Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 20

Luke Can See Her Face

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 04, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Luke says that he hasn't been in a fight since sixth grade. However, he gets into a fight with Dean in season 1, the day after he and Rory break up.

    • The scene where Rory arrives at the hospital and is able to find Paris by hearing her yelling through the hospital is very reminiscent of the scene in season one where Lorelai finds Emily yelling at the desk nurse in the hospital after Richard's heart attack.

    • When Lorelai is Luke's at 5:00 am, she says that she's mentally telling the plumbers there is no water pressure in rooms 10, 12 and 15. However, in episode 4x04, "Chicken or Beef", Lorelai says in her proposal at the town meeting that the Dragonfly has 10 guest rooms.

    • This episode is the one and only one with Luke in the title.

    • When Luke invites Lorelai to his sister's wedding he tells her he'll pick her up at her place.
      Yet, in the next episode, on the wedding day, Lorelai meets him at the diner and they head to the square together from there.

    • Michel complains to Lorelai that he does not have his desk yet. But in the previous episode, we see Lorelai standing behind a desk in the same spot where Michel is complaining about.

    • In the scene where Lorelai, Sookie, Jackson, and Michel wake up from sleeping with the zuccini, they show a shot from above and Lorelai doesn't have straw in her hair. Then when they show her closer, the amount of straw in her hair changes throughout the scene.

    • The episode begins with Lorelai looking outside at the cats on her doorstep, and it is light outside. After the opening credits, Lorelai goes to Luke's for breakfast, and it is still dark outside, meaning it would be a new day. However, when she talks to Luke that afternoon, she says, "Cats came to my house today," when it was really the previous day.

      Answer: It was the same day,when Lorelai called Rory it was very early,Rory had told her to go back to bed and then she went to Lukes all in the same morning.The lighting was just a mistake on the shows part

    • When Lorelai says the line about her list being as long as all of the Chinese people in the world, she holds her purse up by the side, but then it magically and mysteriously moves to the middle of the handle.

  • Quotes

    • Lorelai: Seriously, I want to give you an official investor's tour. You should see the place, it's looking really good!
      Luke: I've heard the water pressure sucks in rooms 10, 12, and 15.
      Lorelai: (Smiles) What do you say?
      Luke: You eat the oatmeal, I take the tour.
      Lorelai: Fine, I'll eat it but I'm making a face the entire time!
      Luke: I'm looking forward to it.

    • Guy in Self-Help Tape: Whose phone calls or visits are never unwanted or too long? Do you see her face? Who would you most like to have in your life to ward off moments of loneliness? Do you see her face? When you travel...who would make your travels more enjoyable? Do you see her face? When you're in pain...who would you most like to comfort you? Do you see her face? When something wonderful happens in your life, a promotion at work, a successful refinancing...who do you want to share the news with? Do you see her face? Whose face appears to you, my friend? Whose face?

      Luke: Whoa.

    • Lorelai: So now I'm caught up on everything, right?
      Luke: I think so. (Jess comes in)
      Jess: I'm not paying for a hotel, so I'm staying with you. (Goes upstairs)
      Lorelai: Liar!
      Luke: I didn't know if he was coming. I went to see him in New York.
      Lorelai: You went to New York? I needed things picked up in New York!

    • Lorelai: I've got a cat on my doorstep!
      Rory: Well, it's better than a bun in your oven!

    • Jess:(To Luke) Aren't you gonna sit down?
      T.J.: He doesn't want to make a lap.
      T.J.'s brother: A lap is an illusion.
      Jess: What?
      Luke: Please don't get him started!

    • Paris:(About Asher) He doesn't have a lot of years left!
      Rory: An anvil could hit you on the head tomorrow, and he could live for another forty years.
      Paris: I'm nineteen! I should be out rollicking, but I'm not!
      Rory: Well, he probably didn't do a lot of rollicking when he was younger, either. He's British.

    • Jess: I'm doing great.
      Luke: Great, great, you're doing great. I'm not doing great, and I have running water.
      Jess: Everything's fine.
      Luke: Fine, not great? What happened to great?
      Jess: All this and no housewarming gift!

    • (Jess and Luke arrive in Luke's after they got in a fight at TJ's bachelor party, Jess takes a chair off a table, sits down and waits for Luke to lecture him)
      Luke: Hmmm. Tonight I got into a fight wih my nephew at a strip club. A fight. I haven't been in a fight since sixth grade. Vince Williams called me a 'doody head', I took it very personally. But you know, tonight was good. It was a real eye-opener. You are who you are. I can't change that, and I'm gonna stop trying. But if you really hate your mother that much, you shouldn't do it. You shouldn't be here, you shouldn't walk her down the aisle, you shouldn't go to her wedding.
      Jess: I don't hate my mother.
      (Luke takes another chair off the table and sits down)
      Luke: You don't? Then I don't get it, why weren't you coming? Was it because of me? Do you hate me that much?
      Jess: I don't hate you. I came here because of you.
      Luke: Well then, I'm stumped. You don't hate me, you don't hate your mother, so why weren't you coming? (sees Jess' face) No? Rory? Still? That's ancient history. You haven't seen her in a year.
      Jess: I saw her three months ago when I was here. And I told her something.
      Luke: What'd you tell her?
      Jess: I told her... I told her I loved her.

    • Liz: (talking about Carrie) She's a good friend.
      Luke: To one and all. So does Jess know?
      Liz: He knows.
      Luke: He take it well?
      Liz: He took it like Jess.
      Luke: Meaning?
      Liz: He's not coming.
      Luke: Why not?
      Liz: He's young. He's busy.
      Luke: Busy doing what?
      Liz: I don't know, it's okay. I just's not biggy. I got you there, right?
      Luke: Yes you do.
      Liz: Gonna dress up?
      Luke: Absolutely.
      Liz: Maybe as a minstrel?
      Luke: Maybe, or who's the guy who dances around with the bells and pointy hat?
      Liz: The court jester.
      Luke: The court jester. I will come as the court jester.
      Liz: You're a good brother. Got any of that terrible peach pie? I'm starving.

    • (Luke is setting up chairs in the diner and sees Lorelai on his stoop)
      Luke: What are you doing?
      Lorelai: I need coffee.
      Luke: It's five in the morning. Make coffee at your own place.
      Lorelai: I did. I drank it all.
      Luke: You drank all the coffee in your house before five in the morning?
      Lorelai: Big gulps, lots of sugar.
      Luke: Alright, get up. Lorelai: And just a little bit of cream, cause it makes it cold.
      Luke: Okay, keep moving.
      Lorelai: I can't sleep. I can't turn my mind off. It keeps running and turning and making lists.
      Luke: Maybe if you drank a little less coffee, you'd make a little less lists.
      Lorelai: I can't stop drinking coffee. I stop drinking coffee and I stop the thinking and walking and words-putting-into-sentence-doing.
      Luke: I'll make you some coffee.
      Lorelai: If I could move, I would hug you. In fact, in my mind I am hugging you. I'm also telling the plumbers there's no water pressure in rooms 10,12, and 15.
      Luke: I'll make you some oatmeal.
      Lorelai: I don't like oatmeal.
      Luke: You need to eat something healthy.

    • (Jess' beeper goes off when Luke visits him in his run-down apartment)
      Luke: What, are you a drug dealer now?

    • Lorelai: Oh my God!
      Rory: What?
      Lorelai: There are two of them! They're not even easing me into this, those bastards!

    • Lorelai: I see Dr. Phil books in our future.
      Luke: Unless they stock them at Home Depot, they're not likely to cross my path.

    • Lorelai: (talking to the cats) Hey, I am a young, desirable woman!

    • Lorelai: Did you know that if the whole population of China walked by, the line would never end because of the rate of population increase? That's how long my list is.

    • Lorelai: Oh, I can't stop drinking the coffee. I stop drinking coffee, I stop doing the standing and walking and the words putting-into-sentence doing.

    • (Lorelai opens the front door and finds a cat sitting on the porch. She dials the phone)
      Rory: Hello?
      Lorelai: They know.
      Rory: Who knows?
      Lorelai: The cats. They know that I've broken up with Jason and that I'm alone and they've decided it's time for me to become a crazy cat lady.

    • Jess: There are girls wallowing around in slimy dirt, and you're looking at me?

    • Lorelai: I guess I need to start collecting newspapers and magazines, find a blue bathrobe, lose my front teeth.
      Rory: Well, obviously, you've got a busy day ahead of you, so I'm gonna let you go.

    • Lorelai: I want you to take a tour of the inn.
      Luke: Why don't I just wait till the place is repossessed? Then I can see it at public auction.
      Lorelai: How can you be so mean to me when I only managed to line one of my eyes?

    • Luke: You drank all the coffee in your house before five in the morning?
      Lorelai: Big gulps, lots of sugar.

    • Lorelai: How late can you stay, Sookie?
      Sookie: As late as you want. Davey's with his grandparents and Jackson's sleeping with the zucchini tonight.
      Lorelai: What's that, farm jargon?
      Sookie: No, he's sleeping with the zucchini.
      Lorelai: But what does that mean, sleeping with the zucchini?
      Sookie: It means he's sleeping with the zucchini.
      Lorelai: Sookie, fill me in here. Where's Jackson?
      Sookie: Well, he checked the forecast today, and there's a potential cold front coming in from Canada, and he knows how important the zucchini is for opening day menu, so...
      Lorelai: Are you saying that "sleeping with the zucchini" means...
      Sookie: He's sleeping with the zucchini.
      Michel: She's said it four times. You're very slow tonight.

    • Jess: Where are you getting this junk?
      Luke: Life. I've lived.
      Jess: What, in a Bette Midler movie?

    • (Luke is buying self-help books but doesn't want Andrew to see them)
      Luke: What are you doing?
      Andrew: I have to ring them up.
      Luke: I ' ll just tell you the prices. This one is... $24.99.
      Andrew: That high?
      Luke: They're your prices!
      Andrew: Can I just see the book?
      Luke: I'm reading you the book. It says right here... Oh, wait - that's the Canadian price. $14.99.
      Andrew: Will you just let me scan the book?
      Luke: When you scan the book, do you see the title?
      Andrew: Yes.
      Luke: Then no.
      Andrew: Luke, come on! What do you got there, porn?
      Luke: You sell porn?
      Andrew: No!
      Luke: You think I brought my own porn in here to buy?
      Andrew: I don't know what you're doing. I just need to scan the books.
      (hands Andrew some money)
      Luke: This should cover it.
      Andrew: A hundred bucks? That's way too much!
      Luke: Take it.
      (he leaves, then comes back in)
      Luke: Bag.
      (Andrew hands him one, he leaves again)

    • Guy on tape: Complete this sentence, 'I feel angry because...'.
      Luke: I am listening to this tape.
      Guy on tape: I feel hopeful because...
      Luke: This tape must end eventually.
      Guy on tape: I feel helpless because...
      Luke: I wonder if anyone's ever kicked an audiotape's ass.

  • Notes

    • In this episode Lorelai and Rory watch Fatso which stars Dom DeLuise. In reality Dom DeLuise was the father of Michael DeLuise (who plays T.J.)and David DeLuise (who plays T.J.'s brother) .

    • German episode title: "Alles für die Katz", meaning "All for Nothing".

      French episode title: "Luke Passe A L'Action", meaning "Luke Moves Forward".

    • The set that was used for the hospital scene, is the same that is used for the television series E.R.

  • Allusions

    • Luke: You left me hanging with the Lords of Flatbush here.

      The Lords of Flatbush is a 1974 movie about teens from the rough side of town.



    • Luke: Isn't Kansas lousy with wheat?
      Lorelai: I do recall Toto running through fields of it.

      Toto is Dorothy's dog in The Wizard of Oz.

    • Paris: Stat! Stat! Do you not know what 'stat' means? They say it on all the hospital shows.

      A subtle allusion to the fact that they're on the set of E.R., which is a hospital show.

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