Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 15

Lost And Found

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2002 on The WB
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Rory embarks upon a campaign to improve Lorelai's relationship with Jess, and convinces her to let him clean out their gutters so he can make some extra money. Luke, annoyed by his cramped living quarters, goes apartment hunting. With the help of Lorelai, Luke is able to find a great place, but is shocked when he finds out who owns the building. Meanwhile, Dean notices that Rory isn't wearing the bracelet that he made for her. Rory makes up an excuse, but later flips into panic mode when she can't find the bracelet.moreless

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  • One of my favorites!

    This is one of my favorite episodes. It's all about relationships; between Luke and Jess, Lorelei and Jess, Rory and Jess, Rory and Dean and between Lorelei and Luke. It's all about moving forward and it's the first step toward the end of Rory and Dean (I prefer her being with Jess). It's funny and cute, I love the part with Luke and Jess and the apartments. The comment Jess makes about him and Luke decorating together ("Great, then we can hold hands and skip is hilarious.moreless
  • Luke goes apartment hunting. A brilliant Jess and Luke episode.

    I really enjoyed this episode, it was good to see a lot more of Jess and Luke here. Luke hunting for apartments was entertaining, his relationship with Jess is amusing. The one liners Jess comes out with when he talks with Luke are really funny. His conversation with Lorelai when he's in the diner, watching the small, black and white TV was good.

    As was his meltdown upstairs when he started throwing clothes everywhere, which even shocked Jess. Weird that Jess has to sleep with the music on. A great scene was when he and Lorelai pretended to be married or a couple (Due to Lorelai) very funny, Lorelai calling him snuffy.

    Then his argument with Taylor was enjoyable, they are always funny and over something .... strange. I agree with Luke though, Luke once again goes to Lorelai when he buys the whole building next to the diner, that shows he trust her. She persuades him to think about keeping it.

    Then when Luke says that he'd be happy if Jess and Rory were going out, great end to the episode. The thing with Rory is you can tell she likes Jess and so can Lorelai. We see more of Jess only really talking to Rory but Rory tells him to make an effort with Lorelai, he agrees and does so over Chinese food.

    Dean and Rory don't seem great, Dean being bored at the book fundraiser and things. But then its fine again, until Dean notices the missing bracelet, which Rory hasn't noticed either. The rash story was funny, maybe not supposed to be.

    Rory goes into panic mode and searches everywhere with the help of Lorelai.

    Jess, who took the bracelet two episodes ago, obviously puts it back in Rory's room but Lorelai catches him leaving and she is suspicious. Jess persuades Rory to look again and she then finds it, Lorelai confronts Jess and rightly so. It was good to see how protective she is off Rory, Jess leaves after Lorelai calls him a 'little jerk'.

    Really good episode, can't wait for the next few.moreless
  • It was good episode.Somehow a filler one but it also shows some development in Rory and Jess's friendship.I liked it.

    It is a typical Gilmore Girls's episode when nothing too much happened but it is always amazing and heartwarming to watch them hanging around talking in their high-speed manner and telling some jokes and fun quotes that you can never forget and can bring you so much happiness and laughter.

    I really liked Luke in this episode because he was just hilarious at and it was so much fun for me to watch him becoming nervous and I really like their fights with Jess.One of the funniest scenes was when Lorelai pretends to be Luke's wife.Hilarious.Jess was amazing in this episode because he showed his full potential to be kind with Luke,showed his goodness to Lorelai and showed us his big love to Rory when returning the bracelet to her.

    Very heartwarming episode and I like the episodes of Gilmore Girls's second season when Jess and rory love each other but are unaware to say it to one another.moreless
  • Looking for a bracelet and an apartment

    Lorelai hurts herself while cleaning the gutters so she hired Jess to do that.

    Luke is going crazy with the mess him his apartment, all Jess's stuff came and it looks like a tornado passed by.

    Lorelai says to Luke that he needs a bigger place so he goes looking for one.

    I almost fell of the chair when Lorelai pretended to be Luke's wife at the apartment, I couldn't believe his face, I was great.

    And Dean notices that Rory isn't wearing the bracelet so she freaks out. She looks everywhere and nothing. Jess hears and puts the bracelet in her room and tells her to look there again. The bracelet is found.

    And because of the apartment, it was Taylors, Luke buys the building!!!

    He breaks a wall and tells Jess to finish building his room.

    I loved the look on Luke's face before he smashed the wall with the big hammer.moreless
  • rory loses the bracelet that dean gave her and lorelai hires jess to clean out the gutters.

    it was a great episode. i thought the storyline was perfect the fact that rory loses her bracelet and does not notice was great and that the fact that dean noticed that it was missing was funny. i did not like that dean got so upset that she lost her bracelet that rory had to search everywhere for it. i also did not like that jess was the one who had it i thought that he should have given it back when he found it he should not have kept it for as long as he did. evan though i believe he kept it to prove that rory does not care for dean as much as everyone though she did. i thought that it was really nice of lorelai to give jess a chance to prove that he is a nice guy by hiring him to clean the gutters evan though it was rory who asked her to give him a chance.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The pen that Lorelai took from Emily in "Secrets and Loans" is found under Lorelai and Rory's couch in this episode.

    • When Rory tries to convince Lorelai to give Jess a chance she reminds her how she didn't like Luke when she first met him and how she used to call him Duke instead of Luke.
      In season 4, Lorelai's boyfriend Jason asks her to take him to the diner she always talks about and calls it Duke's instead of Luke's.

    • The wall that Luke breaks at the end of the episode is just made of one piece. Yet, in season 1 (Emily in Wonderland, 1x19) when Lorelai sees his apartment for the very first time because Rachel invited her over, Rachel comes out of the bathroom which is precisely where Luke starts his demolition work.

    • Luke has lived in Stars Hollow his whole life. Of course it makes sense that he has an apartment above the diner. He has many early deliveries and it's probably easier to stay there on those days, but why isn't he living in his family home? After his dad died, he didn't want to change the 'William's Hardware' sign or sell his dad's unfinished boat, but he sold the family home? This seems strangely out of character.

      Possible explanation: The house may have been left to Liz who sold it since Luke inherited the business

    • The number of Chinese food containers varies between shots while Lorelai and Jess are talking.

    • Lorelai makes a reference to Wayne Gretzky implying that he was a goaltender ("Nice save Gretzky"), when actually he was a forward.

      Possible explanation: It's not a secret that Lorelai isn't big on sports, so it's likely that she was just using the name of the first hockey player that came to mind.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Luke: I just spent $100,000 and it's all YOUR fault! (Storms into the house)
      Lorelai: Oh. Good. (Follows him)
      Luke: I ran into Taylor at the market. I found out he owns the building that apartment was in.
      Lorelai: No way!
      Luke: (Pacing) That and several other properties all over town.
      Lorelai: That is so weird.
      Luke: He's systematically buying up the town. He's gonna turn it into Taylorville, where everyone will have to wear cardigans and have the same grass height!
      Lorelai: You want to sit...?
      Luke: And then he told me he's gonna told he's gonna buy the building next to the diner and turn into a collectible plates shop for freaks who don't have enough brain power to collect stamps! I lost it.
      Lorelai: I can't picture that.
      Luke: I walked around in a blind rage. I was crazy. I bought one of those Belgian waffles with the ice cream dipped in chocolate.
      Lorelai: You ate that?
      Luke: No, I didn't eat it!
      Lorelai: Of course.
      Luke: I'm upset. Not suicidal!
      Lorelai: Right.
      Luke: I knew I just had to do something and I just heard your voice going round and round in my head.
      Lorelai: Yeah, it's kind of like the small world song.
      Luke: Take a chance, Luke. Make a move, Luke. You can't have a single bed, Luke! So I bought the building!
      Lorelai: You bought...
      Luke: I went straight to the bank, signed a cashier's check, and I bought the building!
      Lorelai: Wow.
      Luke: I am the building's owner!
      Lorelai: I heard.
      Luke: I own the building!
      Lorelai: Okay, don't worry. Maybe you can still get out of it. You can go back there and tell them you lost your mind.
      Luke: Okay.
      Lorelai: Or I bet you could sell it to Taylor!
      Luke: Yeah.
      Lorelai: So relax, you can still get out of this. Unless of course, you don't want to get out of this.
      Luke: Oh, I want to get out of this. Why would I not want to get out of this?
      Lorelai: Oh, owning that building gives you some options.
      Luke: Like?
      Lorelai: Like you could expand Luke's if you wanted to...
      Luke: Yeah.
      Lorelai: Or you could rent it to someone else...
      Luke: Yeah.
      Lorelai: Someone else who might drive Taylor crazy...
      Luke: Maybe I should think about this.
      Lorelai: Yeah, sleep on it.
      Luke: Sleep on it. Right.

    • Mary: Now, I went over the square footage and the details of the lease with your husband this morning. Did he fill you in?
      Luke: What? Oh no, we're –
      Lorelai: No, no, he didn't, but you know how men are. The minute that ball game comes on, all the realities of life just go right out the window.
      Mary: Don't I know it.
      Lorelai: I mean, I could answer the door wrapped in cellophane but unless I was wearing a Yankees cap. . .ugh, he wouldn't even notice.
      Luke: Geez.
      Lorelai: Oh, don't be embarrassed Snuffy, I'm just teasing. It'd be a Mets cap.

    • Rory: People are different once you get to know them. If you'll remember, you weren't too fond of Luke when you first met him.
      Lorelai: That's not true.
      Rory: You called him Duke for two years just to make him mad.
      Lorelai: And let me tell you, it worked.
      Rory: But then you guys talked and eventually, time went by, and now you love him.

    • Lorelai: Michel, I'm going out. Man the desk until I get back.
      Michel: Are you sure you trust me with this job?
      Lorelai: Michel.
      Michel: I mean, I'll say I'll do it, but you could leave and I could put some fruit on my head and join a conga line somewhere.
      Lorelai: I believe you looked for the bracelet, Michel.

    • Luke: There was one place I kind of liked.
      Lorelai: Okay, describe it to me.
      Luke: It had walls...with a kind of a floor...and a light.
      Lorelai: Okay. Tell me it had a roof, and I'm pulling that baby right out from under you!

    • Mary: Listen to her.
      Lorelai: Yeah. Listen to me.
      Luke: You rarely give me a choice.
      Lorelai: Come here so I can lick your face.
      Luke: What?

    • Luke: I'm having nightmares where I'm being chased by boxes with arms and they tackle me and throw clothes on top of me and secure it with masking tape and while I'm lying there, you're standing in the corner laughing putting gel in your hair!
      Jess: Should I be putting a tongue depressor in your mouth right about now?

    • Rory: So, what guys do you have for the rain gutters?
      Lorelai: Oh... a few other guys.
      Rory: Like...
      Lorelai: Like... Mo.
      Rory: Ah, Mo.
      Lorelai: And... Lou.
      Rory: Good man, Lou.
      Lorelai: And Moose, that is, if Doris'll let him out of the house after what happened at Chickie's bachelorette party-
      Rory: Mom, I thought you were going to give Jess a chance
      Lorelai: Rory, I just don't feel comfortable around him.
      Rory: You didn't like Luke when you first met him.
      Lorelai: Not true.
      Rory: You called him Duke for two years just to make him mad!

    • Jess: I gotta go.
      Luke: We got three more places to look at.
      Jess: I'm supposed to be at Lorelai's in twenty minutes.
      Luke: Right.
      Jess: I mean, if you want me to bail on her...
      Luke: No, go. I'll take some Polaroids of the next few places-
      Jess: Take a Polaroid, paint a still picture, do whatever you want.
      Luke: Jess.
      Jess: Look. No one asked me if I wanted to move to Star's Hollow, but I'm here. So, pick a place, and I'll be there too.

    • Luke: Can you at least help me look for the papers? Lorelai: Okay. This it? (Picks up supply ledger) Luke: Give it here. Lorelai: Will you make us pancakes? Luke: Give me the book. Lorelai: Give me the pancake! Luke: Come on. Lorelai: Thank you. Luke: Are you sure you weren't pushed off your roof today?

    • Lorelai: Luke, Rachel isn't the only woman in the world for you. You'll meet someone, someday. Probably at a Timberland store, and you'll ask her out. You'll pick her up, take her on a patented night of Luke Danes romance- juice bar followed by the batting cages- and then, you'll ask her back to your apartment.
      Luke: Any amount of money if you stop right now.
      Lorelai: You'll bring her back to your place, and lead her upstairs to the apartment door. You pause, gaze into her eyes. The stage is set. Fate is waiting. Then you open the door and she sees your teeny tiny apartment, one room and no closet space, and Jess' feet sticking up in the air because you never did get rid of the body!
      Luke: Stop, please!
      Lorelai: And to make matters worse, she spots it! The single bed!
      Luke: What's wrong with a single bed?
      Lorelai: Well, you know what they say.
      Luke: No. What do they say?
      Lorelai: Never date a guy who owns a single bed. It means he's not open to commitment.
      Luke: What?
      Lorelai: It says there's no room in this life for anybody but me!
      Luke: No, it says there's no room in this bed for anybody but me!
      Lorelai: Well, that's not a whole lot better!

    • (Luke comes into his apartment and finds Jess' music blaring and Luke wakes him up)
      Jess: What?
      Luke: Tomorrow, you and me are finding a bigger place. I want you up and moussed and ready by ten o'clock because we are finding a bigger place to live. Got it?
      Jess: Got it.
      Luke: Good.

    • Lorelai: A red hot mama!. Big pretty dish 'a lovin' with a spoon made especially for you.
      Luke: Boy, do I not feel good now.

    • (Alarm clock goes off with the sound of ducks as the alarm sound) Lorelai: Hey, ducks! Rory: (at door, talking to Jess) We just got a new alarm clock. Jess: Bet I know what the lead story in the Stars Hollow Gazette's going to be tomorrow.

    • (after Luke has purchased the adjacent space to his diner and apartment)
      Luke: (smashes hole in adjoining wall with sledgehammer) That's your room. (hands the sledgehammer to Jess) Finish up. We'll hold hands and skip afterwards.

    • Luke: Did I mention that Caesar can cook you breakfast?
      Lorelai: But he doesn't make the good fluffy pancakes like you do.
      Luke: Then order eggs.
      Lorelai: No! See, I had a near death experience today.
      Luke: Really?
      Lorelai: Yes. I almost fell off the roof of my house trying to clean the rain gutters, so I have to have pancakes. Please? I'll help you shower when I become a superhero.

    • Luke: Just tear up the application, Taylor. I'm not moving.
      Taylor: What? Why?
      Luke: 'Cause I'm the two-inch grass kind of guy.

    • (Jess and Luke are searching for an apartment)
      Jess: Forget it!
      Luke: Why? What was wrong with it?
      Jess: It was pink!
      Luke: We can paint it.
      Jess: You mean I can paint it.
      Luke: We can paint it together.
      Jess: Great! Then we can hold hands and skip afterwards.
      Luke: Fine. Which one did you like?
      Jess: The one before.
      Luke: The one with the two fridges?
      Jess: No.
      Luke: Well, the one before was the one with two fridges.
      Jess: No, the one we saw before was the one with the cat!
      Luke: I hate cats!
      Jess: Well, I don't think the cat came with the place.
      Luke: Yeah, but it had carpeting which means it's always gonna smell like a cat.
      Jess: (shrugs) Clean the carpet.
      Luke: Paint the pink.
      Jess: Fine. The one next to the bank.
      Luke: Nah, too many windows.
      Jess: What?
      Luke: Six windows, all on one side, three o'clock in the afternoon, we're sittin' in an oven.
      Jess: So we get curtains.
      Luke: Well, you'd have to help me put them up.
      Jess: Great! Then we can hold hands and skip afterwards.
      Luke: Stop saying that!

    • Lorelai: (referring to Luke) Oh, thirteen different shades of red!

    • Lorelai: What, did you get all dressed in black and pull a Mission Impossible? Jess: Actually, I came down the chimney and pulled a Santa Claus.

    • Lorelai: (about the mess in Luke's apartment) This is what I always pictured the inside of my head to look like.

    • Lorelai: That bracelet is the most precious thing she owns. She never takes it off, and your stealing it was unbelievably cruel.
      Jess: The most precious thing she owns?
      Lorelai: Yes.
      Jess: If it's the most precious thing she owns, why did it take her two weeks to notice it was gone? You might want to reevaluate how madly in love she is. I wouldn't start calling him son yet.

    • Luke: I walked around in a blind rage, I was crazy. I bought one of those Belgian waffles with the ice cream dipped in chocolate.
      Lorelai: You ate that?
      Luke: No, I didn't eat it!
      Lorelai: Oh, of course.
      Luke: I'm upset not suicidal!

  • NOTES (4)

  • ALLUSIONS (21)

    • Jess: Euell Gibbons wasn't a healthy eater like Luke.
      Lorelai: Wow, it's been ages since I've heard a good Euell Gibbons reference.
      Jess: Many parts of a pine tree are edible.
      Lorelai: That's right. God, I wonder what the research process was like to get that information.
      Jess: I'd say fairly painful.

      Euell Gibbons was an advocate for healthy eating and seeking out natural foods long before it was popular. His 1974 TV ad for Grape Nuts joked about eating pine bark but actually recommended eating the cereal instead, but the first remark stuck and it became popular to lampoon Gibbons as an advocate for eating parts of trees.

    • Lorelai: You need anything else, just walk against the wind.

      "Walking against the wind" is a classic mime, indicating a struggle.

    • Lorelai: No, no doctors. You go into a hospital, you don't come out again.
      Rory: Well said, Ida Morgenstern.

      Ida Morgenstern, the Rhoda character immortalized by Nancy Walker, was notorious for using her medical fears to elicit sympathy from her daughter. Rory previously referenced Walker in the episiode "Kiss and Tell" (Season 1, Episode 7)

    • Episode Title: Lost and Found
      Is the name of a song performed by Feeder.

    • Jess: Actually, I came down the chimney and pulled a Santa Claus.

      In story, Santa brings children presents on Christmas Eve by sliding down their chimneys and putting presents underneath their trees.

    • Dean: On the way home we'll rent Autumn in New York and mock it for the rest of the afternoon.

      The 2000 film Autumn in New York, starring Richard Gere and Winona Ryder, was a critical flop.

    • Jess: I found an "I Like Ike" bumper sticker up there.

      That was the popular slogan of the Eisenhower presidential campaigns in 1952 and 1956.

    • Luke: (about Jess) Even if he does stay, it'll only be for another year, and he'll go off to college, or Attica, or whatever...

      Attica is a prison in upstate New York, and the site of a famous prisoner riot in 1971.

    • Lorelai: (to Luke) You'll meet someone someday, probably at a Timberland store.

      Timberland is a chain of stores featuring outdoorsy clothing and boots.

    • Lorelai: (to Luke) Entertain the possibility of a non-Unabomber existence.

      Ted Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber, lived alone in a remote shack.

    • Jess: I know it's got an "I've been pinned, Bye Bye Birdie kind of implication to it, but it's just a bracelet.

      The Broadway musical (later a movie) Bye Bye Birdie depicts teenage life in the 1950's, including the dating ritual of "getting pinned" (the boy giving the girl some kind of pin of his for her to wear).

    • Lorelai: What, did you break into our house, you got all dressed in black and pulled a Mission: Impossible?

      Mission:Impossible is a movie and television show about a man that is framed for attempting to steal and sell the CIA's NOC list to an arms dealer.

    • Lorelai: Nice save, Gretzky.

      Wayne Gretzky is a former professional hockey player known as 'The Great One'.

    • Jess: Euell Gibbons wasn't a healthy eater like Luke.

      Euell Gibbons was a naturist who became famous doing a Post Grape Nuts cereal commercial, including a classic intonation about how many parts of a pine tree (and holding up a pine cone as he said it) are edible (which is also alluded to in the same banter).

    • Rory: The Shags?

      All girl garage band whose sloppy 1960s recordings have achieved classic status.

    • Lorelai: Patience, grasshopper.

      Often used line in the tv series Kung-Fu starring David Carradine.

    • Lorelai: Calgon, take me away.

      Slogan for Calgon bathing salts. In the 80s there were a series of commercials where the main character would be having a stressful day and in the middle of it would say, "Calgon, take me away." and then the character would be magically transported to a soothing bath with Calgon bathing salts.

    • Lorelai: The 2000 year old man, Young Frankenstein, Silent Movie. You don't think Mel has earned the right to have his face on my butt.

      Mel Brooks is a comic genius, actor, director and producer. He wrote, and directed Young Frankenstein, The Producers, and Silent movie. One of his comedy skits characters was The 2000 year old man who would be interviewed by Carl Reiner's character.

    • Lorelai: It looks like a white-trash Hearst Castle.

      Built by William Randolf Hearst, the newspaper baron, and designed by architect Julia Morgan, this impressive house was known for its grandeur.

    • Lorelai: Well, aren't we suddenly a Rockefeller.

      Rich, American family whose fortune was made primarily in the oil business by the patriarch, John J. Rockefeller, owner of Standard Oil. One of the family members, Nelson, became Vice President under Ford after Nixon resigned as a result of Watergate (since Ford himself had been selected for the VP spot after Nixon's VP, Spiro Agnew, resigned during a cloud of allegations, it is the only time in U.S. history when the executive branch had no elected members in it).

    • Rory: Well said, Ida Morgenstern.

      Overbearing mother character played by Nancy Walker on the sitcom Rhoda.