Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 3

Lorelai's First Cotillion

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2006 on The WB

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  • Lorelai is questioning if she is driven by her parents dissaproval.

    This was the best episode this season! It was about time for Lorelai to really question her relationship with her parents, and the reasons she does the things she does. Her parents having no reactions to her break-up with Luke makes her realise that she is very driven by her parents dissaproval, and she finally opens up to trying out things she never would have. She unwillingly attends a cotillion with Michel, and actually enjoys it. And when Christopher, in a heartbreaking scene, finally tells her that he is in love with her, that she is the one, and that he will wait for her to realise it too, the idea of them being together isn't as farfetched as it normally would be...

    I loved the way Zack reacted to the big news of Lane's pregnancy. He just blamed it on Brian... :-) But when they finally talked about it they just realised they were both really scared. What a fantastic scene... :-)
  • Lorelai and Rory attend the first Friday Night dinner of the season, and learn that Emily is in charge of this year's club cotillion for young girls.

    Lorelai and Rory attend the first Friday Night dinner of the season, and learn that Emily is in charge of this year's club cotillion for young girls. Lorelai realises, after telling her parents about her break up with Luke, that perhaps every move she's made in her life has been in direct, intentional contrast to what her mother wanted her to do. Rory's transatlantic love life is not going all that well. Paris suggests that she try phone or text sex to keep the spark alive. Rory, naturally, goes to the bookstore to read up on how to be sexy. Lane finally tells Zach about her pregnancy, and after a brief period of denial, they both admit that they're freaked out about their impending parenthood. Christopher shows up at Lorelai's and admits that he's in love with her and that he'll wait for her forever. After thinking it over, she calls him and opens the door to a potential relationship.
  • Better episode than the previous two. Nice to see Emily and Richard Gilmore again.

    well, i think this epidose was ok, although it´s far from being my favorite. i think the last two episodes were not that good, but this one i liked. it was nice all those scenes with lorelai and emily and how lorelai remembered her childhood and how she grew with her parents, i liked the little girl in the cotillion that was like lorelai when she was little. i think it´s getting kind of boring the relationship between logan and rory. it´s great the storyline for lane and zack, i hope they will be ok with the baby and everything.
  • Lorelai attends her mother's cotillion after realizing something really important, Lane finally tells Zach she's pregnant and Chris makes the most romantic and beautiful confession to Lor!

    I love this season! I love new Lorelai, I love how Chris is back in Gilmore Girls! It doesn't even matter how boring Rory is, everything else's so great!!!

    Like myself, Emily and Richard have no special reaction to the news that Lorelai & Luke have broken up. Which makes Lorelai think that maybe all the stuff her parents wanted for her is actually good, not dreadful like she tought till now. And many things were good! Lorelai's new "things" and how she makes this new decisions and choices were great, and I loved how she's finally moving on. Also, the cotillion was beautiful and Michel, hilarious as ever.

    Lane finally tells Zach she's pregnant and they both freak out. It was so sweet! They have so much chemistry and are going to be great, hilarious parents!

    I can't stand Rory anymore. The only things she does is engage in few conversations with Lorelai, Lane, Luke and Chris, and miss Logan. Come on, girl, do something!

    And finally, Christopher and Lorelai meet againg after their night together. And he makes the most romantic confession ever, saying that he loves her and will wait until they're both 80 for her to figure them out. It was SO sweet!!!!!! I love Chris so much! At the end, Lor calls him, but we never find out how that ends! Can't wait for the next one!
  • This was an amazing show just like every other Gilmore Girls episode. I loed watching it and i couldnt believe that any show could make me so obsessed with a television series. It could not have better acting from amazing Lauren Graham. Shes outstanding

    This was an amazing show just like every other Gilmore Girls episode. I loed watching it and i couldnt believe that any show could make me so obsessed with a television series. If it werent for Lauren Graham, the show would still be great but not as amazing as it is with her. She is my favorite actress ever. How does she still have no emmy or why is she not as famous as she should be. it just seems insane to. She is better than Alexis but alexis is still a good counterpart. They have great chemistry together.
  • can anybody tell me what\'s rory\'s cell phone which she uses in this episode?

    can anbody please tell me what is rory\'s cell phone she uses in this episode? she is speaking through that phone while her and Lane are reading and talking in the bookstore. The phone is silver and it seems like it can be opened so it reveals a bigger keyboard. thanks
  • Lorelai tells her parents about her breakup with Luke she is surprised by their lack of interest Rory is upset that her and Logan no longer have much to talk about Michel drags Lorelai to a cotillion It ends you with a confession from Christopher to Lor

    i love this show because of the bond these two girls share. it is just unbelievable how episode to episode these girls are so light-hearted with each other. They are always laughing and always having fun. its really just a great relationship. speaking of relationships...i really want christopher to be with lorelai again. although he left her before, i think hes great for her. Luke bothers me for some reason so i am happy with their split. Also Lorelai and her mother's relationship is just hilarious, it is way different than her and Rory. The show is just very interesting
  • Lorelei attends her mother's cotillion and Rory tries to find a way to connect with Logan

    There's no contact between Luke and Lorelei, so it's hard to say where they are now - friends, still getting over the relationship, awkward acquaintances?
    Christopher's declaration of love for Lorelei was sweet, if not unexpected. Personally, I'm just waiting for Christopher to screw everything up again. If they were meant to be, it would have happened by now. Yes, they're a cute couple and of course it would be nice for Rory if it worked out, but what are the chances? They both need to be careful not to get Rory's hopes up because she has reacted very badly any time they have been together.
    Rory and Logan's storyline was fairly boring - he misses her, she misses him, etc etc etc. I wonder how long they plan to keep him in London before they feel they've played out this storyline. I don't know what else they can do, unless they plan to have Rory meet someone else and phase Logan out. Maybe he'll come back from London as soon as they've run out of ridiculous cliches and stereotypes - FYI, we don't have pictures of beefeaters on the wall or say "cheers" at the end of a conversation. Sure, it's a comedy programme, but you have to wonder if the writers are actually familiar with London or have merely heard about it by rough description.
    Generally the episode didn't advance much from the last one - though Michel's enjoyment of the cotillion was fun to watch and I enjoyed his remark that "the next president of the United States could be in this room". Far better than admitting that ridiculous training was anything other than making corporate wives.
  • I have no idea who these people are anymore. Bring back Lorelai's spine and her old self. Chris’ confession of love is just another show of how selfish he really is. It really bothers me that she can't see it.

    Ever since Amy didn’t get what she wanted we the viewers have suffered and we are really seeing this come to fruition as we experience one act after another of out of character behavior from Lorelai and Luke. In just three shows we have Chris and Lorelai holding hands, kissing and acting more lovey than Luke and Lorelai ever did in the two years we saw them dating and engaged. I wonder if part of this is because the idea of Luke and Lorelai was driven by the audience's reaction to them as a couple and not because the writers and creator wanted it to happen. Chris is still behaving like a spoiled child which is still like him, since he wanted to win Lorelai without thinking of her feelings or of Rory. How can he know what love is?
  • Lane & Zach .... omG

    Well I missed this one - but I downloaded it as sooon as I could. And I gotta say it was one of my favorites (sans the No Luke Lorelai relationship :sigh:) Lane & Zach were to cute! I hate when couples are all "I'm pregnant!" "Really?! Yeah!" I think Gilmore Girls really shows that pregnancy dosen't always get an 'extatic' reaction. It's scary & life changing. Which is basically what the show is about. My friend is PG right now and it to weird because like last week we were out and she was like "I'm fat!" and I was like "That's your Baby! Don't call it fat!" lol ... & the scene between Rory & Lane totally reminded of that. Although i'm not sure if that scene was in this epi - or the one before it. But it was strange. Paris cracked me up! I love who her character has become sence the show started. And I love her and Rory's relationship, and how far their friendship has come to. Their scenes so far this season are great. Their just so honest with eachother.

    Ok Chris! Agh I think he was the only let down this episode! Although he's been letting me down sence season 1 when he first started Funking with Lorelai's heart. "I love you!" "I don't love you, I love her!" "I love You!" "I love you but I got her pregnant!" "I love you!" "I love you so I'm going to help you ruin a relationship with the man you love!" Agh! He irrtates me! Why can't he just stick with being Rory's dad & leave Lorelai alone?

    Rory & Logan. OK I admit I thought Rory's storyline was a bit Out of character - but it was played out well. I think this episode really brought her out of the little girl role that she was stuck in, and still kept the real character at heart. Logan got on my nerves slightly - but w/e ... I've learned to live with him. lol

    Lorelai & Michele .... they were so cute! And not in a coupley kind of way - but in a Bff way. I loved when Michele told her "And wear your hair like you had it the other day!" That was cute. I loved when they danced together.

    Lorelai .... well .... I know I'm gonna be hated for this but ...... I liked where her character went in this episode. (Not meaning the chris call! Blah!) But just the fact that she finally realized that maybe the world she ran from wasn't the worst thing in the world. (Except for the fact that Emily is a complete psychopath when it comes to kids! Did anyone else get scared by her?!) But I don't like her second guessing all of the choices she's made in her life. Like Luke and poptarts(Lol had to add that! That was Hell-arious!). But seriously second guessing Luke made me want to hit my computer screen! And second guessing her life choices (Wth?!). I loved her line at the beginning though ... "Maybe my mom ran out of adult maids who would work for her." that was funny. Then again that whole Gilmore house scene was cute!

    The little girl was cute! I loved all of her lines lol. And the little girl who acted out ... the one with the dark hair (I forget her name), She was adorable ... and I kind felt sorry for her. She just wanted to have fun.... I guess that was supposed to be the lil lorelai...? Anyway I liked her! lol

    Hmmm ..... what else ... Oh Bryan made me laugh! Annnd OH! Luke's Hat! What the Flip was that about?!?!!!! I was just like oh .......... my ............. God! But I did love the scene between him and Rory!
    Oh and Rory! her line "I don't usually make a habit out of calling other people's dad's Dad." I liked that for only one reason! She called Luke her 'step-father' which is the same thing! And he of course is April dad .... so yea you get my point.

    OK .... well ... I guess that's it for now... yea ok. lol.
  • It was ok I guess. But I know that I'm not the only one who missed Amy after this episode.

    I know everyone is upset about Luke and Lorelai, but I'm not that upset. They became so pathetically boring and predidctable that I'm almost glad that things have ended up this way. I think that Amy could have carried this story line a little bit further, but they eventually were going to fall apart. And I actually like Lorelai and Christopher together. I've never hated him and I think that now in this point in her life he would be good for her.
    Now Rory and Logan are a couple that I'm fine with. I miss them being together but the whole text messaging thing was so adorable and cute that it made me like them together so much more! I cant wait for this season to pick up like everyone keeps on promising!
  • Michele begs Lorelai to take him to the cotillion hat her mother is holding.Lorelai sees a girl that remids her of her as a young one.Rory and Logan start talking "dirty" on their sidekicks to each other.Zach doesn't react very well to Lane bein

    I thought that the conversation that Rory and Logan were havong was sort of strnage. Although I don't really get what they were doign and what they werre saying means. I was so mad at Luke for getting a new hat. I don't think the hat looks good oin him. I personally think that Lorelai looks pregnant. My friends think that she just gained weight, but I think she's pregnant. i felt really bad for Lane when Zach didn't react tot he pregnancy, he was being really stupid, but at least they fianlly had sex.
  • Gosh its geting silly.

    Will Lor & Chris may continuo dating & that’s not what I want. I think she & Luke make a better couple but who I am to judge them?
    Rory & Logan I love them both & their relationship is getting harder but they have the gat to keep it as good as it was. Emily & its cotillion I liked it. The little girl looked like Lor when she was young (its sweet by the way) & when she danced with Michele they looked funny & cute (not that I want a relationship between them) so a nice episode but not as a wanted. I’m glad that I watched it in Thursday instead of Wednesday (because I download it from a torrent site) because I would be so disappointed.
  • It's getting better!!

    I am a gg-fan from the very beginning and beside the fact that i live in a german-speaking country i love watching the series in english.
    After these few words to explain my not-so-perfect english I'd like to review the first 3 episodes of season 7.
    At first I was really disappointed with the storyline and the "new" style of the producers. In my opinion they screwed up the best scenes (like the one with luke sitting in his destroyed diner, I just started feeling really sad for him and the whole situation and cut, next scene) and everyone was just angry and in a bad mood.
    But episode 3 made me laugh again and has been the best so far in this season. I still don't like the development of Luke and especially Chris (stay home with your annoying daughter and don't bother lorelai), but I love T.J. at the moment and thank god, Michel is back.
  • I like what we have seen, and I knew it!!

    Well I’m torn because I love Luke and I also love Chris, now saying that, lets put the cards on the table, we saw this coming in last season, Luke being a jerk and Chris being there for Lorelai. Luke told Lorelai about April in the beginning, Lorelai should’ve told Luke what she felt from the beginning, it wasn’t ok for Lorelai to sleep with Chris when she was down, and Chris should’ve talk to Lorelai instead of sleeping with her. But that’s in the past, Now lets move forward, Luke didn’t give Lorelai a second chance, he instead blow her off, Chris is there for her now and he loves her, now the problem here is that Lorelai is not stable right now is not ok for her to start a new relationship, but she is so lets deal with it.

    It’s symbolic for Luke to change that cap, but the correct thing was put back the old one, not the ugly one he has now, I like David Rosenthal work, although I do find it different in the fact that the camera movements are odd kind of soap operaish, I didn’t like Lane pregnancy because she is way too young but I did like the fact that the didn’t even mention abortion and it will be funny to see how it develops, I was starting to like Logan when he went to London but hey I’m a hard core Jess fanatic jaja.
    All in all it was a good episode and I can wait for the next one, I just saw the directors cut for next week and it was very funny.

    I love Gilmore girls and despite all the drama created when Amy Sherman Palladino left the show, I think David has done a very good job, but as I mention earlier it does feel different not as natural as it used to be I guess.
  • Simply- well written.

    The first thing that grabbed me when I was first watching the show, was the quick dialect and the whit that literally made me laugh at loud. The Palladino\'s impressed me. Whatever they had going on their minds was...amazing! Gilmore Girls had the best dialogue on television. I would have to say that with last weeks episode I was disapointed. I felt that the show\'s conversation was slow and the episdoe kind of dragged. This episode renewed my faith in Rosenthal. This was the first time all season I laughed and really was glued to the TV. If the other episodes are this good, Rosenthal will have no problems pulling this off!

    As for Lorelai and Christopher, I\'m not a fan. I do believe that somehwere along the way Luke and Lorelai will get back together. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    I think that while Logan is gone, Rory is going to fall in love with someone else. I hope she does. I am not a fan of Logan.
  • suddenly michelle & the mom r friends? he swing dances while everyone else is doing the waltz? this show gets worse & worse.

    it\'s clear that the new writers really do intend 2 revert things back 2 luke being the guy who pores coffee & is just her friend while lorelai goes back 2 christopher. how romantic christopher said he would wait 80 years just like sookie\'s story from last seasonit\'s just dumb. paris sounds the same but rory sounded like an idiot \"there\'s an envelope here\" give me a break. yes, luke changed the tables in his diner. logan seems the same but he barely says anything. the final show will b lorelai getting married 2 christopher with luke watching with tears in his eyes & lorelai uncertain she made the right decision.
  • Am I the only person that likes Christopher?

    I think that Christopher and Lorelai have great chemistry. While I do think that this season is missing something...I got so sick of Lorelai moping around last season and Luke not knowing what he wanted. He should of fit April into his and Lorelai\'s life, not the other way around. Time for a change, I am excited to see what unfolds. Hate to break it to the Christopher haters...he\'s around for awhile folks!
  • christopher called her lauren

    did i hear right? i swear that was a flub:) kinda funny:) the rest was ok, the mother yelling at sookie, the over seas relationship stuff is boring so ig uess its going to be easy to write that relationship to an ending after a few episodes, but i guess they are all setup to fail for the series to continue.
  • heh.. is that what we're gona watch til the end of the season!!

    What the hek is Chris trying to improve, and why is he acting nice??? we know that he's cheap and coward, we know that he's not the one!!! what if he's the one :s :( that's what worries me, Luke deserve better that that, Lore is going down!! what..a single slip from Luke and she goes out?? we people have our issues as well, nobody's perfect. Lore just can't see the whole truth surrounding her, she's just seeing one angle; that's pathetic, cos this is not stability. So now Chris is the night in a shinning armour :S and Luke is the bastard???? why are things going that way!!!!! Clearly what he said in the previous episode have lotes of sense, that they have different lives, different background!! anyways, it seems the only one hurting is Luke, and that's not fair!!
  • Society and manners suck

    The best part of this episode by far was Michel. He's always my favorite part. I wouldn't mind him getting a little more screentime. He's always amusing with his French accent and yuppie attitude. Emily was also in fine form in this episode. Clearly in her element, teaching young girls how to be proper little women. I don't know about anybody else, but that level of manners on a child kinda seems weird, like Children of the Damned weird. Other than that, not much happened in this episode at all. It was highly entertaining, but that's about it. I dont' know if I like Christopher coming back into Lorelai's life. In fact, I know I don't like it. He's a jackass and always ruins every single relationship she's in.
  • Gilmore Girls. Episode 3

    I have to admit it. Rory and Logan's issue is kind of soporific.
    First of all I don't get why Rory 'the biggest traveller ever' didn't come up with a simple, little plan like taking an airplane. I mean, Logan is in London, which is not exactly a desert land far away from the civilized world.

    Zach's reaction about Lane's news was such a highlight. Meanwhile, Christopher and Lorelai's relationship looks imminent. Of course until his ex wife doesn't come back.
    Paris' teaching skills might be dictatorial but are also totally hilarious. During last years, step by step, I guess her character has been becoming always better.
    Luke is trying to move on. Even though a new hat isn't exactly enough.
    By the way, April and her weird mother haven't appeared yet. Thanks Rosenthal, keep on like this.

    PS. Rory and Lorelai's quirk talk at the beginning of the episode was the best part. I like they're faster than a tornado.
  • Kinda boring but still great!

    I'm really starting to think that I must be one of the few people that can watch the gilmore girls even when it is having its off weeks and still appreciate it. I really really love this show. The beginning of the seasons are usually pretty slow, they have to work up to to big season climax, then finale. I am not a supporter of Lor and Chris but I think it is necesarry for her to find out what he is all about in order to move on from him. Luke is over there playing like he doesnt care, so why should Lorelai sit around and wait for him to realize something? While Chris is there with that big IF hanging over Lor's head I think she will just always wonder, and she has kinda stuck him in her back pocket using him for her in case of emergency man. She brought him to Lane's wedding and she has run to him quite a few times over the years. I don't think it will work out between them but they will probably try for most of the season. Lane and Zach are hiliarious. They think the baby "sucks" I missed Sookie in this episode she wasnt in it too much but when she was it was pretty much classic Sookie. Rory and Logan's little "Sexting" was kinda stupid if you ask me, and that whole part when he was on the phone with her and he was typing and sipping his coffee all loud, I was like ewww! Something about that scene urked me. Why doesnt Rory just buy a ticket to London and surprise him. She likes to wander around places alone (like when she went to Europe with Emily) she could hang out during the day, and chill with Logan at night. At least then we won't have to sit through another stupid plot with them 2. Lorelai seeing herself in the little girl at catillion was cute. Maybe she is realizing everything her mother wanted for her wasnt so bad. Would she really like poptarts, that is the question. Lukes new hat is ugly and stupid, it doesnt even fit him.
  • I'm sorry, not going well....

    I found this episode to be slighly better then teh one last week.
    I even smiled a few times.
    I like the way Lane and Zack are. They are exactly what you would expect.
    Paris is still the same, she hasn't learned a thing from running the paper. They threw her out because of her bossy nature.
    I hate the fact that Luke has a new cap, he got rid of the one he got from lorelei.
    I still like Logan, although I fear it's not going to end well.
    The thing I hated most was Christopher (not him personally).
    I had hoped Lorelei would know better by now than to get involved with Christopger.
    I don't!!!!!!like the way that is going.
    I know they will probably drag this whole Luke & Lorelei getting back together thing for the entire 22 episodes, but this is pathetic.
    Well that's my point of view anyway.
  • Been there, done that, bought a t-shirt.

    Seems to me writers don't think much of Lorelai's brains. Jumping into relationship with Christopher just beacuse she feels kind of lonely is just silly. They tried it, never worked out, she would've known better. Clearly there's something wrong with Rory's relationship with Logan. Couldn't focus on a conversation with her. Of course he's at work. But if he planned to check his e-mail he shouldn't have called her in a first place.
  • Lorelai opens her eyes to her mothers world, Luke makes the first steps of moving on

    I thought this was a great episode, the new writers are doing a great job playing this all out. Does anyone realize the reason Luke is wearing that ugly new hat is because Lorelai gave him the old one, its his way of movin on. I do not like Christopher at all and can not wait till that all plays out. The best part of the episode was Paris and the SAT students she cracks me up. Also Lane telling Zach about the baby was good stuff.Babette and Miss Patty crack me up too trying to figure out what was differant and all the time it was lukes new hat.
  • Ok, not as great as usual... I hate to say it... a tiny bit boring.

    Ok, all L/L/C stuff I\\\'ll push out of my mind for a second. Here\\\'s what I think. I like the Lane baby stuff. that was totally Lane/Zach character, very real as to what would happen with them. I was very very very dissappointed that Luke was in it for like, 3 minutes. His side of this is very important and he deserves more than that. The cotillion stuff was ok. Kind of random in my opinion. Ok, now all the stuff I really care about. The last five minutes of the episode I felt like puking. I HATE Dopey, I can\\\'t stand him, he\\\'s just a loser who doesn\\\'t have many options left. So he\\\'s going to go and get himself hurt because he\\\'s sutpid. I\\\'m very very mad at Whorelai (yes I said whorelai) right now. She\\\'s gone even more crazy then before. she seriously needs a theripist or something. A nice, long stay at the loony bin. This thing with her parents is stupid and useless. I think they only put it in there becasue they just needed to have a reason to put her with Dopey. Hopefully, she\\\'ll soon realize that it\\\'s all wrong with him and the whole thing about liking what she likes because her parents don\\\'t like it is wrong and she\\\'ll put her energy into getting Luke back. Because that\\\'s how it\\\'s supposed to be. That\\\'s what ASP said, that\\\'s what DR is saying. I have faith that he has a plan for L&L, and they\\\'ll come out of all of this stronger. But I can\\\'t sit back and watch the Dopey and Whorelai stuff. Especially after seeing the promos for next week. I can\\\'t stand the fact that both L&L think it\\\'s over and that they were never really in love. Because that\\\'s a lie if I\\\'ve ever heard one. But honestly, it was a bit boring. I didn\\\'t enjoy it much. It jsut feels different to me, it doesn\\\'t feel like the old GG, the one we all loved. I wasn\\\'t excited for the episode, I was nervous and anxious and getting physically sick every time Dopey came on the screen. SO not just becasue of the C/L stuff, but also because I think it\\\'s not as enjoyable and inetresting as usual, I\\\'m not watching for awhile. Not untill I know everything is good again. Of course, though, I\\\'ll record the episodes in case I change my mind ;).

    One good thing Did come out of this episode though: I learned how to pronounce \\\"Cotillion\\\"

    oh and I\\\'ll end with a much-needed ew... text sex! gross...
  • I was not expecting this.

    I was not expecting Lorelai to regret her rebellion against her mother. That is always who Lorelai was and now she is starting to wonder why. After going to the Cotillion Lorelai realized that it was not so bad. I think that by forcing her to go, Michel helped her see that the life her parents tried to give her was not horrible. Then the “little Lorelai” helped her to realize how she acted and kind of made her feel bad about it. I think that it is so cute how Rory was trying to text Logan. It is very sweet how they are trying to work through the long distance thing, but I don’t think that it is going to work out. Logan is a dog and Rory is very emotional (just like Lorelai). I am sure that Logan will end up doing or saying something to hurt Rory and she will finally just move on. I still feel bad for Lane, but it looks like things are going to change for her. Once she and Zack talked about the baby, they both realized how scared they were and that they were not alone in this. It even looked like there at the end that she was going to give sex another try. I just can’t wait until she tells her mother!
  • Lorelai tells her parents about Luke. Rory is worried about the distance being an issue with Logan. Emily is teaching etiquette to girls which makes Lorelai realize that maybe her life wasnt so bad when she was young. Chris professes his love.

    I thought it was a good episode. I can't wait until Logan comes back. I would have to say that R/L don't show their affection for each other. I love the scene when Rory and Lane are in the book store reading those books about their situations. I think Paris is hilarious! The little girl that played Charlotte was a doll. I like how Lorelai was observing her and thinking about how she was as a kid. Michel was so funny about going and being at the cotillion. The show is missing some chemistry but I think that's because there is no one there for Rory or Lorelai right now. I can't wait for next week.
  • Lorelai's getting her first cotillion, does she like what she always thought she liked? And Rory is exploring something new!

    I really liked the episode... BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm going to cut it into pieces so I won't forget anything

    [b]Rory and Logan[/b]
    Gotta love them, don't you? I know I do
    It's nice to see the writers exploring the long distance relationship. It's realistic and I like it.. The whole doubting of Rory's is very real but I liked the last scene of them the most!! For obvious reasons of course, first off halfnaked!Logan.. thank you Rina Mimoun! Secondly, the scene was really cute.. I think it's nice that they're exploring things in a different way and that they're heading back to their fun cute stuff that they also did when they were together in the same room! Just love them!
    Also nice to see Paris giving Rory the advice about the textmessage stuff! Hilarious!

    I always enjoy a good Rory/Lorelai scene.. The whole opening scene in front of the Gilmore Mansion was really nice and funny, but all their scenes were great.. They were funny but serious at the same time... And Chris.. I'm not hating him... It's nice to see that he's still involved in Rory's life, not only Lorelai's but it seems to head that way... Though Lorelai's face didn't seem that sure of it.. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that she's been hating what her parents liked all of her life and now she's starting to think, what if she likes what her parents also like.. I think Lorelai needs to explore that.. If it's not right for her, she'll find it out, but I think that's a journey that she needs to take (in order to get her back with Luke!) BTw loved the awkward moment between Rory and Luke :P

    What he's been in like 1 scene?! I'm glad he was still there though but he wasn't there a lot.. Not a big fan of the new cap yet.. I miss that little hole that's usually on the back of a cap.. His head seems so small now..

    First off Michel is great! Take me!! And lorelai's response!! Priceless!! :P Michel in general was great, the whole excitement about the cotillion... that's Michel! Typically :P Very fitting to his character.. and the post its!! Seriously, Michel and post its are pretty much a thing together.. They belong together!

    Townies were great in the diner as well.. The whole 'this is new' thing.. quite endearing... Sookie was great as well though we didn't see much of her.. Though I feel sorry for Sookie when Emily hated her peanutbutter/jelly combo [b]Grandparents[/b]
    Good to see them back! Lots of Emily, I love that and the whole cotillion thing seems very fitting for Emily and it was fun to watch.. Especially to see somebody like Lorelai in the cotillion..

    The whole freaking out about the pregnancy! Love it!! Though she waited 3 weeks to tell him?! That's pretty long! But I guess she's still freaked out about the bad sex and the being pregnant stuff LOL Glad to see that things went well in the end and that they both realised they were freaked ;)

    So in general... great episode!! I loved it! Loved them all this season so far! So keep it up I'd say :D
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