Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 20

Luke Can See Her Face

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 04, 2004 on The WB

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  • With Liz and TJ's wedding coming up, Luke convices Jess to come back down to Stars Hollow. Lorelai freaks out over the inn, and Paris pays a visit to the hospital... to see her very OLD boyfriend.

    This is possibly the best R/J and L/L episode that lacked our two Gilmore Girls. With Jess' return (and might I say that he is looking particularly nice in this ep) you see the beginnings of the changes that we'll eventually see in the sixth season. I love how he can sit "in a strip bar with girls wallowing in slimy dirt" and just read a book. This ep also has Luke FINALLY realizing his true feelings for Lorelai. The cutest scene is when he "see's her face."


    But my favorite things has to be the conversation with Luke and Jess near the end. You can see how similar they actually are, you can see that Jess isn't some cold hearted stone, and you can see Luke confident that someday, their luck will change. And while Luke's luck goes through to the end of the season, Jess' doesn't. I could see how different Jess was, and how willing he was to make it work. But Rory couldn't, and it lead to that really fabulous scene at the end of Raincoats and Recipes. But in my mind, that never really happened. What scene?

    Secondary stories include Lorelai and Paris. Lorelai's is funny, resulting in sleeping with the zuccini. I didn't enjoy Paris' story as much, partly because I was eager to get back to Jess, and partly because it disappointed me. She was just about to go break up with Hugh Hefer, and then he pulled his British charm, and she was once again back in his wrinkly arms.

    Fabulous episode. Best of season 4, 9.8/10.
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