Gilmore Girls

Season 3 Episode 11

I Solemnly Swear

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2003 on The WB
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Lorelai and Sookie attend a seminar on operating an inn where Sookie bumps into an old friend and Lorelai meets a handsome new friend. Lorelai unsuccessfully resists being deposed when her mother is sued. Sookie's friend, ask her out on a date. Francie causes trouble between Rory and Paris.moreless

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  • Sookie runs into an old friend, something comes between Paris and Rory's friendship. Another great one.

    This was great, it was actually god to have an episode based around Rory's school. So it is obvious that Rory and Paris are friends which I think is good, Paris is a great character. Francie is out to get Rory and ruins this new friendship by lying to Rory. It was worse because for the last few episodes we've seen there friendship more, especially here.

    The sword fight itself was very entertaining but ended badly when Paris admits she feels more betrayed because she viewed Rory as her best friend. Very open for Paris to say this. Rory is obviously not really in the wrong, she only tried to help Paris. They end up not talking to her, and Rory doesn't talk to anyone for a day. Hope they make up soon.

    Sookie meeting her new friend was interesting, was a good scene when Lorelai pretended she knew Alex as well and Sookie actually believed it. The date thing was enjoyable, how funny was it when Sookie shouted 'I'm a whore!'. Her trying to be even nicer to Jackson was funny too, there little tiffs are always amusing.

    The deposition thing was hilarious, what Lorelai actually wrote was so funny. It made it better that Emily actually read it out. 'Long pause' just so funny. It was interesting that Alex asked Lorelai out at the end, wonder how that will go.moreless
  • that Francie!!

    Well Emily is having trouble with an ex-maid. I wonder who it never had happen before...

    That morning fight between Jackson and Sookie was cute. I love when they argue and made up, is so cute.

    Paris finds a way around that last meeting and Rory and Francie are at war...

    Because of the case with the maid, Emily asks Lorelai to make a deposition, she first says no but then agrees.

    Lorelai and Sookie take a seminar on operating an inn. Sookie finds her old friend Joe there. He and his partner want to open a cafe...

    They later make a date to go to an old friend's restaurant...

    Rory is asked to meet Francie and the location is in the garage. Francie wants truces and Rory agrees. All this is very good except Francie toke pictures and goes to Paris with a different story. When Joe comes to the Inn, he lets know that him and Sookie are going on a date, she freaks out. She then tells him that she is married...

    At the end, Paris and Rory have a duel in fencing class. Rory finds out that she was Paris best friend. Alex, Joe's partner, asks Lorelai on a date and her deposition was a disaster. Sookie makes Jackson her favorite food but the evening end badly...moreless
  • Lorelai and Sookie attend a seminar and rory has a duel with paris

    i thought that this episode was really funny and it was really good. i thought that it was funny that Sokie ran into one of her old friends from cooking school and then the two of them ingored the people they were with. Lorelai and Alex pretending to know each other was great and it was evan better when sookie asked lorelai how she knew him. i thought that Paris getting mad at rory because francie told paris that rory was trying to over throw her was really funny too. i think that it is really great that paris does not trust anyone even people that she considers friends.moreless
  • Very funny episode.

    Lorelai & Sookie are still preparing to start an Inn & go to attend a seminar on how to operate one. Like they actually need to attend one. So I wonder, what has Lorelai been doing all these years.

    One of Emily's former maids is suing her for wrongful dismissal & Emily wants Lorelai to make a deposition on her behalf. The funniest moments in this epsiode came when Emily was reading it back to Lorelai. My favorite part had to be:

    Emily: "Question – Why has your mother dismissed maids in the past?"

    Lorelai: Mom.

    Emily: "Answer – Different reasons."

    Lorelai: Well, that’s true, right?

    Emily: "Can you expand on that? Answer – Gee, how much time do you have?"moreless
  • Sookie's old college friends show up and Lorelai and Alex hit it off. On of Emily's maids is suing her for wrongful firing.

    I think had some of the best lines especially when Emily's is reading Lorelai's deposition.

    Lorleai:We should discuss it over a game of squash. You look like the kind of guys who would play squash. Hey! Is squash named after the fruit? or is it a vegetable? i don't care what it is it is still disgusting.
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Louise tells Madeline to close her eyes and think of England when Madeline is upset over her helmet having a funny smell. Rory tells Lorelai the same thing when she is nervous about flinching at "The Festival of Living Art", in Season 4 episode 7.

    • The actor who plays Joe was previously seen in Season 1 Episode 12 "Double Date" as the waiter at the French restaurant where Jackson and Sookie start their first date.

    • At the end of this episode when Alex calls Lorelai for a date, he tells her he needs help deciding between different coffee brands used at different coffee shops for when he and his partner open their own coffee shop. However, in the following episode when Alex and Lorelai are on their coffee tasting date, Alex tells Lorelai that the tasting is free because he has committed to stocking that particular brand of coffee at his coffee shop. If he has already committed to one coffee brand, why does he tell Lorelai in this episode that he wants help deciding between different coffee suppliers?

      Reply: Possibly to get a date with a pretty lady. Men tend to try a lot of things to get dates.

    • Lorelai and Rory attend two dinners at Emily's house during this episode. During both dinners, the same maid is present. This is one of the only times in the entire series that Emily keeps the same maid for longer than one week.

    • Heading into the diner, Lorelai and Rory run into Luke who says he's going to Doose's because he ran out of food. When they ask how that is possible, he replies that it started with him asking Jess to do the ordering that week, and ended with him selling Kirk a "lettuce sandwich". Rory responds "we've eaten those". However, throughout the series Rory and Lorelai are known to hate eating lettuce and other green things. They even pick lettuce of their food (like in "Road Trip to Harvard" where they pick lettuce off their burgers). So why would they eat lettuce sandwiches?

    • Isn't it odd that it is never again mentioned about Lorelai's deposition? Emily holds grudges about little things. It seems strange that she'd never again mention Lorelai's "testimony" since it almost certainly lost the case for Emily and therefore caused a large settlement to be paid to the maid.

    • When Sookie tells Jackson about her 'accidental almost date', he is listening to Creedance Clearwater Revival, which then prompts him to yell that she ruined his favorite band and that he could never listen to them again! However, later in the season when Lorelai goes over to tell them about the Inn closing, Jackson offers to put on C.C.R. Which in the normal world would make sense since he got upset for nothing. However, considering the nature of Jackson's personality, it's a bit surprising that he did not immediately clear the house of all C.C.R albums or that he would not be still be holding onto that association.

    • The phone is always on the table near the stairs in Lorelai and Rory's house, but in this episode it's on a different table behind the couch.

    • When Sookie and Joe are chopping while talking during their "date" Joe is chopping in the same place through the whole thing.

    • Paris tells Francie that she can't have a sign up table for the Blood Drive in the cafeteria -- Rory had opposed it in order to show Francie that she would no longer support her -- but later Francie flies a paper airplane at Rory from the Blood Drive table in the cafeteria. One would presume that the reason the blood drive table is in the cafeteria is because Paris said it was okay after she found about Rory's alleged attempt at conspiracy with Francie.

    • When Lorelai and Sookie decide to leave the presentation on how to open an inn, the man's mouth does not match the words that are heard.

    • Lorelai and Rory are standing outside the Gilmores' house when Rory tells Lorelai what happened with Paris and Francie. Lorelai tells Rory what she should do when she goes to school tomorrow. They're going in for Friday night dinner, which would mean that tomorrow would be Saturday, and there would be no school.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • (Luke has to get some groceries for the diner, he asks Lorelai and Rory what they want for desert)
      Lorelai: Pie.
      Rory: Cherry.
      Lorelai: And whipped cream, and dental floss, and paper towels, and People magazine. (Luke gives her a look, Rory laughs) We're really hungry.

    • Paris: (to Rory) Don't make that face at me!
      Rory: What face? I'm wearing a mask.
      Paris: The "I'm Rory, don't you want to pet me?" face.

    • Lorelai: Dinner!
      Rory: Over here.
      Lorelai: We are so in luck. It was international grab bag night at Al's.
      Rory: Cool. Did you peek?
      Lorelai: And ruin the whole point of the mystery dinner? I think not. Pick.
      Rory: (pointing at a bag) That one.
      Lorelai: Okay. I love this. It's food and a game all in one. Now we open them at the same time.
      Rory: I know the rules.
      Lorelai: And do not jump the gun.
      Rory: There's a lot of pressure associated with international grab bag night.
      Lorelai: Well, I am your mother, it is my responsibility to give you structure. Now, on, two, three.
      (They both open the bags.)
      Rory: Hm, Moroccan.
      Lorelai: You always say Moroccan.
      Rory: And sooner or later, I will be right. What's yours?
      Lorelai: Pan-Asian, with a hint of English Colonial, and a few South African influences.
      Rory: Way to hedge your bet. Kitchen?
      Lorelai: Just let me check the machine.
      Rory: Okay.

    • Paris: I call this meeting of the student council to order. Is the secretary ready?
      Madeline: I am.
      Paris: Then let's proceed. First of all, I'd like to apologize for missing last week's somewhat impromptu meeting. As most of you know, its scheduling was somewhat unorthodox since the meeting was a supplementary meeting, which was a concept invented by me. So the fact that anyone would hold a meeting invented by a certain person without that certain person seems, well...let's see, what's the word? Mutinous, insulting, underhanded, and in the end, fruitless, since I managed to re-negotiate the rental fee for the Wadsworth Mansion so that we'll be able to have the prom and give the school a respectable senior gift in the form of a telescope. Any questions, Mr. Christian? I mean, Mr. Hunter.
      Mr. Hunter: Uh, no.

    • Jackson: You wanna get another produce guy?
      Sookie: Maybe I should!
      Jackson: Well, go ahead!
      Sookie: Don't tempt me!
      Jackson: That's it, I am leaving.
      Sookie: Go! And take the tendrils with you!
      Jackson: Fine! See you tonight?
      Sookie: I love you.
      Lorelai: And it always ends with a hug.

    • Sookie: Oh wait! What's that? It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Jackson and his atomic pea tendrils!

    • Emily: (Reading from Lorelai's deposition) "Would you call your mother an extremely critical woman? Long pause." Why was there a long pause, Lorelai?
      Lorelai: Because I was deliberately trying to hurt you, Mom.
      Emily: "On a scale from one to ten, what would you rate your mother in terms of compassion for others' feelings?" Wanna guess what she said?
      Rory: No, thank you.
      Lorelai: Mom.
      Emily: Hang on a second, Lorelai. I just want to skip to the Ben Hur reference.
      (Rory looks at Lorelai.)
      Lorelai: Yeah, I did.

    • Madeline: Does your helmet smell? I always get one that smells.
      Louise: You'd think the brain trust behind P.E. could come up with some sport that didn't give you helmet hair all afternoon.
      Madeline: Like badminton.
      Louise: Or striptease aerobics.
      Rory: What?
      Madeline: It's really big in L.A. You just go through the motions, you don't actually have to strip.
      Rory: Do the other people in the gym throw money at you?
      Louise: Fine, mock, but tell me this, have you ever seen an overweight stripper?
      Rory: The word no seems so wildly inadequate all of a sudden.

    • Lorelai: You look peeved.
      Emily: I'm not peeved.
      Lorelai: Well, you look peeved.
      Emily: Kindly stop making me say the word peeved.

    • Emily: This? Nothing, just your deposition.
      Lorelai: did you get...
      Emily: Shh. Listen, it's fun. Okay. "Question - Would you say your mother is a tolerant woman?"
      Lorelai: Oh boy.
      Emily: "Answer - Um, well, sure."
      Lorelai: What? I said you were.
      Emily: You said sure.
      Lorelai: Which to most people means yes.
      Emily: Yes, to most people, it does, but I've heard you say sure, and your sure is always sarcastic.
      Lorelai: I do not have a sarcastic I?
      Rory: Pick spot on carpet and stare.
      Emily: "Question - Why has your mother dismissed maids in the past?"
      Lorelai: Mom.
      Emily: "Answer - Different reasons."
      Lorelai: Well, that's true, right?
      Emily: "Can you expand on that? Answer - Gee, how much time do you have?"
      Lorelai: Okay, see...
      Emily: "I mean, if you guys have a lunch or an afternoon squash game or look like the kind of guys who play squash. And hey, why's it called squash? Is it something to do with the fruit? Or vegetable, right? A squash is a vegetable, though if you ask me, it's gross no matter what you call it. Well, anyway, what I'm saying is you might want to clear your afternoon."
      Lorelai: I was flustered. He was using lawyer tricks.
      Rory: By asking you to expand?
      Lorelai Now you decide to pipe in?
      Emily: Didn't I tell you this was important, Lorelai?
      Lorelai: Yes, you did.
      Emily: So, in spite of the fact that I told you it was important, you couldn't find it in your heart to put aside your personal antagonism toward me for one day and help me out.
      Lorelai: Mom, this is not fair. I said a lot of nice things about you in there.
      Emily: Oh really? "Would you say your mother sets impossible goals which people cannot help but fail to reach, thereby reinforcing her already formed opinion of their deficiencies? Answer - Only for her daughter."

    • Paris: (about votes for commencement speaker) Are the ones for Princess Diana's butler jokes or real?
      Rory: I'd say jokes.
      Paris: What about the ones for Dr. Phil?
      Rory: I think real.
      Paris: Why does one pinhead always have to vote for Jerry Garcia?

    • Sookie: He keeps saying how he liked me back then and how this is his second chance.
      Lorelai: He's liked you for 10 years.
      Sookie: Yes.
      Lorelai: Wow, That is some serious Great Gatsby pinning.
      Sookie: I know.
      Lorelai: You're his Daisy.
      Sookie: I am? I'm his Daisy? Oh I'm someone's Daisy.
      Lorelai: It's very flattering.
      Sookie: It is very flattering.

    • Lorelai: Hey Shields and Yarnell, what's going on?
      Sookie: He thinks this is a date.
      Lorelai: What?
      Sookie: Joe, he thinks this is a date.
      Lorelai: Is he crazy?
      Sookie: Exactly. You were there. It's not a date is it?
      Lorelai: No! The two of you were going to go bust Feldsters chops. Busting chops is not a date.

    • (After Rory has been distracted by and clearly unsettled by a mysterious note)
      Paris: They took my tray! I can't believe they took my tray! All I did was go and tell them I wanted some new asparagus and they took my tray! Well I also told them to buy a slightly looser hairnet. One that wouldn't squish the part of the brain that can judge depth and measurement. And they took my tray. But still... Now what? (Paris points at Rory's untouched food tray) You gonna eat that?

    • Joe: We had a real interesting group. Sookie, me, Feldman, Mellon and Bung.
      Lorelai: Bung?
      Sookie: He was the grillman. He's been up there for a couple of years already. Joe and I were both prep.
      Lorelai: And I repeat Bung?
      Alex: Don't look at me. I'm still wondering if Mellon's a man or a woman.

    • Michel: I attended the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève.
      Lorelai: Wow, that's gotta to make one hell of a sweatshirt.
      Michel: It was one of the premiere hotel schools in the world. You two, on the other hand, are going to take a 2 hour course at the Radisson.
      Sookie: Jackson's taken a lot of courses through The Learning Center and he loves it. He took bee keeping...
      Lorelai: Jackson keeps bees?
      Sookie: No, it turned out he was allergic. One stung his lip and his whole head blew up to three times its normal size.
      Michel: Please tell me you have pictures.

    • Rory: Which maid was it?
      Emily: Gertha, the one from Hamburg, Germany.
      Lorelai: Which one was she?
      Rory: You remember. She was the one who you made all those Hamburg-hamburger jokes to.
      Lorelai: God, I beat that dead horse.
      Rory: With glee.
      Emily: She was the clomper.
      Lorelai: The clomper?
      Emily: She'd be upstairs making the bed and it'd sound like a Munich beer hall rally.
      Lorelai: That's why you fired her?
      Emily: Yes.
      Lorelai: Because she made noise when she walked?
      Emily: Yes.

    • Emily: That was our lawyer calling to inform me that one of our former maids is suing for wrongful termination.
      Lorelai: Hmm.
      Emily: You might at least act surprised.
      Lorelai: It's not the first time, is it?
      Emily: It most certainly is.
      Lorelai: Really?
      Emily: Yes, Lorelai, really.
      Lorelai: Well, then, I'm surprised.

    • Maid: Your mother's in the living room.
      Lorelai: So last chance to run, huh?
      Maid: Excuse me?
      Rory: Just ignore her.

    • Emily: When did you two get here?
      Lorelai: Sometime between the second absurd and the third unbelievable.

    • Lorelai: Okay. Now, Sookie's on top of the menu. Let's make sure the dining room's open for a late lunch, and we need to confirm the number of rooms they'll need.
      Michel: Yes, I have all of this written down on a notepad right next to my self-help book, Why Don't People Think You Know What The Hell You're Doing?

    • Sookie: I'm a whore!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Lauren Graham and Billy Burke worked together on "Dill Scallion", a mockumentary film that follows the rise and fall of a country-western singer Dill Scallion, in 1999. It was one of Lauren's first lead on screen as Kristie Sue, Dill's girlfriend who follows him on tour and occasionally sings with him.

    • German episode title: "Wahrheit oder Pflicht", meaning "Truth or Dare".

    • Music:
      "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

    • Keiko Agena (Lane), Edward Herrmann (Richard), Jared Padalecki (Dean), Milo Ventimiglia (Jess), and Sean Gunn (Kirk) do not appear in this episode.

    • Seth MacFarlane, the voice of Bob Merriam (the lawyer who calls Lorelai on her answering machine) has previously appeared on Gilmore Girls in season 2's "Lorelai's Graduation Day." He played the snotty classmate who hated rich people. In addition, the character voice he uses is the same voice he uses for Family Guy's news anchorman that Meg is so in love with.

  • ALLUSIONS (16)

    • Francie: This is on the level of Xanadu crazy.

      Xanadu is a 1980's film staring Olivia Newton John.

    • Lorelai: Crushing your head! I'm crushing your head!

      This quote is from a recurring skit from the Canadian sketch comedy show Kids in the Hall.

    • The garage meeting between Rory and Francie clearly resembles the meeting between Robert Redford and "Deep Throat" in All The President's Men

    • (Sookie is motioning in an attempt to get Lorelai's attention)
      Lorelai: Uh, well, if you like, I could recommend a few places in town. Uh, okay, uh huh, sure. Why don't you talk to your wife and call me back. Okay, bye. Hey, Shields and Yarnell, what's going on?

      Robert Shields, who trained with Marcel Marceau, joined with Lorene Yarnell as a comedy act featuring mime. They had a comedy-variety show from 1977-1978. They were married in 1972, however they divorced in 1986. They get together for the occasional performance.

    • Emily: (About her German maid Gertha) She was the clomper. Lorelai: The clomper?
      Emily: She'd be upstairs making the beds and it'd sound like a Munich beer hall rally.

      Another reference to Hitler-Germany: to gain power Adolf Hitler held agitating speeches, preferably at beer halls, and even planned a putsch at a Munich beer hall (8th/9th November 1923).

    • Emily: (about her German maid Gertha) Every time she went to the pantry, I thought she was marching on Poland.

      This is a reference to World War II that started with Hitler-Germany invading Poland in 1939.

    • Michel: Well, aren't we Evel Knievel?

      Stuntman and daredevil, best known for his public displays of long distance, high-altitude motorcycle jumping.

    • Paris: Watch Choate get Joan Didion while we're being read Eloise at the Plaza.

      Choate, like the fictional Chilton, is an elite East Coast prep school. Joan Didion is a renowned American writer. Eloise, who lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York, is the bratty heroine of a series of children's books by Kay Thompson. There isn't actually a book titled Eloise at the Plaza, although there was a made-for-TV movie by that name.

    • (Madeline is humming loudly with her fingers in her ears)
      Paris: Louise, poke John Williams over there and tell her she can cut the score.

      John Williams composes music for movies such as Star Wars. For a while during the late 70s and 80s he was THE biggest name in movie composers. He also took over as the conductor The Boston Pops (Boston's world-class symphony orchestra) after the death of patriarch Arthur Fiedler in 1979, until 1993.

    • Lorelai: That is some serious Great Gatsby pining. You're his Daisy.

      In the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, all wealthy Jay Gatsby really wants is to be reunited with the love of his life, Daisy.

    • Lorelai: Do you remember the rowing scene in Ben Hur? I'm sorry, did that reference date me? Should I've gone with the Express Yourself video?

      Ben Hur is a historical epic set in ancient Rome; the main character is a galley slave.
      The video for Madonna's song Express Yourself contains images of chained men slaving away.

    • Episode title: I Solemnly Swear

      The title of this episode is the same as the title of the song performed by Steve Clayton.

    • Louise: (advising Madeline to just suffer through the ordeal of a smelly fencing mask) Just close your eyes and think of England.

      This is reputed to be the advice that Queen Victoria gave to her daughter about her daughter's wedding night.

    • Paris: Any questions, Mr. Christian? Er.. Mr. Hunter.

      Paris is criticizing Mr. Hunter by invoking the name of the famous Fletcher Christian from Mutiny on the Bounty. It's unclear as to whether she sees herself as the tyrannical Captain Bligh.

    • Paris: (to Rory) Brutus!

      Brutus is the traitor who killed Julius Caesar in the Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar.

    • Lorelai: We'll have it in an Italian restaurant. You'll get up, go to the bathroom and come out shooting, and then I'll send you to Italy.

      In both Mario Puzo's novel and the first feature film of The Godfather, the main character, Michael, is sent to Italy after killing an enemy of the family.