Gilmore Girls

Season 1 Episode 7

Kiss and Tell

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2000 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Dean gives Rory her first kiss; fearful of her mother's disapproval, Rory decides not to tell Lorelai for a little while; Lorelai gets stressed when she hears about the kiss from Mrs. Kim instead of Rory; Rory freaks out at first when Lorelai invites Dean over to watch videos and eat junk food, but ends up having a good time after all.moreless

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Sonya Eddy

Sonya Eddy


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Caitlyn Lindsay Murphy

Caitlyn Lindsay Murphy


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Liz Torres

Liz Torres

Miss Patty

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Sally Struthers

Sally Struthers

Babette Dell

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Michael Winters

Michael Winters

Taylor Doose

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Dean explains that he knows a lot about Prince Charming because he has sisters. However, in later episodes we learn that Dean only has one sister, Clara.

      Possible Explanation: It is never actually stated that Dean has only one sister, Clara is simply the only sister we ever see.

    • When Rory is talking to Lorelai in the kitchen, she is talking loud enough for Dean to hear her but he doesn't seem to notice.

    • The reason Luke was going to Doose's was to get some cream for the diner. However, he led Lorelai out of the store without buying cream first.

    • When Luke and Lorelai are a couple in later seasons he tells her she isn't supposed to tip the owner, yet in this episode he looks shocked when she doesn't leave one.

    • In a previous episode, Luke had a cow when Sookie walked in behind the counter and started messing with things. When Lorelai comes in behind the counter, all he says is "don't use your hands" when she gets ready to take a muffing--not very steady characteristics of Luke, even if it is Lorelai that's behind the counter.

      Possible Explanation: Luke was much too busy arguing with Taylor to bother with serving the two girls. Also, as Luke points out in Concertus Interruptus, Lorelai isn't too good with the word no.

    • The video of Willy Wonka is really unsynchonized, at certain points it goes too far and at others too slow.

    • Rory said she used to dream about Prince Charming from Sleeping Beauty because he was the prince who could dance. However, Cinderella's prince also danced - he danced all night at the ball.

    • Right before Dean comes out to give Lorelai her red vines, you can see him in the doorway waiting for his cue.

    • When Luke comes over to pick up his money after Lorelai serves herself, you can see Luke pick up the money twice.

    • Discussing The Way We Were, Lorelai and Rory speculate on Dean's opinion whether Hubbell should leave his wife and child for Katie or not. However, it's with Katie that Hubbell has a child.

    • Rory gets kissed on Friday; you can tell because she is wearing her Chilton uniform and the next day she isn't because she doesn't have school. Rory tells her mom in the kitchen while Dean is over that Dean kissed her yesterday, at the store. Later, Lorelai says that they should go to sleep because she has work and Rory has school but it was only Saturday, not Sunday.

    • When Mrs. Kim surprises Lorelai and Lorelai takes God's name in vain twice, Mrs. Kim doesn't say anything. This is extremely out of character for her.

      Possible explanation: Lorelai's exact words were...
      Lorelai: Oh God! Quite an entrance. Jeez, my heart.

      Saying 'Oh God' isn't really taking the Lord's name in vain. It can almost be considered a plea. She is startled and calls to God. Jeez is definitely just a mild expression to show surprise or annoyance. Mrs. Kim can only control the behaviour of her daughter (or so she believes) so she isn't going to lecture Lorelai over such an issue.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • (Lorelai runs into Luke in Doose's)
      Lorelai: Aah! What are you doing here?
      Luke: What are you doing here?
      Lorelai: I asked first!
      Luke: I ran out of cream.
      Lorelai: Oh. Uh, me too!

    • Rory:No, it was stupid! And I don't know what I'm doing here, you're sitting here in the kitchen… what kind of chaperone are you?
      Lorelai: Me? I'm not trying to be a chaperone. I'm trying to be a girlfriend.
      Rory: Well, switch gears, 'cause I'm freaking out here!

    • Rory: Maybe something's wrong. Maybe something happened to him.
      Lorelai: Maybe he's just late Miss German train.

    • Lorelai: I'm going to be so cool in there, you will mistake me for Shaft.

    • (Lorelai is sitting at a table watching Rory and Lane out the window.)
      Luke: Coffee? (no answer) Aw, come on. Are you mad at me too? I mean, a man can't choose whether or not he wants a picture of a fat, stupid bird on his wall? My God, that's the reason the damn Pilgrims came here in the first place.
      Lorelai: Luke, I wasn't snubbing you. I didn't hear you and now I'm concerned about you.
      Luke: Sorry, just feeling a little persecuted lately. Coffee?
      Lorelai: Please.
      Luke: You OK?
      Lorelai: Yes, I'm fine.
      Luke: You don't look fine.
      Lorelai: Well thank you.
      Luke: I just meant you look concerned.
      Lorelai: I'm preoccupied.
      Luke: You look concerned.
      Lorelai: Well I'm not.
      Luke: Fine, you just look it.
      Lorelai: Hey, you know some streamers would look so great in here.
      Luke: OK, I'm done.
      Lorelai: Thank you.
      (Later...Luke comes back to the table)
      Luke: I'm not gonna say you look concerned.
      Lorelai: I'm not gonna talk about how good you'd look dressed like one of the guys from The Crucible.
      Luke: Fair enough.

    • Lorelai: Hi, I'm back. Rory went to wash her face.
      Dean: Oh okay.
      (silence between them for a little bit and Lorelai pauses the movie)
      Lorelai: Dean, I don't know exactly how to say this, but um this is a very different kind of household you walked into tonight.
      Dean: Yeah, I know.
      Lorelai: See, Rory is my daughter.
      Dean: Ahh, here comes the talk.
      Lorelai: How 'bout I talk, you listen? Rory is a smart kid and she's never been much for guys, so that fact that she likes you means a lot. I don't believe she'd waste her time with some loser.
      Dean: But you're watching me?
      Lorelai: Sweetheart, the whole town is watching you. That girl in there is beloved around here. You hurt her, there's not a safe place within one hundred miles for you to hide. This is a very small, weird place you've moved to.
      Dean: I've noticed.
      Lorelai: So, just know all eyes are on you.
      Dean: (waits a second) Anything else?
      Lorelai: She's not going on your motorcycle.
      Dean: I don't have a motorcycle.
      Lorelai: She's not going on your motorcycle.
      Dean: Fine, she won't go on my motorcycle.
      Lorelai: Curfew will be enforced, you will not detract from her schoolwork, and you're gonna start handling those lemons better--
      Dean: What?
      Lorelai: Dont' interrupt me when I'm speaking. I reserve the right to change, alter, tweak or add to this list of rules at any given time without any written notice, am I clear?
      Dean: You're clear.
      Lorelai: (nods her head) Good.
      Dean: My turn to speak?
      Lorelai: (gets a shocked look on her face) Fine, go ahead.
      Dean: You can lay on all the rules you want and you can have the whole town spy on me and, and stare at me and chase me through the streets--
      Lorelai: Ahh, I like the chasing through the streets idea.
      Dean: But, I just want you to know that I'm not going anywhere.
      Lorelai: Well it's gonna be a short chase then, isn't it?
      Dean: I need you not to hate me. If you hate me, then I don't have a shot in hell with Rory.
      Lorelai: Rory has her own mind.
      Dean: Yeah, but you're her best friend and what you think means everything to her and you know that.
      Lorelai: (her face softens) I wanna like you, because Rory likes you.
      Dean: But you don't.
      Lorelai: I want too. And I usually get what I want.
      Dean: Fair enough (Lorelai resumes the movie). She's taking a long time on her face.
      Lorelai: Yeah, well, Rory's a perfectionist.

    • Lorelai: So?
      Rory: Got it!
      Lorelai: Score! You know on the one hand I'm glad it was in, but on the other what kind of world do we live in when no one is renting Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
      Rory: Well we rented it.
      Lorelai: Thank God for us.

    • Lorelai: One of us has got to do laundry tonight.
      Rory: Why?
      Lorelai: Because I haven't had any clean underwear for three days.
      Rory: So right now under your skirt you're wearing..?
      Lorelai: Not underwear.
      Rory: MOM!
      Lorelai: Kind of nice actually, breezy.
      Rory: My role model ladies and gentlemen.

    • (after meeting Dean in the supermarket)
      Lorelai: See, that wasn't so bad.
      Rory: You're right
      Lorelai: I said nothing embarrassing, nothing stupid.
      Rory: I appreciate that.
      Lorelai: So chill out supermarket slut.
      Rory: See, even a little information in your hands is dangerous.

    • (After Lorelai confronted Rory about the kiss)
      Rory: What now?
      Lorelai: Now?... Nothing.
      Rory: No? No lecture about kissing a boy?
      Lorelai: No! Why, did you do it wrong?
      Rory: No?! I don't think.

    • Rory: That's my mom!
      Dean: She's got energy.
      Rory: Yeah, well, she's 90 percent water, 10 percent caffeine.

    • Lorelai: He kissed you and you said 'thank you'?
      Rory: Yes.
      Lorelai: Well that was very polite.

    • Lorelai: I'm afraid that once your heart's involved, it all comes out in moron.

    • Lorelai: Okay, I'll uninvite him then. I'll just say it's cancelled on account of I just found out that I'm my mother and I need to go into intensive therapy right now.

    • Lorelai: Are the lids tight on the paint thinner because you're sounding a little loopy to me.
      Mrs. Kim: Loopy, what's loopy?
      Lorelai: (laughing) Rory's not kissing anybody.

    • Lorelai: He kissed you again? What, is he just out of prison or something?

    • Rory: This isn't Amish country. Girls and boys usually date alone.

    • Luke: You're not going to kill the bag boy.
      Lorelai: Why not?
      Luke: It's double coupon day. You'll bring down the town.

    • Rory: I got kissed! And I shoplifted!

    • Lorelai: (to Rory) So, kissed any good boys lately?

    • Lorelai: Stop saying mother like that.
      Rory: Like what?
      Lorelai: Like there's supposed to be another word after it.

    • Rory: He kissed me!
      Mrs.Kim: What? Who kissed you?
      Lane: Uh, the Lord, Mama.

    • Rory: (to Dean about the movie Boogie Nights) You'll never get it past Lorelai. She had a bad reaction to Magnolia. She sat there for three hours screaming "I want my life back!". Then, we got kicked out of the theater. Actually, it was a pretty entertaining day.

    • (Lorelai and Rory serve themselves after trying various gambits to get Luke's attention, including Rory's announcing -- to no response -- that Lorelai is not wearing underwear.)
      Luke: No tip?
      Lorelai: Oh yeah, here's a tip -- serve your customers!
      Luke: Here's another -- don't sit on any cold benches!

    • Lorelai: Ugh! Look how he just handled those lemons.
      Luke: What are you talking about?
      Lorelai: He just threw them in the bag. Not tossed them, or placed them, but threw them like they were nothing to him.
      Luke: They're lemons.
      Lorelai: They're symbolic.

    • Lorelai: That Lothario over there has wormed his way into my daughter's heart and mouth and for that he must die!
      Luke: That's it, let's go.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Lorelai: I am gonna be so cool in there you will mistake me for Shaft.

      Shaft is the 1971 movie which initiated the blaxploitation movies of the early 70s. Costing only 1.1 million to make, it returned that many times over and thus spawned many imitators. In it, Richard Roundtree played John Shaft, a cool, suave black detective the equal of anything he came up against -- one of the first such role models for blacks in mainstream media. The title song, by Isaac Hayes, is also considered a classic.

    • Rory: You'll never get it past Lorelai. She had a bad reaction to Magnolia. She sat there for three hours screaming "I want my life back!"....

      Magnolia is a longish 1999 movie wherein the writer/director fails to grasp the difference between synchronicity and mere coincidence, and tries to suggest greater meaning in totally unrelated life events of his characters.

    • Lorelai: No. That Lothario over there has wormed his way into my daughter's heart and mouth and for that he must die!

      Lothario is a character in Nicholas Rowe's 1703 play The Fair Penitent who seduces and betrays the female lead.

    • Visual: The movie Lorelai, Rory, and Dean are watching.

      Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a 1971 comic movie based on Roald Dahl's famous book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    • Rory: You're like a crazy Elsa Klensch.

      Elsa Klensch is a fashion/style journalist for CNN.

    • Lorelai: Yeah, by the time that gets to Miss Patty's it's a scene from Nine 1/2 Weeks.

      Nine 1/2 Weeks is a movie starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger about a couple who meet and have a torrid affair for nine 1/2 weeks.

    • Lorelai: I'm not gonna talk about how good you'd look dressed like one of the guys from The Crucible.

      The Crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller about the Salem witch trials, is a thinly veiled critique of the infamous McCarthy hearings in the 1950s.

    • Luke: Sorry, I guess my pod's defective.

      Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a 1956 movie in which alien beings send out pods that clone humans while they are sleeping, and replace them with the hive-minded lookalike.

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