Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 6

Go, Bulldogs!

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on The WB

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  • Christopher, full of guilt feelings about not taking care of his daughter through the years, goes to Yale with Lorelai. Luke has changed, grows a sweet attitude towards people around him and accepts April\'s swimming coach invitation to dinner and repents

    Great episode in which finally we get to know what Luke is experiencing after the break-up. Some good comedy moments see him and other characters like Kirk, Lane, April and Susan bennet interact. Things are changing for Luke Danes, but in a definitely good way. Also the date with coach Bennet seems to exist just to make him more knowledgeable about his attachment to the people he sees every day and loves. Susan Bennet is an ass - he just hangs out with her to be polite and because he initially thought he could do like Lorelai (being immediately with someone else..). He is away from Lorelai right now, but is not filled with anger emotions anymore.
    The moments at Yale are sweet and depressing as Chris looks like a dork trying to win Rory\\\'s co-workers\\\' sympathy. In this episode they\\\'re desperately trying to make the loose joints in their relationship get more tight... But the elderly Gilmores seem to be an obstacle, as a matter of fact Lorelai finds out that all these years they have been attending the parents weekend instead of her. Lorelai too must be feeling like a failure!
    The exterior shots in Yale are just horrendous and the a cappella sequence with the young guys singing on the stairs is repulsive, but I think that each of this was intentional. LOL! Anyway, I like to see this episode as a Luke Danes fine portrayal and the Yale moments just filler ones... and seeing Scott Patterson wear something else than the usual flanel shirt and faded jeans (he wears a bathing suit) is just an indelible event. An episode to remember. I would have liked it entitled something like LUKE GOES VEGAN. Lane has two good scenes with April as a sort of baby-sitter and there is surprisingly a mysterious subplot involving Sookie and her new vegetable supplier.... I just hope they do proceed with it after the Proposal episode or it will become a hole in season 7\'s plot!