Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 8

Introducing Lorelai Planetarium

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2006 on The WB

Episode Recap

Lorelai is on the phone, talking to Rory's answering machine. She tells her that they are home from Paris and would like to see her. She is quite insistent that Rory calls her immediately. Christopher tries to distract her from trying to call Rory by discussing some redecorating ideas. He begins with a ridiculous idea of a wall waterfall. He gets a rise out of Lorelai until she realizes he is teasing her. He is quite serious about getting a flat screen TV but Lorelai doesn't particularly want one. She likes her old TV and is proud that the remote has nineteen buttons on it. Rory finally wakes up and returns her mother's call. Rory asks her how the trip was but Lorelai promises that she will tell her all about it when Rory comes over for supper tonight. Rory explains that she can't come tonight because she has a study group. Lorelai insists by telling her they brought snails and they have to be cooked right away. Rory finally relents and they say good-bye. Christopher makes fun of the snail excuse she used to get Rory to come because now they have to find snails. Lorelai is very upset that Rory doesn't know about her marriage to Christopher. Christopher assures her that Rory will be happy about it. Lorelai suggests that she tell her by herself but Chris insists that they tell her together.

Rory exits the elevator talking to Logan on her cell. When she enters the apartment, Logan is there for a surprise visit. Logan is in town for the pre-launch party for his new business. Rory tells him she will get there after her dinner with her parents. Logan is excited about the party. Rory is thrilled to find out that Logan is moving to New York.

April is reading at the table while Luke gets supper ready. She is reading about hyperphagia, relating to bear hibernation. Luke recounts a story of how he ran into a 500-pound grizzly bear during a camping trip. He explains how he backed away slowly to show his submission to the huge bear. He tells her it is extremely important not to panic. She asks him if he was calm and without hesitation he admits that he was not calm. April begins telling her about school. She tells him she is going to a boy-girl birthday party. Luke is a bit disconcerted by this information. He asks her if it's okay with her mom. To April's chagrin, Luke asks her if there is going to be kissing at this party. April refuses to discuss this with him and they continue eating their meals awkwardly.

Rory arrives home and is welcomed happily by her mother. Lorelai has an apron on and shows her the cooked snails. Rory is shocked. She asks them about their trip and Lorelai isn't quite ready to tell her the big news so she distracts her with the snails once again. Finally she can delay the revelation no longer and tells Rory that she and Christopher were married in Paris. Rory is stunned by the news. Rory puts on a brave face for her father but Lorelai sees through her daughter's happy façade. Christopher goes out to the garage leaving Lorelai and Rory alone. Lorelai asks her what she thinks and finds out that Rory is angry. She refuses to talk about the situation because she knows her dad will be back soon and she has to pretend to be happy. As Chris opens the wine, Lorelai and Rory sit quietly with their thoughts.

Rory enters Logan's pre-launch party and is greeted warmly by Logan. He asks her how her dinner with her parents went and finds out about the marriage. She is upset and he tries to assuage her angst. She is stoic about the situation and tells Logan that it is his night and she will be all right. She is there to help him in any way she can. Logan's colleagues approach and begin to chat. He begins to introduce her to some of the guests the first of whom is a complete bore. Bobby drags the bore away to their relief. Logan then takes her over to meet Hugo Gray who is starting an on-line magazine. Rory enjoys her chat with him. He asks her to submit one of her articles to him and he will take a look at it. As he leaves, he gives her his card.

The next day, Lorelai is desperately trying to get in touch with Rory with no success. She leaves another message trying to explain her decision to marry in Paris and begs Rory to call her back so that they can talk about it.

Rory couldn't sleep so she wrote an article about the party that she planned to submit to Hugo Gray. She has Logan reading and is anxiously waiting for his feedback. She ignores the message from her mother. Logan finally finishes the article and is angry about the judgmental tone of Rory's article. Logan challenges Rory's position that she is somehow different from the rich trust-fund kids at the party. He argues that she has no right to act morally superior to those people. She went to prep school and is going to an Ivy League college. Rory counters that she isn't living off of a five million dollar trust fund. Logan delivers the lethal blow by asserting that she isn't exactly paying rent. Rory is devastated by that comment and walks away.

April is wrapping the present for her party but looks sick. Luke notices she looks unwell but she tells him that she is fine. He attempts to talk about the 'kissing' issue again without actually saying the k-word. He discourages her from engaging is such activity because he doesn't think she is ready. April winces in pain and Luke asks her if she is okay. He realizes she is running a temperature and tells her she can't go to the party. April reacts typically for a thirteen year old and tells Luke that he is a terrible dad.

Lorelai checks her answering machine to see if she missed a call from Rory. Chris is moving cartons around. He enters Rory's room and comments on how it will be Gigi's room from now on. He begins to make plans to move things out of the room but Lorelai is against the change. She explains that she doesn't want to change Rory's room without consulting her. She doesn't want her to feel displaced. She finally tells Chris that Rory wasn't happy about their marriage. She explains that they need to give her time to adjust. Chris seems upset by this news.

Luke brings April a drink. She is looking very unwell but maintains that she feels fine. He touches her very hot forehead and rushes to the phone…

(The phone rings and Lorelai answers) Luke: (Panicked) Yeah, April's really sick and I don't know what to do…she's got a fever and it's her stomach and she's really pale so I… Lorelai: Okay, slow down…did she throw up? Luke: No. Lorelai: Did she eat something bad? Luke: No, she hasn't eaten anything all day. Lorelai: Aw…where does it hurt? Luke: Uh…she's holding her side. Lorelai: Which side? Luke: Yeah…her right side…it really seems to be getting worse. Lorelai: Oh wow…you know it could be appendicitis. Luke: Appendicitis…really? (Luke looks extremely worried) Lorelai: Yeah…yeah…it's gonna be okay but you should take her right to the hospital…okay…take her to St. Joseph's. Luke: Okay, okay.

A little later Luke is anxiously sitting in the waiting room. Lorelai comes in to see how things are. She finds out that April is okay. He thanks her for coming. Lorelai explains that there is nothing worse than taking your child to the emergency room. They chat a while until the doctor comes by. He calls them Mr. and Mrs. Nardini. Luke introduces himself and tells him that he is April's father. The doctor tells Luke that he and his wife can go in to see April. Luke and Lorelai quickly correct his misassumption. Luke is stunned and perhaps a little saddened to see Lorelai's wedding band. It is an incredibly awkward moment felt by both.

Logan is talking business on the phone when Rory arrives home. He apologizes for his earlier statement. After talking to Lucy and Olivia about the article, Rory admits that it was judgmental. She apologizes and tells Logan that she is proud of him. She tells him that she is moving out of the apartment, though. Lorelai arrives needing to speak to Rory. Logan leaves them alone. Lorelai explains that she knows it seems impulsive but that this marriage has been a long time coming. Rory tells her that she is glad she is married and happy for her but is frustrated that she wasn't there for the event. Lorelai admits that it was wrong that Rory wasn't' there and apologizes. She explains that she didn't call her because she was afraid that Rory would try to talk her out of it. Rory attempts to deny that she would talk her out of the marriage but soon realizes that she would indeed have tried to get her to wait a few months. Rory is even fine with sharing a bedroom with Gigi.

Later in Rory's room, Chris comes in to see Lorelai struggling to move Rory's desk out to the garage. She happily tells him that Rory is okay with the marriage now. They make plans to paint the room for Gigi as they move the desk out.

In the hospital room, Luke is watching TV while April sleeps. He sees a show about grizzly bears and smiles fondly at the memory of his talk with April. As he flips around, he stops at the movie Philadelphia Story. It seems to be a movie that he has seen with Lorelai. He watches sadly as Tracy Lord rediscovers her love for Dexter Haven, her ex-husband, and they commit to marry again.
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