Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 15

Jews and Chinese Food

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2005 on The WB

Episode Recap

Lorelai arrives at Yale and finds Doyle at Paris and Rory's dorm room. Doyle and Paris have a little tiff about the status of their relationship (are they lovers or something more). Paris apologizes to Lorelai for talking about love when she doesn't have any. Lorelai calls out to Rory and goes to her room to avoid Doyle and Paris.

Rory apologizes for Paris knowing about the breakup and says it was inevitable with Paris' hearing. Lorelai tells her its okay because people think she's a student. She holds up a flier she was given titled, "Sexually Confused?" The girls leave the dorm for their own Friday night dinner, since dinner with "Ava and Adolph" isn't happening anymore. Before they leave Paris offers to talk to Lorelai about the breakup since she's doing a paper on how women of a certain age deal with loneliness.

Rory and Lorelai eat dinner at the Yale cafeteria. Lorelai fills Rory in on the town happenings back home, including the fact that she will be making the costumes for the Stars Hollow's elementary production of Fiddler on the Roof. Lorelai tells Rory that she's "doing fine." She's not waiting to hear from Luke but she thinks that little by little she'll get better and one day be okay again. She's come up with a new routine that includes going to Weston's in the mornings.

Rory tells her mom that most of her days are filled with studying and that she got an e-mail from Christopher. He wanted to give his side of the story and that he was misunderstood. He says he likes Luke and wants Lorelai to be happy. Rory wonders if her grandfather had any part in Christopher showing up and Lorelai tells her she doubts it; that "the whole thing reeks of Emily."

After dinner the girls walk back to Rory's dorm eating ice cream when they spot Marty. Rory calls out to him but he turns and leaves. Rory offers to let Lorelai stay at the dorm with her but she turns her down saying "I've been dumped before." Rory responds, "But not by Luke." Lorelai assures her she's fine and leaves.

The following Monday at Weston's Lorelai runs into a bit of a misunderstanding about the amount of coffee she wanted. She winds up with three cups instead of one. She drives by Luke's and sees that he's taken his boat out of her garage and parked it in front of his diner.

During a meeting at the Yale Daily News, Rory sees Marty outside and leaves to talk to him. She tells him that she's missed hanging out with him and tells him they should get together and watch DVDs. She tells him about her new Marx brothers set and invites him over for the following Saturday. After a bit of persuasion he agrees.

At the diner, Andrew tries talking to Luke about his boat, but Luke angrily tells him not to talk about it. A young boy and Lulu, his teacher, arrive at the diner. The young boy, Bradley, tries to talk to Luke but he gets scared of him. Lulu tells Luke about Bradley being in charge of set design for Fiddler on the Roof and that Luke needs to be at the school tomorrow and to bring his own tools. After a bit of confusion, Luke learns that Lorelai signed him up weeks ago to build the set and she'd make the costumes. He assures Lulu that he'll be fine working there, even if Lorelai will be there too.

Lorelai arrives at the Inn's kitchen with a bag full of Santa beards. She needs them for the play and plans to dye them grey. Sookie asks about the boat and Lorelai tells her she saw it everywhere she went. Sookie tells her that Luke is a jerk for taking it without telling her. Lorelai tells Sookie she doesn't have to hate Luke for her and rushes out of the kitchen. Lorelai arrives home and looks sadly at her boat-less garage.

The next day, Luke arrives at the school and meets with the two boys he'll be working with. He instructs the boys on the tools they will need to build Tevye's house. "Crazy Carrie" throw herself at Luke when she sees him and tells him that Lorelai is crazy for letting him get away. At Luke's query as to what she's doing there, she tells him that she's the director of the play.

Kirk arrives at the school and tells Luke that he's playing Tevye, the male lead. When Luke wonders where the other adults are, Lulu tells him that they all work at different times of the day. She also tells him that none of the students were good enough to play Tevye so Kirk is.

Sookie arrives at Lorelai's house with a bag of art supplies. She's going to help Lorelai redecorate her garage. Before they can get started Michel calls and bugs Sookie with trivial "problems" at the inn.

While Rory sets out snacks for herself and Marty, Doyle arrives and lectures her for leaving during a meeting and her lack of respect. She yells at him to leave because she has company and kicks him out.

Back at Lorelai's garage, Michel has arrived and is applying stenciling to the pink and blue walls while Lorelai and Sookie sit and watch. Sookie asks Lorelai if she likes the way her garage looks and if she's happy with it. She sadly says yes.

Marty arrives at Rory's dorm with two trays of food but she already has plenty. After a bit of uncomfortable silence they begin the movie. Paris storms into the room angry with Rory for kicking Doyle out. She throws together a bag and tells Rory about having to stay with Doyle in his run down place.

Meanwhile, Luke is finishing his work for the play and asks Lulu again where the other adults are. She assures him they'll be there later that evening. Kirk interrupts to complain to Luke about the dairy cart. He feels it moves too easily and wants Luke to change it. Luke angrily kicks it making it nearly impossible to pull.

During a dress rehearsal for the play, a young girl trips on her costume. Luke storms onto the stage insisting that this wouldn't have happened if the other adults were there. He drives over to Lorelai's and yells at her about Yenta's fall. He tells her that her dress was too long and she should have been there. He's mad that she hasn't been at the school when he has and she was the one who signed him up for it. Then he notices the garage.

Luke: What the hell am I looking at? Lorelai: It's my new special alone space. Luke: Oh, yeah? Well, you got a whole house of special alone space. Lorelai (hurt): Not like this. Luke: So, what, are you going to hang out in your garage, now? Lorelai: I don't know, maybe! I mean, why not? It's not like I have a boat that needs storage, or anything! Luke: You could park your car in here. Lorelai: I never park my car in here! I have never, ever parked my car in here, Luke! And you know that! But I come home to this big, huge, suddenly empty space, and I thought I would try to do something nice, so it wasn't just a giant hole of depression sitting out here! Luke: I thought I was doing you a favor. Lorelai: Oh, please. Luke: I did! Lorelai: Well, gee, thanks a lot. Luke: It's your garage! Lorelai: Whatever. Luke: I mean, what was I supposed to do, leave the thing in here forever? Lorelai: Oh, no. Absolutely not. Much better to sneak it out of here and park it in front of the diner like a giant "they broke up" billboard for the whole town to see. Luke: I didn't mean it like that. Lorelai: Well, how did you mean it, Luke? Luke: I can't believe you're mad at me for getting my boat out of your garage! Lorelai: I'm not mad at you for getting your boat out of my garage. I'm mad at you for the way you got the boat out of my garage. Luke: What, did I ruin the lawn? Lorelai: You didn't even call me, Luke. You didn't leave a message or a note or anything. You just snuck in and took it, and I got to come home and find it gone. Although, I didn't come home and find it gone! I drove by the diner and assumed it was gone! You know what, it doesn't matter. 'Cause it's done. We're done. It's fine. I'm not mad. Luke: I can tell. Lorelai: Well, I have dresses to make, so I'll see you at the theater.

During Marty and Rory's movie night, Logan shows up and invites Rory to join him and his friends for dinner. She turns him down because of Marty but Logan invites him along too. They go to a fancy Chinese restaurant where Marty is clearly uncomfortable. He has nothing in common with Logan's friends and he notices Logan playing with Rory's hair.

At the play Luke and Lorelai see each other backstage. They don't say anything. Lulu comes to Lorelai panicked about the play and they walk off.

Back at the restaurant one of Logan's friends determines that everyone owes $75 for the meal. Logan says he'll pay for Rory and offers to pay for Marty too. Marty tells him no and leaves to find an ATM. Outside he tells Rory that he only has $18 in his account and he's too embarrassed to go back inside. She gives him money and tells him to pretend he found an ATM then the two of them will leave.

During the performance of "Do You Love Me?" Luke and Lorelai sneak looks at each other. They both look sad. At the conclusion of the song they share a long look and start to move toward each other, the children run between them and onto the stage breaking the moment.

Outside of Rory's dorm, Marty tells her that he wants to be more than friends; that he likes her. She tells him she likes Logan. She asks if they can still be friends and he agrees but doesn't want to watch any more movies with her.

While Rory lies on her bed, Logan knocks on her window and she lets him inside. He tells her he came back because he didn't tell her a proper goodnight. They kiss and move to the bed.