so Rory can hear Emily)
      Emily: Oh and we'll take my car, I have no intentions on driving 800 miles in an army vehicle.
      Rory: Shot gun?
      Lorelai: Mmmh.

    • Rory: (talking to Lorelai on cell phone) Does Grandma want to come?
      Lorelai: Uh...yes, but no.

    • Lorelai: (answering cell phone) Hey kid!
      Rory: I'm in!
      Lorelai: Er, robbing the bank?

    • Logan: Aw, you didn't have to bring me cake.
      Rory: I didn't.

    • (Emily and Lorelai discuss Richard)
      Emily: He's just become a pain in the you-know-what.
      Lorelai: Nose? Ear?
      Emily: Would it really please you to hear me say "ass"?
      Lorelai: You know, I wasn't sure. But yes, it would!

    • Zack: Okay, here's the thing - Lane asked me to ask you about tomorrow like a long time ago and I kinda forgot so she'd be really mad if you cancelled at the last minute...
      Luke: Yeah, I'm not cancelling, I haven't accepted!
      Zack: Well let's not get into, you know... semantics; it'd be a bummer if you bailed cause she's been cooking for like 2 days!
      Luke: Okay! Yeah, tomorrow night... that sounds fine.
      Zack: Great! I hope you like curry cause Lane's gone curry crazy
      Luke: Uh, I'm not big on curry.
      Zack: Well, maybe you can...pick around it.

    • Zack: Lane's right! You rock as a boss!
      Luke: Ya, how is she doing?
      Zack: Oh dude, she is about ready to burst!
      Luke: Oh ya?
      Zack: Yeah, she's like a giant pinata just waiting for some kid to take a mallet to her stomach and free all the goodies inside!
      Luke: I'm thinking a doctor might be a better way to go!

  • NOTES (8)


    • (Richard comes into the office wearing a jogging suit)
      Lorelai: Hi, Dad. Nice threads, do you have a lunch with Tony Soprano?

      Tony Soprano is the head of the mob family of a show called The Sopranos, and he usually wears the same cashmere jogging suit that Richard was wearing.

    • Lorelai: Have you seen "The Pursuit of Happyness"?

      The Pursuit of Happyness is an Academy Award-nominated 2006 drama film produced by Overbrook Entertainment, Escape Artist, and Relativity Media, and released by Columbia Pictures on December 15, 2006. While it is based on the true story of Christopher Gardner, a family man struggling to make ends meet, the film takes some liberties with Gardner's actual story.

    • Mia: Well, she's right. The bride and groom have wild plans to take off all their clothes, jump into their pajamas, and listen to "A Prairie Home Companion."

      A Prairie Home Companion is a live radio variety show created and hosted by Garrison Keillor. The show runs two hours on Saturday afternoon from 5 to 7 p.m. Central Time, and usually originates from the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota, although it is frequently taken on the road.

    • Lorelai: All righty. Looks like our choices are "Hitch" or "The Lake House."

      Hitch is a 2005 romantic comedy film starring Will Smith, Eva Mendes, and Kevin James. Alex "Hitch" Hitchens is a professional "date doctor", who coaches other men in the art of wooing women.

      The Lake House is a 2006 romantic drama film remake of the Korean motion picture Il Mare (2000). It was written by David Auburn and directed by Alejandro Agresti and stars Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock as Alex Wyler and Kate Forster, as an architect and a doctor living in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

    • Rory: Good. But do you think it owes too much to Yeats?

      William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet, dramatist, mystic and public figure, brother of the artist Jack Butler Yeats and son of John Butler Yeats. He signed his works W. B. Yeats. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1923 for what the Nobel Committee described as "his always inspired poetry, which in a highly artistic form gives expression to the spirit of a whole nation".

    • Rory: Are you with Grandma?
      Lorelai: Yes, it's our Thursday computer lesson. And it's no "Tuesdays with Morrie."

      Tuesdays With Morrie is a bestselling non-fiction book by American writer Mitch Albom, published in 1997. The story was later adapted into a television movie on 5 December 1999, which starred Hank Azaria as Mitch and Jack Lemmon as Morrie. It is the true story of Brandeis University sociology professor, title personage Morrie Schwartz and his relationship with student Mitch Albom. Both the film and the book chronicle the lessons about life that Mitch learns from his professor, who is dying from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

    • Lorelai: Worked for Brenda Starr. Worked for Lois Lane.
      Rory: Ah so if I get a job as a journalist in a comic strip, this is the one.

      Both Brenda Starr and Lois Lane are comic book characters, both being reporters. Lois Lane is from the comic 'Superman' and Brenda Starr is from the comic 'Brenda Starr'