Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 15

Jews and Chinese Food

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2005 on The WB

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  • Rory tries to reconnect with Marty and Lorelai is affected by Luke moving his boat. Another brilliant one, this seasons on a roll.

    Luke and Lorelai obviously miss each other and that was really the focus of there storylines. Luke agrees to help with the school play because he knows Lorelai is doing it but he's annoyed when she isn't there. Lorelai finds out Luke moved his boat from her garage and takes it to heart, she also does up the garage.

    They have a vague argument when Luke arrives complaining about her not being there. But the saddest thing was when the song about love was playing in the play and they kept looking at each other and Lorelai had tears in her eyes. I can't wait until they get back together, there not good apart.

    As for Rory, she tries to reconnect with Marty who seems to be distant. Just when there getting along again, Logan arrives insists Rory aka Ace go out with him to dinner, Marty comes along to but things don't go well. after not having the money to pay Marty leaves, Rory figures things out but when they get back to the dorm they both admit who they like. Marty likes her, she likes Logan. But there still friends.

    Logan comes to her window later and they kiss, ending up on the bed - will they the whole way? Paris and Doyle were funny here as well. I can't wait for the next episode, Emily and Richard return from there honeymoon....
  • Loved it, Lorelai and Luke with the song lol

    It's just so Paris saying something like that! Using other people's pain to do a paper...
    Is sweet how Rory worries about Lorelai, asking her if she wants to stay in Yale for the night and all...
    I missed Marty, I can't remember the last time they were together. I wasn't surprised by him liking her...

    They are broken up but Luke sneaking out the boat like that was bad, he could have said something. I'm with Lorelai on that.
    And there's going on a school play and Lorelai signed up Luke and herself when they were together. I agree with Luke, is hard to say no to Bradley like that lol
    It was fun to see Luke teaching the kids to use schools and Kirk in the school play lol

    I personally don't like pink but that's not my choice. It looks like paper, not paint...
    Lorelai's special all alone place, she wasn't very happy when Sookie said that.

    And Doyle has a lot of nerve! Talking about respect and putting a dirty sock in the table where other people eat, Rory is right!!!

    I liked to see Rory and Marty normal you know? Like they used to be, at the beginning it was a bit strange but after Paris leaving the mood lightened up a lot. The next time they appear, they are like they used to be, relaxed watching a movie and talking about it.

    Luke flipped lol, all that just because the girl tripped, he just wanted an excuse to see Lorelai lol

    75 bucks for a dinner! That's too much for me too. Poor Marty.

    That scene when Carrie grabs Luke and Lorelai is there, she didn't like it but Lulu showed up... And then with the "Do you love me" song, they were looking at each other lol
    Just like teens, looking but pretending not to look and then the kids got in the way... But it was fun and that girl can sing!

    The night had to end with Logan and Rory...
  • One of my favorite episodes in the 5th season even though Luke and Lorelai are broken up because of the amazing acting and the moments that Luke and Lorelai share during the episode.

    I love this episode because it really develops the relationship between Luke and Lorelai despite the fact that they are separated at the time. Lorelai continues to be depressed about her breakup with Luke because as she and Rory discuss, breaking up with Luke is different from breaking up with other men. The episode's writing and acting from both Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson reveal how they are still meant for each other and love each other, although there is still clear damage from their breakup that will need to be fixed. The heartbreaking scene when Luke comes to yell at Lorelai about not being at the school making the costumes displays the pain that exists between them as he still longed to see her while she attempted in vain to hide from the pain that his absence in her life has created (including an obvious symbol of the boat being moved from the garage as an example of his desertion of her). What really cements the greatness of the episode is when Kirk is singing "Do You Love Me?" with the young polished singer playing Golde and Luke and Lorelai share some of the most touching looks of the series as Lorelai grows close to tears throughout the song. That moment between them is indicative that they do love each other and should reconcile which obviously happens by the next episode with the push from Emily through her conversation with Luke. The revelatory aspects of this episode for Luke and Lorelai are the best part of the episode. Of course, there are also elements to the episode that are important for Rory's burgeoning relationship with Logan. After trying to reconnect with Marty after not having been close, Rory is sad to discover that Marty has feelings for her that she cannot reciprocate due to her feelings for Logan. Although it is difficult to watch as nice a guy as Marty be rejected for Logan, it is understandable for Rory to be moving toward a relationship with a guy like Logan who is more exciting. The final scene when it is insinuated that Rory and Logan are about to have sex is a pretty cute scene, but overall the Luke and Lorelai relationship takes center stage.
  • love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lorelai and luke are both helping out with a play going on for the elementary school. Lorelai's making the costumes and luke helping build the crops. Lorelai signed them both up when they were still together. Logan comes back from his trip and rory trys to make marty and her good friends again. they have a movie night and they watch duck soup. Luke finds out that lorelai isn't there making the costumes so when during rehearsal one of the girls trips he goes to her house where she's decorating her garage where luke's boat used to be but he took it back. He yells at her and after that she makes the costumes at the school. Logan stops in on their movie night and they go out to dinner. they all have to pay seventy five dollars marty doesn't have enough so rory pays for some. When they go back they leave by themselves marty tells rory he likes her and she says she likes logan. Logan comes to rory's room through the window and they have sex.
  • Thisepisodewas really good and it made me want to cry, these two people, Lorelai and Luke are so sad and nobody wants to say anything to the other. Rory is trying to keep her freindships and catch her dashing persuteor. She has a busy life, i guess.

    Lorelai is at least out and moving around. she seems to be doing better sorta.
    She still misses Luke so much and now she has the pleasure of making costumes for the school play of fiddler on the roof. when Luke realizes that Lorelai had signed them up for helping with the costumes and sets he is ready to do this, knowing of course that Lorelai will be there and maybe have that chance to talk to her.
    the more he works on the sets he still has not seen Lorelai and it seems that it is bothering him, he starts getting a little on the grumpy side.
    When of the little girls trips on her costume it gives him a excuse to go to Lorelai's house and see her. He starts fussing at her cause she has not been there and he has and she signed him up for it.
    Byut the end of the play they both look so sad and want to talk so badly but each time they almost get that moment they are interrupted. They both look so sad. this was a good episode. I loved it. I was so heart broken for them. A good thing and they can't do a thing with it.
  • Not the best show they've done, for sure. But Marty reaveals news (you saw it coming) and overall, it was okay.

    So, we start out loving this series right? Right. Then we come to this episode and honestly, I feel kinda bored, really. Okay, so Lorelai comes to Yale to eat dinner with Rory and Marty avoids her, and that's sorta new. Then later on, Lorelai sees that Luke had sneaken the boat out of her garage. She's not happy because he didn't tell her and she saw it outside the diner. Still, boring, and nothing big happens at all, besides Lorelai and Luke's fight about the boat and almost talking at the play, then Logan coming to Rory's place and they kissed, that's it. For me, it was boring.
  • The "Do I Love You" scene was classic.

    It became my favorite episode for that scene. My favorite episode of any sho is always one with a scene I remeber the most. I liked the begining when Paris and Doyle were having a fight and Lorelai was like right there in the middle. The whole Luke Lorelai not together thing was sad, but Gilmore Girls is known for how they make something like a movie, song, or famous person fit their situations. Just Like Gwen and Gavin, that episode is a good example. So the Luke Lorelai thing was sweet. I have to say, Paris makes an episode better than it was gonna be without her. I love Paris. Non caring, non compasionate, witty, smart mouth Paris. She bought the comedy, Luke and Lorelai made the episode with the break up, wanna get back together but don't know how to yet, romance. It was clever how the song in the play seemed to fit them perfectly. Starved with each other, fought with each other, and the trouble in the town with them breaking up, everyone choosing between Luke and Lorelai. Clever!
  • Rory and Marty hang out

    I thought that this episode was really good. i really like that they brought back Marty. I thought that it was funny that Marty tried advoiding Rory outside of the paper. I thought that it was funny that Doyle got so upset with Rory because she walked out durning his speech at the paper but he told her this at her dorm room where he was drink her soda and eating her food. i thought that it was funnier that Paris got mad at Rory over the whole doyle arguement. I think that it was cute that Luke was helping out at the school play to try to talk to Lorelai.
  • Rory invites Marty to come over for a tv show marathon. Logan shows up and they go to a sushi bar and Rory laters rejects Marty. Luke is forced to work on a school play set design and Lorelai designs a alone time place after Luke takes the boat out.

    I like Logan he\'s ok but I LOVE Marty. I think he should be with Rory if Logan didn\'t have like a spell on her. It was also painful to watch with the whole Lorelai and Luke storyline this episode. The whole boat this was the worst. I couldn\'t believe Luke took the boat out of the garage. Lorelai again doesn\'t look herself after what happened at the wedding with the whole Luke and Christopher thing. At least we all know it will soon be over again and we can sleep safely at night ... until season 7 and we have to face reality.
  • Rory disappoints a guy, and she gets with a guy. Lorelai and Luke are brought together by an elementary school play, but only for a little while...

    Marty comes back and confesses his feelings for Rory. I personally like Marty so when Rory told him that she didn't like him she liked Logan, it hurt me like it hurt Marty. Lorelai and Luke are broken up. That made me sad, because I think that they should be together. When Lorelai and Luke were backstage of the play and the song "Do You Love Me" from "Fiddler on the Roof" was playing and they just kept looking at each other saying nothing and doing nothing it made me sad and I wanted to just scream! To me there was saddness throughout this episode. For example, when Rory and Marty didn't get together and when Lorelai and Luke didn't get back together I was depressed. To me this episode was depressing to watch, but there were some funny quotes said.
  • omg such a sad episode!

    This was such a sad episode! ESpecially with Luke and Lorelai backstage while Tevye (Kirk) and his wife were singing the \"Do you love me\" song. I cryed when i heard that. ROry and Logan: To put it simply, I despise Logan. I just want to shoot him. And hes ugly too. AGGGG so ahnnoying!!!!
  • sad episode except the "Do i love you?" scene.

    Unfortunetly in this episode luke and lorelai are still broken up. but when luke finds out that lorelai is helping with the costumes for a local children's play of "Fiddler on the roof", he happily and patiently offers to help with the sets, obviosly in hope that lorelai will be there the same time he is. life goes on as usual otherwise, even though lorelai is still sad about the breakup.
    But what I find really smart is the "Do I love you" scene. It's when the play is going on and tevye and his wife onstange are singing the song "Do I love you". While they're singing, L&L are just standing backstage only like 5 feet away from eacother, pretending to watch the play but every once in awhile one of them will look over to the other and then turn away again. i just really liked it because the whole song was a metaphor for where their relationship at the time, and its the only part i like of that episode.
  • Kirk is married to a 10 year old as Luke faces the reality of living without Lorelai. He becomes thrilled about a school play when he hears that Lorelai is also working on it. Rory tries to rebuild her friendship with Marty but Logan drops by... :D

    I loved this episode...
    It was brilliant, the story between Lorelai and Luke is far from done and I liked the tension between the couple in this episode. The fight between them was great and both of them could tell each other how they felt... Funny how Luke overreacted with the whole Yenna tripped but it was a good excuse to visit her.. And that way she could express her feelings about him taking the boat away...

    Also the whole school play thing was funny when Luke helped and then the whole lesbian mom thing, Carrie, Kirk playing a part in it and the whole 21st century cart thing. Hilarious!

    Rory tried to make her friendship with marty better. That's a good thing as long as nothing more grows out of this friendship then I'm okay with it... And then Logan!! I like him so much so I was happy that he appeared and the final scene. Hilarious and sweet at the same time.... Love is in the air

    So overall a great ep... Funny, sweet, sad... and still great... Kudos to GG!! :)

    p.s. great acting by the actors... Brilliant!
  • Rory is back to having to choose between the bad boy and the nice guy, there's hope for Luke and Lorelai and some idiot let Kirk mix with young, impressionable minds. This episode rocked!

    It has now gotten to that sad, pathetic part of an obsession that I am getting up early just so I can watch the new episode of Gilmore Girls. Lucky me for the next few says it's double episodes on the Hallmark Channel, until the season finale on Monday that is :( and with episodes like this one I can't wait to see the rest of this season.

    Still stinging from her break up with Luke, Lorelai becomes even more hurt in this episode when Luke takes his boat out of her garage without telling her. I felt so sorry for Lorelai when she saw the boat outside Luke's, the look on her face showed that she was crushed, once again displaying her fabulous acting talents.

    Luke seems to be coming round in this episode as he puts himself in his own personal hell (singing, dancing, Carrie, kids and Kirk) when he thinks it will allow him to spend time with Lorelai.

    I loved the kid who kept spurting out that his mother was a lesbian and Sookie and Michel helping Lorelai transform her garage was great, "The inn is being attacked by Batman."

    Over in Yale, Rory's confrontation with Doyle about his lack of understanding personal boundaries was fab, I love Doyle and him and Paris are both so neurotic they're made for each other.

    Marty re-appears in this episode, as him and Rory try to re-connect over a Marx Brothers night and then chinese food with Logan and his cronies.

    The more I see of Logan and his gang the more I like them. My love of them mainly started in But Not as Cute as Pushkin when they did their bit in Rory's class and the Life and Death Brigade episode was fantastic. Not to mention the scenes in the Gilmore poolhouse.

    I also think Rory and Logan are a great couple; he's bringing out the wilder side in her and she's bringing out the sweeter side in him. They compliment each other really well. Him comforting her after Dean broke up with her was so sweet and just prefect.

    It was so awkward when Marty told Rory how he felt, I started screaming at the screen, "What are you doing man?! It's so obvious she's into Logan and vice versa!" I like Marty but I don't think he's right for Rory- he's a bit too . . .Deany. If Dean was fun he'd be Marty.

    The end scene with Rory and Logan was really good as well and a nice way to end the episode. It left me excited about the next few episodes. What's going to happen next between them seeing as they are "keeping it casual"? And what about Luke and Lorelai? Will they get back together soon. I think so and hope so.

    Oh this episode was so good! I mean look at how much I wrote about it and I didn't even get round to discussing Kirk's acting debut!
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