Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 8

Introducing Lorelai Planetarium

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • Rory had every right to be mad at Lorelai...and the younger Gilmore girl stood out here.

    Yes I said it...Rory was the star of the episode. While Lorelai is becoming a different character who rushes into marriage with Christopher and thinks Rory will be okay with it...come on! I loved the dinner could tell that Rory wasn't happy but she hid it. Then she told Lorelai that she was mad...was glad about that.

    I also liked the thing about Rory's article and how she judged people. I liked watching her and Logan, the fight was well done and I did like the 'screw you Logan' at the end. But I was glad when she realised that she was wrong...Lucy and Olivia are growing on me...slowly. I'm glad that she made up with both Lorelai and Logan...

    I can't think of much else because not much else is going on...better than 'French Twist' but only because of Rory.
  • Like watching a different show...just some RIDICULOUS moments.

    This episode was marginally better than the ones that preceded it - mainly because of Rory and Logan. I thought their story line was interesting, well written and well acted. It was good to see a bit of conflict but also to see them resolve it. Luke's character is completely pointless, there is no Luke without Lorelai. His whole charm revolved around how the two of them interacted, him on his own (or with April) just does not produce strong enough drama. I actually quite liked how when he met up with Lorelai he happened to see her wedding ring and discover she was married. It was a nice subtle moment, unlike so much of what is going on this season! However I thought the way it built up to Luke calling her was PATHETIC. Things had been extremely awkward between the two of them and out of the blue he calls her up and they are so casual and breezy. He didn't even seem that desperate or stressed when he phoned her - it just came across so unrealistic - bad acting, bad directing...just bad all round.

    Lorelai's character has just changed out of all recognition. Christopher is acting like a complete thoughtless idiot, yet she seems to be bowled over by his 'charms'. The new creative team are making a complete mess of it. The way the supporting characters, the different story lines, the comedy and the drama were interwoven before was so subtle you didn't realise how good it was. Now it is not being done so skillfully it sticks out like a sore thumb and seems like a complete botch job.
  • This episode really was different... I mean the story is changing quite a bit now. It is still a good story though.

    The thing that really chaned it all was the part were Lorelai gave that chance to Luke and he lost it i guess... The fact that she went with Chris that day changed everything. I always though that once she was with Luke she would stay with him. It was really strange the way Rory acted in front of them when in the end she did not feel okay. But in the end who blames her when she wanted to be part of her mum's wedding. Luke is being a great father... I really am enjoying how the story is turning. I guess it was something i never expected when Lorelai and Chris got married but it was part of the story. I want to see the reaction on Emily and Richard's face whn they find out about the wedding....
  • Just a little boring... Lorelai was weird, loved Rory, and Luke has got to stop calling April 'sweetie'.

    Well, seeing Lorelai and Christopher as a lovely married couple was my dream coming true, yet they both seemed extremely weird. Not weird like they were unhappy together, but as the actors were still not used to the fact that they were now 'married'. Especially weird since Lauren Graham and David Sutcliffe are always wonderful, together or apart. But anyway, I always love them.

    The scene where they tell Rory about their elopment was a really good one. The story about the chapel in Giverny was adorable (I wish we had seen it!) and Rory's reaction was, well, I wouldn't expect nothing less from her. She had every right to be mad at her mom. But their talk about it at the end of the episode was sweet and I had missed them together, talking as the best friends they've always been.

    Rory was just wow this episode. I loved her with her parents, I loved her at Logan's party with his friends, I loved her article, I loved her fight with Logan. I usually disagree with everything Logan does, but he was right this time, Rory isn't really that different from him, trust funds apart. It was a nice change, Rory was making me so mad these past episodes. Luke is totally adorable with April, but calling her 'sweetie' is too much. That's not Luke. That's not even a little close to little boy Luke. But his worries about her at a boy-girl party were so cute and with her at the hospital, it was like I couldn't imagine Luke not being a dad. Not my favorite, a little boring, but good enough.
  • Better than the last few episodes,I'd say

    When I started watching this I thought: Finally something not boring, finally some good dialogue that actually makes sense!
    Unfortunately, as much as I like Luke, I hated that scene where he tells April she can't go to the party, I'm sorry if I offend anyone but GOD that was stupid!!! Couldn't they think of a better excuse to make him meet Lorelai and find out she was married?
    About Rory... I was beginning to wonder where her backbone had gone... she's been acting so brainless lately, it was good to see that her witt has not gone to waste, loved the paper, and loved her argument with Logan.
    Still, things are going very wrong in this show...
    Where is Emily Gilmore??? Where is Sookie????? Where is the rest of the town???
    And where is the Gilmore apetite???? Oh yeah, as someone as mentioned before: did they stop having coffee??!!
  • Moving, moving and finally doing something! (I was done with the winning of season 6)

    Ok... I agree this is not the same show we watch last season! and Thank God for that!!!
    I love Lorelai, I have learned to love Rory and I definetly would rather have Lorelai and Luke... but at least something is hapening... For the longest time (all thru season 6) we saw Lorelai doing and saying UN-Lorealai things and because the original team wrote it, we swallowed it!! Not fair!
    I am happy we have a new chance to see things spiced up, and yes we need to wait to see what is going to happen. After all the dread team Palladino created last season, it is going to take time to fix it!
    I am sure we will see our Gilmore Girls being irrational, neurotic and passionate, and I love that!
    Thanks for fixing my favorite show!
  • Forgive me for saying this...but how exactly did Lorelai expect Rory to act(after she eloped with Chris in Paris)?

    Ok...i know Lorelai is acting this season as if she had brain surgery(where in they removed her brain completely) but exactly how did she expect Rory to react?!

    I mean, she dumps Luke...the guy that has been the only father figure to her daughter(ever since she can remember) to elope with Chris her absentee childfather!
    Whoo-hoo, she could win the award for "Most Stupid Mother" of the year.

    I mean come on, Lorelai wake up and smell the coffee....oh yeah, Chris is hiding all the coffee from her so that she can't wake up to her senses(that explains how she got over her coffee cravens in a blink of an eye!).
  • Luke is the only reason, and truth-telling Logan, that this episode got even a 1!

    Well, first let me say that I fast forward through most of the episode, rather episodes lately until I see Luke, or a (rare) Lorelai and Rory moment. HELLO! It is called "Gilmore Girls", not "Gilmore Girls and their Bad Taste in Men". I really hoped that the show would get back to the core, that being Rory and Lorelai, but it keeps straying farther and farther from that. The old Lorelai, the real Lorelai would not let Chris talk her into getting married without Rory, she just wouldn't. Also, the real Lorelai would notice how stupid Chris is, and how much he doesn't know Rory, and by extension, he doesn't really know her when he was 100% positive Rory would be fine with them getting married without her. I just can't see it, and yes, I am a devout Lorelai and Luke fan, but I mean, even with the history, Lorelai and Chris don't belong together (anymore). They may have when they were young, if they had given it a shot then, but it is twenty years later. Yes, I know Chris is a lot more open with Lorelai than Luke was, but Luke was trying, and people don't change overnight. I think Lorelai is just stepping back into old habits, she didn't even give herself time to figure out the Luke thing before she married her high-school sweetheart. I just don't think that they know eachother anymore, one way to tell is the TV, barka lounger, and waterfall wall thing. (I really don't think he was joking, just using it to cover when he saw Lor's reaction). They have changed, and I think thst they love eachothers hig-school selves. They haven't really fallen in love with their adult selves. I hope the situation is rectified, but I have this gut feeling that I am going to be cursing the writers all the way through the series finale. The highlight of the "Gilmore Girls" show tonight, was, surprisingly, the boys. Luke being a dad is wonderful. I could just see him as a father with Lorelai, the perfect balance of a solid parent, and a crazy one. Then Logan putting Rory in her place was perfect. She looks down on the very people that she has turnd into, and Logan points that out. I didn't like the fact that he took it back later though, and was apologizing for asserting the truth.
  • the Gilmore Girls we knew and love is gone...

    they have ruined the show. It is no longer \"the gilmore girls\". no longer a show about mother and daughter and their relationship, its now about a women, her daughter in college, and husband. the fact that GiGi now gets Rory\'s room, what the heck!! its like Rory is completely gone.. and Chris, uhh i hate him. he thinks he can be this great dad after years of not being there, but he cant. Luke was always there for Rory and Lor, Chris wasnt. where was he when Rory started college or better yet graduated high school!! is Lor blind?
    i love Gilmore Girls, but it is changed now, and not for the best
  • Rory and Luke find out about Lorelai getting married.

    i thought that this episode was okay. I was confused with the whole snails bit and Lorelai saying she does not like snails because in a previous episode she said that they were good. I thought that it was funny that Rory pretended to be happy about the marriage while Christopher was in the room and angry when he left. I thought that it was funny that Rory wrote that article and Logan got mad because it was mean and Rory did not realize that it was mean until the fight was over. I think that it is nice that Logan is back in the States but i can not figure out what was the point of bringing him there in the frist place. I thought that it was sweet that Luke was so worried about April that he called Lorelai to figure out what to do. I thought that it was nice of Lorelai to go see Luke at the hospital and to see how April is doing. I think that Lorelai is not over Luke and that she is not really happy with Christopher.
  • The episode focuses around Lorelai telling Rory about how she and Chris got married in France. Also, Logan is moving back to the states, and gives Rory a wake up call on her hipocracy.

    I thought this was one of the best episodes of the season, because the writing is getting back on track. The writing seems to be the biggest complant about his season (other than the fact that Lorelai has MARRIED Christopher). People feel like their characters are dying and this episode resurrected them from the dead. Lorelai's character felt funny again (it started in French Twist), she had me smiling when she was talking about finding snails to cook. Chris on the other hand is getting old, but this episode set the putch for flipping the Chris/Lorelai/Luke Triangle. At the end of the episode, after Luke discovers Lorelai's wedding band, Luke is watching a movie called the Philidelphia story. The movie is a comparison to the love triangle and can either go two ways; Luke and Lorelai could end up back together, or Lorelai and Chris could stay together. And if your watching the spoilers, it's indicating that the triangle is going to flip soon. In Rory's story, Logan comes back into town, which is good because the long distance relationship was getting old. He invites Rory to a party, which she writes a nasty review about it. She says that the people at the party are spoiled heirs, who only succeed because they have trust funds. Logan takes the article personally, and wakes Rory up to the fact that she is living a double standard by not paying rent, and being from a wealthy family. I thought that scene was really well done, because Rory has changed in the past two seasons, and I think this marks another change in her. I think she will end up being the middle of the two extremes (book smart, shy girl) (Rory) (Sassy materialistic fashion girl). Rory later realizes her article is too harsh and appologizes to Logan (who was right). She then says that she is moving out, which symbolises her moving toward independance. Rory's reaction to Lorelai and Chris' marriage was disapointing, from the previews I thought she would be upset that she married Chris instead of Luke, but no she was just sad that she wasn't there. Lorelai thinks, that she is mad that they got married in the first place. I think she imagined it because she really feels sad about the marriage, which is why she doesn't want to let Chris into her world. Altogether this episode was really well written and the show has returned to its quick witted self again.
  • Lorelai and Chris break the news of their new marriage to Rory. Logan surprises Rory and tells her that he\\\'s moving to NYC.

    I wasn\\\'t too impressed by this episode. I think it was too sudden for L&C to get married. The Paris episode was great, and althought I\\\'m a L&L fan, I\\\'m happy that Lore is soo happy with Chris. I think she decided to do it cuz of all the stuff that she went through with Luke and Chris wanted to marry her so badly. I think her first instinct was right and they should have had Rory there and understandably she was angry about it. That\\\'s why I gave a lower rating to this episode. I did like the progression of Rory\\\'s relationship with Logan. I think they are really good together and with him being in New York, it\\\'ll be good for them to be closer together. I dunno if it\\\'s the new writing or network or something but GG is not as appealing to me right now.....OMG did I just say that? GG has been my must watch DND no interupption show for over 6 seasons and I definitely miss the old GG style. I find myself looking forward to Veronica Mars a little more than GG this season....very shocked.....
  • Lorelai and Christoper go to Paris and oh, what a surprise...they get married spontaneously! When they get back, Lorelai is obviously having second thoughts and Rory is not happy. Meanwhile, Logan comes home as a surprise.

    This episode is just contrived. The marriage between Christopher and Lorelai is obviously not going to last. It feels like the writers just don't know where to go, and even the banter is just too obviously forced. Bring Luke and Lorelai back together!! Christopher's character comes across as must being smarmy and too smothering for Lorelai. When they return home and tell Rory, Lorelai's reaction is already wary that Rory won't approve. There's a ridiculous scene or two when Chris and Lorelai are in Paris searching for food because they are both starving, but the writers need something else for Christopher, his character just isn't the funny, bantering type.
  • Poor Luke, finding out Lorelai got married so soon after they broke up.

    I liked this episode. I still have to adjust that Lorelai married Chris instead of Luke though. In many ways, Lorelai and Chris are better together, but Luke is Luke. I really liked it that we have seen him a little bit more in this episode. In this episode Luke was a great dad. It was also nice to see that he called Lorelai for help. It just a shame that he did that a year to late. If he would have done it sooner, it might have been his ring around her finger...

    To me, it's always good to see Logan in an episode! This time, he and Rory got in a fight about an article she wrote and he was a little bit right. Although Lorelai didn't raise Rory with a lot of money she always had her grandparents to pay for her expensive education, so in a way she had the benefit of a lot of money.

    Overall it was a good episode, but a little more Stars Hollow in the next one please!
  • Better than the previous one.

    Well, at first I thought something might blow in this episode or an explosion might happen somewhere.. but nothing.. I'm irritated with Lore's getting comfortable with Chris, OK we see her eyes rolling each time he says anything, just like the tv, but she then consent. And what was that with Luke and Lore's meeting, it's like they are used to the situation... come oooon, am I the only one seeing the elephant in the room :s
    Yeah I think something will happen later hehe seeing the spoilers.. but why to go through a whole season angry on writers.. there are lots of twists better!!
  • Lorelai finally tells rory that she got married with her dad n rory is mad 'cause she wasn't there in the wedding. Logan comes back from London saying that he's gonna move in new york and she's thrilled about it but they start to fight about "rich pe

    This episode was boring, but at least better than the last one. I didn't like that logan is comming back and then going to london again and again, i though it was gonna be more exiting 'cause rory was gonna be alone 1 year and she was gonna be able to hang out with friends or even start dating other guys and then logan was gonna find out and the serie was gonna be more interesting, but I was wrong...
    Then, why luke didn't ask something when he saw the ring on lorelai's finger? Is he blind or dumb or something? they were engaged!!!
    And what happened with the other personages of the serie? Suddenly they're gone? All the hour was about the wedding of chris and lor and about rory and logan.
    Definitively this show is going dowm, but I still hope this show gets better at least like it was before.
  • Gilmore Girls. Episode 8

    Incredible but true:
    1. Rory finally realized she is exactly like Logan and his colleagues: a trust fund baby. Just a bit more whiny. Well, actually that must be Chris' fault. Genes do not forgive, after all. Anyway, that creepy pink dye disappeared. That's definitely a good choice.
    2. Luke's scenes lasted for more seconds than usual.
    3. April is becoming always less annoying.
    4. Luke did start understanding he made the biggest mistake ever. His denial phase is eventually done. :D

    It's still a mystery whether or not Lorelai is happy she got married. She's becoming way too indecipherable. Anyway, even though it's clear she is acting out of character, I think her witty and fast remarks are still worth watching. It was funny when she came up with the whole snake thing, in order to convince Rory to have dinner together.
    Ps. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!
  • I love this show, but seriously folks, this needs to be finished soon....

    I love Lorelai, I love Rory, I even love Christopher and Luke, and heaven help me, Richard and Emily, but this show has taken a turn for the worse! I will continue to watch, but I can barely keep my attention focused on this program. I really think it could be debated that this show jumped the shark a long time ago, but I think Lorelai marrying Christopher and the way everyone is acting right now takes the cake. I dont even look forward to Tuesday's anymore. So long Gilmore Girls as my favorite show, hello Greys Anatomy...
  • Could someone please tell me why Luke is still getting airtime?

    Sick to death of April now and wondering why you keep someone on the show who is screwing it up? Rory and Logan fighting was interesting. Rory finally getting told she is priviledged too was kind of funny. There was no reason for Luke to have as much airtime as he got. April needs to be drop kicked off this show.
  • Rory finally finds out the truth about Paris and almost splits with Logan

    a much better episode than last week, the scenes were a lot smoother and blended together well. Last week it was very jumpy. As much as I didn\'t want Lorelai and Chris together it doesn\'t seem too bad. The distace kept between Luke and Lorelai is very evident, evne when he called her for help with April and then she later went to the hospital it was not like old times at all. I must say the ending with Luke watching the tv at the hospital was a bit sad and made we want them back together a little bit but there still hasnt\' been that old talk between them. I wonder when friday night dinner will occur and how will Emily and Richard react to the news, something to look forward to.
  • Hdge disapointment

    I have been a hudge fan of this show for the last 6 years and I have to say that i am very disapointed by the enormous ignorance and lack of research of the writers. I am French and live in France. I have ignored the negative comments about us over the years. However, with this episode I felt that I had to write someting. In france it is absolutely impossible to get married in such a way. The procedures are quite long, at least two weeks and you must provide documents such as birth certificates officially translated in French, which adds quite a delay. Moreover, I am tired of seing images of France in the 50\'sin most American Tv shows. We do not drive such cars and I can assure you that you can find something to eat in Paris at that time of the night.

    Anyway, I will keep on watching this show. nevertheless, I will probably not feel the same.
  • Finally! the writting was so much better.. even though this isn't my favorite storyline, this is the first good episode of this season.

    It seems the new writers are finally getting the hang of it. The dialogs were much better and much more in character. what happened to Rori's pink hair? I hated it, but it just doesn't go away that fast... Lorelai and Chris getting married is so weird. it's like she and Luke were never together, she forgot about him so fast.. and she would never get married without Rori. (the new writers made some progress, but unfortunately they have a long way to go). Logan is moving to new york! his character was definitely missed. wonder what's going on with Lane and the twins? On the whole, this was a good episode.. I was getting worried that it'll become boring to watch.
  • liked the writing, and the relationship dynamics.

    i really liked this episode. i found it both entertaining and touching. i enjoyed the writing of this epsiode it has been some of the best writing of the season. I liked the confrontation between Rory and Logan. It really forced rory to look at the relationship, and how she has lived her life so far. I also thought Luke and April were very cute. i thought their scenes together were the best in the show. i liked the dynamic that they had together. Luke is really coming into his father role. As well the scene between Luke and Lorelai in the hospital was very touching. You can see how akward the two are around each other, and now that Lorelai is married you can sense that Luke missed his chance. I think the show is just going to get better this season if the episodes continue on this wavelength.
    good job!!
  • lorlai and chris invite rory over for dinner to tell rory they got married but to their supprise rory is less than thrilled with the marriage

    this was an over all good episode lorlai and chris invite rory over for dinner only to learnthat her parents got married in paris without her rory is exteremly mad at her parents actions. meanwhile logan comes back from london and is moving to maddhatten and having a launch party for his internet copany that he bought and invites rory, at the party an edetior of a magazine asks rory to do an artical on the party logan is hurt and upset that rory did a jugemental artical and acusses her of hipocracy rory and logan eaventually make up but rory feels as though she has to move out and find her own appartment when april has a health cricus luke turns to lorlai for help
  • I have been waiting all season for a decent episode.

    Thank goodness this episode came around...I have been waiting for something to happen in or around Stars Hollow all season and we finally got a dose of some decent writing and story lines. It's about time Rory got off her high horse, she got all ornery when the Huntzbergers didn't think she was good enough and was all ready to be a gilmore then but when push comes to shove she's a self-loathing trust fund baby herself. Love it. I can't seem to tell if Lorelai is happy she got married or not, it's either really bad writing or pretty decent acting.
  • It's time to tell the daughter that you married your father... See how that works out ;)

    Okay, my thoughts on the episode... First off, I liked it, well paced, well written and good plots and interesting storylines.

    There wasn't really any Paris, Lane, Sookie or anything but I can't say that I missed them throughout the episode to be honest. Though Sookie's reaction would have been nice, but I'm sure we'll get that soon Luke and April are just adorable. Like said before 'sweetie' doesn't sound right when it comes out of Luke's mouth but it's cute when you see how at ease and comfortable they are around each other.. And the whole juggling/kissing thing, so adorable and funny!
    I knew that April was going to be sick, and I knew that Lorelai would go to the hospital for that but I totally felt for Luke when he saw the ring. That was really sad. It also showed discomfort to me, the scene in the hospital, but to me that seems logical given the current circumstances and how they ended their relationship. The phone call though, I expected a wondering 'Luke?' from Lorelai, which we didn't get but to me the phone call didn't feel awkward or anything. I just think Luke will continue to have that feeling to call Lorelai when something is up, something he's done in the past as well. But I think seeing as how high April's fever was, he just forgot about the circumstances and decided to do what was best for him in that situation, which was calling Lorelai in his opinion. I think at that point he just forgot how the relationship ended and called the person he knows best in Stars Hollow to call for some advice, somebody who had her own kid. It's kind of nice to see how his first thought went out to Lorelai, despite the fact that they haven't interacted for weeks. Just trying to the upside of all this, this in combination with the last heartbreaking last scene with Luke (who watched that movie), is just giving me so much hope for LL. I mean that movie is about marrying the wrong guy and how this guy stops her. I mean it's their story, despite the fact that Lorelai is already married (Thank you for not changing it to Hayden btw!) but I mean MARRIED WRONG GUY, I don't think we can get a bigger anvil or hint for what's coming up!

    Lorelai/Chris, they're still cute but they seemed off this episode, most likely I think because Lorelai isn't quite happy with the changes that her marriage caused. First off Rory isn't happy that she isn't included on the wedding, I didn't really expect a whole 'you shouldn't have married dad but Luke' kind of conversation since we are still talking about Rory's dad. I think like said in the episode, every kids wants their parents to be happy, and married if it lets them. I'm glad though that Rory avoided her mother for some time, which in the end caused Lorelai to head to Logan and Rory's apartment for the first time. And all the changes in the house, Chris really wants to change a lot, something with a waterfall and big TV's all around? I get that Chris has to change as well by moving to SH, but he wants to remodel the house that Lorelai remodeled with Lorelai? NO! I'm glad Lorelai wasn't too happy with that either and that she waited until after she talked with Rory about it until she changed the stuff in Rory's room. It should have been something that Chris should have done as well.
    I'm really trying to be as positive as I can about Chris, but it all builds up to me. IMO it seems to me that he's building his life more around Lorelai and Gigi, but not around Rory, which is a shame. Doesn't really seem that Rory is that comfortable around her father as well since she couldn't tell him that she wasn't happy about the marriage straight to his face, because he had to hear about it from Lorelai.

    I'm still not happy that Rory is planning on moving out, but I'm glad that it wasn't in the way that I imagined it to be, that she wanted to move out because Logan kicked her out, to say it like that. I'm glad she's thinking about moving out because she feels like she has to, not because someone made her. Rory and Logan's reunion scene was really cute... I loved it that once again he surprised her Lots of kissing too in the ep btw! I loved Logan's reaction to the article and I'm glad that his reaction wasn't overreacted, perhaps the last few words a bit too harsh but I'm glad that Olivia and Lucy agree that it was a mean article.
    I also loved the whole thing about Henry, so cute that they named it.. But I also loved that Logan gave Rory the opportunity to talk about the marriage during the party and that Logan knew of Paris and that her parents went there.. Their communication skills keep on getting better So in the end a good episode IMO, I don't really have that much complaints, and none about the writing, dialogue and all of that. I really liked it!!
  • The secrets of Lorelai's marraige are coming out and the reactions aren't what she suspected.

    I think that Lorelai getting married so hastily when she was away was a mistake. With Luke, she waited and waited and she knew when it was right and she knew when it was over. With Chris, it seems like they've moved too fast. She said in the episode that they've been at it for 20 years. I disagree. They weren't always romantically linked. The fact that Luke called Lorelai hopefully hints at more rendevouzs to happen later. I loved how the doctor thought Luke and Lorelai were married- and then Luke looked at her ring. She even looked at again! My favorite part was the end when Luke was in the hospital and he started watching that old movie; it was like he was seeing what he should have done but didn't. There has been talk that April is moving out of the country with her mother. If Luke can't get custoday of her and she leaves, he'll be alone. I think he'll start to realise then, more than ever, that he made the wrong decisions and was stupid for letting Lorelai go. Do you remember when they first started dating and Luke told her that he kept a fortune card she made in his wallet for 8 years! The simple things about them, that's their love. They loved each other- something just needs to rekindle those feelings. The fact that Chris and Lorelai had a baby 22 years ago makes it difficult though. It'll be interesting to see how it all pans out!

    Luke and Lorelai!
  • Theres something wrong with Lor. She seems so, not her self when ever shes remined that shes married to CHRIS not LUKE

    it was an ohkay episode. i luv the end when Luke is flipping through the channels & the old show comes on. & the guys lyk im going to do what i should have done or sumthing lyk that. I sooo hope that Luke goes to lore & says im going to do what i should have done.
    Also, It was so bad how Luke found out about the marrage. I really dont lyk them together (lor & Chris) :[[

    & i was really looking forword to the Luke & Chris Showdown!! LOL<3
    hopefully next week Jackson will tell Chris that hes not who Lor should end with :]

    Lukw & Lor forevrrr :]]]]]]]]
  • Should we be at all surprised that Lorelai and Chris are married, after all the writers were intending to force the issue from the previous season. Luke and Lorelai as a couple never stood a chance!! Big Mistake imo!!

    Well, honestly I have mixed feelings about the direction of where the story is moving. I mean I really like Chris in this season, and its no surprises the direction the writers are taking. After the last fiasco what can we expect?

    I\\\'m not thrilled about their marriage even though it makes perfect sense that these two get together. But, what about Luke, how awful was it for him to learn after not meeting since their breakup to find out that she has a wedding ring. That sucked!! I really like Chris alot but still love Luke\\\'s character more. I think the episodes for this season is starting much stronger than last year and maybe, just maybe we will get back some of the clever writing that we are used to. On the upside, the witty humorous, speedy, dialogues are back which was sadly lacking in the last season.

    I\\\'m going on blind faith that the writers will find a way to put the story back on track the way well all expect to see, but don\\\'t hold your breath.
  • The show is just building up to something great! Luke calling Lorel Lei, what's that? Then Lorel Lei shows up at the hospital to comfort him....Just like she went to comfort Christopher when his father died! Huh something is goin on!

    This show has great potential it definatley should not be at number 14 on the charts! That is definatley dissapointing to see. So like I said before the show is just keeping people on the edge of thier seats and then there going to make a boom. So sit back and relax, enjoy the season...So when is Logan going to propose I definatley think that should happen sometime soon! I think it was pretty lame of Lorel Lei not waiting till she got back from Paris to get married or at least calling Rory to come to Paris and witness her parents getting married, but it all worked out for the best between them so no worries on that note. I still think it was a major mistake on her behalf to marry Christopher! It's good that her and Luke can talk and be there for each other in difficult situations. Those two should definatley be together they were so damn good together! What's with Logan he seems to have a bit of an attitude since he came back from London, and another thing who is this Bobbie? Is she just trampy to me? That short dress she was wearing to a clientel cocktail party, how sophisticated!
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