Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 6

Go, Bulldogs!

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on The WB

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  • Not one of the best episodes of this season!!

    I really thought this episode was a bit boring. Nothing new happened. OK - so Chris is feeling bad that he wasn't there to experience Rory growing up. We get it - this has been a topic before, there's really no need to build an entire episode around it...
    Luke is finally ready to date again, or so he thinks. He must have had the date from hell with that awfull swimmingteacher. It's good that he is trying to get over Lorelai, but he shouldn't try too hard... ;)
    Things were still the same between Lorelai and her parents, it kinda baffles me that she is actually surprised that they are present at parents-week. Isn't that just like them..!?!
    All in all, not a great episode, I hope it gets better...
  • one of the worst episodes of the entire series

    ok so this was for sure one of the worst episode of the entire season
    nothing happened, i mean NOTHING, it was really boring watching this episode it made me feel like sleeping the entire hour, it´s like i wasted one hour of my time to watch this horrible episode i really hope this season gets better because so far they are not doing really good, this season has been the worst so far it´s clear that the writers have to do something good to keep the audience because if not the show better be cancelled before they end the season
  • Lorelai and Chris meet Rory and her friends at Parent's week-end at Yale. They also bump into Emily and Richard. Luke picks April up at her swimming practice and meets her kooky swimming coach whom he asks out on a date.

    I don't think this is the first time Chris realizes that he is an outsider in Lorelai and Rory's life. He seems to be in denial however and attempts to ingratiate himself by inviting the people at the paper out for lunch. It backfires when a big story breaks and Rory has to rush everybody off to cover it. Why do the writers insist on making Luke such a bumbling athlete. First of all, they made him golf like a fool and then they suggest that he doesn't know how to swim!!! Luke was a star athlete on the track team in High School. He loves baseball and we know that he played on a softball team with Dean. Baseball players know how to swing a club so how is it that Luke swung the club like an idiot when he played golf with Richard in season 5. Luke is obviously very coordinated and enjoys sports. He loves to camp and fish and now they suggest he can't swim because they want him to liaise with the swim coach. It is just so wrong in terms of character and story development.
  • Ratatphooey

    Lorelai prepares for her trip to France by practicing not the language of France, but the accent. Christopher guilts her with his cutesy words coming out of his stupid cutesy face to attend Parents Weekend at Yale. She says a lot of words back to finally agree. Chris gets way into it, all emotional about being Rory’s Failed Dad, especially when he is practically drowned under parental propaganda. Lorelai is shocked and appalled to run into Emily and Richard, who are attending the weekend. The two subvert the G-Units fancy dinner plans by taking the entire Yale newspaper staff to lunch. Christopher goes way too far to impress them, getting them all sauced, and Rory is frustrated when she has to whip all their asses out onto a big story. Luke is still overseeing the care of his alleged daughter, all smiles and full of fatherly pride. Seriously, at one point he smiles at her so big you can see all his teeth, which is practically unprecedented. He meets her swim coach who is...I’m sorry, as AB Chao would say, she’s “Not Cute,” and inexplicably asks the pushy chick on an actual date after she convinces him to attend her adult swim class. Delightfully, she is a huge psycho. Sookie is torn between two lovers, er, veggie men, when a new guy shows up hawking his eggplants. Her love for Jackson prevails.
  • Christopher, full of guilt feelings about not taking care of his daughter through the years, goes to Yale with Lorelai. Luke has changed, grows a sweet attitude towards people around him and accepts April\'s swimming coach invitation to dinner and repents

    Great episode in which finally we get to know what Luke is experiencing after the break-up. Some good comedy moments see him and other characters like Kirk, Lane, April and Susan bennet interact. Things are changing for Luke Danes, but in a definitely good way. Also the date with coach Bennet seems to exist just to make him more knowledgeable about his attachment to the people he sees every day and loves. Susan Bennet is an ass - he just hangs out with her to be polite and because he initially thought he could do like Lorelai (being immediately with someone else..). He is away from Lorelai right now, but is not filled with anger emotions anymore.
    The moments at Yale are sweet and depressing as Chris looks like a dork trying to win Rory\\\'s co-workers\\\' sympathy. In this episode they\\\'re desperately trying to make the loose joints in their relationship get more tight... But the elderly Gilmores seem to be an obstacle, as a matter of fact Lorelai finds out that all these years they have been attending the parents weekend instead of her. Lorelai too must be feeling like a failure!
    The exterior shots in Yale are just horrendous and the a cappella sequence with the young guys singing on the stairs is repulsive, but I think that each of this was intentional. LOL! Anyway, I like to see this episode as a Luke Danes fine portrayal and the Yale moments just filler ones... and seeing Scott Patterson wear something else than the usual flanel shirt and faded jeans (he wears a bathing suit) is just an indelible event. An episode to remember. I would have liked it entitled something like LUKE GOES VEGAN. Lane has two good scenes with April as a sort of baby-sitter and there is surprisingly a mysterious subplot involving Sookie and her new vegetable supplier.... I just hope they do proceed with it after the Proposal episode or it will become a hole in season 7\'s plot!
  • Lorelai and Christopher attend Yale's parents day.

    I thought that this episode was okay. i really did not enjoy it that much but i still gave it a high score. I really did not like that Richard and Emily attend all of Rory parents day since she was a freshman i kinda felt that they were trying to be Rory's parents. I thought that Christopher was over reaching when he invited the staff of the school paper to lunch but i was happy to see that he relaized his mistake. i thought that it was kind of weird to hear April call Luke dad it seemed like that rushed into that.
  • Loreli and Chris go to Yale for Parents Weekend. Big news happens at the Yale Daily News while Chris has taken out Rory's non friends to dinner and gotten them all drunk. Rory gets mad. Luke dates a BUTT UGLY swim coach.

    I think that this episode was full of a lot of nothing. Sookie and the vegetables? Ok, that was a little un neccesary. And Loreli and Chris? They still seem out of place with each other. Chris realizes that he wasn\'t the father he could have been which is a good thing. But nothing happend. It was definatly a filler episode as everyone else has pretty much said. I\'m begginning to see how the new writing is affecting the show. It is very upsetting. This is by far the worst episode so far this season. Next week should be very intersting though!
  • Not a bad episode, but....

    I had to laugh a couple of times, because Lorelei was back to her own snappy self, with cute remarks, like the coffee Ole and the subway remark to the waiter in the restaurant was cute too, but I have this nagging feeling that it's not what we want.
    To tell you the truth, I think that Christopher and Lorelei are more suited than Luke and Lorelei, and yet, I don't want it to happen.
    I always rooted for Luke, and even when everybody thought he was a jerk I understood and still rooted for him.
    I don't think that's gonna change real soon.
    So as nice as this episode was it's still not going well.
  • A heck of a lot of nothing happened. Bummer.

    I took great issue with the fact that there was no episode the week before, then in this episode, nothing happened. If you're going to make me wait a week for a new episode, then give me something! On another note: Did anyone else find it odd that Luke was so opposed to Vegan food? For someone who is supposed to be as anit-red meat and cholesterol ridden food, you'd think he'd be more open to it. Perhaps that's just me though. But in his defense, his date WAS annoying, I give him that. Where has Lane's husband been? I missed an episode in between, so it's possible he's made an appearance I was unaware of.
  • OK, I love this show, but is just me, or is Lorelai seem out of character this season?

    Alright, I admit, I like Christopher, I am a bit shocked at how serious him and Lorelai are getting, and I miss the old Luke and Lorelai diner banter. Usually it seems like Lorelai over analyzes all her relationships, now even though people have warned her about getting hurt with Chris, she is going head first not thinking about the consequences. Her biological clock must be ticking pretty hard....I still will tune in every week to see what unfolds.
  • Gilmore Girls. Episode 6

    Well, this wasn't exactly the most eventful episode ever, but, all in all, I do like it.

    Top ten:
    1. Lorelai's French accent. Yep, she is definitely ready for her European trip. LOL
    2. When Kirk started to sing his "free man" song and Luke claims that he was just planning to beat him up.
    3. Sookie calling Michel "Captain". Their characters are amazing, I never get tired of their punchlines.
    4. Luke's swim lesson. Absolutely hilarious.
    5. Lorelai's mail method. Such efficient.
    6. Chris trying to be Super Dad. Well, he was embarrassing but also sweet.
    7. Luke's face, as soon as he realized his date (that horrible swim couch) was a psycho.
    8. Chris and Lorelai attending the lecture. :D
    9. April and Luke's bond. I have to admit they're cute.
    10. Emily's expression when she saw Lorelai on Yale ground. Priceless.
  • Has anyone noticed that the ratings for this seasons episodes have all fell below the 9.0 ranking?

    This episode is just another attempt by poor writers to try and make this show more like every other show on network television. The banter is gone, the pettiness has arrived. Does it make any sense that the once witty Lorelai, now sits in a lecture and tries to annoy everyone in the audience? The main characters, which were once the best part of the show are now only the sideshow. I look forward to seeing Kirk, Sookie, and Luke way more than Lorelai and Rory. That's a shame, because the first five seasons were great, the sixth OK, and this one sucks. Sorry, it's the truth!! Just compare the ratings...
  • Good filler episode. And oh how I missed Emily\'s aloof-ness.

    This was a filler episode, but it was a good filler episode. The new writers are still finding their Gilmore voices, but they\'ve come along since the season premier. Lorelai still seems a little crazy, but not nearly as zombie-ish. It was definitely good to see Richard and Emily again. The Lorelai-Emily action is just as important to the show as is the Lorelai-Rory action. There\'s this strange family vibe that\'s happening between Chris, Lorelai and Rory, and that\'s interesting to watch. None of them quite know how to handle the new relationships they have with each other now that Chris and Lorelai are dating. And for the viewers to see Chris struggle with his absence in Rory\'s youth has to be a little twist for all of the Luke-Lorelai fans. Try to hate Chris all you want, but the writers aren\'t going to make it easy for you. Who else is glad we got to see Rory minus the pining for Logan?
  • still waiting!!!

    It seems that all of you people are enjoying the show except me!!!! what are they doing??? last episode when I wrote a review, mostt people disagreed :s but it is really disappointing seeing Lore acting like nothing happened, she wasn't with Luke month or two ago!!!!!! and now she's getting married, ridiculously awful, nothing much about town people, Luke is becoming lamer episode after the other.. Seriously!!!!
  • It's parents weekend and who doesn't love a capella?

    In general, I liked the episode, it was funny, light and nothing dramatic yet, yet being the keyword, because to me this story sets up for future episodes, especially for the Chris and Lorelai storyline, which the promo kind of shows. But also for Luke, who's starting to love April more and more and they're getting a bond. Cutting the episode into pieces though, first off Chris and Lorelai.
    I like Lorelai, despite what people say about her, I like her. She's back to to saying what's on her mind, something she hasn't done last season. She keeps on talking and talking and there's no end, and basically she's always been like that. Keep on talking, mocking, all of that! I really like her.
    As for the couple Chris and Lorelai, they're cute, i don't ship them and I find it somewhat awkward to see them on screen together, can't help it. That Chris felt awkward when being around those parents who were very involved in their children's life. I'm glad that this subject was finally brought up on the show, and in a nice way, resulting in Chris acting very very involved in Rory's life.

    April and Luke, i love them. April's laugh makes me laugh though, it's cute!
    At the end of the episode, when they sat on the couch together, it was like they were Rory and Lorelai for a minute, with the pizza in front of them, watching TV together. IMO you can see that Scott Patterson and Vanessa Marano really get along together, they've got a good vibe together, really at ease with each other. I like seeing that.. And seeing Luke swim was cool. And the whole swimming issue, that people bring up, he says that he doesn't swim and that he officially didn't learn how to swim, as in he never had swimming lessons. So he may have done it in the past, but he never learned the swimming techniques, so IMO there's a difference. I thought it was cute, and I was glad to see some quality airing time for Luke again :) And I loved that April called him 'dad' several times throughout the episode, really cute!
    Also Lane 'babysitting' April, I liked that. It's nice to see April interact with other characters besides Luke, and it's nice to see that they get along. In general it was good to see Lane again.. I'm actually quite excited about her pregnancy, can't wait to see her getting a small belly.

    Also Kirk and Lulu, adorable! Kirk was just hilarious in the entire episode. And his singing in the diner and Luke threatening to break his bones? Hilarious!

    I didn't feel like there was lots of Rory, but she was in quite a few scenes. Mostly about editorial stuff and it's nice to see her actually doing some real editorial stuff throughout an entire episode, nice change IMO. The YDN staff is funny too.. I like them!

    It was good to see Emily and RIchard, nice to see that they managed to add them in the episode in a very E/R way, by showing up to a parents thing while they're the parents. They were right about this not being Lorelai's thing, its not, hence why she didn't want to go in the beginning.

    Michel and 'The Captain'.. does he ever not crack me up? Love him, I also love Sookie and Jackson... So cute!!
    And Paris greeting Lorelai, in such a Paris-like way... She always tends to surprise you in these things.
  • Very funny show!

    This is a very funny episode of the show as
    It is parents weekend at Yale as Lorelei is shocked
    To see Richard & Emily there as she is with Christopher.
    As he is trying to prove how cool he is, Chris takes her
    Co-workers out to lunch as they all end up getting drunk. Also there is some "adult swimming? going on and flirting to add on top of it!
  • This episode quite clearly showcases the series' new writers are still trying to master the signature Gilmore Girls dialogue.

    An episode that has no major plot points revealed is fine, in fact a focus on character is what this show is known for. This episode stumbles over its trademark witty dialogue. That's not to say there aren't the share of good lselect lines, but it seems that Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel were picking up an ireregular amount of slack this particular episode. The dialogue never really seems honest or natural even considering it is a show that's known for being talk-heavy. The new writers are still trying to take the reins after the show lost it's primary voices.
  • It was a filler... but a good filler at that...

    ok so it took the new writers a long time, but they finally made Gilmore Girls funny again... This is the first time since season 5 i have actually laughed more than once during an episode...

    Lorelai's talking to Emily as if she were a answering machine was actually laugh out loud funny... to bad the scene had to be ruined with Christopher, but that's a whole other topic...

    Luke's date, looked like a boy, or a lesbain, which either way does not bode well for Luke. She was obnoxious, and i feel bad for the guy, the writers are not giving him any breaks... The only good thing about the swim lessons was getting to see Scott PAtterson without this shirt on... i'll be honest i have no idea what was said during that scene because i was to busy staring...

    any way... it was fianlly a good episode and hopefully the writing will continue to go up from here... and if we wish hard enough, maybe Chris will be mamed or something...
  • It's parents weekend at yale and Lorelai and Chris go as a couple. They take the newspaper staff out to lunch but they get an emergency call and have ot go back and pull an all nighter. Logan is not in this eppy *cry cry cry*

    Chris is being obsessive for what I think is good reason but takes it a little overboard. I think Rory was a little stressed this episode from chris beign back in her life and her being the editor for this big edition and not seeing logan enough. That is so sad Logan should be in every episode and FInn should be to, becasue i mean it's not gilmore girls without finn and logan haha it is but it's better with them. because both of them are hot. ok ok i'm pulling a rory ranting so much, but mostly it's just to finish up the review becasue i have nothing left to, oh wait that's 114 words, ok later.
  • Lor. and Christopher visit Rory at Yale, and Chris realizes that he has missed out on Rory's growing up! Luke goes out with Aprils coach and realizes that he let Lorelai go.

    During this episode Chris and Lorelai go to visit Rory at Yale when Christopher realizes that he missed out on Rorys life. To make up for the lost years he takes Rory and her newspaper staff out for drinks and dinner. When a call comes in and Rory has to leave to attend to the Yale Dailey News she realizes that her staff are all hung-over!

    While Back in StarsHollow Luke goes out on a date with his daughter Aprils swim coach. That was a total bust!!!! HE realizes that he let Lorelai go and tells Kirk (who wants to be "free" like Luke) not to break up with LULU and to cherish her completely!
  • They're Finally Getting It!

    Luke and Lorelai are finally understanding each other. In this episode, Luke realizes that he took Lorelai for granted and tells Kirk not to break up with Lulu. Meanwhile, Lorelai discovers that Chris feels guilty for not being a part of Rory's life. While she reassures Chris that everything worked out ok, I'm pretty sure she is thinking how crappy it was that Chris wasn't there for his daughter, and maybe she's beginning to realize that's why Luke had to be a part of April's life: so he wouldn't pull a Chris on his kid. Side notes: That swimming coach is ugly! I know Luke is lonely, but come on! I thought it was cute at the end when Luke and April are watching TV and eating pizza together. And Luke's apartment looks alot nicer with those colorful feminine touches. I know Lorelai and Chris elope next week, but I'm very confident that it will not last long. Luke and Lorelai Forever!
  • Ho Hum...

    For one of my favorite shows, I thought this was a boring episode. Just a filler of a day. It was basically a day in the life of the charaters with no events happening. Let's see...Lorelai and Chris went to parents day at Yale (showing their relationship grow). You got to see Rory in action at the paper (seen it before). Newest event was Luke deciding to go on a date with his daughters teacher/coach. (possibly symbolizing that he is moving on). We also got an update on the relationship of Luke and his daughter growing. All things that helps us as viewers with the show...but nothing outstanding. Usually there is a larger plot or "funny" happening along with things like that.
  • Not the best episode of the season, but very important to the story and still an impressive episode.

    This episode wasn\'t perhaps that dramatic or anything but I have to say I really enojoed it. I felt it established where everyone is right now and what exacty is going on and it did the one thing which Gilmore Girls does best, it still made it very family. I particularly liked Chris in this episode, we get to see him differently and realise that he does feel insecure about missing so much of Rory\'s life, which is sweet and pulls at the heartstrings a little. The sweetest moment is when Lorelai is comforting him and tells him that thy have Rory\'s quarter life crisis to look forward to parenting and that the best part about parenting Rory in the future is that they will get to do it together. Emily and Richard provide comic relief as always. As does Luke\'s date, this episode finally made it seem ok that Luke and Lorelai aren\'t together. And I cannot wait for next week\'s episode.
  • Not a very impressing episode

    This episode.... I must say...not very impressing. Lor and Chris do not belong together, we all know this! Why are they even going on with this whole romance between the two?? Luke dating?! How random is that!!! Lor and Luke belong together, bring that back! Rory had no storyline in this episode. Seems as though Logan does not exist, which is sad. That storyline was awesome. Peronally, I would rather see the romance between Rory and Logan become something more than it is. I was very excited to watch this episode but honestly, if I had not watched it, I would not have missed much.
  • Chris and Lorelai go to Yale; Luke goes out with a coach. Why did they have this episode? Who cares about who Luke dates?

    Although this isn't my favorite Gilmore Girls episode, I don't think it was a waste of time either. First, let's deal with the painful part of watching Luke try to have chemistry without Lorelai. I agree with everyone who says this is the Gilmore Girls. However, I thought it was interesting to watch Luke interact with Kirk- maybe Luke is finally waking up to how he treated Lorelai, and what he has actually lost. The swim coach- ugh! How awful was she? Again, I think this served to show us that Luke is starting to realize just what he threw away. On the other hand, Lorelai and Chris go to Yale. I thought it was interesting to see how Chris realized just what he missed with Rory- excellent character development. But, I still don't see Lorelai with Chris. I like how he treats her, I see the chemistry, but it just isn't the same as Luke and Lorelai- before he became a dad (I still think that plotline is stupid!) All in all, a ho-hum episode, but good at leading into what I think will be a few humdingers!
  • Are you kidding me?!

    If Luke and Lorelai are not together why give him so much air time? Alone he was not all that interesting. Hello the show is called "Gilmore Girls"... Not "Luke and Lorelai". I actually turned the tv off when Christopher took the entire newspaper staff to dinner. What on Earth was that about? This show is now officially 6 miles past jumping the shark.
  • I actually think this has been one of the better installments this season.

    Was there much excitement this episode? No. Much to discuss? Not really. But I did notice a big improvement in the writing. It was much faster, and much more clever. I'm slowly starting to tolerate Christopher. He's not as annoying or desperate as usual. Watch him turn into an over-sensitive, yapping puppy dog like Dean did. Christopher and Lorelai definitely have a connection though, and it was fun to watch. I just hope it turns into more of a friendly connection and not so much a romantic one.

    Seeing Luke and April together just makes me happy. Maybe this is old news, but I love that she calls him Dad now. It also made me happy that Luke's date was a freak. Hopefully soon he'll take his own advice and go back to the one woman who really loved him. Good that they threw Lane in for a while, also. Rory didn't really have a storyline this episode and Logan wasn't even mentioned showing that they just have no where to go with Rory and Logan. Bring in the bachelors!

    All in all, not the best episode, but the improvement has been noted.
  • Dad!

    Did I miss something or was this the first episode where April referred to Luke as dad? I feel like she might have said it in the last episode but for the life of me I can not remember. Can anyone confirm or deny?

    The theme of tonights episode seemed to be Dad, on both counts i.e. Christopher and Luke. It was nice to see them focus on both, I was waiting to see how long it would take them to call Christopoher's MIA quality from pretty much most of Rory's day to day life.
  • i think that this episode only builds up lorelai and chris getting ready for paris, and sookie using another mans veggies and fruits, but in all respect, it wasnt as good as i thought.

    In all respect, this episode wasnt as good as i thought it was going to be. when are luke and lorelai going to get back together? i mean, yes, lor and chris are going good and everything, but i miss luke and lorelais relationship, where is lor w/o her coffee from lukes? and who is she always gonna bug? i miss those 2 together. rory wasnt in this episode that much and parents weekend was a weird way of connecting the gilmores (and chris) and what is up with luke and dating? he needs to stay away and wait for lor becuase him and lor belong together. I just cant wait for next weeks episode cause as much as i dont want it, lor finally gets married. Rory will be upset.
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