Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 9

Knit, People, Knit!

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2006 on The WB

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    I hate how much Lorelai says I love you to Christopher. She was never the person who threw that phrase around. she only said that to Luke once! and now she says it to Chris like a hundred times a day, when it's obvious she doesnt completely love him. I just want the old Gilmore Girls back with Lorelai and Luke together
  • Liked the 2002 party, people not warming to Christopher was just another sign that the marriage is doomed. Still not much going on.

    The highlight was the 2002 party held for Rory's friend Lucy. It was a chance to get Marty back in the picture and I did like how he was cold to added some much needed drama. Would everyone find out? It was kind of unfair because he pit Rory in a strange position...come on if someone pretended not to know you...what would you do?
    It was hilarious to see Paris and Doyle trying to be the best dancers...but Marty calling Rory beautiful is cause for more trouble.

    As for Stars Hollow...the town aren't warming to Christopher and his efforts are nice but don't seem to be enough. I'm sorry but this is just stupid...the marriage will end, there is no doubt.
    Anna was stupid to think that Luke would just accept to never see April again...I'm glad he came to his sense and told her he would fight. That was intense.
    I liked the message Emily kept playing from Lorelai...about the marriage. Another really funny moment.

    Good but still not at a high enough standard.
  • Very blah episode...

    This episode was definetely not one of the best of the season! Nothing really happened. Did we really need an entire episode to see Rory talk it out with Marty, and Chris trying to get accepted by Stars Hallow, only to ruin it!?? Don't get me wrong - I loved that we finally got some Stars Hallow-craziness back, the Knit-a-thon was a great detail. But it just felt like nothing really happened...

    The only real thing that happened this episode is that Luke realised that he isn't going to let April go. And now he is willing to fight Anna for her... :-) The fight was very powerfull, way to go Luke!
  • Christopher tries to integrate into Stars Hollow, Liz has a baby, and Luke stakes his claim.

    I have not been impressed by Gilmore Girls this season, and I was not impressed by the first 30 minutes of this episode, but then something happened. Sure, a lot of things have happened this season but not much has been logical. Probably the best thing about this episode is that we got back to Stars Hollow- no Michel but everybody else was involved. Despite what Chrisopher said about being a likable guy, he really isn't, and by donating all the money for the bridge (and prematurely ending the knit-a-thon) he just proved how crass and money oriented he is- it's easy to see why Lorelai's parents are glad they got married and why they were excited they were planning on getting married three seasons ago- he's one of them. I was also impressed with Luke, both in holding Liz and TJ's baby, and refusal to lose his daughter April. Rory's episodes with Marty were also interesting. Despite their avowal of love, you just get the feeling that Lorelai and Chris will not be together when the series ends next spring. Whether or not Lorelai and Luke will be together is another story- Luke is everything that Lorelai likes, Chris is everything she doesn't- i.e. her parents. The show is called the Gilmore Girls and it seems to be all Lorelai this season- Rory has a couple of new unlikeable freinds, and Emily is a bit player now. This is probably the last season so let's hope the promise shown in the second half of this episode plays out and the last 12 episodes make us treasure this series forever rather than be anticlimactic- I want a final episode that says The End, not one that just continues the trend of the last year and a half.
  • finally! a decent episode

    yes, this is what i´m talking about, this is the first decent episode this season, i mean this has been a really bad season so far and this episode was good! i can´t believe it took 8 entire weeks to have a decent episode, i hope we get more episodes like this one and no so mucho of the others because they make me sick
    the storyline was good, how they combined the 2002 party and the grandparents finding out about lorelai´s marriage and the knit-a-thon, i have to say it was a really goos episode, it takes me back to the palladino´s episodes we all remember as classic
  • Lorelai's is back doing townstuff while Rory's partying.

    Finally they brought some good old fashion Stars Hollow back. I really missed that. I love episodes where they do weird things to raise money. Like the dance-marathon, the basketbidding (or whatever that was called). To bad this time Christopher came along and had to ruin it. Christopher really doesn't understand what's it all about in Stars Hollow so this episode showed that he didn't belong there.

    Things I loved in this episode:

    Emily's performance in the beginning. That's what I love about Emily, she's the only one who can be mean, sometimes cruel, and get away with it.

    The knit-a-town, like I said some good old fashion Stars Hollow. They should also bring back the townmeetings.

    Paris dancing, I never knew she had it in her.

    Luke standing up as a father. He's a great father and he isn't even doing it for that long. He's a better father then Christopher, who I still after all these year don't really see as an uninvited guest not as Rory's dad.

    Things I hated in this episode:

    Christopher ruining the fun with donating the money. It's also very annoying when he talks fast with Lorelai, he just can't pull that of.

    Marty, I just don't like him, I liked him in season 4 but the idea of him and Rory as a couple is just stupid.

    Lucy, she is just freakishly thin.

    Rory and Lorelai had not enough scenes together. The only saw eachother at fridaynight dinner and they where on the phone together once, I just wanna see more scenes together.
  • great episode

    i liked this episode because you can see yet another small town fundraiser. the only thing i didn't like was April. she used to be cute and almost another Rory, but now she's too drama-queen. although i'm happy that lorelai and christopher are married, i am beginning to not like chris. i also thought it's interesting that this episode is directed by the guy who directed "high school musical". i hope that rory and marty somehow go back to their original relationship. i also loved lorelai's shirt "knit or go home". they should sell them online!! can't wait til the next new episode.
  • The Town has a Knit-a-thon!

    HAHA CHRIS!!! Proof that no one likes Christopher married to Lorelai!!! It should have been Luke! And speaking of Luke I am very very proud of him for standing up to Anna about April! he should have custody of her because she is still his daughter and it was not his decision for her to not have him is her life! I'm also happy that the town isn't to fond of Lorelai marrying Christopher. Thought I am curious if every couple gets a basket for when they get Married why didn't Dean and Lindsay get one? Or Sookie and Jackson???

    I have to say this was a GREAT episode!!!
  • Luke and Lorelai forever.

    I hate the fact that Lorelai married Chris. It should have been Luke and everyone knows it. Now it's starting to sink in with Chris because of what happened at the knit-a-thon. I don't know who he thinks he is by putting all that money in when all the townspeople were working so hard to raise the money. This shows that Chris has no idea of what's going on. Stars Hollow has a way of doing things, but he doesn't realise that. He thinks his money will keep Lorelai with him, but eventually she will realise it was a mistake. I loved the fight scene at the end because Chris had it comming. He deserved to have Luke beat him up because he's supposed to be with Lorelai not Christopher. I can't wait to see what happens. Will Lorelai leave Chris for Luke? I hope so, and so don't a lot of other loyal Gilmore Girl fans.
  • The town has a knit a thon.

    I really liked this episode. I really did not enjoy seeing Lorelai and Christopher walking around Stars Hallow it did not seem right to me. I thought that it was very funny that Lorelai was pushing Christopher get involved with the town by having him go out with Jackson and also setting him up with other activities. I was disappointed that Christopher donated all the money two hours into the knit a thon. What was the point of having the event in the frist place if it was going to end two hours later. I thought that it was really good that Luke finally stood up to Anna about April just too bad it came way too late maybe if he did it sooner he would still be with Lorelai.
  • Oh finally people get to see the real side of Christopher...the side that thinks he can bribe his way into everything...the side that thinks he can buy friends!!! My God! what a major jerk!

    I can't believe Lorelai is still with Chris eventhough,its clear that he is a major jerk who thinks he can buy anything(with the money he now possess because his grandfather croaked!), how surreal!!!

    All of a sudden, chris comes into some he is now loaded, and all is forgiven!

    Anyway, i'm not going to fret over the stupid mistakes Lorelai make in life. I'm going to enjoy the Luke i know and love.
    it was so sweet how passionate Luke made his feeling clear for his daughter! Plus the way he looked at Liz's baby was an added bonus!
    If it wasn't for Luke...i probably wouldn't be watching GG still.

    I LoVeD THiS ePiSoDe!!!!!!!

    even though Chris acted like a jerk at the town knit-a-thon! i mean the whole point of a knit-a-thon is to knit for money not have a rich smart ass come and pay all of it! GoSH! CHRiS JuST Go BaCK To YouR oLD HoME aND LeaVe LoReLai aLoNe!

    I loved Luke in this episode. For multiple reasons...

    1) When he was saying bye to T.J and saw Chris and Lorelai walking in the streets and he got all mad and started to throw people out... it showed how sad he is that that's not him walking next to lorelai with his ring on her finger...

    2) When he was all cute holding T.J's and Liz's baby and started like staring down at it with his eyes all cute! He was just so cute in that scene! He had two personalities during it. He was saddened that he wasn't at April's birth and he was saddened that he wasnt holding his own baby with lorelai! (or at least i thought he was like that or i wish he was like that!)

    3) When he went to Anna and was all mean to her just like she was mean to him. I back Luke up 100% about his decision. He's right. April's not just Anna's kid, she's his kid too and he should have equal rights as a parent. As much as i hate april i think it would be sad if she left Luke because Luke gave up Lorelai for April and if April is gone then it's like Luke gave up the wrong person and he would be lonely because April would be in New Mexico or Arizona whatever state they're moving to and Lorelai is with Chris (*for now*) It would just be so sad and so pitiful...

    I LoVeD THe ePiSoDe!
  • When Chris tryes to fit in Stars-Hollow-rutine is hard for him 'cause everybody pictured Lorelai-Luke and not Lorelai-Chris. Rory finds out that Marty is still in a crush on her being the boyfriend of her friend.

    At last Lorelai is showing up she's not as ready as she appears to tell the world she's married with her first "guy" and not with Luke. You can tell that 'cause she doesn't want Chris to hang out with the stars hollow people, yet. Rory finds out Marty, who used to have a crush on her, is the boyfriend of one of her new friends and he's not talking to her. She tries to start over and finally she realices he's still in love with her. Rare episode but still boring, the things are not how they used to be! I'm dissapointed but I'm waiting for the episode when the love-triangle (Lor, Chris and Luke) finally gives something to talk about.
    And, what's going on with Lane!!! Where is she???
  • This really got back to the great episodes of the past.

    Everything about this episode was better than the previous ones this season. Good quotes, good interaction, and excellent use of auxiliary characters. Luke\'s relationship with his \"new\" daughter reminds me of how the \"old\" Lorelei and Rori used to interact. This episode showed the wit that the whole show was designed around. Much better than the drama that has been occurring lately. The town is just as important as the main characters in my opinion, and the higher scores for this episode show that to be true.
  • Lorelai worries about Chris fitting in with her town, and rightfully so...

    Ok. So ya ya ya. Chris comes to Stars Hollow and its weird. Of course. That's obvious. Rory finally gets a little insight as to why Marty is acting jerky to her. Great, let's move on. I am conflicted about a certain subplot in the show. [cue over dramatic music] I am standing at a precipice, if you will, not knowing which way to turn. Here is my problem. I hate April. Not once has that storyline won me over and it doesn't help (nothing personal to the young lady playing the part) that her acting isn’t good at all. When she started sobbing on the bench about moving to New Mexico, I was like, "Alright already! Move! Go! Go to New Mexico!" But here is my predicament. How terrific was Luke's last monologue at the very end? "I will fight you Anna...I will fight you for April!" Mmm Mmm Mmm. That was GREAT. That was the only thing I liked about the show Tuesday. And I guess if I liked that bit then I'm committing to April staying. C’set La Vie I guess. Let's hope we get more of that Luke Danes passion next week with the Chris confrontation!!
  • After waiting patiently for weeks everything I love about this show and was missing has returned… witty banter, townies, and character development… finally

    I’m very excited that Luke finally decided to grow a backbone in his relationship with Anna and April… Frankly, April and Anna are why Luke and Lorelei’s relationship tanked… Anna didn’t want Luke to have Lorelei involved and because Luke wanted to get to know his daughter he pushed Lorelei out of the picture and into Chris’s arms… but now it’s looking like Luke’s going to be getting himself together… I love it.

    Christopher is not fitting into Stars Hollow very well and I don't think he's really trying... You get the feeling that he feels superior to them all in some way… the way he kept calling Jackson a farmer sounded kind of condescending and then the way he just donated all the money to the bridge fund and ruined the town event… I mean… what is he stupid? There’s no way that would come off as anything but showing off… He just doesn’t seem to get it…

    I liked Rory this episode and thought she handled the situation with Marty as well as she could have… and I loved loved loved Paris and Doyle…

    Everyone was funny and nothing was overdone or over explained… Hopefully the writing can maintain this level for the rest of the season… I’m back in love with my girls!!
  • Let’s see … Lorelai obsessing whether Christopher will fit in with the community. Why is she so embarrassed about him? You don’t get it ... well his idea of doing good is not to waste your time with community spirit but to give a huge donation instead.

    Nothing like throwing the big bucks around to make an impression!! I get it !!!

    Unfortunately for me ... and it is just my humble opinion … but I felt that the writers used the episode to tie up a few loose ends and didn’t bring anything spicy into it … like the parents finally making their sarcastic (and so obvious) take on Lorelai’s wedding; Matt still having the hots for Rory … ya think?? … Luke facing up to being a proper dad for once and fighting for what’s right! And in between we have a lot of scenes that are supposed to be quirky – the welcoming trolley which is full of cleaning stuff instead of the nice things that other couples have received in the past and Logan moving Rory into her own rooms which you know spells the end of their relationship, particularly as he won’t bring his clients to her 2002 party – well I mean who would want their clients to meet Rory’s dopey friends?? The guy has a point!! And the knit-a-thon was pretty pointless – apart form highlighting what a jerk Christopher is and why Lorelai should dump him immediately and get back to the new man Luke!! But that is just my humble opinion !!! And I am NOT biased … it is just NOT because I think Luke is a hunk!! Well compared to Christopher … a turkey is a hunk!

    Seriously … I think the writers could do better !
  • Wondering where the plot will go and wishing April a safe trip to New Mexico!

    Although I had some problems with this episode, even a poor episode of Gilmore Girls is a lot better than most other television shows! The good things in this episode: Lore and Chris seem cute together, but I’m not surprised that the town has issues with Chris. I would hate to see their marriage break up over that, but I’m still not sure Lore married him for the right reasons. I think the writers still want us to wonder who it will be: Chris or Luke. Personally, I would like to think that she knows her mind and wouldn’t get married out of grief over losing Luke. However, I’m still concerned that this marriage isn’t going to make it and that Luke and Lore will end up together after all. I would find that to be a travesty after the way he treated her last season, but perhaps the writers will convince me that they should be together. The whole Rory/Marty plot is a little weird right now, but I can’t wait to see where they take it. I really like Logan and I think Rory truly loves him. However, I can see them splitting as well. I’m OK with any resolution here depending on how well it’s written. As for Luke and April, I say, send her to New Mexico and let’s be done with her! I liked seeing Luke stand up for her, but seriously she is a horrible actress. Why wouldn’t they have found someone better than her to play the role? Personally, I’m crossing my fingers and praying for her safe flight!
  • escalation!!!

    have to admit that the episodes are getting better.. relatively speaking, compared to the first ones :s.. Luke's voice is coming back, good to know.
    Obviously people don't like Chris and Lore notices that, isn't that a clue.. ok it's her life and no one has the right to interfere, but she's not acting herself!!! maybe that's why they don't like him, she's acting, fake, not the real Lore..
    Rory and Marty thing is sick.. why does she bother to talk to him, she dumbed him, he has the right to fire back, or to keep his pride.. right?? why to follow him, she likes Logan, why to follow another..
  • silly just isnt the word.

    The episode was good, but it just doesnt seem to be going some where, like i love it alot but i want big things to happen rather than these little things..

    I really dont DONT like april at all, she is a terrible actress and i have no idea how she got onto the show, i hope luke LOSES the battle over custody because a show without her on it is always perfect.

    Lukes little moment while holding the baby was so cute and it just kidna shows what could have been.

    Chris is.. just augh, he annoys me so much sometimes, like i wanted the festival of knittting to go on all day but he payed which just kind of flaunts his money.

    Rory and Logan are just stupid, he's so weird and not there.. i think marty is the guy for her :) Her knew friends are cool and bring a nice twisty thing to the show.

    overall, i want some things changed
    1. No more chris
    2. NO more April

    =\ it used to be different.
  • About time Luke found his manhood.

    That kid ran off your girlfriend the least you could do is scream at the mother for moving her away. And I'm sorry but no way would Richard and Emily give anyone that sketch. It was revolting. Emily has great taste and that was horrible. Christopher is getting a bum deal in this season. The writers that are left on the show this season have no clue what they are doing.
  • Gilmore Girls. Episode 9

    Well, Anna has totally revealed herself to be the most selfish mother ever. It was about time Luke stood up to her.

    Anyway, finally a good episode. The best points:
    - How Emily and Richard reacted about Lorelai's elopement. And, by the way, I guess only Mrs. Gilmore could come up with such a creepy wedding present.
    - Stars Hollow knitting marathon. Yep, it's impossible to get bored in this town because people behaviors' are always crazier. Besides, I love when Babette, Patty and company start talking at the same time.
    - April's freaking out moment.
    - Paris dancing hip hop. LOL
    - Taylor and Kirk's time conception.
    - Sookie and her ideas about spaghetti.
    - Chris and Jackson's "beer" date. Awkward but nice.
    - Tj's soon-to-be-father rambling speeches.

    I'm curious to see when the writers decide it's finally the time to speed up Rory's story line. Actually, a sloth is kind of faster. :D
  • I really like Chris! What is Anna thinking?

    First of all, I'm really enjoying the Chris/Lorelai relationship. He is not the Christopher that he used to be and he really cares about Lorelai. The town can hate him, but I won't... For me is simple, Luke had his chance and he really blew it away.

    And what is Anna thinking? I mean for the start she had some problems: first she kept Luke out of his daughter life, second she is partially guilty of what happened between Luke & Lor because she didn't want Lorelai in April's life; and at the end she really thinks that she can take away Luke's daughter so easily?

    The knitting thing wasn’t too appealing for me but it served the point of showing us how different is Chris of the rest of the town.
  • Lorelai and Chris receive a "cordial" welcome. Chris tries too hard to fit in and does something stupid. Liz has a baby. Luke goes crazy. Anna Nardini is suddenly from New Mexico.

    Did anyone notice the glitch? All of a sudden Anna Nardini grew up in New Mexico. Even though in a previous episode, the one where Rory visits Anna\\\'s store, Lorelai tells Rory that she grew up \\\"here\\\" as in Stars Hollow. Something is wonky or the current writers just aren\\\'t true followers of the show.
  • Lorelai sets Chris up on a man-date with Jackson so the townspeople will accept him. Chris ruins a knit-a-thon. Marty lets Rory know he still has feelings for her. Luke stands up to Anna after she announces she and April will be moving to New Mexico.

    Finally a great episode this season! I'm so happy that Rory and Marty are talking again now, even though his telling her she's beautiful made things awkward again. Luke is maturing and I was so happy to see him stand up to Anna who acts like she's April's only parent. Luke has really grown into a likeable character again after being such a lousy boyfriend to Lorelai last season. His tantrum after seeing Lorelai and Chris together shows he still loves her and Lorelai's constant trying to control and change Chris by telling him what to wear and who to hang out with shows that she doesn't really want to be married to him. It's like she trying to make him be more like Luke. I think it's funny that none of the townspeople like Chris.
  • I am warming up to the Lorelai/Christopher marriage but.....

    I am warming up to the Lorelai/Christopher marriage but.. I can see it failing. Christopher fits well with Lorelai but not with Stars Hollow which is a part of her. I think he is coming across as a jerk in the town and that is not going to work well.

    The 2002 party that Rory had was hit and miss for me. It was cute in a typically silly way. Paris and Doyle back together! All I can say is AWESOME!

    Rory needs to dump Logan, pronto.

    The highlight for me was seeing Luke fight for April the way he did. That was awesome. Am I the only one who thinks April is a younger Lorelai?

    Can't wait until next week!
  • It wasn’t a bad episode, but it also wasn’t an amazing one either

    It wasn’t a bad episode, but it also wasn’t an amazing one either. The episode opens at the Gilmore residence with everyone celebrating Lorelei and Chris’ marriage. Emily has a couple of good remarks at Lorelei for eloping, the best being the one about how Lorelei told her. The message the Lorelei left was seemed to me vintage Lorelei, trying to do everything to avoid telling her mother. I thought the gift seemed a little odd, when it was Luke and Lorelei, they were going to get a house in Star Hollow, and a pretty damn big one, or so it seemed to me anyways. Now that it’s Chris, the man they tried to use in season 4 to split up Luke and Lorelei they just get them an etching? This one thing seemed to set to tone for the entire Chris and Lorelei story for the episode.

    The rest of their story is kind of lack luster until the end of the episode. Stars Hollow is having a knit-a-thon to rebuild the bridge yet again. Lorelei is of course taking part and practicing. Chris and Lorelei take a stroll through the town and all they get is a very nice polite welcome for Chris and a mediocre (according to Lorelei) welcome wagon, it’s even in a real wagon. Luke goes on a man-date with Jackson, they seem to connect, and later at the knit-a-thon the town seems to be a lot more accepting of Chris. Chris of course when he hears that the town might not get to the money level they have to in time steps up and donates the rest of the money that’s needed to rebuild the bridge. This causes the knit-a-thon to close early, and the rest of the town to go back to being ambivalent about Chris. Lorelei gets a little ticked off, and Chris fires back with why does he have to go through all of this extra stuff? like backgammon and darts. He tells her a farming metaphor that Jackson used when they went out, and then tells Lorelei that the town will grow to like him because he’s really a very likable guy and because he is going to be there loving Lorelei 24/7.

    The Rory story was pretty simple, she moves back in with Paris, signs a lease with Paris so Paris can’t just boot her out again. The lease of course has some very Paris like aspects making Rory sign saying that whatever Logan uses he has to pay for, though of course Sunday’s are free. It’s Lucy’s 2002 themed 21st birthday this episode so of course Marty is there, and bartending of course. So Marty is still being all grumpy about Rory, so Rory goes and basically says suck it up, be nice because he put Rory is a bad position back in the day. They share a nice moment on the couch near the end where we almost think that things are going to be cool, until Marty goes and tells Rory that she just keeps getting more beautiful. The viewers all knew this would happen when he was reintroduced, but I think doing it here might have been a little much, if I had written the scene, I would of ended it before the beautiful thing, maybe have him say something else about Rory changing, maybe something about being the former Yale Daily News editor, and then gotten up to go dance with Lucy. It would of lulled the viewer a little more, created some more tension for us anyways.

    Finally we come to Luke, Anna, April, TJ, and Liz. Liz has he baby home birth style near the end of the episode, with Luke and TJ there supporting her. When Liz says to Luke that April will hopefully be babysitting her cousin a lot that prompts Luke to go do something, the viewers have seen coming for a while. So at the start Anna tells Luke she and April are moving to New Mexico, Luke seems fine with this, he’s a little put off and hurt but over all he’s fine. Once he sees how upset April is at this he starts to realize that he can’t just let his daughter go without a fight, and he has to at least try to help her out, if it is only having her come for spring break, and part of the summer, or staying in Connecticut until the end of the school year. Anna gets mad tells Luke to butt out it isn’t his place tell April anything like that. Luke kind of just walks away with his tail between his legs there. It isn’t until Liz and TJ’s baby is born that he knows what he has to do. So Luke finally goes and fights for something, when it isn’t too late to fight for it. He tells Anna she can’t just dictatorially decide what’s up with April and he needs to be involved. He says he never to got to see any of the major moments in Aprils early life, because Anna decided not to include him but now that he is in her life he isn’t going to let go without a fight. It seemed to me by the look on Anna’s face that this is what she wanted to happen when she told Luke about moving to New Mexico, I don’t know why, but it seems like this is something she was trying to get him to do.

    So in conclusion the episode was pretty good. Not stellar but it was so much better then the season premiere where there was something missing that I just couldn’t put my finger on. We had a lot of plot and character development, especially the Luke/April/Anna plot, and the Rory/Lucy/Marty/Logan plot. The latter could have been handled a lot better in the way it moved forward. The former plot though, it was great, just how it should of happened, I would like to see Luke come to some of these realizations on his own one day without someone giving him a little push like Liz and TJ did.
  • A party, a knit-a-thon and a baby being born? It's time to party! Great episode!

    I loved the episode.. First off Chris and Lorelai. they have their cute moments, but they still haven't sold me.. It's a nice thought of Chris to pay for the money to the bridge, it really is, but the Stars Hollow people aren't like that. SH is more about doing stuff to raise money, and when they have the money they stop.. I guess Christopher needs to learn quite a few things about Stars Hollow.

    The man date was funny though, and it was nice to see Jackson making an attempt for Christopher, despite what the rest of SH felt, and I liked his speech about commitment. Really nice!
    The LL fangirl in me loved it though that Sookie and everyone in Stars Hollow isn't a fan of Chris/Lorelai though..

    YAY for Richard and Emily.. I loved the answering machine, so funny! and that painting! Horrible but so classic though!

    Rory and Marty... It's nice that they got along again, I was happy to see that but Marty hitting on Rory.. Rory totally didn't feel comfortable with that if you ask me, and I know that Marty was probably a bit drunk but clearly he's not over Rory, or has started to like her again.

    YAY for Logan. Big surprise for me since I thought he wouldn't be there and he was And Paris/Logan interaction, how I've missed that and how I've missed Doyle.. Doyle and Paris doing some hip hop dancing is one of the best moments of Gilmore Girls! Go Luke! Don't make Anna take away April from you.. Step up! Loved those scenes.. And poor Luke for seeing Chris and Lorelai together.. *hugs Luke* But Luke with his niece (what's her name again? I thought it sounded very funny!) anyhow, that was a really cute moment.. he was glowing, it was really nice!!!
    Does anyone else think that in the end Luke's journey leads to him thinking that he needs to fight for what he wants, which could refer back to April and custody but also to Lorelai? That he's not backing down anymore, he'll fight?! I hope so, As for the promo... it looks great! Can't wait!
  • I think the tide is turning.

    This episode seems to be getting back to GG I love. I have had a problem with how easily Lorelai slid into a relationship & (shudder) marriage with Christopher, after the 5 year build up to Luke & Lorelai. But it was sweet & funny to watch him go on his man-date with jackson. I like the way the Stars hollow folks reacted to the news of the wedding. I loved the exchange with Sookie & Lor about how "cordial" the town was to Chris. I am starting to feel a little sorry for him. He is trying so hard,but he is just no Luke.

    A little let down by the whole Marty thing. I mean I love Rory too, but why can no one get over her & be her friend?? It just seemed a little too weird. I was excited for a bit to see Marty & Rory getting along, but then it went all weird.

    To be truthful, I had almost forgot about TJ & Liz. It was good to see them start their family. it was sweet to see Luke with the baby.

    I liked that Luke decided to fight for his rights to his daughter. I think it was about time he stood up to April's mother. She has been unreasonable in this whole thing. She helped cost him his relationship with Lorelai. I know his inaction had a lot to do with it, but I choose to blame her:)
  • Lorelai trys to integrate Christopher into Stars Hallow. Liz and TJ have a baby girl. Anna decides to move to New Mexico and is taking April with her-Luke is distraught. Rory attends Lucy's 2002 themed birthday party.

    This season isn't as interesting as previous seasons. Lorelai is hesitant to allow Christopher to accompany her in Stars Hallow because she believes his presence will upset her neighbors since everyone expected her and Luke to marry. Christopher convinces her to allow him to go into town with her. While strolling through town, everyone is "cordial" with Christopher, which concerns Lorelai so she comes up with a plan to get the town welcome him more warmly. He will go to Casey's Bar with Jacksonn since the town adores him. The plan works well until the next day at the knit-a-thon when Christopher donates $7,000 for the bridge repairs and abruptly ends the charity event. The donation concerns Lorelai. <br>
    During the weekly dinner with the Gilmores, Emily convinces the newlyweds to allow her to host a party in their honor to celebrate their marriage. Rory moves back in with Paris since Logan is moving to NY.<br> Rory attends Lucy's 21st birthday party which is a 2002 themed party. At the party, Rory talks with Marty attempting to re-build their works until Marty tells Rory how beautiful she is. Rory tells Marty he should be on the dance floor with his girlfriend, Lucy. Marty walks over to Lucy on the dance floor and passionately kisses her. <br>
    Anna, the mother of Luke's daughter, April, announces she and April will soon be moving to New Mexico to care for her sick mother. Luke tries to convince Anna to let April stay with him to complete her year, but she refuses. Luke becomes upset with her stating that April is his daughter too and he deserves to see her.<br>
    This is not the best Gilmore Girls episode of the season, but it is important to show Luke's increasing love and concern for his daughter. It appears there will be a custody battle soon between he and Anna. Not much is happening with Rory. Her storyline seems to be a bit stale...hopefully something exciting will happen for her character soon. Lorelai and Christopher are still adjusting to married life so I anticipate interesting storylines for their characters. There's still hope for this season.
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