Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 20

Help Wanted

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 07, 2002 on The WB

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  • Lorelai helps Richard with his new business. Really good episode.

    Luke's diner being closed was a shock but made way for a very funny scene in another diner, loved the coffee mug complaints. Michel being there was also very, very amusing.
    It was interesting to think about whether Luke was gone because of the accident or not, I doubted it but you never know.

    I was glad to see a lot more Lane. Her fascination with the new music shop and the red set of drums was a good storyline. Very funny when she called Rory to tell her and when she hung up went inside her house to sing with her mother.

    Rory being annoyed about everyone blaming Luke was also enjoyable. Babette's story was rather weird, Taylor feeling sorry for her would definitely be annoying. Dean's return was in the background, but that scene was good. His reaction was very in character, well acted. 'What, what, WHAT?'

    I really liked the storyline of Lorelai helping her dad with his new business, nice to see them actually bonding. Emily and Richard being so confused when Margery pulled out of being secretary was another amusing scene. It was good to see Richard so pleased with how Lorelai was handling things.

    Her talk with DSL was funny, she said she'd go for another company. But you could tell that Richard was getting attached and the scene where Lorelai tells him she can't come back another day, he is obviously disappointed and asks her to go. Emily's party was entertaining.

    Lorelai and Rory's argument was great, I agree with both here, everyone is being harsh on Jess but everyone does love Rory. They luckily made up soon after, as did Lorelai and Richard in a great father/daughter moment. Lane drumming in the dark was very amusing.

    The end was great, Luke returns and Rory talks to him, she makes her feel a lot better, which was great to see. Hope to see more of them. Great episode.
  • The Gilmore group

    After the accident, Luke's diner is closed for the first time. Gone fishing he wrote.

    Dean is back and Rory gives him a letter explaining everything to him.

    Richard opens his new office as an insurance consulter and doesn't have a secretary. Margie, his old secretary, is not going to work for him.

    I can't believe they would really give up the business because of Margie.

    Lorelai offers to help out and she does a great job.
    I guess Richard wanted her to stay, they got that chemistry.

    A music shop opens and Lane finds her calling, be a drummer.

    The whole town blames Jess for the accident and Rory is seek of it.
    Of course most of the fault is his, he was driving.

    At the end, Luke returns and Rory talks with him.
  • richard starts a new buisness and lorelai helps him out and lane finds her calling.

    i thought that this was a very special episode. i really like that lorelai was willing to help her father get his new office organized. i thought that it was really nice of her to take her father to the office store to get him supplies and i also liked how she helped her father pick out a new secertary. i thought that Richard took it a little hard when he realized that Lorelai was not going to stay to work for him. i found it very funny that they did not tell the grandparents that Rory fractured her wrist and that Emily bascailly freaked out when she noticed and that they did not tell her sooner. i thought that Emily giving Richard a party for his new business but i thought that it looked a little over crowded in the office but i think that the turn out was good and it should have made Richard and Emily happy. i was really happy that lane found her calling i had always pictured her being a drummer and it seems to suit her because she is a music buff. i also thought that it was cool of Sophie to let lane work there and to practice at the store on certain night that her mother was not home.