Gilmore Girls

Season 6 Episode 12

Just Like Gwen and Gavin

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2006 on The WB
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Luke is showing signs that he hasn't slept much. Lorelai wakes up so early that she gets a lot done. Kirk is organizing the Winter Carnival. Lorelai and Rory volunteer to man a carnival booth called "The Amazing Doggy Swami." At the inn, Lorelai takes care of the New England Maple Syrup Council. Zach is jealous of the time Lane is spending with a 30-year-old Asian man named Joe. At the Yale Daily News, Paris is making everyone except Rory uncomfortable with her demands, expectations and ideas. Later, the reporters gather together and talk about Paris and the fact that they think the paper is going down hill. The reporters don't ask Rory to be part of their discussion since she's living with Paris. But Rory sees the reporters in their meeting and they confide in her. Logan tries to mend his relationship with Rory by hiring the coffee cart guy to follow Rory around all day so she has instant access to coffee. Logan drops by the Inn to get help from Lorelai in regards to his relationship with Rory. Last but not least, Lorelai finds out about Luke's kid, April, and Luke asks Lorelai to postpone their wedding.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Lorelai finds out about April and Logan tries to win Rory back with gifts. Brilliant episode, she found out......I feel sorry for Lorelai.

    This was an all around brilliant episode, we had the humour with Paris at the Yale daily news, the drama with Lorelai finding out about Luke's daughter April and the unknown as Logan finally gets Rory to talk to him meaning they could get back together.

    I'll start with the big thing in the episode, Lorelai's discovery. Obviously Luke should have told Lorelai by now and its even worse when he's relieved that he won't have to tell her. She goes in the diner anyway and talks to April who soon lets the whole thing slip, not knowing who Lorelai is or that she doesn't now.

    I did feel for Lorelai but it was made worse when Luke liked the idea of postponing the wedding, which they decide to do at the end. Luke also gets a lecture from the girls mother Anna bout being a parent. Luke is mean to do this, it is still a few months away.

    Paris was hilarious as she always is in the show. The whole system she had for the Yale Daily news was just so funny. The board with coloured magnets, the numbered hats because she couldn't be bothered calling them by there names. It was a great storyline, Rory finding her co-workers talking about letting Paris go and then trying to talk to Paris.

    Paris's speech at the end was great and I hope she remains editor, purely for entertainment reasons. Now moving onto Logan, he seems to know he's let Rory down and is trying to make up with her. Sending the coffee cart around was amusing. His conversation with Lorelai was interesting, I really wanted to know what was in her note to Rory.

    In the end, Rory says she will ring Logan and they can maybe meet up. It seems Logan may be growing up, so I'm interested to see how there relationship will work out a second time. This was a brilliant episode and sets up for the second half of the season very well.moreless
  • How could Luke do this to Lorelai?

    I really love GG but this episode broke my heart and Lorelai’s, she was almost crying and I felt so sorry for her. If a guy I was going to marry did something like this to me, outside and among people, without any explanation or a good talk-throug I would immediatly start to cry. Maby this action would be out of character but, Luke has been more of a talker these days and I don’t understand how Luke can do this to Lorelai, especially as he gave her a really hard time about being “completely honest” with each other. These things should apply both ways. Objectively this episode was a 9 on a scale of 10, but subjectively a 1, because of the circumstances in the episode. I’m not at all fond of April, both concerning her acting skills and her character in the show. She is ridiculous and I must confess that I fast forward the scenes she’s in because of her terrible acting, annoying voice, the stupid helmet and so on. Why did they cast a person that lisps? Oh my God it’s annoying on TV. (Not in real life though) It seems that the writers are trying to give us a new Rory, but we already have a Rory. Rory, if she existed in real life, would be a really cool person, never a dork (like April is). In Sweden people that know a lot about literature, care about world issues, politics and so on are not seen as nerds, they are called \"allmänbildade\", it translates well-read or well-informed, although that is not the correct translation. Hence Rory is not a nerd or dork, but an interesting character. A girl with self-respect would never wear a helmet like the one April is wearing, maby Kirk would, but never in this life time would a 12 year old girl do so... It is just unfortioned that the writers had to take the storyline to this level. Now I can never approve of L&L together in the show. Because of two reasons, first Luke has a child, and you can never undo children. If he shouldn’t take his responsibility I wouldn’t have any respect left for his character and as you have seen I really dislike April, so that is not an option. He has to continue the contact which in this case means that April is hanging on. Second the way Luke treated Lorelai, without any visible sighn of feeling sad, it just makes me think that Lorelai is to good for him.

    (I’m sorry about spelling and grammar mistakes, but I don\'t have English language control on my computer.)moreless
  • Lorelai finally finds out about Lukes daughter.

    I thought that this was a really great episode and I loved every minute of it. I thought that it was really funny that Luke made plans with April and then tried getting out of it because he was afriad of Lorelai running into April. I thought that it wasd really great that Lorelai did end up running into April and finding out who she is, how long that Luke has known about her. I think that Lorelai's idea for the winter carnival was cute and i liked that Kirk thought that it was a bad idea and put the supposed really thing next to her fortune telling booth. I knew it though i knew that the wedding would be put on hold that they would not get married it was to good to be true.moreless
  • Really good episode.

    I watched this episode about 16 days ago, so this is all from my distant memory.

    I thought that Lorelai's reaction (to April) was going to be more dramatic, but her reaction was still priceless. At the very end, at the festival, Luke has been waiting for Lorelai and Rory to get back together for so long so that they can plan the wedding, and now he agrees to postpone the wedding! I mean he has more than 4 months to get use to April in his life. Anyways, it's not like April is going to disappear when they get married (IF they get married) she's still going to be around and Luke can get to know her then. He has all her life to get to know her and get used to her, why do they have to postpone the wedding?

    The coffee cart that Logan gave to Rory was really funny. And I like how Rory just let the coffee cart follow her around all day. I'm really glad that the YDN staff held a meeting about Paris. Paris is getting crazy. I mean numbered hats? A chart to know where everyone is??moreless
  • Luke is being really unfair to Lorelei.

    In the beginning of this episode, Luke still has the burden of keeping a big secret from Lorelei: the fact that he has a daughter. At the time of this episode, he\'s known this for two months and keeps on putting off telling Lorelei. Instead of coming out and being honest with her, he just avoids the subject completely, even though he previously agreed to keep \"no secrets\" from her. In this episode, Lorelei finds out about Luke\'s daughter, April, the wrong way: she sees April in Luke\'s diner and talks to her. Even though Lorelei is shocked at first, after awhile she tells Luke that they can work around it and that he\'s lucky to be with a woman who\'s raised a kid herself.

    However, Luke behaves in a very inconsiderate way. First of all, he shouldn\'t have waited so long to tell Lorelei. She takes the news of his daughter very well and is helpful, but even so, Luke tells her he is \"overwhelmed\" and must postpone the wedding. Lorelei is completely heartbroken over this, since she just spent a long time planning the perfect wedding. Reluctantly though, since she loves Luke very much, she agrees.

    Meanwhile, Rory is being stalked by Logan, who decides to apologize and wants to get back with Rory. Rory at first tries to stay away from him but eventually agrees to go to dinner with him with a little pushing from Lorelei. Also, the winter carnival is happening in Star\'s Hollow, and Rory and Lorelei make a fortune telling booth with their dog, Paul Anka. Lane, in the meantime, is still bitter about her breakup with Zack.moreless
Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel

Rory Gilmore

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Keiko Agena

Lane Kim

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Lauren Graham

Lorelai Gilmore

Liza Weil

Liza Weil

Paris Geller (Episodes 22 - , recurring previously)

Matt Czuchry

Matt Czuchry

Logan Huntzberger

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

Sookie St. James

Amy Sloan

Amy Sloan

newspaper staffer

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Lucy Butler


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Karl Hamann

Karl Hamann

Liam Dreeson

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Emily Kuroda

Emily Kuroda

Mrs. Kim

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Michael Winters

Taylor Doose

Recurring Role

Sally Struthers

Sally Struthers

Babette Dell

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • When Logan is standing outside Rory's door with the donuts, he show's Rory a letter from Lorelai. There is a moment when Logan is holding out the letter to Rory and you can see that the envelope flap is open. He then makes a point of saying that Lorelai has sealed it and put her signature on it to ensure that he wouldn't read it. When he turns over the envelop the flap is closed although Rory opens it as if it is not sealed

    • In episode 6x09 after Luke overhears Christopher's message and gets really mad he makes Lorelai promise that there won't be any secrets (he's very insistent)between them or it won't work.

      In this episode, not once does Lorelai remind him of the speech when she finds out that he's been lying to her for months.

    • When Lorelai is telling Logan how long she and Rory were not speaking for she says "she didn't speak to me for 5 months, 3 weeks, 16 days." Why would she phrase the days like that, as sixteen days as opposed to two weeks and two days? Plus 3 weeks and 16 days is 37 days, which is an additional month.

    • The two little girls at the carnival by the ticket booth were on the soccer team that Luke sponsored, and the lady at the cider booth was the soccer mom.

    • In the last episode when Paris showed Rory how to unlock the door, she switched keys between locks. Rory also did when she showed Lorelai her apartment, but in this episode when Rory unlocked the door she used one key for all four locks.

    • Logan tells Rory that her mom wrote her name on the seal so he wouldn't look at it. However, when he gives it to Rory there is no tearing of the seal so how would she know if he read it or not. Just writing your name on a flap would mean nothing because of no way to keep it down unless it was sealed.

    • Taylor is in Maine where he is broadcasting from a web cam but where is the camera and the speaker/microphone when the town are communicating? How could he see people leaving in the direction that they were, wouldn't that just confuse him and have him give up?

      Taylor can't see the people in the audience. One way this is proven is when he asks Kirk how he looks. Another is when he keeps talking even though everyone is leaving.

    • Taylor is in Maine being annoyed by his young nephew at 3 AM while the town of Stars Hollow is having a town meeting. Maine and Connecticut are both Eastern Standard Time meaning, no time difference. Isn't it late for the child to be awake?

    • After Lane spins the wheel of "The Amazing Doggy Swami", Paul Anka stopped the wheel on the number 5, but a few moments later, you can see that they picked up number 20.

    • When Luke and Lorelai are talking outside the Diner about April, you can see a man with a dog passing by behind them twice, in the same direction.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Rory: Every relationship is just a big giant honkin' leap of faith.

    • Zach: (after describing how bad his life is) Bob Dylan should write a song about me.

    • Paris: Hey. You check in?
      Rory: Check in?
      Paris: The board. The new system? This is the best way for me to know where anyone is at any given time. All the names are on the left. Each coloured magnet represents an activity. If you're out on asignment, it's a red magnet. If you're in the john, it's a blue magnet. If you're at home, a purple magnet. If you're at your desk, it's a green magnet.
      Rory: But if they are at their desks you can just glance over and see that they are at their desks.
      Paris: But I'd have to glance all around. This saves extraneous glancing.

    • Luke: What are you doing talking to that guy?
      April: He asked me about my bike.
      Luke: You don't talk to him, you don't know him. He could be a strangler!
      April: He seemed to know you.
      Luke: Well, yeah, of course I know him. That's Jake, I've known him for 15 years.
      April: You've known a strangler for 15 years?
      Luke: No, he's not a strangler.
      April: Then why can't I talk to him?
      Luke: Because you didn't know that. Don't trust anyone.
      April: Okay, then I better go lock my bike.
      Luke: No, no, you don't have to do that.
      April: But you just said not to trust anyone.
      Luke: But you don't have to lock your bike here. This is a safe town.
      April: Well, now I'm confused.

    • Anna: (when Luke wants to cancel his plans with April) It's not cool, Luke. It's not happening this way.
      Luke: What way? I'm just saying it's not exactly a good time--
      Anna: There is no "right time" to be a parent, Luke, you just are one! And if you're gonna make plans with my kid, get her hopes up and then cancel.....then our deal is cancelled.
      Luke: Anna, no!
      Anna: Yes, that's how it works. You're either all in, or you're out. We didn't ask for this, Luke. You did. You wanted contact, a relationship. And now--
      Luke: Okay, I hear you.

    • Lorelai: I hate your dad.
      Logan: Me too. See? We have things in common, you and me. Maybe this isn't so crazy.

    • Lorelai: (about Luke's daughter) How long have you known about this?
      Luke: About two months.
      Lorelai: Two months? That's a hell of a long time to go without telling me!

    • Lorelai: Let's take inventory on all the wonderful things that have happened since you waltzed into my daughter's life. She was arrested, convicted, she's on probation, she'll have a criminal record until we can get that expunged. She dropped out of school, moved out of my house, she didn't speak to me for 5 months, 3 weeks, 16 days....wait, come to think of it, you are my favorite person!
      Logan: Okay, I can defend myself on one or two of those points, as well.
      Lorelai: No, you can't. Why are you here?
      Logan: I miss her, okay? I made a mistake and I'm trying to rectify it, but nothing is working. She won't talk to me.
      Lorelai: Can you blame her?

    • (the whole town is at an "emergency" town meeting at 3 am held by Taylor)
      Lorelai: Is he getting to the point soon?
      Babette: Yeah, come on Doo-doo head.

    • Zach: Welcome to the SH, bitch!

    • (While shaking Luke's hand)
      April: This is how the Avian flu spreads by the way.

    • (Arriving at the very early town meeting and extremely cranky)
      Luke: Ring bells and we drool like dogs.

    • Zach: I've lost my girlfriend, my band's broken up, my best friend won't speak to me and I'm reduced to working as a $5 an hour carny. Bob Dylan should write a song about me.

    • Taylor: I'm back. I got lucky last night and caught a plane out of Maine.
      Lorelai: Even with the rain in Spain?

    • Anna: Kiddo, is that the TV?
      April: Yes.
      Anna: You watching something stupid?
      April: Yes.
      Anna: You promise?
      April: Yes.

    • Luke: (pouring coffee) Here... here... here...
      Customer: This was tea.
      Luke: Now you've got a hybrid, that's very in right now.

    • Lorelai: I think it might be a health code violation to kiss this close to the cotton candy booth.

    • Logan: I think I get it from my dad.
      Lorelai: I hate your dad.
      Logan: Yeah, me too.

    • Taylor: Well, I should go.
      Lorelai: Back to 8 Mile?

    • Lorelai: (about Paul Anka) He is liking his hat.
      Rory: Well it's flattering.

    • Lorelai: (about Paul Anka) There is nothing more distracting then a dog in a turban.

    • Rory: I don't need a number, you know who I am.... And besides, I'm the only Rory.
      Paris: (slightly agitated) I told you, I can't show preferential treatment. I don't need a hat, I'm number 1, and if you can't remember the number 1, you shouldn't be here.
      Rory: (starts to whisper) Can I talk to you in private?
      Paris: (shouts) Alright! Everyone? If you're looking for number 1 or 2, we'll be out in the hall!

  • NOTES (4)

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • Babette: Jeez, Zach, what's with being Goose Gossage?

      Rich "Goose" Gossage was a major league baseball pitcher for 22 years, mostly with the New York Yankees.  He was even selected for 8 All-Star Game appearances because of his prowess.  He is in the baseball Hall of Fame.

    • Bill: Now she's Augusto Pinochet in a pantsuit.

      Augusto Pinochet was a Chilean dictator responsible for the 1973 Chilean coup d'état.

    • Lorelai: Back to 8 Mile?

      This is a reference to the movie 8 Mile starring Eminem about his struggle to become a rapper in Detroit. The allusion refers to how Taylor is dressed, which is similar to outfits worn by Eminem in the movie.

    • Lorelai: You will sing songs of gemstones!

      Adam Green, a musician from New York, wrote a song called Gemstones for his album by the same name.

    • Zack: ...Lane hanging out with that Asian 'George Clooney'.

      George Clooney has been considered to be one of the most attractive celebrities. His most famous role is that of Dr. Ross in the television hit show E.R.. He has also won People's sexiest man alive award twice. THe only other person to do this is Brad Pitt who he also makes a comparison to while talkin to Mrs.Kim

    • Paris: (As Rory brings in more flowers) Yeah, keep bringing them in, Algernon!

      Paris is referencing the title of the story Flowers for Algernon.

    • Luke: Ring bells and we drool like dogs.

      Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was a Russian psychologist that used a bell to signal the appearance of food. Later he continued the experiment by just ringing the bell (without the appearance of food) and dogs began to salivate.

    • Taylor: I caught a plane out of Maine.
      Lorelai: Even with the rain in Spain?

      Lorelai is referring to the line 'the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain' from My Fair Lady.

    • April:... I like talking to my Indian friend Shamila in Bangalore over the internet.

      Bangalore is the capital and the largest city of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the third largest city in India behind Mumbai (Bombay) & Delhi. It is has a population of more than 6 million. Bangalore is sometimes called the "Silicon Valley of India" due to the large number of information technology companies located there.

    • April:...the hustle, the bustle, the Monte Cristos.

      A Monte Cristo is a sandwich that consists of ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese between two slices of bread, soaked in an egg-based batter and grilled or deep-fried.
      It is often served with a currant or raspberry jelly, powdered sugar, or sweet mustard sauce. The sandwich is often served with fresh fruit or with maple syrup on the side.

    • Lorelai: ..... Matthew McConaughey People's Sexiest Man....

      Matthew McConaughey is the People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for 2005. People Magazine has been doing the Sexiest Man Alive feature for 20 years now. It is billed as the "most prestigious benchmark" of male beauty.

    • Zach: Welcome to the SH, bitch!

      This is a pun on what was said to Ryan in the pilot of The O.C., when they said 'Welcome to the OC, bitch!' S.H. is Stars Hollow. Ironically, The O.C. starred Adam Brody, who played Lane's ex-boyfriend Dave on this show.

    • Episode title: Just Like Gwen and Gavin

      Gwen Stefani found out that her husband Gavin Rossdale has a secret love child. That makes Lorelai and Luke 'just like Gwen and Gavin.'