Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 19

It's Just Like Riding a Bike

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2007 on The WB

Episode Recap

Lorelai is standing tentatively outside Luke's, gathering up the courage to go inside. Finally, she takes a deep breath and with resolve, she enters the diner and sits at the counter. Kirk is his usual obnoxious self as he begins babbling about how he has claimed the seat next to the register and can understand why Lorelai has claimed it as hers for so long. He believes it is the best seat in the house. Lorelai willingly relinquishes her right to his seat. Luke notices Lorelai and comes to the counter. He says hello and takes her order. Babette and Patty greet her warmly. Kirk continues babbling about the last time Lorelai was in the diner but Luke tells Kirk to be quiet. With Babette and Patty looking on with interest, Luke and Lorelai speak awkwardly about the Dragonfly, the diner and the weather. Lorelai realizes that it is uncomfortable for both of them and decides that perhaps she will take her coffee to go after all. Outside the diner, Lorelai takes a deep breath and heads to the Dragonfly.

While driving down the road, Lorelai's phone rings. It is Sookie explaining that she can't come into work because the kids have the chickenpox. She tells Lorelai that Jackson has never had chickenpox and can be a big baby when he is sick, so he is staying in a hotel. Lorelai offers to have Jackson stay at her house but Sookie is too worried that he will be a rather unpleasant guest. Lorelai insists that he stays with her. She recounts her visit to Luke's and tells Sookie how awful it was and how everyone was staring. Lorelai relates how awkward it was between her and Luke. She complains that they didn't know what to say or how to act. Lorelai suggests that maybe there is just too much history for it to ever be normal again. As she is talking, the jeep makes some terrible noises and breaks down.

Paris is sitting nervously at the table. Rory enters the apartment and Paris jumps up and asks where Rory she was. Doyle and Rory begin to chat about Logan's interview but Paris rapidly refocuses the attention towards her and her latest dilemma. Paris has responses from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Yale Law School and Stanford Law School to name a few. She is very nervous about opening them and explains that she needs Rory to help her because she is lucky. The first letter of acceptance is from Yale Law school and she is ecstatic. She still seems deeply affected by her rejection from Harvard four years ago. She thanks Rory so much for her help and inspiration over the years. Doyle and Paris express their love for each other and Doyle tells her how proud he is of her. Paris seems relieved that no matter what else happens at least she has one great option. When the letter to Harvard is an acceptance, Paris is again very excited but is tempted to reject Harvard the way it rejected her. All the letters from all the great schools are opened and produce acceptances for Paris to consider. Paris begins to stress over how she is going to make this unbelievably difficult and important decision. Rory tries to comfort her but Paris is as insensitive as ever…

Rory: Paris you're just being silly, okay. It's good to have options.
Paris: Yeah, right. You can stay that because there is only one thing that you want. Talk to me if you don't get the New York Times fellowship and you have to choose between six other papers.
(Rory looks at her, hurt)
Paris: I'm sorry…I just meant it must be nice to know what you want.
Rory explains that it may be nice to know what you want but it is also scary. Both Paris and Doyle tell her she has a good chance to get the Reston Scholarship but Rory is unconvinced. She maintains that all the candidates have excellent credentials and references.

At home, Lorelai is on the phone talking to Gypsy about her car. She finds out that there has been a total internal destruction of the motor and she needs to buy a new car. Sookie brings Jackson over to her house. While Lorelai is on the phone, she lectures Jackson on how to behave. She doesn't want him making a mess or making a nuisance of himself. Sookie runs off to be with the kids leaving Jackson standing uncomfortably in the living room. Lorelai comes in to the living room and has him take a seat. He sits gingerly as if is taking Sookie's instructions to heart. She tells Jackson that she needs a new car and asks him if he knows anything about cars but Jackson suggests he can only help her with buying a tractor. Jackson offers her a ride to the Inn when he leaves for work at 4:45 a.m. but Lorelai decides she will ride her bike. Lorelai jumps up and tells Jackson she's going to get a snack. She asks him if he wants one. He is still sitting stiffly on the couch. He tells her that he has a salad Sookie made but Lorelai encourages him to come and have some nuggets.

While riding to work on her bike, Lorelai has the earpiece to her phone in her ear and is talking to Rory. Lorelai notices that Rory sounds a little sad and asks her if she is missing Logan. Rory tells her about Paris getting into six schools; that she is definitely going to grad school. She is happy for Paris and Olivia and Lucy who all seem to have their futures in place but she is frustrated that she is still waiting to hear where she is going. She empha how much she wants the Reston Fellowship in New York. Lorelai attempts to comfort her but is unsuccessful. Lorelai tells her she didn't go to Luke's today because of the awkwardness between them. Rory encourages her to go to Luke's again and soon the awkwardness will disappear. Lorelai tells Rory she is enjoying riding her bicycle. Rory seems rather concerned and says good-bye quickly for safety's sake.

At the Dragonfly, Lorelai is sitting in the kitchen looking at a car magazine. She can't decide what kind of car she wants. She tells Sookie that she really isn't a convertible person…"too tanned, bad hair". She doesn't like sports cars. To her they seem to have an attitude because "they think they are cooler than other cars" . Sookie thanks Lorelai once again for taking Jackson into her home. There seems to be an unspoken tension in Sookie's tone. Lorelai tells her that he has been great but Sookie is unconvinced. Lorelai assures her that he has been a considerate guest. Lorelai finally notices Sookie's attitude and asks her if everything is okay. Sookie blames her ill temper on the pregnancy. They continue talking about which car she is thinking about when Michel comes in and suggests she take out a second mortgage on her house and buy her self a Rolls Royce or another equally expensive car. Sookie encourages her to close her eyes and try to imagine if she was driving down the street, which car would she be driving in. The exercise isn't particularly useful since Lorelai imagines herself in a float. Lorelai muses that choosing a car is something she would have asked Luke to help her with before. Sookie encourages her to call him. Lorelai calls Luke and asks him if he could help her pick out a car. Although we only hear one side of the conversation, it is clear that Luke has not hesitated to help her with her purchase.

Luke and Lorelai are driving in his truck. They both seem uncomfortable. Luke explains that the he would put the radio on but it has been too staticky lately. Lorelai attempts to make conversation by thanking him sincerely for helping her out. She empha that he didn't have to do it right away but he attempts to allay her fears by suggesting she couldn't keep riding around her bicycle. She feigns frustration that nobody thinks she can ride a bike and Luke apologizes immediately. They attempt to talk but the conversation dies and Luke turns on the static.

Rory arrives home to a huge fight between Doyle and Paris with Doyle storming out of the apartment suitcase in hand. Paris has broken up with Doyle because she has some important decisions to make and she doesn't want him to influence her decision. Rory is frustrated because she still hasn't received a letter from the New York Times and she still doesn't know what she is doing.

At Lorelai's house, Sookie and Jackson are standing in front of Lorelai's treasured dollhouse. The dollhouse is in pieces. Jackson wanted to make one for Martha so he picked it up to see what the support system was and he dropped it. That wasn't bad enough; he then fell on it. Jackson begins making suggestions on how to solve the problem but Sookie continues to berate him. Jackson challenges Sookie. He suggests that all the anger Sookie feels towards him is because she still hasn't forgiven him for lying to her about the vasectomy. Sookie finally admits that maybe she hasn't forgiven him. She is saddened because she doesn't want to be mad but she feels overwhelmed with the two kids she has and is worried that she won't be able to handle a third child. As always Jackson is understanding. He is sorry for lying and wants Sookie to try to forgive him.

Luke and Lorelai are in a car lot looking at new cars. Lorelai can't seem to make up her mind and apologizes to Luke for taking so long. Luke apologizes if she feels he is rushing her. They are both trying to be polite but Luke's frustration with her indecision is thinly veiled. Luke attempts to get an idea of what she wants but Lorelai can't describe it because it is just a feeling. Lorelai's phone rings and while she talking to Sookie, Luke speaks to a salesman. Lorelai tells Sookie that it isn't going well and that car shopping with your ex is a bad idea. Sookie decides not to tell Lorelai about the broken dollhouse since it seems like a very bad time. Luke redirects Lorelai to some other cars once she is off the phone and the politeness continues.

Lorelai is sitting in a new Jeep Wrangler almost the same as her old car.

Luke: (Luke is obviously exasperated.) Well?
Lorelai: Well…
Luke: Well… you been talkin' about your Jeep all day…
Lorelai: I know.
Luke: …comparin' other cars to it.
Lorelai: I know.
Luke: Here it is…
Lorelai: I'm sorry.
Luke: (Even more frustrated.) What…I don't understand…it's the same car.
Lorelai: (Beginning to show her frustration) It's not the same car
Luke: What do you mean?
Lorelai: What do you mean…it's different.
Luke: It's not different, it's just a newer model.
Lorelai: No…it's different. The steering wheel, the seats are different, the cup holder's different.
Luke: Okay, there have been some improvements.
Lorelai: They've made some changes.
Luke: Improvements!
Lorelai: Says who?
Luke: (At a point beyond frustration.) What exactly is bugging you?
Lorelai: It's not bugging me, per se. It's just…it's different, I don't get that feeling.
Luke: Oh for god's sake.
Lorelai: Wha…
Luke: You're being ridiculous.
Lorelai: Why?
Luke: You don't buy a car based on a feeling.
Lorelai: No…you don't buy a car based on a feeling.
(Lorelai gets out of the Jeep)
Luke: It's not just me, it's the whole rest of the population.
Lorelai: Really, you took a poll and you know how everyone else in the world buys their car.
Luke: I don't have to, I already know what they're going to say.
Lorelai: Well, I am the person buying the car and so the only opinion that matters is mine.
Luke: (Incredulous) Oh that is so like you…I mean this is bathroom tiles all over again.
Lorelai: I was right about the tiles.
Luke: (Adamant) No, you weren't.
Lorelai: The tile was too big for the bathroom.
Luke: Tiles are not too big for a bathroom. You buy the amount of tiles based on their size and you fit them into the room you are tiling.
Lorelai: That's so narrow minded.
Luke: It's not narrow minded…okay…I mean it's sane…and here's a news flash for you, okay. Sports cars don't think they're better than other cars, okay. Hatchbacks don't have SUV inferiority complexes…
Lorelai: (Chuckles) Now who's ridiculous.
Luke: …and sedans aren't afraid to get dirty.

Lorelai begins to root in her purse. She suggests to Luke that he gets this way when he's hungry and his blood sugar is down. She offers him a cookie. He tells her he wouldn't eat anything she pulled out of that bag and questions when was the last time she cleaned it out. Lorelai smiles. She is happy that things seem to be more normal. In frustration, Luke asks her if she is going to buy a car and she says no. They leave with Lorelai happy to continue bickering.

Lorelai rides up on her bike to find Jackson and Sookie sitting on steps. She tells Sookie that they had a fight and things felt more normal now. She explains that she didn't get a new car because she likes her old car and all its quirks. Sookie and Jackson finally tell Lorelai about the dollhouse. She explains that they found someone who will put it back together. Lorelai is sad but accepts that it was just an accident.

At the bar with Lucy and Olivia, Paris and Rory have an important discussion about their future. Paris is missing Doyle. Rory tells her that she can't plan everything and falling in love is a good thing. Paris asks Rory is she is willing to make a big decision based on Logan. She makes Rory realize that she may think that she is taking Logan into account with her decision for the future but she is actually choosing her career over her relationship.

Luke arrives at Lorelai's house. He explains that he went on Craig's List and found a 1999 Jeep Wrangler like hers. He checked out the car and it seems to be in good shape. He suggests that she buy this car and take it to Gypsy who will put the motor of the new car into her car so she can keep the same 'feeling' she is so attached to. They bicker for a while and as Luke leaves, Lorelai has a self-satisfied smile on her face.

As Paris and Rory sit at the breakfast table, Paris tells her that she has decided she is going to Med school. Doyle comes back to the apartment and calmly tells Paris that he isn't moving out and he won't break up with her. He declares his love for her. When they disappear into the bedroom, Rory finds the letter from the New York Times and opens it. To her utter disappointment, she does not get the Reston Fellowship.