Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 14

It Should've Been Lorelai

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2002 on The WB

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  • Christopher's girlfriend, Sherry, has interactions with Lorelai and Rory

    Rory has a debate on assisted suicide. She is on a two-person team with Paris. Christopher calls Lorelai and she invites him to the debate. But he neglects to mention that he is bringing Sherry, his live-in girlfriend. Loralai and Rory feel obligated to bring Christopher and Sherry to their house for a little after-debate social. While at the house, Sherry takes Lorelai aside and asks her to let her and Rory have an evening together. However, it is Friday night, and they are due at Friday night dinner with Emily and Richard. Sherry asks Lorelai to let Rory be excused from it, and Lorelai does, after a funny moment where she calls Rory inside the house to ask her if it is alright with her. Rory agrees, and Lorelai invites Christopher to join her at Friday night dinner. The evening does not go very well, as Emily gets upset that Lorelai and Christopher aren't together, and Christopher is with "that woman", Sherry. She accuses Lorelai that she keeps everyone at arm's length, including Christopher. Later, Lorelai confesses to Christopher that the reason her relationships haven't worked out, including the one with Max, was that she was always thinking she'd get back with Christopher. He gets angry at this, although Lorelai didn't mean it in a judging way.
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