Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 20

Help Wanted

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 07, 2002 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Richard opens a new office and hires a secretary with Lorelai's help; Dean comes home; Lane falls in love with a drum set at Stars Hollow's new music shop and discovers that becoming a rock drummer is her new dream in life; Rory is dismayed to discover that everyone blames Jess for the accident despite her protestations; to the consternation of all in Stars Hollow, Luke closes the diner and goes fishing.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Lorelai helps Richard with his new business. Really good episode.

    Luke's diner being closed was a shock but made way for a very funny scene in another diner, loved the coffee mug complaints. Michel being there was also very, very amusing.

    It was interesting to think about whether Luke was gone because of the accident or not, I doubted it but you never know.

    I was glad to see a lot more Lane. Her fascination with the new music shop and the red set of drums was a good storyline. Very funny when she called Rory to tell her and when she hung up went inside her house to sing with her mother.

    Rory being annoyed about everyone blaming Luke was also enjoyable. Babette's story was rather weird, Taylor feeling sorry for her would definitely be annoying. Dean's return was in the background, but that scene was good. His reaction was very in character, well acted. 'What, what, WHAT?'

    I really liked the storyline of Lorelai helping her dad with his new business, nice to see them actually bonding. Emily and Richard being so confused when Margery pulled out of being secretary was another amusing scene. It was good to see Richard so pleased with how Lorelai was handling things.

    Her talk with DSL was funny, she said she'd go for another company. But you could tell that Richard was getting attached and the scene where Lorelai tells him she can't come back another day, he is obviously disappointed and asks her to go. Emily's party was entertaining.

    Lorelai and Rory's argument was great, I agree with both here, everyone is being harsh on Jess but everyone does love Rory. They luckily made up soon after, as did Lorelai and Richard in a great father/daughter moment. Lane drumming in the dark was very amusing.

    The end was great, Luke returns and Rory talks to him, she makes her feel a lot better, which was great to see. Hope to see more of them. Great episode.moreless
  • The Gilmore group

    After the accident, Luke's diner is closed for the first time. Gone fishing he wrote.

    Dean is back and Rory gives him a letter explaining everything to him.

    Richard opens his new office as an insurance consulter and doesn't have a secretary. Margie, his old secretary, is not going to work for him.

    I can't believe they would really give up the business because of Margie.

    Lorelai offers to help out and she does a great job.

    I guess Richard wanted her to stay, they got that chemistry.

    A music shop opens and Lane finds her calling, be a drummer.

    The whole town blames Jess for the accident and Rory is seek of it.

    Of course most of the fault is his, he was driving.

    At the end, Luke returns and Rory talks with him.moreless
  • richard starts a new buisness and lorelai helps him out and lane finds her calling.

    i thought that this was a very special episode. i really like that lorelai was willing to help her father get his new office organized. i thought that it was really nice of her to take her father to the office store to get him supplies and i also liked how she helped her father pick out a new secertary. i thought that Richard took it a little hard when he realized that Lorelai was not going to stay to work for him. i found it very funny that they did not tell the grandparents that Rory fractured her wrist and that Emily bascailly freaked out when she noticed and that they did not tell her sooner. i thought that Emily giving Richard a party for his new business but i thought that it looked a little over crowded in the office but i think that the turn out was good and it should have made Richard and Emily happy. i was really happy that lane found her calling i had always pictured her being a drummer and it seems to suit her because she is a music buff. i also thought that it was cool of Sophie to let lane work there and to practice at the store on certain night that her mother was not home.moreless
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Carole King

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Dean is reading the letter, Rory is standing there and her left arm (with the broken wrist) continues to move. First, it is at a right angle, then it is down at her side, then it's back at a angle, and so on. This continues to happens even though only a split second has taken place when her arm changes.

    • When Lorelai is done wrapping Rory's arm in plastic wrap, she sets the box by the edge of the table. After Rory gets up and the camera shoots to Lorelai, you can't see the box. Then the camera shoots to Rory and back to Lorelai, the box is by the edge again.

    • In the opening scene when Lorelai and Rory are walking, in the background you can clearly see trees above them which can only suggest there's a mountain behind them. Clearly this scene takes place on an area of the backlot that borders mountains. Conneticut isn't very mountainous, so I don't know why the production crew would let that little goof slip in.

    • In the last scene of the episode, Luke tells Rory to grab a donut. He shouldn't have told her to do that since he was gone fishing for a while so they would be stale.

    • When Rory & Lorelai are in the Hungry Diner, after a while Lorelai spots Michel sitting by the window. However, he wasn't there before that.

    • When Lorelai and Rory are sitting in The Hungry Diner and Rory is tasting the coffee, you can see the microphone dipping into the frame.

    • In the episode "Teach Me Tonight", Rory told Lorelai that when Jess swerved they hit a pole. However in this episode, Rory apologizes to Taylor for ruining his new sign when the car hit a bench.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Babette: Oh! Rory, Sweety! Hold on there, baby.
      Rory: Hey, Babette. Is everything okay?
      Babette: I should be asking you that question. Come here. Let me see that arm. Oh, you poor little thing. How you doin', huh?
      Rory: I'm doing fine.
      Babette: Ah, look at ya' being brave like that after all you've been through. Geeze! It's so hard being a woman! Isn't it?
      Rory: I guess.
      Babette: I mean you got your morals and your standards and your good common sense and then, BAM! You meet some guy and then all that goes right out the window.
      Rory: But...
      Babette: For every good woman, there's a dirty little wolf just ready to lead her astray. you can't help it. He's got the eyes, the chin, chest hair you could carpet your dining room with. What's a woman to do? We're not made of steal for God's sakes.
      Rory: Babette...
      Babette: I was in a cult once. Did I tell you that?
      Rory: No!
      Babette: I met this guy once, gorgeous, tan, looked just like Mickey Hargitay. We had coffee. He gave me a pamphlet. Next thing you know, I'm wearin' a moomoo playing the tambourine jumping up and down at the airport.
      Rory: Okay, I really have to get inside.
      Babette: Oh, sure hon, sure. You go take good care of yourself, and don't be embarrassed toots. This has happened to all of us.

    • (Lane goes into Sophie's Music and is unseen going to the back of the store.)
      Kirk: (hands resume to Sophie) That's my home phone number, my cell number, my pager number, and there's a partial list of references.
      Sophie: Yeah, okay, I'll hang onto this, but as I said before we just opened so I'm not really looking to hire anybody right now.
      Kirk: I am licensed to carry a gun if that will help.
      Sophie: (sarcastically) You have no idea how much.
      (Lane is looking at some instruments and is just about to touch a guitar.)
      Sophie: May I help you?
      Lane: Oh no thank you I was just looking.
      Sophie: We like the looking. It's the touching we're a little iffy on.
      Lane: Actually I was just going to (bumps into a cello)-ooh! That probably would have been considered as touching, wouldn't it?
      Sophie: (sighing) Yes.
      Lane: (sees a red drum set) Oh my...
      Sophie: That's a DW drum set with Zildjian cymbals.
      Lane: It's beautiful.
      Sophie: You play?
      Lane: Oh no, I wish.
      Sophie: Sit.
      Lane: What?
      Sophie: Sit down, see how it feels.
      Lane: Oh no, I couldn't.
      Sophie: Why? Your legs don't bend?
      Lane: No they bend.
      Sophie: Okay, if they bend, then bend them.
      Lane: Well, okay. (sits down on stool) This is a good stool.
      Sophie: Yes, it is. Here. (hands Lane a set of drum sticks) You can't sit down at a drum set without your sticks.
      Lane: Right, 'cause that would be stupid.
      Sophie: And remember, no touching.
      Lane: Right. (pretends to hit the drums without making noise)
      Sophie: You look good.
      Lane: Thanks.
      Sophie: (laughs and leaves)

    • (Sophie closes and locks the front door as the last customers leave. Lane is still admiring the drum set.)
      Sophie: It's after six. We're closed!
      Lane: Five more minutes?
      Sophie: Nope. Now.
      Lane:'re from New York, huh?
      Sophie: Yes, I am.
      Lane: I want to go to New York someday.
      Sophie: Good for you.
      Lane: Did you like it there?
      Sophie: It was alright.
      Lane: What part of New York did you live in?
      Sophie: Okay, look, what's your name?
      Lane: Lane Kim.
      Sophie: Very nice to meet you, Lane Kim. Now you have got to get out of here because I am going to close and you are not going to schmooze me into forgetting that I am going to close!
      Lane: Wait!
      Sophie: What?
      Lane: I have to have those drums.
      Sophie: Great, cash or credit?
      Lane: No, see I have no money. Plus even if I did have money there's no way I could take those home with me because my mother would never stop crying so I have a proposal.
      Sophie: Uh-huh...
      Lane: Twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday evenings at 6:00 I could come and practice here.
      Sophie: (sarcastically) Wow, that sounds great!
      Lane: Now I'm not expecting you to let me do this for free or anything because I'll clean or do inventory or stock stuff or whatever it is that you need done.
      Sophie: I don't need that much done.
      Lane: Well I could do other things also, like...uh, oh hey do you know Korean?
      Sophie: No.
      Lane: Well then I could teach you.
      Sophie: Why would I want to learn Korean?
      Lane: Why wouldn't you? I mean it's a great language and being bilingual in this day and age can only be a plus...
      Sophie: Please! Go home!
      Lane: I can't! I can't go home until you say yes. I have to rock, I have to, please, I am so begging you let me rock.
      Sophie: Why Wednesdays and Fridays?
      Lane: Because that's when my mom has her Bible group.
      Sophie: (sighing) Okay. Let's see what you got.
      Lane: Really? Oh my God! Thank you! (goes over to drums) Can I hit them this time?
      Sophie: (hands her the drum sticks and smiles) Go ahead.
      Lane: Yes! A one-two-three-four! (starts to hit drums)
      Sophie: (leaning over and yelling over the noise) I'll be in the back (lowers voice when Lane stops drumming) in case the cops come.
      Lane: Oh, hey do you mind turning off the lights on your way out? My mom sometimes walks home this way.
      (Sophie nods and turns them off. Outside of the store Rory is walking home from the bus stop and listens to her playing.)

    • (Lorelai answers the phone at Richard's office)
      Lorelai: Gilmore Group, may I help you?
      Emily: Yes, Richard Gilmore, please.
      Lorelai: (in high-pitched voice) Oh, um, uh, certainly, may I ask who's calling?
      Emily: Emily Gilmore.
      Lorelai: And does he know what this is about?
      Emily: Well, I hope so, I'm his wife.
      Lorelai: (giggles) Oh, but Richard didn't say anything about being married.
      Emily: What!
      Lorelai: (back in normal voice) Mom, relax, it's me.
      Emily: Lorelai?
      Lorelai: Yes.
      Emily: Well, you're crude and unprofessional.
      Lorelai: Well, I'd like that on my tombstone, please.

    • Lorelai: How am I gonna fit my three sugars into Barbie's Malibu Dream Cup here?

    • Lorelai: There are like fifty tables open.
      Rory: You're exaggerating.
      Lorelai: (pointing at tables) One, two, three, four, fifty! I am not!

    • Rory: You know, there will be food there.
      Lorelai: Finger food, aka snooty little balls of attitude!
      Rory: Oh boy.
      Lorelai: I need real food, peasant food, hearty bread, meat, cheese, little pickle chips, sauce, a special sauce. This is the food that sustains me, this is the food of my...
      Rory: Oh my God, just eat the burger already!
      Lorelai: How crabby!
      Rory: I'm not crabby.
      Lorelai: I didn't even get through my special sauce speech. That's crabby.

    • Lorelai: We should be eating, I'm hungry! Don't they want us eating? Isn't that what the point of the Hungry Diner is, to feed the hungry diner? Or is the point of the Hungry Diner to keep the diner hungry, in which case they should call it the Eternally Hungry Diner cuz you're not gonna get any food here, loser!
      Rory: That would be quite a sign.

    • Lorelai: Look, I'm giving these paper-topped turkeyheads 3 seconds to seat us, or I swear I'm gonna start...
      Waitress: Two?
      Lorelai: Yes, please!
      Rory: You're gonna what?
      Lorelai: What?
      Rory: You said you were gonna do something if somebody didn't seat us in 3 seconds
      Lorelai: I did?
      Rory: Yes, you did. And then the waitress came and you never finished saying what you were gonna do.
      Lorelai: Honey, we've gotta get some food into you, you're imagining things!
      Rory: What were you gonna do?
      Lorelai: Shh, you're getting screwy!
      Rory: Mom!
      Lorelai: Mom? I'm not your mom, do you need help little girl?
      Rory: Oh my God!

    • Lorelai: Look, I was upset, he was upset, we had a thing, it's over, everything's fine.
      Rory: A thing?
      Lorelai: A thinglet, if you will.
      Rory: You and Luke don't have thinglets very often.

    • Lorelai: You look like you're tilting. Are you tilting?
      Rory: I'm not tilting.
      Lorelai: I think you're tilting. Here, let me balance a pen on your head and make sure.
      Rory: Ok, see this is not how you console the injured.
      Lorelai: You're right. Sorry.

    • Lorelai: I'm sorry, but when my daughter comes home broken, I get to hate the person who broke her. That's the way it works. Jess is gone, and I get to hate him forever!

    • Kirk: Well, first I read the sign and then I tried the door in case it was some sort of elaborate ruse.
      Lorelai: Designed to keep only you out?
      Kirk: There's precedent.

  • NOTES (5)

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Emily: Where is the woman's sense of loyalty?
      Lorelai: Gee, I don't know. Maybe with the company that's keeping her from standing in line for government cheese.

      One of Ronald Reagan's responses to the 1981-82 recession was to release government cheese surpluses to the public. Some people stood in line for three hours to get free cheese.

    • Babette: I met this guy once. Gorgeous. Tan. Looked just like Mickey Hargitay.

      Mickey Hargitay was a body-builder who won the Mr. Universe title in 1955.

    • Lane: I am Keith Moon! I am Neil Peart! I am Rick Allen, with and without the arm!

      Keith Moon was the drummer for The Who.
      Neil Peart is the drummer for Rush.
      Rick Allen, drummer for Def Leppard, lost one of his arms in a 1984 car accident but still plays drums.

    • Lorelai: I should have brought breadcrumbs.

      In the fairytale Hansel and Gretel, the children left a trail of breadcrumbs when their father brought them into the woods, so they could find their way back.

    • Richard: You're like the tiny fellow on that M*A*S*H program, always anticipating.

      Gary Burghoff's character, Walter "Radar" O'Reilly, was the reliable assistant on the television series M*A*S*H.

    • Taylor: I know that there's no way that you would be involved in something like that if it weren't for that Sal Mineo wannabe. Believe me, Chachi and Chachi alone will be held responsible for that incident.

      Sal Mineo was an Academy Award nominated star of Rebel Without a Cause who is often remembered for his brutal murder in 1976.
      Chachi was a character, played by Scott Baio, in the TV series Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi. He started out as a bit of a hoodlum before he fell in with the right crowd.

    • Lorelai: Next time hold an envelope up to your head before you do that.

      Referring to Johnny Carson's Tonight Show bit "Carnac the Magnificent" in which Carson held up an envelope to his forehead and predicted the contents.

    • Lorelai: So, you've been Nanooking it the whole time. Sending out for whale blubber and mukluks.

      Referring to the film Nanook of the North, which examined the life of an Inuit (Eskimo) man and his family.

    • Lorelai: So. let me guess. The Wu Tang Clan had the office before you?

      The Wu Tang Clan is a rap/hip hop group.

    • Lorelai: I don't know why were not opening for Rickles.

      Don Rickles is an internationally famous comedian often called the 'King of Insults'. He worked his first gig in Las Vegas in 1959 and still plays there.