Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 18

Hay Bale Maze

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2007 on The WB

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  • They talked!

    I liked this show from the very beginning, it makes me laugh, smile, and cry. However, this episode wasn't nearly as good as I think it could have been. As much as I was glad that Rory is trying for other things in her future, it seemed to be illogical to not take a huge opportunity, and move up in the world, and actually make some money. And Lorelai's disapproval of Logan is so, been there done that... I know that Logan can be a jerk, but he has been there for Rory constantly since the start of a real relationship between them. I don't know many 21 year olds that last through the ages, but why didn't she voice disapproval constantly, instead of, I don't like him, I like him, I don't like him. That being said, the Hay Bale maze scene with Lorelai and Luke was worth it all. The both spoke honestly and from the heart. his hurt was betrayed, as was hers, but they both really needed to get through the truthful apologies. I don't know if that means that they will work it out, but lets face it, in hollywood, we usually have a happy ending, (ie, Ross and Rachel) so go for it Gilmore Girls. All in all, a good ep.
  • My favourite episode this season...!

    This episode rocked!! I liked the main plot and all the little sidestories... I think this is the first time in a really long time that everything has worked...! :)
    First of all, I love when Taylor goes Stars Hollow-crazy. The Hay Maze was hilarious, especially with him actually being allergic to hay... ;) It was great to see Logan winning Lorelai over. Off course she has problems with him, she has seen how much Rory has changed for him, and not always in good ways... But now it seems he has convinced her that he really loves Rory, and that he wants to do what is best for her. I loved the fact that he was willing to factor Rory in, in order for her to do what she wants... :) Right now he's really adorable...
    The Lorelai and Luke talk in the maze was amazing!! They just talked it out like adults, and both admitted to being wrong, and Luke was just saying all the right things. He finally admitted to having pushed her away. It was really good to hear! Now they have no excuse, get together allready... ;)
  • Good episode. Logan Huntzberger is soo hot!

    I liked this episode. I was waiting for it for a really long time hoping it would be great but i could have waited a little longer. I mean i liked this episode but it just wasn't what I expected. I think Lorelai was wrong about Logan. He not sooo immmature that he's not right for Rory. He 25 and just totally messed up his career he needed to do something to get it off his mind. He is right for Rory he the best choice if it was between him, Dean, and Jess. And everyone knows that Dean would come in llast because no one likes him, except to very few who do and i feel very bad for them. Anyway, I'm glad that Lorelai and Logan smoothed things over.
  • The town is over runned by hay.

    I thought that this episode was absoultly amazing. I thought that it was really funny that Taylor went ahead and decided to do a hay bale maze. It was funny to see the towns reaction to the news was funny that they were against it at first but once that they went through it they absoultly loved it. I thought that it was great that Zack loved the maze so much and that he also memorized the path to get through it. I was really happy that Lorelai and Luke bunped into each other in the maze and talked out some of there problems. It was good to see them be able to speak to each other without there being akwardness between them.
  • Good like they are

    After I watched this episode, I realized that I missed them. I don't want some long break like that. The story was great after all long waiting. That's can be an exucse: )But there is some questions that must to answer. What happend to Lorelai and Luke is the first on my mind. They can be together, I hope. But I think they cant be like before they were. It is not possible, because I think what Lorelai do to him is not something to apologize very easily. But I think Luke loves her to much, after all what she done. And I cant believe to myself that I can say it but after this episode I love Logan much more. He is the one of an example that people can change. I hope he deserve Rory, and dont do something to make a mess of everything.
  • Rory's life is taking huge steps forward and Logan is stocked. Lorelai is worried about it, 'cause her daughter deserves more. Lorelai and Luke r still in love. Jason n Kwan are the names of Lane's twins. Taylor makes an insane hay bale maze in town.

    Rory's life is getting better and better. She's gonna get out from Yale, she's now going to job interviews, she's got a lot of options to do, and Logan is basically stocked. He's not going pretty well, but at least he's got the chance to do things by his own, without the daddy's umbrella. Lorelai is worried 'cause, as a mom, she is certain that her daughter deserves more. What Lorelai doesn't understand is that Logan is 101% for Rory, and he's gonna remake his life including Rory's plans. Lorelai and Luke are still in love, you can tell if you just see them. And when she apologizes in the maze, the look of their eyes... they're so getting back, eventually.
    Jason and Kwan are the Lane and Zack's baby twins, I really would like to see them, just once, but see them.
    The spring fling is a very big deal in the town, so they get dissapointed when Taylor changes the whole festival, and makes a huge and insane hay bale maze. But ate the end, it didn't turn that bad, in fact, everybody had fun.
  • Back to the old charm, with great interpersonal developments too!

    I have to say that I really enjoyed this episode. It had all the old charm of the Gilmore Girls (and quirky Stars Hallow), in combination with important interpersonal development. The key tidbits of this episode were two conversations: one between Lorelei and Logan, another between Lorelei and Luke (all these L names!). Lorelei learns that Logan is probably not as irresponsible as she thought, and the interaction really gives Logan's character more depth. This episode really captured that Logan is human and vulnerable, and it honestly made me approve of his and Rory's relationship way more. At the end of the episode, Lorelei and Luke finally talk about their breakup: Luke apologizes for excluding Lorelei from his relationship with April, and Lorelei apologizes for turning to Christopher. Although this conversation was pretty rushed and wasn't extensive, it signified that Lorelei and Luke had realized their mistakes and they are okay with each other once again. Maybe the conversation could have had more development, but I appreciated it taking place.
  • Solid Episode!

    There was a lot about this episode that I really enjoyed.
    First, the symbolism of the maze. Luke and Lorelei working their way to find each other and then not. I've been upset with the way the writers have written their relationship but I've since grown to see the wisdom. Lorelei had to see what life with Christopher would be like. He was her last question mark. Now, though, with the series winding down, it's time to see them both go for it. Life is too short to deal with the angst of waiting and hoping. I respect that. Next week's episode should be interesting. Second, Rory and Logan! These two actors have continued to develop this sense of familiarity and comfort between each other. They're still young and in love but they've put the drama behind. That's part and parcel with the character development of Logan. He's grown into a man. He may have had a bit of recent fun but he's trying to become whoever he wants to be...trying to figure that out isn't easy. A testament to these actors, though, is their on screen chemistry. Every time Logan reached for her hand, her thigh, her...and vice versa...I felt that. When they had the choice to go their separate ways or together in the maze, he reached for her hand and they went together. Hopefully, that's foreshadowing for the rest of the season. Last, I love the line where Logan says that Rory is 22 and doesn't have to worry about 401ks. I'm 25 and I am looking forward to, having finished grad school, a steady paycheck. However, with no mortgage or kids, I'm free to pursue my interests and I've loved it. I spent so much time in undergrad and grad pushing to reach goals, I sometimes forgot to enjoy the journey and really evaluate what I wanted. Rory should be the same. Financial responsibiities are important and, lucky for her, she doesn't have loans to pay back (I didn't either-phew!-thank god for scholarships and assistantships). Still, when younger, it's easier to put yourself first. Excellent episode.
  • Return to all things Gilmore

    Not only did we a great return to the crazy antics that are Stars Hollow but we got to be reminded just how crazy these folks are, in the good way of course. Taylor commissioned a huge Hay Bale Maze that over ran the town. It was massive, so much fun, and hilarious! I especially love when Luke freaked out and got angry at him, I missed that! I really loved seeing the return of all my favorite Stars Hollow characters (except Lane, who I assume was home with the twins) but I actually found myself really digging Logan in this episode. I mean he had some great interactions with Rory, "don't factor me in". How sweet! (You'll get that if you watched) but he actually had a really great scene with Lorelai. I really the guy tonight actually. Oh but what's that I see around the corner there...Luke and Lorelai!!! They are so close to getting back together I can practicly taste it. They had this very reunion-y type of moment, actually type of episode. Had me crying at the end there actually. It finally felt as though they were becoming friends again...a little. And they both really owned up to what went down between them at the start of this season and the end of last. Lorelai apaologized for all things Christopher and Luke really kind of owned up to his part in their breakup and how April really threw him for a giant loop.
  • To Stars Hollow Drama

    I don´t know if it because I don´t like Logan ot because I really miss the Paladinos but this episode almost kill my love for this series. Lest face it Rory has change a lot since she is with Logan, now she actually is giving up a great oportunity to follow a dream. i don´t know it seams a little out of character.
    Luke/Lorelai moment at the end was the only good moment. I love it, Loralai finally said that she is sorry for running to Cristopher. Davie is so big, martha too, I really like Sokies family and April´s new look.
  • I feel like I am getting my old show back :)

    The beginning of this season was so off for all the characters. it has been really nice to see it turning around with the last few episodes. I love watching Luke fight with Taylor. The Hay Bale Maze was hysterical. I am glad that Logan & Lorelai have reached an understanding of sorts. I really like him with Rory. I thought the maze metting of Lorelai & Luke was a little weird, but at least it was a first step. I like that Luke can see where he made mistakes too. Not on the scale that Lorelai did, but still to accept a little responsibility was good. Can't wait for next week :)
  • This episode showed that Rory and Logan are really happy together, there is still something between Luke and Lorelai. it also shows that lorelai and Logan have come to an understanding-They both want what is best for Rory.

    This episode is great. Rory gets the opportunity to bring Logan home and Lorelai relizes that Rory really does love Logan. This episode also shows that Rory and Logan are perfect for each other saying things like "Babe" and "Sweetie". This also shows that Luke and Lorelai are still in love. They are hurt when they have to stop talking and Lorelai is getting used to April. Rory applies for a job and gets it, but turns it down to be an intern for a bigger newspaper. Logan doesn't want her making her decision on wheather orn not to take the job based on him, and he say that he wants to follow her not the other way around. In all this episode was really great!!!
  • Rory takes Logan to Star's Hollow for the Spring Fling. Lorelai admits she messed up to Luke and Logan admits he messed up to Lorelai. Rory faces an important decision.

    When Logan visits Star's Hollow, all of the townspeople are really nice to him. The only one who is judgemental is Lorelai herself. When Lorelai brought Christopher to SH, she was worried that he wouldn't fit in. But I guess most of her worries have dissipated after her midnite chat with Logan.

    Rory decides to take a chance for the first time(or maybe second) in her life and forego something safe in favour of her dreams.

    I really enjoyed the scene with Lorelai and Luke in the maze, although I half expected April to have overheard and maybe be upset about her involvement in L&L's breakup.

    April looks all grown up.

    I can't wait to see if L&L get back together.

    Is Logan going to ask Rory to marry him? When he says he wants to factor her in...sounds like a good omen. They make an adorable couple. Logan seems more realistic since his business deal backfired and he went crazy in Vegas.
  • Finally the Gilmore Girls are back!! (well almost anyway)

    So yeah, finally they're back! This episode was like the good old days of Gilmore Girls! More stuff about the lovely townspeople of Stars Hollow :).. More Michel's nastiness :).. More of Taylor Doose :).. but It still felt a little bit off....

    Allright, so a little summary: Rory has a job interview for a newspaper in Providence. Afterwards she and Logan go to Stars Hollow for the Spring Fling. It turns out that all that's left of the festival is a giant Hay Bale Maze. At first people are disappointed but they find out it's actually great fun. Rory gets the job in Providence, but is torn between taking it or waiting for a job at the New York Times or the Reston Fellowship. Logan says she should risk it, while Lorelai thinks it's better to play it safe. At night, Lorelai and Logan have a talk about his big mistake. He admits he made a mistake and that he wants to work hard now. So he and Lorelai reconcile.
    Rory thinks she should take a chance and try to get the fellowship, or work at the New York Times. Logan says that she doesn't have to factor him into his life, because he will factor her in. In the maze, Lorelai runs in to Luke, and she apologizes for going to Christopher and marrying him. Luke apologizes for using April to push Lorelai away.

    I really liked to see the silly Stars Hollow things again. Loved to see Luke fighting Taylor again! Love how things are between Rory and Logan right now. I know there are Logan haters out there, but I think they are great together. I thought the apology between Lorelai and Luke didn't really seem natural though. Especially since "I'm sorry for sleeping with someone else and marrying him" doesn't sound like enough of an apology. It's time for grand gestures people! Just my humble opinion..
  • Not what I expected

    So, we've been waiting for quite a while now and finally the latest episode was on and I gotta say I'm a little bit disappointed. Well, it's not that bad, because the episode was good. But I expected more and some of the things that happened kind of irritated and worried me.

    What's with Logan and his plans for the future? Lorelai did good confronting him with her thoughts and I couldn't agree more on everything she said. But I really wanna believe that Logan is trying. It's just that his ideas seem so over the top. He should be a little more modest and focus on smaller business activites. He's not supposed to take over the internet leadership, he just needs to stand on his own feet. The conflict between rich and poor, Logan and Lorelai, plus her worries about Rory are a good storyline. But there's a lot of potential for a fight. I don't want Rory and Lorelai to fight and I want Rory to stay with Logan, but Lorelai must be okay with it.

    I guess I just hope it'll all go okay! What Logan said to Rory in the end already indicated that he might be getting on the right path.

    Last, but definitely not least: Lorelai and Luke finally talked about what happened. And they both seemed so mature and the way they could talk about so kind of easily, it gives me hope! I think they both learned a lot (due to the marriage with Christopher and the new found relationship with April)! Fingers crossed! I so hope they'll get back together until the end of the season!!
  • Stars Hollow is preparing for the Spring Fling festival. Rory bring Logan home to show him around town. Lorelai is worried about Logan. Lorelai and Luke talk about what lead to their break up.

    This episode was one of the best of the season. I loved the Rory and Logan moments. It was easy to tell how much they have grown in their relationship and how serious they are. Lorelai and Logan, although had a rough begining, I beleive came to a new understanding when they talked in the kitchen.
    Also, towards the end, in the Maze with Rory and Logan, I felt it ment somthing when they both came to a fork and went the same way. It was like saying they would always be together. Luke and Lorelai said "sorry" for the end of their engagement, but I feel Luke should have said more concdering it was more of his fault about the break up.
    All in all, the episode was good -well, as good as the new writer can make it anyway- and I was happy to see Rory and Logan's relationship deepin.
  • Rory brings Logan to Stars Hollow. Rory gets a job offer from the Providence Journal Bulletin Lorelai’s doubts about whether or not Logan is a suitable companion for Rory are voiced. Luke and Lorelai finally apologize to each other.

    Huzzah for the Troubadour. It was terrific to have him back. I only wish he could have had a higher profile…after all, a spring festival seems like a perfect venue for him to entertain.

    This episode was extremely well written. All the things we, as fans, have been yelling at the TV all year were said and said beautifully. Congratulations to the writer Rebecca Rand Kirshner who did an amazing job. This will not be a popular position to take but I am so relieved that Lorelai has finally voiced the concerns she has about Logan being with Rory. She has held her tongue now for three years and it is about time she said something. I hope Logan has not charmed her into believing he has put his hedonistic life behind because I don’t think that is possible. To his credit he is trying to do the right thing but he has no practice dealing with the difficulties life may present. He will always be an "over-coiffed, over-privileged" young man. He is using his considerable charm to sell himself but he hasn’t fooled me and I don’t think he has fooled Lorelai. I like Logan. He is smart, charming, cute... but I wouldn't want him with my daughter either. His value system is irreparably skewed and he doesn't belong with Rory. I think Rory made the right decision to wait to see if she will get the Reston Fellowship. It would be a brilliant resume builder and an important step in her career. I still would like to see her go to Grad school...How about Harvard?

    It was nice to see Luke and Lorelai apologizing and hopefully taking another step towards their reconciliation. Luke’s introspective response to Lorelai's apology shows real growth. He seems ready to finally commit to a lasting relationship.
  • There's this big maze goin on in starz hollow. which taylor spends all of the spring fling money budget on! luke and lorlie bump into each other in the maze and apoligize for everything that led to the break-up in there marriage!! logan comes to town!

    i thought it was a great episode!! i mean logan coming to starz hollow!! and rory getting accepted to that job! and luck and lorlie running into each other in the maze!! it was great maybe more than great it was awesome!! but we all know that the last 5 episode's of season 7 are goin to be good!!!
  • I loved this episode! Gilmore Girls is back in business!

    Wow! What can I say? Brilliant seems to cover it! Easily one of the best episodes this season!...Should I say THE best? Probably.

    The Gilmore Girls are back!! Everything about this episode was great! The story, the characters were all there, they nailed the Rory and Logan story line, Luke and Lorelai are one step closer to realizing they're meant for each other (if they haven't realized that already)! It's perfect! Kirk, the newly somewhat fit Miss Patty, Taylor, Mr. Town Troubador, Paris, Doyle, even Gypsy! The Stars Hollow gang's all here! I've missed them. Also I've missed Luke fighting with Taylor - and we got some of that too!

    Luke and Lorelai are amazing together. Maybe yeah, they needed a little break to try something different and to go their seperate ways, but now they've cooled off and are both ready to start a relationship with each other! I can see it in their faces. The end was so awesome...kinda like a metaphor. Like Lorelai's lost in this maze, and she finds Luke, and he directs her where to go. Also with Rory and Logan. They come to a split in the road, and they choose the right path together. Ahhh, this is whats great about this show. Its all the little things that you put together and say, wow. What an amazing show! This episode is definitely classic Gilmore material. Gotta love it!
  • The best episode of the Season! Spring Fling! Taylor is back in true form! Logan finally spends serious time in Stars Hollow. Luke and Lorelai start making amends.

    I am sooooo happy this episode was fabulous! I was looking forward to Luke and Lorelai having their talk which didn't happen until then end. But the wait was great! I loved this episode! The Maze idea - I loved it! One of Taylor's off the wall schemes. It is really symbolic at the end though - Luke and Lorelai finding their way out of the maze and back together again. At the end of their conversation, Luke tells Lorelai she is almost at the end of the maze and at the main road.

    It was a great episode moving Rory and Logan's relationship forward. I loved her showing him her town and Luke's Diner. I am really liking Logan more and more these days. He is making such strides. I loved loved loved his talk with Lorelai. I think they really had their first bonding moment. I know all along she has been concerned about Logan in Rory's life.

    The best of all - Luke and Lorelai's talk! They are on their way back together! Yippee! It is about time! I really liked their apologies. That was some definitely good writing. I am sure that was not an easy scene to write, plus there has been so much build up for the past Season wondering how what they would say to each other.
  • It's Spring Fling!

    How good was it to see Logan in Stars Hollow! Loved it!
    It's great how fascinated he was by the town and how much he enjoyed it.

    Rory and Logan - Well how much love are they?! They're fantastic! They're all cute and happening at Paris her apartment.. Just hilarious.. and they want to factor each other into their lives.. Kind of a confusing moment for Rory when Logan said that she shouldn't factor him in, but she got it wrong, because she should do her own decisions and he'll follow her ;) How adorable is that? And in the maze.. Logan following Rory's way when she wanted to go right.. That's symbolism people! They're going together..
    All the hand holding, kissing and what not is really cute though!!!
    Btw Boxer love!! :D It kept you wondering for a minute what he was wearing when he was coming out of that bed! LOL not a big image!

    Lorelai and Logan - I can't say I was pleased with how Lorelai was talking about Logan, but I do understand. She wants to have a safe future for her daughter, just like any other mother. But I'm glad they straightened things out and talked about it, and that Logan was able to assure Lorelai that he wanted what's best for Rory and that he'll work hard in the future.. The last scene at the maze really showed that they're becoming more 'friendly' especially when Logan pretended to be all excited about the maze!! Cute!!

    The whole Maze thing in general was just cute though!! Typical Stars Hollow like and I loved it to pieces.
    I liked the luke and lorelai scenes.. and that they both apologized for what happened. It's a good and fresh start for them!! :)

    Definitely a good ep.. I love my townies!! :)