Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 21

Last Week Fights, This Week Tights

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 11, 2004 on The WB

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  • Luke and Lorelai attend Liz's wedding, Rory calls Dean to get her away from a bar. Great episode.

    It wasn't what I was expecting but no doubt that it was great. The chemistry between Luke and Lorelai was at an all time high and when they danced you can just tell there meant to be together. What was even better was Luke asking her on a date after, I can't wait for them to be a couple. Also Jess seems to be getting his feelings in order, he tells Luke how grateful he is and even asks Rory to go away with him.

    These were great scene, Jess and Luke actually showing like for each other. Jess putting his feelings on the table and begging Rory to go with him. It was sad to see him leave, but it was the right thing. Will we see him again? Plus Dean lies to Lindsey about where he is which makes Rory uncomfortable. Dean was stupid to get married when he's clearly in love with Rory.

    Emily hiding the separation was amusing and it was funny to see her set up Rory on a date, who turns out to be not so great. Liz and TJ were good enough here, even if he's a bit annoying. Can't wait for the next episode!
  • Luke take Lorelai to his sister's wedding. rory goes on a bad date.

    This is my absolute favorite episode. Its sweet, well writen , and possibly the best episode. The part with the wedding service. With the crazy Mason family look-a-like flower girl. The over the top " Yahtzee, im winning" singing preacher truelly outlines the craziness of the episode. my favorite part was the dance shared between the second eldest Gilmore and a certain Diner owner. The song was reflecting light, and if you look closely you can see the two getting closer to each other throughout the dance. The end resulted in her telling him , her favorite part was the dance, and him asking her out. All time, best episode. Flat-out
  • Liz's wedding and a new step between Luke and Lorelai

    And the wedding is coming, all town is getting ready for the ceremony and now is Jess' turn to read the books and do something.
    Most finals are over except for Rory and I have to say that's bad, everyone happy going home and you can't lol

    And I saw another thing I never thought would happen, striptease at Luke's diner!!!Relax don't do it!! lol
    And Emily setting Rory up with a friend's son, Graham.
    I loved the wedding, it was amazing, really beautiful, with a typical riped dress with the bride lol
    And that talk about Lorelai being a really good sister-in-law and all. The wedding was great.

    And Mrs Kim, she take a step froward and visited Lane, she made them dress up and look respectful but you know Mrs Kim, she had to run out the door lol. If it wasn't Lorelai calming her down, "boys are girls". That worked out perfectly.

    Graham and Rory wasn't a good idea, I knew she would call Dean to pick her up.

    I was so happy to see Luke and Lorelai dancing, they started apart, really apart but then they came closer and closer, I loved to see that. And he made another move, asking her out for a movie.

    And I have to say, I knew Rory wouldn't go with Jess, it was brave of him saying those things but the timing was all wrong, he lost her.
  • Liz and T.J. have their Renaissance-themed wedding in the town square. Luke asks Lorelai on a date after he walks her home from the wedding. Dean rescues Rory after a disastrous date. Jess comes to see Rory in the hope she will come away with him.

    Episodes like these are why I watch Gilmore Girls. It has the fast talking comedy we all know and love combined with the drama that is equally loved.
    The whole Renaissance-themed wedding was funny enough even without Luke and Lorelai's commentary and T.J.'s new found love of tights. And finally some development for the Luke and Lorelai relationship. Their slow dance at the wedding and then Luke asking her out, I was so happy it was happening!
    Though the ending for this episode depressed me. Rory turning down Jess. I love Jess and I love him and Rory together, so much more than Dean and Rory together...Seriously does anyone like that?
    And you can tell Jess has changed and grown up a lot and he had made his feelings clear previously, although he didn't really follow through but this time he did. That takes courage and the fact that Rory turned him down, without explanation I might add, really annoys me!
    Now begins a Dean and Rory thing again, is their anything more annoying. At least Logan comes into it next season...he's better than Dean. But still I wish Rory and Jess could have ended up together!
  • I absulutly LOVE this Episode!!

    This episode was just so totally AWSOME!! i can't decide what was my favourite part!! I loved the Wedding, Loreali looked so totally amazing, and Luke looked realy handsome. He was so nervouse, and i love that it was because he was taking Loreali, and, man, did T.J love those tights. And i also can't belive that his real name is Gary!! And Crazy Carrie really IS crazy. I mean, the way she flirts with Luke? And she's MARRIED!! She is just so sick. And in Season 5, after Luke and Loreali have broken up, and he's working on the sets for The Fiddler on the Roof show, what she says to him!! I can't belive that Liz is her friend. Oh well. And the vows! Liz's was so totally sweet, and romantic. T.J's was a bit silly, but they were made for each other. And i LOVED the waltz. Luke can so waltz!! And i loved the look on Loreali's face, right after he leaves her after walking her home, and asking her out?! Mouth opean wide, eyes a bit boulgy. Classic!! Well, i have just said all that i can say about this truly fantastic episode.
  • Luke & Lorelai have a date and they dance at Liz & TJ's wedding! Yippee! Rory has a bad date. Dean comes to the rescue. Jess makes a desperate plea for Rory to come away with him.

    This is one of my absolute favorite episodes! I love love love Luke finally getting the nerve to go up to the plate! Lorelai looks so beautiful! And Luke looks so handsome too! What an amazing couple they make! Wow!

    At the wedding, things start out well between Luke and Lorelai, but then there is a little tension when Lorelai mocks the book she found in Jess' bag - the book that Luke gave him. For a minute there, it looks like things are going to go wrong again, but Luke comes back to the plate and they have the most amazing dance in TV history! Their chemistry was just mesmerizing! You cannot watch anything but them! And then, when Luke walks Lorelai home they have the good kind of tension - very good, tense moment - then he asks her out again and throws her off a little. Absolutely stupendous episode!

    I loved the wedding too although I find TJ way too annoying.

    Then, the love triangle continues with her two sparring suitors. This seems to be a little too old hat for me. Dean is a married man. I'm glad that Rory and Dean could be friends, and that he can rescue her from her bad date, but they should stop trying to be more. I did like Jess making his desperate plea. He owed Rory something more than what he gave her while they went out, but I am so so glad that Rory turned him away. She deserves more than what Jess can give her (for right now anyway). Maybe years down the line, when they've all had a little more life experience and are much much more mature, Dean or Jess could possibly have another chance with Rory, but they need to clean up their lives and get on track with some focus of a life and a career; both of them need to do this anyway, whether they are with Rory or not.
  • liz and tj get married in the town square. luke and lorelai go to the wedding together. luke asks lorelai out on a date. emily sets rory up with a guy, which ends badly so dean rescues rory. a changed jess asks rory to go away with him. she says no.

    this episode was very pivotal for the relationship of luke and lorelai. luke is finally doing what rachel told him to do back in season 1, and lorelai is also realizing that she has feelings for him. the scenes with luke and jess are hilarious; they seem to have a "i've got you back" thing going on, even when they don't express it outright. i frowned upon dean's actions in this episode and the following ones. he may have been a great boyfriend back in seasons 1 and 2, but he needs to move on. an interesting thing about this episode is that i wonder how the series would have turned out if rory did go away with jess. i have a feeling it might have turned out more exciting.
  • Liz and TJ get married. Luke asks Lorelai to accompany him to the wedding. Emily tries to set Rory up. Rory calls Dean after a bad date. Jess goes to see Rory at her dorm room. Mrs. Kim goes to see where Lane now lives.

    This episode was sooo great!!! Liz and TJ have a wedding of comical proportions. Sadly, Rory rudely sends Jess away. This starts the beginning of the Rory - Dean relationship.(to my dismay, Jess is soooooooo much better) At least Luke and Lorelai begin their relationship which is something everyone knew he wanted. On a nightmare of an outing, Rory resorts to calling Dean for help. Emily and Richard are still not talking to each other and they maintain the civil excuses for themselves. Lorelai tries to convince Emily to crack under the pressure to admit that she and Richard are no longer together.
  • This is by far one of the best Jess episodes.

    This episode was great on so many levels. Jess was so cute, when he walked Liz down the aisle and when he met Liz's weird friends and the way he was smirking when he was behind Dean in line at the store, and Dean's like, "It's for my wife" and he had the you-don't-know-how-bad-I-wanna-punch-you look on his face and then when Jess and Luke hugged and talked at the end it was really sweet and it was one of the best episodes and I cried at the end when Rory turned Jess away, it waa a great episode.
    Sodapop out!
  • This was a great episode. The weddding plans have finally come to an end and the day is here. The nerves are shattered and everyone is at their best behavior. Even Jess seems different. Luke has his tie and suit on, this is an event to be remembered.

    Of course there is lots of humor in this episode, as there always is. The guys,(Luke, Jess, and TJ) were getting ready for the wedding.TJ comes to the conclusion at this time that Man tights are the greatest thing. Supporting yet not confining. They breath!
    He informs Luke that he had use his deoderant, well that was the desposable anyway. As Luke walks outside he runs into his lovely escort to the wedding. They walk to the town square to ready for the event. He tells her she is to make sure he behaves and not say or do anything stupid. Once they get seated Liz's freind Carey comes over to Luke, and says she is flying solo tonight and would he like to dance later. That was just funny thinking about how luke would feel about that and how he is trying to not to express his dislike. Carey is a funny character that Liz has been freinds with all her life. I think there is something about prom night and the bleachers but Luke swears there is nothing, who knows? The Wedding itself was gotta say it, different. TJ is annoying but he's very in love with Liz, you feel it, Their vows were just spoken in normal everyday words that lasted approximately 2 minutes tops.
    Luke and Lorelai At the being were not doing to well behaving but it was all kinda comical. Luke asks her to dance, I dont know about anyone else this was amoment I have waited for, for quite awhile. It was really great. But when he asks her out for the following sunday it was the deal maker. New story line coming right up .
    This was such a good show everybody made their appearances. I am sorry to say that I have just started watching the gilmores I wish I was not just seeing these great shows that everyone else has seen but I am on it, great story I watch everyday trying to catch up.
  • Must-see television!

    This is episode is pretty much everything you could have expected and then some. This series is so consistent which is one of the great things about it. There has not been one bad episode yet, and I'm not expecting any to follow soon. The writing and acting are both top of the line which is what makes Gilmore Girls stand out in a sea of many copycat series. This episode is both revealing and funny. Luke and Lorelai's romantic relationship officially starts and Luke's sister gets married, again. He new husband is a hoot. Very funny guy going on about his tights throughout the episode. Overall, this episode is as great as most Gilmore Girls episodes are.
  • This episode has to do with Luke's sisters wedding. Luke goes with Lorelai to wedding. The wedding was fun for them and was very nice when Luke Dances with Lorelai and later asks her out. Rory goes on a date her grandma set up. Rory ends up calling dean.

    This episode is also one of my favorites. Luke had asked Lorelai to go with him to his sisters wedding Lorelai said yes so in this episode they both go to the wedding. I think that was very nice and a good touch. Then the ribbon on top of the package was at the end when Luke asks Lorelai to a movie. This episode was nice funny and interesting. The songs and the way they did this episode is really good. Like the song Luke and Lorelai dance to is good, or when rory is packing. They fited everyting great.
  • Luke and Lorelai attend Liz and TJ wedding.

    I thought that seeing Luke and Lorelai attend the wedding as sort of a couple. It was kind of a preview of what it could be if Luke and Lorelai started to date. I thought that the theme of the wedding was funny but repsented Liz and TJ very well. I thought that it was really nice that Lorelai came to the rescue when Liz ripped her wedding dress but i thought that it was a little mean of her to make fun of jess because he had the self help book that Luke gave him evan though Lorelai did not know Luke gave it to him.
  • Liz and TJ's wedding was so cute! Luke and Lorelai are meant to be together, that was so cute when they danced.

    Luke looked so much in love with Lorelai! That was so cute when they danced and Lorelai put her head on Luke's shoulder. I loved how Lorelai looked she's so pretty! Liz and TJ are so funny! So was there wedding.

    I feel so sorry for Rory on that date! She didn't even like the guy or know him. Sometimes Emily is just silly.

    Its good Mrs Kim went to Lane's house. She can be strict and forward, but she still loves Lane. I like Jess better than Dean. Jess is so nice and similar to Rory, but Dean just loves her.
  • Luke can waltz!!!!! A scene worth seeing repeatedly over and over again!!

    Very funny and awkward moment at the diner for the bachelorette party, poor Luke is trapped with the very hot and sexy male stripper, Liz\'s crazy friends put together and clearly Luke is very uncomfortable with the whole cat scene (meaning Liz and the friends at the bachelorette party!!)

    Then the moment arrives when Luke finally sees Lorelai in this pretty print pink dress ready to be escorted to the wedding, they looked great together. I could hug and kiss the camera guy who spent a lot of time shooting the dance sequence between Luke and Lorelai, it was really great, and really special, so simple, graceful and natural, even with all the awkwardness and them coming closer, then closer together in a slow dance, that was truly the best moment of the entire season!! Part of the reason why I love the show and won\'t tire of it!!
  • Liz is getting married with a Renaissance theme. Rory is taking her finals and packing up for summer. Emily sets Rory up on a date and hates it, so Dean comes to pick her up. Lorelei and Luke dance and make plans for a date.

    Wow definatly one of my favorite episodes. I really loved the wedding. I think that the Emily Rory scene was halarious when Rory tried to hide the fact that she was drinking. I also really liked how Dean came and helped her out in her time of need. As a R&D lover, it was a really good to see them getting together. And the wedding was also really great. Sorry to get off the topic but have to say I love Lorelei's dress! Anyways i like the concert and it was really funny to see Luke and Lorelei trying not to laugh. Also as an L&L supporter it was great to see them dance. However the best part was when Luke set up an official date. The episode took a sour turn at the end where Rory chose to talk to Jess over Dean grrrrr but thankfully Jess is gone for a long time! However... a very good episode over all
  • loved luke and lorelei in this episode !

    yayy ! luke and lorelei finally slow danced in this episode which showed how obvious their feelings for one another are ! luke finally asked lorelei on a date (although he made it sounded really casual) !

    one of the worst things about this episode was the way rory and jess talked ! it was really painful to watch jess desperately follow her around and then rory just telling him she doesnt want to be with him anymore .. the look on jess's face was so sad !

    lorelei looked really pretty in her dress and her hair at liz's and tj's wedding !
  • Liz and TJ's marriage brings Lorelai and Luke together; Rory calls Dean to rescue her from an unpaid bar bill; Jess mellows out a bit; and Mrs. Kim begins her reconciliation with Lane.

    We all knew that Lorelai and Luke were right for each other and would eventually begin dating. It took to the end of the fourth season but its finally happening.

    It was great to see how happy Luke was watching Liz's marriage. It just confirms what a great guy he is and why he's right for Lorelai.

    Overall, the thing I like about this show is the complexity of the relationships. The self-help tape that worked for Luke backfired for Jess. Just like in real life, where there are no easy answers or quick fixes.
  • Luke & Lorelai can dance!!

    Very short review because I just want to mention the best part. The dance of Luke and Lorelai. It is so perfect, how they start out at an awkward distance and end up practically one person. :) I can't count the number of times I have gone back and watched that one scene - probably dozens so far. Rest of the show was good to, but this is the top and probably most important!
  • Rory goes on a date with a guy emily set her up with. FInds it terrible, and phones Dean and Jess asks rory to leave with him and she breaks all connections with him. While, Lorelai goes to the wedding with Luke and he pops a question...!

    Rory's roomates make fun of her for not going out with guys, so she takes the plunge and goes on a date with a guy emily set her up with. FInds it terrible, and phones Dean and Jess asks rory to leave with him and she breaks all connections with him tear jerking moment!!! While, Lorelai goes to the wedding with Luke and he pops a question to which she ecstatically agrees. oewww
    P.S. the questioin was "Do you want to see a movie with me on Sunday?"
  • The wedding is a perfect beginning for Lorelai and Luke as Rory is confronted by Jess and Dean! Amazing episode...

    The wedding is a nice start for the whole Luke/Lorelai relationship. Luke already knows what he feels for Lorelai and in the end Lorelai is clearly questioning her own feelings. And the wedding was just funny, especial when they were trying not to laugh and then the part where Luke and Lorelai waltz. it's very sweet and very nicely shot.

    Then we have Rory who is being set up on a date by none other then Emily Gilmore, seems like she wants somebody else to be happy in love when she isn't anymore. Anyhow, Rory calling for Dean is sweet but wrong. I think it somehow gave Dean hope that Rory still wants him in his life. Maybe she did want that but I think Rory had to realise that Dean has his own life now, with his wife. She could have easily called somebody else. Heck, call Kirk!

    Then the part where Jess wants ROry to go with him to New York. Partially very sweet but on the other hand very stupid since he knows how much school and Yale means to Rory. If he wanted to have a chance with Rory this was definately not the right way. But Milo and Alexis made an excellent scene with that one.

    Overall the episode is a must see and a very special one. It's mostly about closure and the opening of new things or re-opening old things. Definately a must see!