Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 14

It Should've Been Lorelai

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2002 on The WB

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  • This was an interesting episode - lots of fireworks on display and Emily was wrong about Chris being the right man for Lorelai.

    One thing that really stands out in this episode is Emily's utter disapproval of Sherrie a woman she has never seen. She is not totally off the mark since Sherrie seemed to "worm" her way into Rory's life and really didn't seem to have any interest in getting to know Lorelai which irritates the crap out of Lorelai although she hides it very well behind a smile.

    Christopher really flew off the handle at Luke's which puts Lorelai really in an embarrassing hot seat when Chris accuses her of using him to fend off her engagement to Max and other potential men in her life, she was better off keeping the comments to herself since Luke overheard Chris's angry outburst and yet, he seemed to offer a little sympathy to Lorelai when their eyes met for just a brief moment before she looks out the window and sees Chris and hug Rory in the end.

    Too bad though she and Chris had a fight, and I think their budding friendship works better than having them as a couple. Although without Luke in the picture, I'd definitely say that Chris would have been the next best thing, but since Luke is in the picture later on, I'd say he would be irreplaceable.

    Forgot to add the very amusing scene with the whole secret covet moment with Kirk as a distractor and Rory signaling and we see a guy jogging in a jump suit coming forward to drop the cd into Lane's bag while Kirk is busy distracting Mrs. Kim. The Jogging guy turned out to be Michel, it was so hilarious and a great scene.

  • Christopher's girlfriend, Sherry, has interactions with Lorelai and Rory

    Rory has a debate on assisted suicide. She is on a two-person team with Paris. Christopher calls Lorelai and she invites him to the debate. But he neglects to mention that he is bringing Sherry, his live-in girlfriend. Loralai and Rory feel obligated to bring Christopher and Sherry to their house for a little after-debate social. While at the house, Sherry takes Lorelai aside and asks her to let her and Rory have an evening together. However, it is Friday night, and they are due at Friday night dinner with Emily and Richard. Sherry asks Lorelai to let Rory be excused from it, and Lorelai does, after a funny moment where she calls Rory inside the house to ask her if it is alright with her. Rory agrees, and Lorelai invites Christopher to join her at Friday night dinner. The evening does not go very well, as Emily gets upset that Lorelai and Christopher aren't together, and Christopher is with "that woman", Sherry. She accuses Lorelai that she keeps everyone at arm's length, including Christopher. Later, Lorelai confesses to Christopher that the reason her relationships haven't worked out, including the one with Max, was that she was always thinking she'd get back with Christopher. He gets angry at this, although Lorelai didn't mean it in a judging way.
  • Christopher and his girlfriend Sherry come to town. A really interesting episode.

    This was a brilliant episode. As I said, I thought it was very interesting to see how Rory and Lorelai reacted to Sherry. Who I think, was completely weird, she was acted so ... obsessed about bonding with Rory. I didn't like her, I found myself agreeing with Emily. It didn't seem right that she was off with Rory.

    The Lane storyline throughout was very enjoyable. Rory's stalker comment was amusing. Plus the whole thing about getting the CD to Lane was done well, Michel was hilarious when he called Rory an evil girl. Mrs Kim's speech about the opening times was also very funny.

    Paris's thing with the debate, she can get a bit heavy that girl. Brad and the other opponent being so overwhelmed and scared was funny, as was Paris's outrage when Rory said she couldn't celebrate. Sookie was great here, trying to sneak a look at Sherry and then being offended by the word 'after'.

    Sherry was just so strange, how excited she was to see Rory, fair enough, but I think it was a little overboard. When Lorelai suggested going to there home, good idea for entertainment. Lorelai and Rory rushing to clean up was good, funny how Christopher knew that's what they were up to.

    Lorelai and Sherry's conversation in the kitchen was interesting but again, weird on Sherry's part. The whole thing about not having to get to know each other etc but she really wants to get to know Rory. How set she was on having an outing that night. Lorelai then ringing Rory, hilarious. Again, Christopher knew it was her and not 'Leonard'.

    Emily's horror at the Friday night dinner was very entertaining, it was actually funny to see how differently she and Richard reacted. Emily's following rant to Lorelai about how it should've been here was a little harsh on Lorelai. I was surprised to not see Rory and Sherry's dinner, could have been good.

    The next morning, Sherry and Christopher come to say goodbye, which I think Sherry did very strangely. She runs off to find Rory. Lorelai then tells Christopher that she thinks the reason she hasn't been able to keep a good relationship is because in the back of her mind, she always thought they'd get back together.

    Christopher is then furious and shouts at Lorelai in front of everyone in the diner, including Luke. As he refuses to take responsibility for her bad love life. She apologises but he leaves anyway on a bad note. I didn't like Sherry but I don't think you were meant to. Brilliant episode.
  • Good!

    Christopher and his girlfriend, Sherry, come to visit. Rory has a debate with Paris, so they visit them then. Sherry wants to get to know Rory, but not so much Lorelai. Sherry takes Rory out for an evening, while Christopher and Lorelai go to Richard and Emily's. When visiting them, Emily explodes and says that it was Lorelai's destiny to be with Christopher. Lorelai tells Christopher her feelings and he gets upset. Rory seems to like Sherry. Lane is on lockdown mode by Mrs. Kim, so Rory devises a plan to get Lane the CDs she wants.

    This episode was pretty good! Sherry seemed okay. I give this episode a 9.0 out of 10!
  • Chris bring the girlfriend

    Lane is grounded and guess how she talks to Rory?
    Using an telescope and calling the nearest phone, mostly because of a CD.

    Rory has a big debate with Paris so they are practicing and counting the WPM, word per minute, Paris idea.

    Chris calls and Lorelai invites him to the debate and he says yes. He doesn't come alone, he brings his girlfriend Sherrie.

    I didn't like Sherrie that must, all the "we don't have to be friends" attitude...
    She was forcing it.

    And Emily's reaction was more surprising, I guess she always dream that Chris would end with Lorelai and them with Rory would be a family. Now the dream is gone.

    Chris reaction was a bit excessive, I don't know... I understand his side but also hers...
  • christopher brings his girlfriend to meet the gilmore girls and someone is not happy about it.

    i thought that this episode was wonderful and the fact that i was introduced to sherry and the fact that we some kind of explanation why lorelai did not marry max. i did not like the fact that christopher did not tell lorelai that sherry was with him then springing her and them. i thought that it was really hilarious that emily filp her lid when she found out that rory was out christopher's girlfriend and not at friday night dinner with them. i thought that it was quite rude of emily telling lorelai that it should be her with christopher and not this girl. i thought that christopher took what lorelai said to him at the end out of context but i can understand where he was coming from.
  • Sad, jam-packed with possibilities for future episodes.

    This episode was sad in so many ways, yet I love it because it had so much drama in it. I should admit right off that I'm a David Sutcliffe fan and came to the show because of him (now I'm hooked on the show in itself), so I always perk up when he's scheduled. Still, there's so much here. I know I'll watching that ending scene over and over, as Lorelai admits that she's been holding back with everyone because of Christopher, and Christopher refusing to take that responsibility. Should he? Shouldn't he? You could debate that until death and never settle it. How much CAN we blame others for our lives? Isn't our resonsibility to move in the direction we need to go?

    I haven't seen every show in order, but you bet I will watch them just to see what happens.
  • Emily was horrible. She could not be happy for the father of her grandchild even if he wasn\'t with her own daughter.

    Emily was horrible. She could not be happy for the father of her grandchild even if he wasn\'t with her own daughter. Emily is supposed to be the precedent of good manners but in this episode it is quite disappointed to see her so blantantly opposing Chris\'s relationship with Sherrie.
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