Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 20

Luke Can See Her Face

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 04, 2004 on The WB

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  • With Liz and TJ's wedding coming up, Luke convices Jess to come back down to Stars Hollow. Lorelai freaks out over the inn, and Paris pays a visit to the hospital... to see her very OLD boyfriend.

    This is possibly the best R/J and L/L episode that lacked our two Gilmore Girls. With Jess' return (and might I say that he is looking particularly nice in this ep) you see the beginnings of the changes that we'll eventually see in the sixth season. I love how he can sit "in a strip bar with girls wallowing in slimy dirt" and just read a book. This ep also has Luke FINALLY realizing his true feelings for Lorelai. The cutest scene is when he "see's her face."


    But my favorite things has to be the conversation with Luke and Jess near the end. You can see how similar they actually are, you can see that Jess isn't some cold hearted stone, and you can see Luke confident that someday, their luck will change. And while Luke's luck goes through to the end of the season, Jess' doesn't. I could see how different Jess was, and how willing he was to make it work. But Rory couldn't, and it lead to that really fabulous scene at the end of Raincoats and Recipes. But in my mind, that never really happened. What scene?

    Secondary stories include Lorelai and Paris. Lorelai's is funny, resulting in sleeping with the zuccini. I didn't enjoy Paris' story as much, partly because I was eager to get back to Jess, and partly because it disappointed me. She was just about to go break up with Hugh Hefer, and then he pulled his British charm, and she was once again back in his wrinkly arms.

    Fabulous episode. Best of season 4, 9.8/10.
  • Luke gets a self-help tape and realises something, Paris has second thoughts about her relationship with Asher. All I can say is, finally!

    About time, this episode was great purely because Luke finally realised that Lorelai is who he wants to be with. He didn't say it but you could tell. He even asked her to Liz's wedding which she accepts but doesn't seem to see as a date. Also Jess seems to be on the mend and he and Luke connect when he reveals that he came because of him. It was great to see them both friendly towards each other.

    As for other things, the inn is opening soon and I can't wait, should be brilliant. Emily and Richard are still hiding there separation but we don't see them. Dean and Lindsey's fight was very revealing and entertaining, there's trouble here. Rory was obviously uncomfortable when she heard this.

    Paris stays with Asher, I still think this will end soon but it was enjoyable none the less. Can't wait for the last two episodes.
  • Luke finally sees her face clearly...

    This episode marks a landmark in Gilmore Girls, as Luke finally admits to himself he has feelings for Lorelai. The whole storyline was brilliantly written and Scott Patterson became a whole new actor for me. Everything was perfect: from Luke buying the books and scared that Andrew might see what he's buying, his innability to let himself go (with the scene with him driving and listening to the tape 'Complete: I'm angry because...', which made me laugh out loud) until the moment where the tapes asks if he can "see her face", the woman you want to spend your life with, tell good news too, spend memorable moments with, and you can just tell by his face, and how it changes, that he's thinking of Lorelai. It was just sooo beautiful.

    Plus, first episode I actually liked Jess. He came. And he was quite funny =) I loved Lorelai's reaction when he comes into the diner.

    Not so sorry Dean and Lindsay were fighting. About time. Oh, and the whole 'sleeping with the zucchini' story was the cutest thing. From Sookie telling Lorelai and Michel that Jackson was literally sleeping with the zucchini until they all fall asleep under the stars (and with the zucchini) it was the most adorable thing. Even Michel was cute! Amazing, amazing episode.
  • The revelation lol

    The opening for the Inn is coming and Lorelai can't sleep lol
    Those mental notes lol
    I think I've never seen her at that time in the morning at Luke's. And Sookie setting up Lorelai and Shel lol, she found a way around it quickly, Luke was scared lol

    OK I was stunted, Luke buying learning books about love and tapes, I never thought that would happen.

    There are troubles in paradise, Lindsey and Dean are fighting a lot. And Liz is back and she is getting married!!! A renaissance wedding!!! Luke even when after Jess so he would walk Liz down the church.

    That test freaked Luke out, the one "do you see her face?" I know whose face he saw, Lorelai's.
    And Paris with Asher, she took him to the hospital and I have to say I missed this, her freak out personality! Looks like the romance is still on.

    And the best part was the sleeping over with the sookinis(I think that's how it is spelled) and then in the morning, Luke inviting Lorelai to the wedding. That's prof he was her face lol
  • Luke apparentley saw her face.

    OK Question we all dang well know he loves Lorelei, i mean thats how the series began right? So why now is he Just realising this. He built her a Chuppah, she bailed him out on jail, they chased baby chicks , and he also took her to a hospital for her father. So why has all this never ending we see it we know they want it vibe, apparentley showing up in a character who already saw her face right? If the tape was like " Hey pal ,you love this woman and your to scared to do anything about it, so hurry up , grow a pair, tell her before she moves on" It would have made more sense maybe if it had Been Lorelei who saw his face it would make a lot more sense. Once again he saw her face already!
  • A good episode.

    Lorelai keeps waking up at night, and remembering things she has to do at the inn. She leaves messages at the inn. Then she goes to Luke's for coffee. They talk, and Lorelai reminds him to come to the inn for a walkthrough. Luke comes to the inn and goes to the kitchen with Lorelai. Sookie introduces Lorelai to Shell, the poultry guy. She tries to set them up, so Lorelai pretends that Luke is her boyfriend. Shell goes away, and Lorelai talks about Dr. Phil books. Emily sets Rory up with a boy from Yale that Emily knew when he was a little kid. He helps tape up her boxes in her dorm. Luke goes out and buys a self help book. He listens to it to try and figure out who he should be with. Jess Liz and TJ show up in Stars Hollow, and they tell Luke that they're getting married. They also told him that Jess wasn't coming. So Luke went to Jess's and made him come. Luke tells Lorelai that Liz and TJ are getting married, and she is shocked. Then Jess comes in, and she's even more shocked. Jess was staying at Luke's because he didn't want to have to pay for a place. Luke realizes that he should be with Lorelai. Rory goes on the date with the guy, and it was horrible. She told him to leave with his friends without her, then calls Dean to come pick her up.They charge a lot of money on the tab the guy had. Then Dean walks her to her dorm, and Jess shows up. He asks Rory to go away with him, and she says no. Luke asks Lorelai to go to Liz's wedding with him.
  • Okay, this is one of the best Jess episodes.

    Okay,this is one my favorite episodes because Jess is back. Luke comes to visit Jess and then he's like, "What? Are you a drug dealer now?" And the whole scene in the bar and then when they got back and it was so cute! Jess is my favorite character on Gilmore Girls, and I really liked seeing him again.
  • Good episode, but not memorable for me.

    This episode was pretty good, but to be honest it did not stand out. I watched it a few days ago and am having trouble remembering anything about it. It has that traditional Gilmore Girls charm, but for some reason was not memorable for me. Possibly I just was not paying full attention while watching, I’m not sure. The Luke story about him using the relationship tape is quite funny and finally we see some development between he and Lorelai’s relationship. They have been foreshadowing this since day one, so it is nice to see things making progress with our power couple. Even though this episode was not amazing for me, you should give it a shot because it is far from bad.
  • Luke reliazes his feelings for Lorelai.

    I really enjoyed and liked this episode. I thought that it was really funny that Luke went out and bought a self help book to fix his love life aand then come to the concluesion that he really wants to be with Lorelai. I really think that it is about time that he figured that out i think that they are perfect for each other. I thought that it was really nice of Luke to get Jess to go to his mothers wedding. It was funnny how Jess and Luke acted durning TJ bachlor party. I really liked that Luke asked Lorelai to attend Liz's wedding with him.
  • Luke can most certainly see her face.

    And I loved that scene. As the tape started playing and the narrator was presenting these scenarios you could almost feel his realization coming before it actually dawned on him.

    And when it clicked in his mind evryone watching the episode could feel it, I don't even halfta ask all you guys if you could. Even though scene didn't call for an over abudance of emotion Scott conveyed a lot with something so simple. It is defenitely part of his charm.
  • Lots of new beginnings...Marriage, the inn is close to opening, Luke figuring it out...Great!

    Luke reciting the "self help tapes" to Jesse is just hilarious. The moment that he realizes that Lorelai is the one is priceless.

    Sleeping with the ziccini was a special moment. They all finally calm down and slow down. The beginning of the episode is the total opposite of the end. Lorelai is spaztic at the beginning and at the end she is relaxed. Luke figures it out finally and Rory's views on Paris Asher alos change...great episode. One that all should see.
  • Lorelai's relationship and Jason's a bust - finally!!! I've been waiting for her to put us all out of our misery and get the guy who's right for her.

    After the opening credits, Lorelai has trouble sleeping but she has no trouble falling into Luke's waiting arms at the diner, except she wants his coffee first thing but its nice to see the camera work with Lorelai and Luke in the first shot.

    What's truly amusing is when Sookie tries to set Lorelai up with the poultry guy, who has this great big nutty grin on his face, and oh boy, you can just almost imagine her wanting to run to Luke right away who she does turn to, who never fails to be around when she needs him.

    The scene with Jess, that was ugly, at the apartment, and it got uglier at the bachelor's party, though it was nice that Liz and her boyfriend TJ get to tie the knot and gives Luke just the right excuse to ask Lorelai out after listening to some really painful, excruciatingly desperate sounding tapes which are just so lame and awful to listen to, even Tony Robbins would cringe, they were that bad and not worth the $100.00 that Luke paid for, but the main thing was Luke can finally see her face and when he realizes it, he takes action to do something about it - Good for Luke but bad for Jess who tries them out and it backfired!!

  • Luke following instructions of a tape can understand that loves Lorelai because he can see her face.

    The moment with Luke and the tape in the van is great, very funny, but when he can see her face oh god is wonderful his face, the way he understand that loves her, the whoah. And following with the embarrasment of Luke asking a date to Lorelai. I love this big boy.

    Very funny is too the beginning of the episode with the cat and the other cat that arrives while she is talking to Rory and the poor girl don\'t understand her mother. She is Lorelay only I can say that to explain it. And this is exactly why I watch this series, for moment like these.
  • I could rewatch the last three minutes of this episode a thousand times!

    I could rewatch the last three minutes of this episode a thousand times. Luke feels sorry for himself over his breakup/divorce and buys self-help books and tapes. At the bookstore he's so embarrassed he gives the owner $100 so that the owner doesn't have to ring him up and therefore see what kind of books he's buying. He listens to them throughout the episode - at first he's dubious, but in the last few minutes, the voice on the tape asks "Who do you go to when you have a problem? Who's company do you always enjoy, no matter what?" etc. and the last question, "Who's face are you picturing right now?" is the kicker. Luke's face tells it all - he realizes that he's in love with Lorelai and that "true love" as the book foretells has been right in front of him this whole time.
  • This is such an important episode!

    This is such an important episode for the development of the show. Luke and Lorelai have been flirting and fighting for years and now they finally realize that there is something there. A deep feeling of attraction that they are both finally acting on at the same time! Luke's reaction to his realization is priceless. This was by far one of the better shows of this season.
  • The first of three pivotal episodes that changes certain lives in Stars Hollow forever. This one can not be missed, nor can the two after it! Highly recommended, even for those new to the show!

    As the title may indicate, this is a Luke episode and one of the best ones, might I add. It the episode in which his cloud of denial clears up and he finally sees that Lorelai is the one he's always wanted. The whole fact that it took some self-help tapes made it all that much better, causing Luke to sink to a new level that could have gone horribly wrong, but above excellent writing has triumphed over a potentially damaging situation. Even though he resorted to self-help, he never stopped being Luke, despising the whole situation including the tape itself, threatening physical damage to it.
    The rest of Luke's story spills over into his family, when Liz shows up to announce her engagement to T.J. and informing Luke that Jess wasn't coming to the wedding. Luke, still trying to do right by his family, marches out to New York and demands that Jess come to the wedding with Jess being a mixture of indifferent and vague. Because we all know that even though he tries to ignore it, Jess' continence gets the better of him every time, and he shows up, staying with Luke. The two seem to temporarily bond at the batchelor party given their similar feelings for T.J., but the bond is quickly broken when a fight between Jess and T.J. breaks out, and in an attempt to stop it, Luke ends up turning on Jess before more onlookers pull them all apart and drag them out of the club. Probably what is the only heart-felt conversation between uncle and nephew, Luke informs Jess that he's going to stop trying to change him, and he's sorry that he hates him and him mother that much. Jess tells Luke that he doesn't hate his mother, and Luke is the reason he came in the first place. The reason he didn't want to come was because of Rory and his everlasting feelings for her. Recently versed on how love should be conducted, Luke gives him a few pointers, and then rebuts Jess' comments about Luke's dysfunctional relationships by telling him that things change, and to stay tuned.
    Luke ends his story by staying true to his word and finally going after Lorelai. Unaware of the fact that he's just asked her out on a date, Lorelai accepts his offer and agrees to go out with him for the first time.

    Lorelai's main story surrounded the eminent opening of the inn, and her frantic life getting ever crazier. At the beginning she uses Luke as a beard to get away from a guy who's awkward geekyness rivals Kirks, and then proceeds to run around tying up ends at the inn, witnessing a fight between Dean and Lindsay in the process.

    Rory's story wasn't ever really hers, it was Paris and Asher that got the limelight in this one. The age difference is truly addressed when Asher ends up in the hospital with angina, and Paris sorts out some confusing feelings. Oh, and the fake sympathy about Dean and Lindsay's fight was not unexpected, but there was just enough of it to make us wonder where it was going.
    Every situation was cleverly written, and the anxiousness left over at the end made us hungry for more. This particular episode is the first of three that can't be missed, as they all intertwine and lead up to the most climactic episode to date. I mean, how many shows are out there where someone can use the word "zucchini" more than a handful of times and still remain normal? Man, I love this show!
  • This was the first episode I ever saw of Gilmore Girls, and it got me HOOKED! I was immediately prompted to but the first few seasons on DVD and begin watching the series from the beginning. Here\'s why...

    In this episode, Lorelai has just broken up with Jason, and Sookie, trying to be supportive, is trying to set her up with the Dragonfly\'s balding, and quite frankly, creepy, poultry supplier, much to her horror. Luke, whom she is giving a tour of the recently completed inn, unwittingly saves her. Lorelai grabs his arm, wraps it around herself, and tells the poultry man that Luke is her \"special friend.\" This scares him off. As soon as he is gone, Lorelai orders Luke to \"never touch her stomach,\" to which he replies that \"she put it there, not him!\" After the tour, Luke stops by the bookstore, and awkwardly buys a self-help tape about getting in touch with your feelings. He starts listening to it, and is confused by his feelings for Lorelai.

    When Luke is listening to the tapes in his car, he agrees to give Jess a ride. Jess goes to turn on the radio/cassette-player. Luke freaks out and hurriedly hides the tape.

    I think that if you have to miss an episode, don’t let it be this one! This episode is fun and funny, and is the first in the three that build up to Luke and Lorelai’s first kiss (in Raincoats and Recipes).
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