Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 21

Last Week Fights, This Week Tights

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 11, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

On the way to the Dragonfly Lorelai sees Jess sitting in the town square, ostensibly reading "Punk Planet", but inside the magazine is the self-help book on love and relationships that Luke gave him in the last episode. Lorelai quickly looks away. Later at the Inn, Lorelai tells Rory that she saw Jess and wondered if she should mention it when she sees him. Rory reassures her that she is okay with the Jess topic. Rory is frustrated and angry at the celebrations going on because she still has an exam the next day. Lorelai says good-bye quickly as Cletus is in the dining room and she has to see that he is taken back to the barn. In her dorm room, Rory's roommates are getting ready to leave for the summer. As they peruse Tana's collage of pictures, Paris rudely notes that Rory has had a romantic dry spell this year. Rory is embarrassed by this public revelation and tells Paris so. Paris is unmoved by her complaint and gives her Asher's son's phone number. Rory rejects the offer.
Back in the Hollow, Lorelai goes to Mrs. Kim's shop to pick up a doorknocker she wanted. She tries to get Mrs. Kim to soften her attitude toward Lane but Mrs. Kim is seemingly unmovable.
At Friday night dinner, Lorelai and Rory are having dinner with Emily as Richard is out of town. Lorelai is trying to get Emily to admit that she and Richard are having marital difficulties to no avail. Emily on the other hand seems overly interested in Rory's love life. Through some rather pointed questioning, she finds out that Rory is finished her exam at noon. Although Emily seems to be up to something, neither Lorelai nor Rory seem to notice. Rory is more upset about revealing her romantic dry spell than curious about the reason for Emily's inquiries and Lorelai is distracted by her parent's marital status. The next day, at the Dorm, while Rory is finishing her packing after her exam, Emily shows up with Graham Sullivan in tow. The purpose of her enquiries into Rory's love life at Friday dinner becomes evident as she pushes Graham and Rory to go out together.
Lane's Aunt Jun visits Lane on behalf of Lane's mother in order to arrange a visit.
We see that Lorelai seems to have influenced Mrs. Kim to be more accepting of Lane's new life

In Luke's apartment, T.J., Jess and Luke are getting ready for the wedding. Luke seems nervous as he shines his shoes. T.J. is rhapsodizing about his tights. He notices Luke's nervousness and wonders why he is nervous since he isn't the one getting married. Later we see Luke in the street as Lorelai runs up to greet him...
Lorelai: Greetings, my lord. Your lady hath arrived to be escorted forthwith.
Luke: That's pretty good. I didn't know you spoke Renaissance.
Lorelai: Oh, yeah. I'm quite fluent in Renaissance. You look nice. I'm lovin' the tie.
Luke: Thanks. You look beautiful.
Lorelai: Flattery will get you everywhere, my friend. Shall we?
Luke: Let's go.
Lorelai seems oblivious to the subtle change in Luke. They walk over to the town center, where T.J.'s brother escorts them to their seats. Luke asks Lorelai to help him keep a straight face through the rather unconventional ceremony. 'Crazy' Carrie comes over to Luke and begins to flirt with him. Luke's discomfiture is obvious. Carrie is less than impressed with Lorelai and proceeds to tell them that the wedding is delayed because Liz has ripped her dress. To Luke's chagrin, Lorelai runs off to Liz's aid with her sewing prowess, leaving him vulnerable to Carrie's advances. While she's at Miss Patty's helping Liz, she sees the self-help books in Jess's backpack. Luke and Lorelai try not to laugh through the very strange service but find Liz and T.J.'s vows very touching.
When Mrs. Kim goes to Lane's apartment for tea, Brian and Zach are in shirts and ties and politely offer her some tea. She sees Lane's living arrangement, becomes very disturbed and rushes out of the apartment. Mrs. Kim finds Lorelai at the wedding and expresses her concern about Lane and the boys. Lorelai tells her that it is an innocent situation…that she should think of the boys as girls. Mrs. Kim seems to accept this and goes back to the apartment for tea. As Luke and Lorelai sit down to eat, Lorelai laughs about the self-help books she saw in Jess's backpack. Luke reacts rather defensively and makes a hasty retreat to get something to drink.

In New Haven, Rory is with Graham and his drunken friends. Graham tries to connect with Rory with little success. Rory begs out of the date. When she discovers that she has no money, she calls Dean to the rescue.
When Lorelai checks up on Luke, he apologizes for his over reaction. Luke surprises Lorelai by asking her to dance. As the dance proceeds, Luke pulls Lorelai closer and she starts to clue in to a new attitude in Luke. On the way home after the wedding, they share "a moment" that puzzles Lorelai even further. Luke leaves Lorelai speechless by asking her out again the next Sunday.
Luke arrives in his apartment as Jess is preparing to leave. Jess expresses his gratitude for everything that Luke has done for him. Luke tells Jess he will always be there for him. Jess leaves and makes one more stop before he leaves for New York.