Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 15

I'm a Kayak, Hear Me Roar

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2007 on The WB
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At Friday night dinner, Lorelai works up the courage to tell her parents about the break-up of her marriage, but is derailed by their argument over the healthy meals and no-alcohol policy Emily has instituted to help Richard recover from his heart attack. Lorelai enlists Sookie to bring Richard healthy but delicious meals, then helps Emily organize Richard's business affairs. Over a shared bottle of scotch, Lorelai finally tells her mother about the breakup of her marriage. Rory attends an awkward birthday dinner for Logan with Mitchum Huntzberger, who asks her to help him steer Logan in the right direction. Later, Logan receives disturbing news about the online company he purchased. Also, Luke shares his home with Liz , T.J. and their baby daughter while their house is being fumigated.moreless

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  • Lorelai tells the world that she and Chris is over.

    I really liked this episode. It was good to see Lorelai have some kind of reaction to the ending of her marriage. I totally understand why she was so afraid to tell her parents. They really haven't been too supportive and understanding in the past. Off course Rory got it right away. In some ways it seems she's known it all along. It was a really nice twist that Lorelai helped out Emily with figuring out all the economics. I loved the scene where Emily gives her credit for all she's achieved in her life. That was such a touching scene. Off course she had to be all Emily-like the next day... I feel really bad for Lorelai. Couldn't Emily just have kept it at the supporting words...?

    Great epi, I can't wait for Logan and Rory to play a bigger part now that his company is in trouble... :)moreless
  • Pivotal Mother/Daughter Relationship Development!

    This episode was beautiful because, finally, we get to see the human side of Emily Gilmore. We get to see the woman beneath all the pomp and circumstance, the woman who can support her daughter and be proud of her progress in life and career. It took a bottle of scotch but at least we finally saw a sweet moment between the two. Lauren Graham did a great job showing just how poignant the moment was between the two, just how important her mother's approval was to her.moreless
  • Lorelai tells her mother about her break up with Christopher.

    I really, really loved this episode. I thought that the whole episode was up to par and it feel like an episode that ASP had wrote evan though it was not. I really liked the scene between Babette and Miss Patty in the diner talking in code about who Lorelai belongs with. It seemed really strange to me that Mitchum was giving Rory credit for Logan turning his life around. I felt bad for Logan that he got the news his new company is being sued over some patnets. I was totally shocked with Emily that she seemed fine with Lorelai and Christopher breaking up and that she seemed supportive. But i was not surprised the next day she went back to being the cold person she is.moreless
  • it was kind of boring in some parts...

    well i thought that it's a typical gilmore girls episode. it was kind of funny seeing rory flirting with the new "professor", i though writters shouldn't got married lorelai with chris..he is a very important man in their life even when he hadn't been present all the time. they (writters) try to blame chris character of the sad situation of lorelai but he isn't he is a victim...too besides lorelai should get a lesson for having a little selfish kind of live.and i'm not saying it only for chris....that involves emily, richard, LUKE and even Rory. she pushed luke in a hard situation (april's)and she blame him for not wanted to get married...when he needed time to ge through that...moreless
  • A very special episode that provided a few laughs but was mostly showing character development and overall show development!

    Finally the writers have got it! I have not been that dissapointed in the new writers, they have been doing a good job but i did notice the difference in writing. But now i think they've got it! The scene between Babette and Miss Patty at the diner was so funny and so true! Kirks imput was halarious as usual!

    This episode also touched on the development of lorelai and emily's relationship. A brick from the brick wall that is dividing the two was removed. taking their relationship one step closer to being the way they would like it to be.

    The scene where Lorelai told her mother that her marriage was over was a bit of a shock, especially to see emily being so comforting towards lorelai. It was good for them.

    Im proud of the writers. :) that was a very good episodemoreless
Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel

Rory Gilmore

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

Lorelai Gilmore

Scott Patterson

Scott Patterson

Luke Danes

Edward Herrmann

Edward Herrmann

Richard Gilmore

Kelly Bishop

Kelly Bishop

Emily Gilmore

Liza Weil

Liza Weil

Paris Geller (Episodes 22 - , recurring previously)

Kristof Konrad

Kristof Konrad


Guest Star

Adetokumboh M'Cormack

Adetokumboh M'Cormack


Guest Star

Treisa Gary

Treisa Gary


Guest Star

Sally Struthers

Sally Struthers

Babette Dell

Recurring Role

Danny Strong

Danny Strong


Recurring Role

Kathleen Wilhoite

Kathleen Wilhoite

Liz Danes

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • In this episode, Rory and Logan agree that she had been "Huntzbergered." This is after she went through an overwhelming dinner with Mitchum Huntzberger. This is remarkably similar to an episode (You've Been Gilmored) during the sixth season, in which Luke and Lorelai agree that he was "Gilmored" when he attended an overwhelming dinner with Emily and Richard Gilmore.

    • Once again, the Gilmore girls hit the road after one of Lorelai's breakup.
      The first time was in season 2 (Road trip to Harvard) after Lorelai cancelled her wedding with Max. However, in this episode, the trip is far shorter.

    • Rory says that she cannot remember her 8th birthday party in this episode. However, in "Rory's Birthday Parties", her and Lorelai are talking about Rory's parties and say that her 8th was the best and that the cops raided it and arrested the clown. That seems pretty unforgettable.

    • When Lorelai and Rory are talking on the phone, Rory has to put Lorelai on hold because Logan is calling. At first Rory is holding her phone against her right ear then the shot changes and she is then holding her phone against her left ear.

    • At the beginning of this episode, when Lorelai and Rory are riding in the jeep, it runs out to gas. Lorelai says that she's never run out of gas before. This isn't true because in the season 1 episode, "P.S. I Lo..." Lorelai tells Luke that she drove halfway to Hartford and back three times to get Rory before she ran out of gas.

    • When Lorelai and Rory are in the jeep driving in the very beginning of the episode, as Lorelai is telling Rory that she and Christopher have split up, you can see the scenery passing through their windows and you can very clearly see the back of a stop sign through Rory's window but the car never slows meaning that Lorelai just drove right through an intersection.

    • In this episode we learn that Emily attended Smith.

    • When Lorelai came to Paris and Rory's apartment to talk to Rory, the door was unlocked. Paris had 5 locks put on the door to make sure she's safe so why would she leave the door unlocked at 6 in the morning?

    • When Emily and Lorelai had that very tender moment in Richards office, it was only the second time in seven seasons that Emily has shown Lorelai any affection or compassion. The last time occurred in the season 6 episode "Driving Miss Gilmore". In the real estate office, Emily put her hand on Lorelai's shoulder when Lorelai told her that her marriage to Luke would never happen.

      It has been pointed out by another GG fan that in Season 1, Episode 9, "Rory's Dance" that Emily showed Lorelai some affection while she was laying on the couch asleep. She did, indeed, brush Lorelai's hair away from her face in a motherly way. I initially didn't count that particular event for a couple of reasons, however, perhaps I was being too hard on Emily.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Babette: Yeah, it's true, he's definitely moved out. Last time I saw the... beagle's car in the driveway, it was days ago. Then I saw the mover's truck, so only the... hen is living there now.
      Miss Patty: So did the hen break up with the beagle, or the beagle with the hen?
      Babette: I don't know.
      Miss Patty: Oh the poor hen.
      Babette: Yeah she's been through so much.
      Miss Patty: You know, just kind of getting used to him... he beagle.
      Babette: But he's not right for her. He's a beagle, you know. And beagles, beagles belong with beagles.
      Miss Patty: And the hen belongs with the rooster.
      Babette: Maybe.
      Miss Patty: Well, does the rooster know about the hen and the beagle?
      Babette: Oh, yeah, East Side Tillie was in here yesterday, blabbing her big mouth off.
      Miss Patty: How did he take it? Did you see his face?
      Babette: Yeah, but you know the rooster. It's like looking at Stonehenge. I don't know what he thinks.
      Miss Patty: Oh, I hope he gets his act together because I think they're perfect.

    • Rory: It sounds like grandma's going full steam ahead with this whole party-planning thing.
      Lorelai: I know!
      Rory: She's going to kill 400 Cornish game hens, probably with her own bare hands.
      Lorelai: Your grandfather just had a heart attack. Your grandmother is not drinking. This isn't exactly the ideal time to tell them their one and only daughter's marriage is over.
      Rory: I know.
      Lorelai: I don't know what she'll do. She's gone bananas. I mean for all I know, she'll throw a Molotov Mocktail at me.
      Rory: I know, but only you can save the Cornish game hens. Save the Cornish game hens!

    • (Richard, Emily, Lorelai and Rory are sitting at the dining table at the Gilmores)
      Richard: Oh well, it's fish again.
      Emily: It's sea bass.
      Richard: Sea bass is a fish, hence my comment "surprise surprise, it's fish again".
      Rory: It taste good.
      Richard: Taste like fish.
      Emily: I don't think it tastes fishy. Sea bass is not a fishy fish. Maquereau is a fishy fish. Trout can be a fishy fish, but sea bass is not really a fishy fish.
      Richard: I didn't say it tasted fishy, I said it stated like fish.
      Rory: I think it tastes gooood.
      Lorelai: You know the green beans are very green beany, which is so good, especially if you like green bean, which I do.
      Rory: Hmmm.
      Lorelai: Anyone seen any good movies lately?
      Emily: No.
      Richard: This fish is bland.
      Emily: Would you like some more lemon-dill sauce?
      Richard: No.
      Emily: Ok.
      Lorelai: Sauce is good mom.
      Emily: It's nice, isn't it?
      Lorelai: Tart, but not too tart.

    • Liz: It's all about the wormholes.

    • Rory: I've been 'Huntzbergered.'

    • Rory: I guess his dad called and wants to take us out to a birthday dinner tonight.
      Lorelai: That sounds like a load of laughs.
      Rory: Yeah, Mitchum -- that man is fundamentally incapable of making me feel anything but small and awful.
      Lorelai: Now that's not true, he's made you feel incompetent, too.

    • Lorelai: Hi, I come bearing drugs. Emily: Please don't bellow that. Lorelai: Bellow what? (louder) "Drugs"?!

    • Logan: So somebody's pretty into this whole birthday thing.
      Rory: Well if by "birthday thing," you mean the celebration of the miracle of your birth, the anniversary of the day when this world went from being a world without Logan Huntzberger to a world with Logan Huntzberger, then, yes, I'm pretty into it.
      Logan: You really love me, don't you?
      Rory: Well you're okay.

    • Rory: So, who else knows?
      Lorelai: Nobody. That's it. Well, you and the Quickie Mart guy.
      Rory: You told the Quickie Mart guy?
      Lorelai: I was upset. I was standing by the magazines. I didn't want him to think I was verklempt over Nicole Richie.

    • T.J.: (to Luke, after sleeping there for a few nights) Your casa is my casa, and for that I'm grateful.

    • (the door bell rings twice, without anyone opening)
      Emily: Francette, Aurora! Either of you! Both of you! Will someone answer the door?!

    • Emily: (about Richard) The doctor said there's no reason he can't go back to his normal routine, as long as he doesn't do anything too strenuous--and it's not as if sitting down and eating dinner with one's family requires a great deal of effort.
      Lorelai:'re right.

  • NOTES (5)

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Rory: I have been writing some articles for an online magazine and I've just applied for the James Reston reporting fellowship.

      James Reston was a prominent American journalist whose career spanned the mid 1930s to the early 1990s. Associated for many years with The New York Times, he became perhaps the most powerful, influential, and widely-read journalist of his era

    • Mitchum: You know what you should read? Philip Meyer's latest book…
      Rory: "The Vanishing Newspaper." I read it. I loved it.

      In The Vanishing Newspaper, Philip Meyer offers the newspaper industry a business model for preserving and stabilizing the social responsibility functions of the press in a way that could outlast technology-driven changes in media forms. This "influence model," as it is termed by Meyer, is based on the premise that a newspaper's main product is not news or information, but influence: societal influence, which is not for sale, and commercial influence, which is. Meyer's model explores how the former enhances the value of the latter.

    • Logan: Are you sure, it will probably be lame, for all I know, he's invited us to crash a meeting with Rupert Murdoch.
      Rory: Well that's cool. I can hang with mad dog Murdoch.

      Rupert Murdoch is an Australian global media executive and is the controlling shareholder, chairman and managing director of News Corporation, based in New York City in the United States. Beginning with newspapers, magazines and television stations in his native Australia, Murdoch expanded into British and American media, and in recent years has become a powerful force in satellite television, the film industry, the Internet, and other forms of media.

    • Babette: Yeah, but you know the rooster. It's like looking at Stonehenge. I don't know what he thinks.

      Stonehenge is a Neolithic and Bronze Age megalithic monument located near Amesbury in the English county of Wiltshire, about 8 miles north of Salisbury. It is composed of earthworks surrounding a circular setting of large standing stones and is one of the most famous prehistoric sites in the world

    • Lorelai: It is ridiculous. Golf is more like "Richard III." You know they're all hunched over.

      Richard III was King of England from 1483 until his death. He was the last king from the House of York, and his defeat at the Battle of Bosworth marked the culmination of the Wars of the Roses and the end of the Plantagenet dynasty. William Shakespeare's play "Richard III" has made his name particularly infamous. Richard III is often portrayed with a hunchback.

    • Richard: Well, that never stopped people going to see "Hamlet."

      "Hamlet" is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, and is one of his best-known and most-quoted plays. Evidence suggests that it was complete and being performed by 1600, but had some topical references added (which still survive) the following year.

    • Richard: Please. I know I've missed Jacklin's bogey on the 16th. I'm not missing his putt on the 17th. That's a famous putt, Emily.

      Tony Jacklin is an English golfer, who was arguably the most successful UK player of his generation. Jacklin won two majors. In 1969, he became the first British player to win The Open Championship for 18 years.

    • Lorelai: This house is a giant Skinner box with Chippendale chairs.

      An operant conditioning chamber (usually Skinner box) is a laboratory apparatus used in experimental psychology to study animal behavior.

    • Episode Title: I'm A Kayak, Hear Me Roar

      This is a play on the line "I'm Catwoman, Hear Me Roar." from the movie Batman Returns.
      Both are a reference to "I'm a woman, hear me roar", the first line of the feminist anthem I Am Woman by pop singer Helen Reddy's.

    • T.J.: Don't open up Pandora's box Luke.

      Pandora was a character in Greek mythology. She came about when Zeus was tricked for the benefit of mankind. This angered Zeus greatly and so he created the woman, who would be an evil to man. This woman was Pandora and instead of being wicked, she was curious. The Greek Gods gave her a box, each putting something harmful inside it and forbade her to open the box but be the curious woman she was, she had to know what was in the box. When she lifted the lid out came plagues, sorrow, and mischief for mankind. However one good thing did come out of the box. This was hope, the one thing that can comfort a man during misfortune.