Gilmore Girls

Season 6 Episode 19

I Get A Sidekick Out of You

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2006 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • In the opening scene, when Lorelai brings the wedding dress into Mrs. Kim's, if you look closely you can see Lauren Graham is wearing bright blue fuzzy slippers with her dress.

    • Lane's Korean name, Hyung-hyung, is mentioned during the Buddhist ceremony.

    • Lane and Zach's wedding cake frosting is a picture of them posing like Jack and Meg White on White Stripe's Get Behind Me Satan album cover. Perfect choice as they mention themselves fans of the band along the series.

    • Lane has four wedding dresses. The first she doesn't actually wear was the dress worn by her mother. Then for the first ceremony she wears a Korean/Buddhist dress. She then wears the modified version of her mom's dress that Lorelai made. Once her mom leaves the wedding, Lorelai pulls down the skirt and a pink collar appears.

    • It is well known that Lane's father is still alive. In the first two seasons she refers to her 'parents' on occasion. For example, when they sent her to Korea for the summer in Season 2.
      From "Sadie Sadie" Season 2 episode 1...
      Lane: My mother and father are sending me to Korea for the summer to visit my cousins.

      From "Hammers and Veils" Season 2 episode 2...
      Rory: Still no return date info from the parents?

      Many Korean fathers run businesses in Korea supporting their families in other countries. Although Mrs. Kim runs her own business, we as fans have accepted that he isn't around.
      Even if the Kims are divorced, why did Lane walk down the aisle alone? Many older brides walk down the aisle by themselves but for Lane, such a young bride, to see her walking down the aisle alone was a bit sad. Her grandmother, from Korea, came to see her get married but her father couldn't attend? Why didn't her uncle who appeared in "Just Like Gwen and Gavin" Season 6 episode 12, walk her down the aisle or why didn't her mother who has raised her daughter virtually alone do the honors? Although she is a 'rocker chick', tradition is important to both her and her mother. She had a traditional Buddhist ceremony and her Christian ceremony was quite traditional except for the bride walking down the aisle. This seems like a real goof by the writers.

    • After the band played, while Brian is giving a speech, you can see Gil wearing Zach's Korean dress robes.

    • When Rory takes a picture with Lane, Mrs. Kim comes in and asks if she can speak with Lane alone. Rory leaves her camera in the room.

    • Rory says she's not one for speeches, when she has made several throughout the series, such as the speech competition during her senior year and her valedictorian speech. She also says she has no incriminating photos of Lane, but in the episode "One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes", Lane asks Rory to hold onto the photo of Lane with purple hair.

    • Kyon attends Lane's and Zack's reception and since we saw Mrs. Kim go home alone to allow Lane to enjoy her reception, we know that she knew Kyon was there. It seems a little out of character for Mrs. Kim to allow her to stay at a party where alcohol and boys would be, even if it is Lane's reception!

    • When Lorelai is looking at the pictures on Rory's camera, she sees a picture of April. Rory tells Lorelai that she took it at the open house for Jess's publishing business. If you watch "The Real Paul Anka", Episode 6-18, carefully, Luke and April leave right after Rory gets there. They had no chance to take a picture and there was never a camera in evidence.

    • In this episode a girl throws up after having some beer, it says in the captions that its Kyon, but really it was one of Lane's friend's that we've never seen before this episode.

    • In Lorelai's speech she said that Lane was 22, but it was said earlier that she was 21.

    • When Lorelai is looking at Rory's pictures she asks who is in the picture. She should have recognized April because she has seen her twice. She saw her when she ran into April at Luke's, and she saw her when she was watching Luke and April through the window at the soda shop.

    • When Lane has her veil on before church it is sitting high on her head. When they come out of church it is farther back on her head, and when she says goodbye to her mom it is high again.

    • They celebrate the 3rd set of bachelor/bachelorette parties in this episode. The first was Max & Lorelai's, then Emily & Richard's, and now Zach & Lane's.

    • When Lorelai is talking to Christopher at the beginning in the Dragonfly, she has a pink Motorola razr. At Lane's wedding (and in the episode Partings) she has a Motorola Rokr.

    • Mrs. Kim says midway through the episode that she was married 28 years ago. Later on, while she is telling Lane she has to "do it" with Zach that night, she says, "If you are lucky like me, you'll only have to do it once." If she was only with her husband once, on her wedding night, that would make Lane 27 or 28. She would have had to be intimate 7 years later to have a 21 year old daughter.

    • Mr. Kim doesn't walk Lane down the aisle like the father is supposed to do at a wedding. He hasn't been shown on the show at all even though Mrs. Kim isn't divorced.

    • Michel said that he had been waiting for years to be as close as the front row seats would be to her. However, that isn't true because in season 4 when he was working at the spa prior to the Dragonfly opening, she'd gone into the spa and had even taken a tissue from him.

    • Lane and Brian's aunt introduce themselves. They should know who each other are already because she went to some of Hep Alien's gigs to see Brian when the band first started.

    • Lorelai states that she drank eight shots of tequila when they only show her drink six.

    • This is the sixth wedding shown on Gilmore Girls. There was Sookie and Jackson's wedding, Dean and Lindsay's wedding, the wedding hosted by Mrs. Kim in season 3, Liz and TJ's wedding, Emily and Richard's vow renewal, and Lane and Zach's wedding.

    • When Christopher says "Well, I'm going to drop Gigi off at her grandparents." he is obviously referring to Sherry's parents, because in 'Women Of Questionable Morals', Christopher's father passes away.

    • This is the second time Christopher has accompanied Lorelai to a wedding (on-air at least). The previous time was Sookie and Jackson's wedding was the season 2 finale I Can't Get Started.

    • Lorelai said that this was the first of Rory's friends to get married, but that's not true. According to Rory, she and Dean were just friends, and since he got married in the season 4 episode Chicken or Beef?, Lane was Rory's second friend to get married.

      Rory probably doesn't consider Dean's wedding to be the first of her friends' because she had unsorted feelings for Dean and she is the one who broke up their marriage. It is probably too painful to think about.

    • This marks the second wedding in Stars Hollow where the groom wore a special garment that he kept raving on about after the ceremony. In the season 4 episode Last Week Fights, This Week Tights, we learn about T.J.'s new fascination with his tights during and after his wedding to Liz. In this episode, Zack develops a bond with his Korean wedding robes.

  • Quotes

    • Lorelai: (drunk, giving a speech at Lane's wedding) Hello. Some of you know me as Lorelai Gilmore, and some of me know me as Cher, but either way, I wanted to say a few words about our girl. I've known Lane forever, and I'm just so incredibly happy that she has gotten married. I mean, I am just so happy that this adorable 22-year-old girl has gotten married, because it's amazing, you know? It's really hard to get married. Believe me, I should know. I mean, seriously, because Lane is married, and next thing, it'll be my daughter, and then my granddaughter, but not me. I'm not getting married. No, it ain't for me. It's not in the cards. But hey, do you know what date I'm not getting married? June 3. Do not save the date. Do you hear me? Do whatever you want on June 3, because there's nothing at all going on that day. If there's anything you need to book, it's totally safe to book it on June 3, So congratulations, Lane and Zack. Who else here had eight shots of tequila, huh? Hands? Nobody? Hmm. Oh, God, who misses the yummy bartenders? I know, me too, they're so great. I was gonna ask them to not work on June 3, on my not wedding day. I just thought that would be so fun.

    • Lorelei: Lorelei Gilmore: disappointing mothers since 1968.

    • Mrs. Kim: People will think things, bad things.
      Lorelai: Like what?
      Mrs. Kim: Like you're a tramp and possibly for sale.
      Lorelai: Wow. Suddenly, Footloose, not seeming so silly.
      Mrs. Kim: What are we going to do?
      Lorelai; Well, I guess, first of all, I think we need to agree on a price.

    • Lorelai: Some of you know me as Lorelai Gilmore. But others know me as Cher.

    • Mrs. Kim: Okay. I have to go back to work. I will see you and Luke at the wedding.
      Lorelai: Yes, you will. I mean, you'll see me. Luke is out of town, but I'm going to take pictures and make him feel really bad he missed it. It's a thing we do.

    • Lane: (about the dress) I hope you made a matching blindfold so Zach doesn't actually have to see me in it.
      Lorelai" Now, hun, you're going to look beautiful. You have a very pretty face, and you have hands and feet. To some guys, the stuff in between is just annoying.

    • Lane: (whispers to Lorelai about the dress) You couldn't have set it on fire?
      Lorelai: Dude, there's not enough lighter fluid in the world.

    • Lorelai: Rory, your father has something he wants to tell you.
      Chris: Yes, I just want to apologize for my Sidekick stalking. I realize now that I have a problem.
      Lorelai: Which is the first step to recovery. The second step is that he's now giving the Sidekick to me!
      Rory: No!
      Lorelai: Heh!
      Rory: That's worse!
      Lorelai: (miming using the Sidekick) Hi Rory! What are you doing? What are you wearing? What are you thinking? What about now? Do you miss me? Do you think I'm pretty? Where do babies come from?
      Rory: Thanks a lot, mister.

    • Lorelai: You know, I remember the day I met Lane. It was Rory's first day of Kindergarten, and she insisted on wearing my Chico and the Man t-shirt, which I thought would either elicit confused shrugs or label her as the weird seventies sitcom kid. And we walked in the classroom, and Lane came running up to her and offered to share her crayons with her and I was so grateful, 'cause I thought even if Lane turned out to be a psycho bad seed serial killer kid, at least Rory had a friend. Who knew it would turn out to be a lifelong friendship?

    • Rory: I'm not one for speeches, and I don't have any incriminating picture of Lane to share, but I do have this letter. This letter was written in 1995 by one Lane Kim. It was slipped into my hand during a spelling test in Miss Mallen's class. I was so shocked by its contents that I missed the word 'automobile'. O-T-T-O-mobile. That's right, Lane. I remember. I will now share with you the contents of this letter. "Dear Rory. How was your lunch? Mine was bad. Did you have ham again? If you did, I am sorry, but mine was worse. I thought you should know that today at recess, I decided that I am going to marry Alex Bacchus. He has a very nice head and his ears don't stick out like Roddy Winston's do. I will love him forever, no matter what. See you at Brownies. Love, Lane." I'm sorry, Lane, I just thought that Zach should know that in your heart he will always be second place to Alex Bacchus and his well-proportioned ears.
      Lane: (to Zach) It's true.

    • (As the church empties after the second wedding)
      Jackson: That wedding was just the way I like them: short and in a language I can't understand.

    • (over the phone)
      Lorelai: Hello?
      Michel: I just got tickets to Celine Dion.
      Lorelai: What?
      Michel: My friend Tessa just called and told me she has front-row tickets to Celine Dion and I'm going with her!
      Lorelai: Well that's great.
      Michel: I have been waiting for forever to get this close to Celine. Oh my God, I'm shaking like a leaf! What should I wear? What would Celine like me in?
      Lorelai: I don't know Michel, but I'm on my way to pick you up.
      Michel: Oh no, don't bother, I'm not going to the wedding.
      Lorelai: What? Why not?
      Michel: Because I'm going to Celine Dion - hello! What have I been saying to you?
      Lorelai: No, Michel, you have to go to the wedding!
      Michel: I'm sorry, I cannot.
      Lorelai: Well, you've already seen Celine Dion.
      Michel: Only five times and never in the front row. I was in the balcony with the riffraff and the people who sneak in pot.
      Lorelai: Michel you have to go. I need an escort.
      Michel: Find someone there. That's why single women go to weddings.
      Lorelai: I am not single! I'm engaged.
      Michel: Lorelai, I'm sorry. In the future I owe you some kind of favor but tonight you're on your own.
      Lorelai: Michel -
      Michel: I must go, I'll bring you a mousepad. Bye-bye.

    • (Picking out purses)
      Lorelai: Which one says, "Hi, I'm not a whore, enjoy your day"?
      Rory: The pink one.

    • (Talking about Lorelai bring an escort to the wedding)
      Mrs. Kim: You have to find someone to bring you, you have to find a man.
      Lorelai: In one day, are you kidding me? It took me this long to find Luke.

    • Lorelai: Lorelai Gilmore, disappointing mothers since 1968.

    • Kirk: Excuse me Rory.
      Rory: Yeah Kirk.
      Kirk: Do you think he's yummy enough?
      Rory: Who?
      Kirk: Troy
      Rory: The bartender?
      Kirk: Yes, see I brought this company together for the sole purpose of bringing truly yummy bartenders to the lonely women of Stars Hollow, but they really have to be yummy, I'm talking mouth watering, tasty morsels of manhood, which by the way was the original name of the business but was taken already by a firm in Woodbridge.
      Rory: Really.
      Kirk: Yeah, well when I first met Troy he was the epitome of yummy, but now that I see him in the moonlight, I'm not so sure.
      Rory: Oh, I wouldn't worry about it Kirk, I think Troy is plenty yummy.
      Kirk: You do?
      Rory: Yeah I really do... can I go now?
      Kirk: Yes, enjoy your evening.

    • Zach: Now, tonight is not only the night that I marry the coolest girl on the planet...But it is also the world premiere of the newly reunited Hep Alien!
      (the band starts playing "I'm a Believer" by The Monkees)

    • Lorelai: It's a mad house in here. How did you get all these seats together?
      Miss Patty: Honey, I've been here all night.
      Sookie: You're kidding. Why?
      Miss Patty: 58 seats and 62 Koreans? Please.

    • (As they are running through the streets of Stars Hollow)
      Sookie: Nice day for a wedding.
      Lorelai: Beautiful.
      Jackson: Perfect weather.
      Sookie: Why are we running?
      Lorelai: 58 seats, 62 Koreans.
      Sookie: (to Jackson) Fight for me, baby!
      Jackson: I'm on it.

    • (Grandma Kim's taxi drives off)
      Mrs. Kim: Go!
      (Everyone starts running, with Lorelai and Christopher caught in the middle)
      Lorelai: Whoa! What the hell is happening? Are there bulls coming out of there?
      Christopher: We would have heard the china breaking.
      Lorelai: My God!
      Rory: Why aren't you running?
      Lorelai: Well, why should we be running?
      Rory: To get to the church.
      Lorelai: For what?
      Rory: For the wedding.
      Christopher: I thought that this was the wedding.
      Rory: This is the grandmother's wedding. Now we do the mother's wedding.
      Lorelai: Why do we have to run?
      Rory: Because there's 58 seats and 62 Koreans.
      (Lorelai grabs Christopher's hand and takes off)
      Lorelai: Oh boy! Go!

    • (Mrs. Kim and Grandma Kim are off-camera, arguing in Korean, during the first wedding ceremony)
      Lorelai: (sighs) The universal sounds of family.

    • Girl: Logan will be very disappointed.
      Rory: Well, I'll have the soap and the keels and we'll reenact it when he gets back.

    • Lorelai: Mrs. Kim, I'd like you to meet Christopher Hayden. He's Rory's father and a man.
      Christopher: Did that really need clarification?

    • Mrs. Kim: Lane, I have something very upsetting to tell you about.
      Lane: Oh, what Mama?
      Mrs. Kim: It concerns the wedding night.
      Lane: Oh, boy.
      Mrs. Kim: Yes, oh boy. Marriage is a job Lane. There are rewards that come with this job but there are also sacrifices. There are things you are going to have to do.
      Lane: Things?
      Mrs. Kim: Terrible things.
      Lane: Mama, you don't have to.
      Mrs. Kim: You need to hear this. You need to know what to expect. It will start early.
      Lane: What will?
      Mrs. Kim: The man's expectations. It starts early, at the wedding actually. At the wedding you are going to have to kiss him.
      Lane: Mama!
      Mrs. Kim: Then you will be expected to share a bed tonight and when you are in that bed you have to do it with this boy. You're just going to have to do it. Hopefully if you're lucky like me you'll only have to do it once.

    • Lorelai: I talk fast. It's my gift.

    • Lorelai: We are young temporarily single girls on the prowl. There has GOT to be something to do that we could be mortified about tomorrow!

    • Rory: We could go to The Chimney Sweep.
      Sookie: No, it burned down.
      Rory: Ironic.

    • Christopher: (impressed by all the Buddhist stuff in the Kim house) Is the Dali Lama coming?
      Lorelai: Yeah, and he's eating chicken.

    • Mrs. Kim: (to Lorelai) You need to bring a date to the wedding and Kirk does not count!

    • Lorelai: We're doing shots!
      Christopher: Yeah for 20 people. You know, I'm a respectable person in the community. I'm a father now.
      Lorelai: This is how you became one.
      Christopher: That's true. (They start drinking shots)

    • Lane: My family's crazy!

    • Lane: I want all boys!
      Rory: Say Buddha!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title "I Got a Sidekick Out of You" has to do with the fact that Chris bought Rory a Sidekick phone and that's how she asked Chris to go to the wedding with Lorelai.

    • Lorelai: Fracking Celine Dion.

      "Fracking" is the word coined on the series Battlestar Gallactica to replace another frequently used "f" word.

    • The poster shown at the reception (with Zack and Lane against a red background) is based on the album cover to The White Stripe's album Get Behind Me Satan, right down to what they're wearing and holding.

    • Episode title: I Get A Sidekick Out Of You

      This is a reference to the song I Get A Kick Out Of You, which was famously sung by Frank Sinatra.