Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 19

It's Just Like Riding a Bike

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2007 on The WB

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  • Paris' acceptance letters overwhelm her and she has trouble making a decision. Rory is frustrated by the uncertainty of her future. Luke helps Lorelai shop for a new car. Lorelai is delighted when they start fighting in the car lot.

    Lauren Graham continues to impress with an amazing performance. Lorelai finally gets up the nerve to go into the diner. Kirk as always is oblivious to the drama going on around him but Patty and Babette are not. After the first scene you wonder if our favourite couple will ever find their way back to each other but by the end of the car lot scene you just know that things are eventually going to be okay. Hopefully the eighth season will happen and we will be able to say good-bye to these characters knowing that they will be okay and live happily ever after. Happily ever after may not be realistic but we don't watch Gilmore Girls for realism, we watch it for the incredible writing, colorful characters and the lovely romance between Luke and Lorelai. It was a bit sad to see Rory lose out on the Reston Fellowship. It's really the first time her hard work hasn't produced the results she wanted. (Her first D at Chilton doesn't count) For the first time, she is competing against a huge field of extremely competent candidates including Post Graduate Students. Maybe this will make her realize that she should be going to Grad school, perhaps Harvard, to get her Masters Degree and reapply next year for the Fellowship.

    Paris as a doctor...quite a concept. I believe she has the good sense to stay in research as she indicated in earlier shows. She will certainly be a tenacious researcher and maybe she will be responsible for curing cancer. The faked vasectomy story arc defies credulity. I believe I said this in an earlier review but I think it would have been smarter and more believable to have the vasectomy fail as opposed to Jackson lying about getting it. Come on writers, you dropped the ball on that one or maybe I should say balls.

    All in all this was a great show. The writing was amazing as always. I'm sure all fans agree, however, the reconciliation is happening slower than we would like.
  • Luke and Lorelai takes an important step to getting back together... :)

    I really liked this episode. It seems that the season is really picking up now towards the end... Lorelai is trying to get her friendship with Luke back, and tries to make a come-back at the diner. In the beginning it is all very akward, but after a fall-out at a car dealership it almost goes back to normal. I love that "normal" for them is not just being all friendly to eachother... ;) Paris has been accepted to every school she has applied for, which throws her relationship with Doyle into turmoil. In the meantime Rory finds out that she didn't get the Reston-fellowship at the New York Times. What is she going to do now...?
    I loved the hole jackson moving in with lorelai for the week-thing. Jackson is adorable, and I'm glad he and Sookie finally worked things out... Great epi..!
  • it´s so good to see lorelai and luke getting back together, the episodes keep getting better

    i have to say that the episodes keep getting better and better, this really was a nice episode, i mean to see how lorelai and luke connect and talk like they used to it´s wonderful
    i love the scene where luke goes to lorelai´s house and tells her she can keep her old car and how they fight and yell like in the old days it´s wonderful
    gilmore girls reaches it´s 150th episode with a really nice episode, i think the epidoes will continue to improve until the series finale and then it will all be over, we will miss you very much!
  • Paris gets accepted to all the schools she applied to, while Rori gets rejected to the only job she tried to get.

    Man, the scene where Paris opens all her acceptance letters... priceless, absolutely hilarious.. I just couldn't stop laughing. really, well writen and well acted.
    I think it's Liza Weils best acted episode.

    Jackson braking Lorelai's dollhouse... just heartbreaking.. it was pretty.

    all in all I really liked this episode. but I must say I missed Logan and Lane and Zack.

    Poor Rori,she really wanted that fellowship. I really didn't see that coming.

    and on a happier note, Lorelai and Luck speaking again!! well, not speaking, fighting. but that's better than being polite and awkward like they use to.

    hope that will lead to them being in good terms again.
  • Lorelai's Jeep breaks down and she asks Luke to help her buy a new car.

    Awww the Jeep is no more kind of. I thought that it was sad that the Jeep broke down and was unfixable. It has been through so much with the girls Rory getting hit by a deer. I thought that it was good that Lorelai called Luke for help i think that it was a way of getting their friendship back on track. It seemed weird to me that Lorelai was in the diner it was the first time she was in their all season. I felt really bad for Rory that she got the letter fro the New York Times saying that she did not get the position.
  • Luke and Lorelai are back!

    It was really funny to watch Luke and Lorelai interact al over again. And funny how Kirk have in his agenda the last time Lorelai was in the diner. Than it was so funny at the auto dealer. The both will not say they are so not pleased with the other but the keep going. Than how Lorelai was lauhging at the Luke's rant it was really nice to see them both in so funny way. This was what they needed to break the really big ice they had infront of them. This two was made for it other in the beginning of this show.
  • Getting better guys, I will be sad to see GG go if this is the last season...

    Ok Seriously.... I was ready to call it quits with my G Girls. I was so sick of the whole Christopher marriage thing, it was so off kilter for Lorelai and Rory. Their acting even sucked.
    But now it seems to be getting better and better. It is almost back to Palladino calliber Gilmore Girls. It would be better if 1) Richard and Emily were present, the writers dont seem to know how to work them in to these plots 2) OK I know Paris is a huge part of Rory's life,and I do like Paris' character, but the whole opening the acceptance letters went on too long, not impressed, I got bored, and people I watch this show EVERYDAY on ABC Fam. 3) Poor Alexis Bledel, she is such a cute girl, but it is so apparent that she is ready for this show to end 4) Get rid of Logan, he is such a downer on this show, I get why he they created his character,, spoiled boy, not what the old Rory would like, not what Lorelai would naturally like.....blah blah, they should of wrote him out long time ago. Rory is always attracted to worthless characters. poor thing.
    Excied for tommorrow. I will be watching
  • The episodes keep getting better and better!

    I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. From the beginning of this season I thought the script was lacking a bit but these last 2 episodes have been great. First of, Lorelai's wardobe was killer in this episode! I hope i grow up to look like her...

    The only reason why I gave this episode a 9.8 instead of a 10.0 is because I wanted to see Lane and her babies so i was hoping to see them in this episode. This episode revealed a lot about the characters:
    Paris actually broke down and cried... I never knew she knew how to cry.
    Rory is not perfect! she did not get hired for her dream job. Lorelai is still the same but a little stronger. She was able to face her "fear" and call Luke so they could be friends.

    I really hope this show has atleast a half a season next year!
  • I miss this girls...welcome back.

    It started with Loralai going back to Lukes , the sweet awkward moment with everybody staring and they not knowing how to act, it was classic stars hollows moment. an the fight were Loralai smile at the end and he geting her the car it was such a L&L moment.
    Paris get her reply for grad school and get everywhere, yes and she faces the big desicion to make and Doyle to consider. the whole doyle not leting Paris leave make me rialaise how much Paris has change since Chilton.
    Finally Rory get her letter and she didn't get the internship big surprise there, what is she going to next year.
  • Going for the big finish

    You just gotta love this episode! I absolutely adore it!

    Lorelai has finally approached Luke! It might have been awkward at first, but I think they're getting closer again and I can definitely see them being more than friends again soon. I also really really hope so!

    I loved the whole Paris storyline in this episode. She's in a really interesting conflict that shows how much her character has grown in the last few years! And I'm so happy that her relationship with Doyle is so serious that she's going crazy over it :D

    I hated the outcome of this eppy for Rory. I am so devestated that she didn't get the internship! She deserved it sooo much and I can only imagine how she must be feeling now!

    The thing is that I would rather see the show end than have a season 8 without Alexis. Seriously: what's Gilmore Girls without one Gilmore Girl? It would just be Gilmore Girl and the mere thought of it is ridiculous! It's just that I can't really imagine how they might end things for Rory if Alexis wasn't gonna sign the contract. I really can't imagine they would leave her character devestated. Ever since the beginning she worked so hard for her dream. If the show ends or if Alexis leaves, then they MUST show us that she did it! That she achieved everything she ever dreamt of!!!
  • the episode that i have been waiting for the season!

    I have been waiting for this episode for a very long time!Luke and Lorelai finally start being friends(well sorta).I loved the fight i thought it was so funny, and i think it was good for both of them.And i am glad lorelai sees it in that way.I also love at the end when luke stops by lorelai's house and they start bickering like the used too!!!!I mean thats whats so funny and cute about them!I also liked at the very beginning when Paris gets in too all the grad schools and gets upset!!!I know she said she decided on becoming a docter but i still think she would be the best lawyer and i think she would enjoy it more.But i guess they thought she would be better suited as a docter.Just my opinion.All around this was a great episode!
  • Lorelai goes into Luke's Diner. It was really awkward. She then asks him to help her pick out a new car. When they go car shopping, Luke gets frustrated, has one of his famous rants, and everything is okay again. Jackson destroys Lorelai's dollhouse.

    I really liked this episode. I am excited that Luke and Lorelai are on their way back together again! I really wish this episode happened earlier in the Season so that this did not have to happen when there were only 3 episodes left of the season. It would have been nice to see their friendship bloom for a while before they had to get ready for the season finale.

    I loved seeing the hesitation in Lorelai before she walked back into Luke's Diner. It was great that Kirk, Babette and Miss Patty were both sitting there watching this moment. Poor Luke and Lorelai. But it also made a great scene when they were car shopping. I loved the frustration in Luke! Scott is such an amazing actor! And then I loved his rant when he finally had enough. I honestly thought they were going to have a big blow out and air out all the dirty laundry from the past year and a half. I am slightly disappointed we are not going to see them deal with the old issues, but I guess there is not much time before the season finale. And the best scene of all was at the end when Luke goes over to Lorelai's house after doing all this research to find her another 1999 Jeep Wrangler so she can use its parts and keep her old car. That was amazing! Just classic Luke & Lorelai!

    I loved the Jackson storyline too. Jackson had to stay a Lorelai's while the kids got over the chicken pox, and in the meantime he destroys her dollhouse, but also they have fun together him and Lorelai. It is like they are having a slumber party!

    And I loved Paris and Doyle in this episode. You see a vulnerable Paris when she breaks up with Doyle so that he wouldn't be a factor in her decision over what she does in the future. But he ends up being the biggest factor in a way, even though she decides without him there. Paris also plants the seed in Rory that maybe she is not ready to commit to Logan. There is definite indecision going on there.
  • I liked it because it was good. Makes me convinced that they do need another short season, and that the writers can handle it.

    This has been the best episode of the season so far, I think. Each episode seems to be getting better than the last ever since the knit-a-thon. The funniest point for me came at the end of the scene with Paris, Doyle & Rory and all the acceptance letters, and Paris was all excited and then she started to panic and finally ended up curling into a fetal position on the sofa. Paris is almost always a guaranteed laugh. I'm super happy she and Doyle will be staying together, because they really work as a couple. Paris is intense and insane and Doyle finds it exciting, go figure, but it works. As much as Doyle and Paris work, I'm not as convinced about Rory and Logan. I still think Jess is the one for her, but I don't see that happening...

    The entire scene at Lorelai's when Luke came was great. Just seeing his truck drive into her driveway reminded me of the last time he did that when Lorelai told him she slept with Christopher. I wonder if it was as hard for Luke to drive down her driveway as it was for Lorelai to enter the diner. Jackson was like a big kid in his photo pajamas and the pizza, all excited to see Luke. Then the following conversation, and banter between Luke and Lorelai was classic. Lorelai looked really cute. And of course the other arguing about Luke's low blood sugar and he's forfeiting, and he's not stopping was just good old Luke and Lorelai, it's what I liked so much about their friendship before. I liked it, it was good. Personally, I like the pace of their reconciliation because I don't want it to be forced to suit the network. It's like ASP said, they used to leave a lot of loose ends untied at the end of seasons to force the network to renew for next season. I hope that's what will happen here.
  • I love it! I love it! I love it! This show is getting better and better... I am not ready to let it go... I want to know more about Lorelai and Luke, about Suki and Jackson, about Michel (will he ever find a soul mate or another pet?)

    Great show last night!!! And dialogue was amazing! Lorelai and Luke fighting like old times, with the same passion, it was just great!!!!
    Seeing Lorelai doing Lorelai things, and Luke being Luke again.... Finally I have waited for 2 years to see these and I am ecstatic!
    I wasn't too crazy about the dollhouse (I really like the doll house)disaster... just rushing to the forgiving part, but I get it, Jackson hasn't had a great line in a while and he needed to clear the air. I still love Sukie tho... and yes I would be remiss to forgive Jackson too...
    And the scene with Doyle and Paris!!! Oh My God!!! what a fabulous development... that is how you swiped a girl off her feet!!! Great show!!! Great episode!!!
  • Too much happened to write all, but new/old car, acceptance/rejection letters, and Sookie/Jackson = funny moments

    Great episode, actually the last couple of episodes have been really good. The whole Luke/Lorelai was pretty good, the way they were after the awkwardness was reminiscent of the way they would interact in season 2,3,4,5.
    Paris is stays the same every season, just plain crazy. This episode magnified her wackiness by her reactions towards the acceptance letters.
    The whole Jackson/dollhouse was pretty funny. Jackson is underrated and unused as a comic relief. One question how was Jackson able to lift the dollhouse, if in a preivous episode Luke couldnt even nudge it. Jackson must be a tank if he was able to lift it even though he fell in to it.
  • Great 150th Episode...not enough hype tho

    Wow this was a great way to celebrate the 150th episode with the great comedy back, Lorelai quick and going like usual, banter with look, Jackson and Sookie having thier great "pickle" comedy like status, to bad Richard and Emily weren't here but very fun episode, countinue writing like this David...good job
  • Wow.! Great episode. Luke and Lorelai are back!

    Is it just me or did this episode not just feel like 'Gilmore Girls' again, but a season 3 episode of 'Gilmore Girls'. This episode had so many great things going for it. I just really hope they keep this up.
    Things I loved:

    1-Jackson staying at Lorelai's. Sookie worrying about Jackson's behaviour (like he's another kid! Ha!)and Lore feeding him junk food! And I loved Jackson answering the door in his picture pj's.

    2-Paris was just great. I loved the call back to season three with the Harvard letter. And her panic at having too many options after all her work was too funny. I'm glad she decided on medicine since it's what she said she wanted to do since season one. 3-We find out that Rory puts her future job(s) ahead of her relationship with Logan. I can't help but see that as a bad thing (for the relationship I mean). Rory finds out she doesn't get the job, which would probably happen in real life, so I found it very believable. I wonder where she's going to go now. (I also just realised that in season three Rory got into all her schools and Paris didn't and now Paris got into all of her grad schools and Rory didn't get the one thing she wanted! Weird)

    4-The best part of the entire episode- Luke and Lorelai. From the very first episode you could see the friendship between the two of them, and I've really missed it (though the not talking and overly politeness was very true to life). Seeing Lore go back to the dinner put a big smile on my face. Watching them bicker was incredibly fun and that last scene with them arguing about the bike bell was easily the best scene of this season. Without a doubt. While I don't know if this means Luke and Lore will get back together (one can only hope!) at least we get the bickering and the banter back and it sets them up for and reconciliation. I don't think I can say enough how much I love love loved this episode. It was pretty much perfect from start to finish.
  • Rory is turned down and Lorelai is back in good spirits with Luke!

    A great episode of Gilmore Girls if you ask me..

    First off Rory and Paris and their futures.
    It was nice to see Paris break down in the end.. When I first heard about it in the spoilers, I was like 'What?' But I was glad to see emotion coming from Paris in this situation, and in the end not breaking up with Doyle.. I love Doyle!!
    The whole cheering thing with the acceptation letters was too funny! LOL
    Sad though for ROry that she didn't get the fellowship.. I wonder what she'll be looking for now. The whole conversation between these two at 'Rich man's shoes' was definitely something that will be of Rory's interest.. Choosing between love or a carriere, or deciding on both. You could see that she was torn in the bar.. Luke and Lorelai.. What's not to love?! Funny how they were all awkward in the beginning and in the end they went back to the old bickering.. It's good to see them somewhat become normal friends again!! :) THe car shopping thing was hilarious with Lorelai and her feeling..
    Also funny to see Lorelai on a bike :D

    Sookie and Jackson. They broke the dollhouse and Sookie is still mad at Jackson for not saying anything.. Glad they fixed that..
  • Luke and Lorelai are back! Oh and some other things happened to.

    Okay that was sarcasm because this episode was great and not just because Luke and Lorelai got their friendship back, at least the fighting part (you'll get that if you saw the episode). Not only did Lorelai finally go back into Luke's an have an akward conversation about weather, yes weather, but she brought Luke car shopping. All was uncomfortable an odd until they finally stopped being uber polite and got back to the back forth adorable banter that is Luke and Lorelai the early years (before they were couple-y). It was fun, it was cute, it was Luke and Lorelai. But the best of their moments in this episode was when Luke showed up at Lorelai's house, having tracked down the engine to the exact model/year of her jeep and going way above and beyond in the process. They engaged in this totally cute little argument about her bike, bells, and a horn. It was so cute. It actually had me tearing up a little!

    Just like Paris's little explination of why she dumped Doyle, I mean it was so clear that the reason they had Paris and Doyle go through was for a kind of foreshadowing about what is going to go down between Rory and Logan quite soon. I really liked Paris in this episode with her acceptance letters, her being very sad about Doyle, and just being totally Paris going from super happy to totally conflicted in a manner of seconds. Unfortunately, Rory didn't have such a great episode letter wise. She didn't get fellowship at the NY Times. Sad. But overall great episode!
  • Lorelai goes into Luke's but finds it really akward, her car breaks down, she discovers it's cheaper to buy a new one than fix. Parris goes crazy and breaks up with Doyle so he won't sway her decision for Grad school. Rory dosen't get the her dream job.

    This was a good episode the bickering between Lorelai aned Luke was cute because it means their relationship is healing. Parris as always was slightly nuts, over reacting because she got into all of the grad school's she applied to and realizing how much she loved Doyle. Jackson and Sukey were able to patch up their relationship. Unfourtunatly there was no Logan is the episode but Rory not getting the fellowship was really sad, she seemed devastated but she realized that her career was more important than her relationship. So overall good episode not very eventfull but it still had it's charm the best part was the Luke Lorelai parts looking at cars.
  • Well, with two very intresting, dramatic, and funny substories, this episode does not hit my top ten favorite, however, it is a good, and will fill in a lot to you- expecially the Luke and Lorelei realationship....

    Well, with two very intresting, dramatic, and funny substories, this episode does not hit my top ten favorite, however, it is a good, and will fill in a lot to you- expecially the Luke and Lorelei realationship....

    ...As they finally start talking to eachother- theya are finally, well, "friends" again. The episode may be confusing if you havnt scene the fifth and sixthe season, well you could get by with just the last few episodes of the sixth, but anyhow, it was a good episode. Now about my score, its only like that because of the two good substories- Paris and Doyle, and Sookie, Jackson, and Lorelai!