Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 2

Hammers And Veils

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2001 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When we first met Henry, we learned that he was very bright and had aspirations to go to Medical school. In this episode, he tells Rory he is taking his trig class for a third time. This is inconsistent for someone who wants to go to Med school because they would have to be very good in the maths and sciences. Even if he wasn't that good in math, he would certainly be bright enough to pass it the first time around.

    • When Lorelai is pouring coffee in the thermos for Rory to take to the construction site, she gets Rory to screw on the cap. Rory screws on the cap and puts the thermos in her backpack but forgets to screw on the cup part of the thermos.

    • When Lorelai finds out that Rory is going to help build houses she laughs at her and asks her if they know about the burned out light bulb in her closet that she hasn't changed, but in Season 4 episode, "Ballrooms and Biscotti" when she opens her closet and hugs her clothes you can see there is no room for a light at all.

    • During the scene when Lorelai visits Luke in his diner during her wedding shower, Luke appears to claim that combining the ketchup bottles is why he is not at the party. However, a few of the ketchup bottles on top have more ketchup than the bottles on bottom, signifying that Luke was avoiding her shower on purpose. Also in this scene look at the ketchup bottles on top, the level of the ketchup keeps changing from full to almost empty back to full again.

    • In this episode Henry gives Rory his phone number to give to Lane because he's afraid to keep calling. However, in season one episode nineteen "Emily in Wonderland" Rory and Lane are sitting on Rory's bed talking about the message that Henry left and Lane says she called him back and left a message implying that she already has his number.

    • Starting with this episode, Liza Weil (Paris) becomes a regular cast member and is featured in the opening credits.

    • Emily said she found out from a complete stranger that Lorelei was getting married. She found out from Sookie, and although she doesn't know Sookie very well, she did meet her at Rory's birthday party.

    • Emily told Lorelai that she wore a tiara when she got married. In "Snow and Love and War", when they were looking at old pictures, they came across a wedding picture of Richard and Emily. You can clearly see that she was not wearing a tiara.

    • In this episode Lorelai says "I mean, there must've been a thousand women who've gone through here in the thirty-two years that I've been alive...". In the next season though she turns 35.

      Explanation: It's probably her birthday in the next season that is a continuity error, and not her statement now. They always make a big deal about Lorelai having a baby at 16, which means that in season 3, when Rory is 18, she would have to be no older than 34 (depending on when exactly her birthday is).

    • When Rory is about to hammer a nail into a piece of wood she misses because Paris comes up and scares her but she misses the nail before Paris scares her.

    • Emily: Your head is much too big for a veil.

      This refers to something discussed in the first season, where when Rory asked for her mom's baby pictures, she destroyed them because her mother gave her the impression her head was too big.

    • When Rory is about to leave for the Rebuilding Together house her hair is pulled into a high ponytail in the middle of her head. Once she's out the door, talking to Lane, the ponytail has moved down to the nape of her neck.

    • Emily says she called Richard's secretary twice to confirm the flight schedule because his secretary is a 'moron'. However in season 2's "Help Wanted", Richard makes a big deal about how great his secretary was and how irreplaceable she will be.

    • The Gettysburg Address was originally written on two sheets of paper, but in this episode Lorelei says that it was only one page.

  • Quotes

    • Lorelai: Okay, I'm officially way too tired to go out tonight so I'm not trusting my accessorizing instincts. Tell me what you think.
      Rory: I have no wilderness skills.
      Lorelai: So you hate the purse?
      Rory: How am I supposed to get into Harvard if I have no wilderness skills?
      Lorelai: I don't know honey. Maybe you'll have to give up your dream of majoring in logging.
      Rory: I called the Fireflies. Do they need troop leaders? Yes. Good, I'll be a troop leader. Great. The only catch is, it's summer. Camping season. I need wilderness skills. Why did you never take me camping?
      Lorelai: Camping? Are you kidding? I couldn't get you to step on wet grass until you were three.
      Rory: If you had taken me camping, I'd have wilderness skills.
      Lorelai: Well, I'll tell you what. I'll take you upstairs, I'll throw you out the window. If you manage to grab that tree, I'll be your witness.

    • Lorelai: What about Dad?
      Emily: We're starting without him.
      Lorelai: Why? He's the one with the six o'clock flight. We don't have to go anywhere. We could stay all night. Kick back, do some jello shots, play light as a feather, sitff as a board...
      Richard: You started without me!

    • Luke: There's nothing like a wedding to screw up a family.
      Lorelai: Well in my case, there's nothing like a family to screw up a family.
      Luke: It starts out all very nice, two people promising to be together forever, I'll die when you die, my life meant nothing till you used my toothbrush. Then you start planning the wedding. Aunt Junie's allergic to milk. Uncle Momo's off his meds...
      Lorelai: Junie and Momo?
      Luke: They're names.
      Lorelai: Of a retired circus couple?
      Luke: Then the ceremony's a disaster, a ring is lost, someone can't sit there with their ex, someone's drunk, someone's sleeping with someone else's wife, and somone's walked off with a gift or two.
      Lorelai: You know, the Gettysburg Address was only one page long. And that was about a war.

    • Jackson: So, I think I need to say this right now. I'm not ready for marriage.
      Sookie: Okay.
      Jackson: However, I'd be willing to move in.
      Sookie: Move in where?
      Jackson: Move in with you.
      Sookie: (laughing) Jackson, you're hilarious!
      Jackson: I am?
      Sookie: (mocking him) I'll move in with you. (laughs) What a riot!
      Jackson: Why are you laughing?
      Sookie: (laughing) You're face! God, you're good. You are good.
      Jackson: I wasn't joking.
      Sookie: (laughing) Come on, let's go get some punch.
      Jackson: Sookie, I'm serious, I'm moving in.
      Sookie: (laughing) Jackson, stop, you're gonna give me a cramp!
      Jackson: Sookie, get back here!

    • Lorelai: (talking about Dean) I mean, he just sits in his room, eating Fruit Loops out of the box, saying your name over and over and over.
      Rory: Time is ticking.
      Lorelai: Rory, I love you Rory. Rory, I will not be ignored Rory…

    • Rory: (about Richard and Emily) You have to tell them.
      Lorelai: I will. Soon.
      Rory: When's soon?
      Lorelai: When the big hand hits the "S" and the little hand hits the "OON."

    • Lousie: Princess Grace didn't go to college.
      Paris: Thank you for the history lesson, A.J. Benza.
      Lousie: Take a pill.
      Paris: Marry rich.

    • Lorelai: I am perfect. I have hit a new level of perfection rarely seen outside a Victoria's Secret catalog.

    • (Sookie wants Michel to choose a cookie)
      Michel: I don't care.
      Sookie: I just need a quick opinion!
      Michel: It took me two seconds to tell you I don't care, that's as quick as I get.

    • Lorelai: (about telling Emily that she's getting married) Mom, I'm getting married… I'm an idiot and you know, as my mouth was opening my mind was screaming 'Don't do it I mean it, you'll regret it.' But did my mouth listen?
      Rory: No.
      Lorelai: No and it opened, and the words came out, and Emily was Emily, and my mouth was stunned, and my mind said 'I told you so' and then my mouth got mad cause no mouth likes to have its nose rubbed in it and now my mind and my mouth aren't talking and it'll be weeks before we get the boys together again.
      Rory: Your mouth has a nose?

    • Emily: All right, I'm going to bed now.
      Lorelai: And why is it that when your only daughter tells you that she is getting married, you can't muster up even a little enthusiasm? Even a little fake enthusiasm. Why don't you pretend that you care? I mean, this is the biggest thing to happen to me possibly for the rest of my life, and you dismissed it like I said, 'Hey, I'm thinking of getting a Honda, what do you think?'
      Emily: You're obviously hysterical!
      Lorelai: Why don't you care? Why have you never cared? No matter what has happened to me my entire life, you've never been happy for me, and that hurts, Mom, it really hurts!
      Emily: I'm not discussing this with you.
      Lorelai: Do you know how it felt for me to tell you that I was getting married and to have you just brush it off like that? Do you know?
      Emily: No, I don't, I don't know! Possibly very similar to finding out from a complete stranger that my only daughter was getting married and had told every other person in the world before she bothered to tell her own mother. Possibly it felt something like that. Now if you'll excuse me, it is late, and I am going to bed.

    • Lorelai: (to Luke about her wedding shower) I mean, it's just…it's a really big night for me tonight, and I don't know, it just feels like you should be there.

    • Lorelai: Boy, they keep making that ketchup slower and slower, huh?
      Luke: It's the Heinz family's little joke.

    • Emily: Your head is too big for a veil.
      Lorelai: Thanks.

    • Lorelai: (about the wedding shower) It's crazy out there.
      Luke: Oh, I can imagine.
      Lorelai: Lots of people having fun, just the kind of thing you'd hate.

    • Emily: We can discuss this in the morning.
      Lorelai: No! We have to discuss it now!
      Emily: Are you drunk?

    • Lorelai: I'm officially changing my order. I'll have the 'Luke's giving Lorelai a migraine' meal.
      Luke: Blue cheese or ranch?

    • Rory: What's that?
      Lorelai: A hammer.
      Rory: Why does it have feathers?
      Lorelai: So the rhinestones and bows won't feel lonely.

    • Lorelai: (to Rory) I mean it, Timmy, no falling down the well.

    • Emily: (to Lorelai) Walk as you babble, please.

    • (Lorelai doesn't want to tell her parents that she's getting married)
      Lorelai: I am the mother and you are the daughter. In some cultures, that means you have to do what I say.
      Rory: If you don't tell them in two weeks, I will.
      Lorelai: Though apparently not in this one.

    • (About going to help fix up homes for the needy)
      Paris: You don't want to go. It's not you.
      Rory: I have multiple personalities, it might be one of me.

    • Paris: You need to follow a study schedule. I've been telling you that since second grade.
      Louise: Which worries both of us.

    • Lorelai: I need you to be serious here.
      Rory: You're wearing a newspaper on your head and you want me to be serious?

    • Lorelai: Why can't you keep a maid in this house? I mean there must have been 1000 women who've gone through here in the 32 years that I've been alive and not one of them could stick it out.
      Emily: And this is what we need to discuss right now?
      Lorelai: These are women from countries that have dictatorships and civil wars and death squads and all of that they survived, but 5 minutes working for Emily Gilmore and people are begging for Castro.

    • Man: That's a hammer?
      Rory: Well, it's just dressed up a little.
      Man: You dressed up a hammer?
      Rory: No, my mother did. She does that. She, um, she takes thinks that aren't pretty and makes them pretty, like a hammer, you know. One time she made individual outfits for my liquid paper bottles. A clown, a cowboy, a newscaster. She's not insane, she just sounds it.

  • Notes

    • The Channel Guide spells Lorelai as Lorelei in the description of this episode.

    • German episode title: "Nicht ohne meine Mutter", meaning "Not Without My Mother".

    • Music:
      - "Spring Released" by Grant Lee Phillips
      - "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain & Tennille
      - "One Fine Day" by The Chiffons
      - "Until The Real Thing Comes Along" by Dean Martin
      - "Love Is Everywhere I Go" by Sam Phillips

  • Allusions

    • Paris: You have to go to college.
      Louise: Princess Grace didn't go to college.

      Princess Grace - Grace Kelly, the American actress, retired from show business when she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. She died in 1982 in an automobile accident.

    • Rory: I'll be tying yellow ribbons around the old oak trees.

      Quote from the 1973 song "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree" by Tony Orlando and Dawn.

    • Louise: Spending the summer at Chilton. Happy happy joy joy.

      Louise is quoting the inane song sung by the cartoon characters Ren & Stimpy.

    • Paris: (to Rory) I'm sorry if you thought we had some kind of deep Thelma and Louise thing going here, but we don't.

      Thelma and Louise is a 1991 movie starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis as best friends.

    • Rory: (to Paris) Funny, I never pictured you as a Bob Vila kind of girl.

      Bob Vila is the home improvement TV host of This Old House and Bob Vila's Home Again.

    • Rory: (to Lane) I'd maybe skip playing anything else by The Damned.

      The Damned is a British psychedelic punk band that was formed in 1976 and noted for being the first British punk band to release a single in the U.S.

    • Paris: Thank you for the history lesson, A.J. Benza.

      A.J. Benza is a former gossip columnist for the New York Daily News and host of the show E! Mysteries and Scandals.

    • Lorelai: (about her veil) And then there's the full on Diana.

      Lorelai is referencing the long veil that Princess Diana wore during her wedding to Prince Charles.

    • Michel: If I eat that, I cannot have my Boca Burger later.

      The Boca Burger is a brand of meatless, soy based burgers found in the frozen food section of the grocery store.

    • Rory: Why don't you go on inside and you and my mother can continue the 'Rory's building a house' routine and when that gets boring you can move on over to Who's on First?

      Who's on First? was a famous comedy routine by Abbott and Costello.

    • Lane: You'll read about it in my novel, 'A Connecticut Yankee in Pusan'.

      This is a play on words of Mark Twain's A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

    • Lorelai: I mean it Timmy, no falling down the well.

      Timmy was the little boy in Lassie.

    • Lorelai: Yeah, well, by the time I could get my jaw off the ground, Speed Racer had taken my plate.

      Speed Racer is a cartoon featuring an eighteen-year-old race car driver.

    • Lorelai: Hmm, I wonder what that's all about. I guess we'll find out later, right? Hey, whatever happened to Xuxa?

      Xuxa was a Brazilian children's television host known for her revealing outfits (sort of a 1980s version of Charo). She briefly hosted an American version of her tv show in the 1990s.