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Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 13

Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2004 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Jess' attempts to keep a low profile until Gypsy completes the repairs are not always successful. Taylor puts Kirk in charge of the annual Firelight Festival. Lane follows Rory back to Stars Hollow and a place on the Gilmore couch for the weekend, but isn't quite ready to face her mother; Emily is in a dither about filling a table at a benefit and enlists the help of Lorelai and Jason. Luke is less than impressed by Liz's latest business venture and newly-arrived boyfriend. Richard is suspicious of Jason's father's friendly greeting at the benefit. Jess makes a startling declaration to Rory before he leaves town.moreless

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  • Jess dismisses Luke, Liz has a new boyfriend with an etch-a-sketch, Rory comes back to Stars Hollow for teh weekend, Jess loves Rory, Lorelai gives Jess a piece of her mind, Luke's got a hand full of Barbie: Everything a Gilmore Girls episode should have!moreless

    This probably is my fav episode of the 4th season. A lot of people complain that GG has gone downhill since season 4, but I couldn't agree less. This episode is so funny, the dialogue is a quick as it can get and hilarious, it still crack me up to hear Luke, all drunk and confused, exclaim: "Gotta hand full of Barbie!". Also Rory and Lorelais conversation about murderer taking a nap on their couch before committing his crime and Sylvia Plath, I just loved it! I also loved the dinner Rory and Lorelai went to with Emily and Richard ("I'm going to make out in the cloakroom, don't eat my chicken" "that's going on your tombstone"). I like them bickering but I also enjoy these "peaceful" moments between them. Also, this is one of the first episodes where I thought Jess was sincere and I sortof felt sorry for him. In conclusion, this is an almost perfect episode for me, I can watch and have watched it over and over again, this is classic Gilmore!moreless
  • Jess is still in town, he avoids Rory and gives out to Luke. Brilliant.

    This was a brilliant one, I like the new character Liz, Luke's sister. She could definitely be interesting throughout. Jess leaving whenever he saw Rory was good but slightly unfair. The .conclusion of these two was great, finally Rory runs away from him but he then shocks her by saying he loves her. This was obvious but it was great to finally see him say it.

    Luke and Lorelai seriously are getting closer and they've had a few moments recently. It was nice when he gave her the thing from Liz instead of Nicole. This shows how much they care for each other. The whole fundraiser thing was hilarious, with Emily wanting Jason and Lorelai to pretend to be together, even though they already are. Plus the coat story was very amusing.

    I hope Liz moves to Stars Hollow, her boyfriend is alright, could get better. Lane is back at Lorelai's house and still hasn't spoken to her mother, I'm interested to see how this goes. So Jess is gone, I'll say we see him again, I hope so as he's a good character. Overall another brilliant one, season 4 remains to be just as great as the previous threemoreless
  • Another prof that Lorelai is important to Luke and vice versa, Jess confesses what he feels and leaves

    How can someone break a windows trying to lock it? Only Lorelai.

    They look like they are in the North Pole with all the cloths.

    The town is blocked lol, Jess is pushing the car to Gypsy

    And again, who would tape a broken windows with Barbie band aids? Only Lorelai lol

    Liz is still in town and Lorelai mistakes her for Luke. And Liz mistakes her for Luke's wife lol And that visit to Babette, they just wanted the heat lol

    Looks like everyone is coming to Stars Hollow, Liz is there then Jess showed up and now Liz's boyfriend TJ is there two.

    I hate Jess, he didn't had to say those things to Luke, I didn't think he was going to take it that bad, I never saw Luke drunk...He was really hurt and Lorelai worried.

    She could had been a bit more mean with Jess.

    And at dinner, Emily telling Jason and Lorelai to pretend they were together lol of course they took advantage of that.

    Jason's father is cold.

    Luke 's being seduced by Carrie and her friends lol, they were a bit drunk

    Well Liz is leaving and TJ is a jerk. I knew Luke was giving Lorelai the hearings, Liz said give them to Nicole or Lorelai and Lorelai is more important.

    And Rory running from Jess was fun but what he said was more surprising, she didn't saw it coming and nether did I.

    He just came, said I love you and got into the car and left.moreless
  • Jess tells Rory how he feels then leaves!

    Jess' attempts to keep a low profile until Gypsy completes the repairs on his car are put to the test as he keeps bumping into Rory all over town; Taylor puts Kirk in charge of the annual Firelight Festival, and his managerial skills, or lack thereof, place a strain on the preparations; Lane follows Rory back to Stars Hollow and a place on the Gilmore couch for the weekend, but isn't quite ready to face her mother; Emily is in a dither about filling a table at a benefit and enlists the help of Lorelai and Jason, whom she encourages to pretend that they're a couple; Luke is less than impressed by Liz's latest business venture and newly-arrived boyfriend, which prompts Jess to give his uncle an earful about minding his own business; after Lorelai and Liz finally meet, Lorelai gets a renewed perspective on Luke; Liz's high school classmates descend upon her brother and reveal long-held crushes on him; Richard is suspicious when Jason's father greets his son at the benefit and doesn't inquire about the business; Lorelai fixes Luke's broken heart after his confrontation with Jess while Luke fixes Lorelai's broken window; Liz and T.J. end their visit to Stars Hollow, but not before T.J. has a few choice words for Luke; Jess makes a startling confession to Rory before he leaves town.moreless
  • jess is back in town and keeps bumping into rory.when they bump into each other the last time rory runs away makingjess run after her.she stops running and gives jess a speech about their realtionship and he shocks her by telling her he loves her.moreless

    its just a classic episode. its perfect acting. perfect wording. jst plain perfect jess just being in it makes it great and then her not saying anything after he says i love you is crazy. and the thing that sucks is they never have rory react i mean after last week fights this week tights she doesnt react to him asking her to come away with him. and so thats kinda strange but i love this episode just because its good the scenes with gyspy are great cause shes funny. and lorelei yelling at jess about luke (and rory she didnt say it but you listen and it was directed about rory also) great cause when she 'good cause she's over you,she's moved on and she's very happy' he didn't want to hear it which i think is sweet.moreless
Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn

Kirk Gleason (Episodes 44 - , recurring previously)

Keiko Agena

Keiko Agena

Lane Kim

Kelly Bishop

Kelly Bishop

Emily Gilmore

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel

Rory Gilmore

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

Lorelai Gilmore

Edward Herrmann

Edward Herrmann

Richard Gilmore

Jill Brennan

Jill Brennan

Carrie Duncan

Guest Star

Lawrence Pressman

Lawrence Pressman

Floyd Stiles

Guest Star

Paul Keith

Paul Keith

Mr. Smalls

Guest Star

Kathleen Wilhoite

Kathleen Wilhoite

Liz Danes

Recurring Role

Michael DeLuise

Michael DeLuise


Recurring Role

Liz Torres

Liz Torres

Miss Patty

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Liz is sitting at the table talking to Luke and T.J. before Jess comes into Luke's apartment, there are no beer bottles on the table. However, when Jess comes into the room and Liz gets up to greet him, a beer flashes on screen. Seconds later, as the camera goes back to T.J., he places the three beer bottles on the table.

    • Jess tells Rory that he loves her in this episode.

    • When Rory is telling Babbette and Lorelai about running into Jess at Weston's, captions has someone (most likely Babbette) saying "that little bastard", but it is not audible on ABC Family.

    • In this episode, Rory states that she hasn't seen or heard from Jess in a year, but the last time she heard from Jess was on her graduation day (even though he didn't say anything on the phone) and this episode takes place while she is stil in her first semester at Yale. That doesn't add up to one year, even if you count the very last time she saw Jess which was two episodes before her graduation in Say Goodnight, Gracie.

    • In the scene between Luke and Liz at the festival, we find out that T.J.'s actual name is Gary.

    • While Jess and Rory are running Jess says "stop running so fast" but Rory isn't running fast at all.

    • Throughout this episode, Liz was wearing only one earring.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Rory: So who else is joining us?
      Emily: No one. We brought one of Richard's coats to hang over the chair.
      Richard: We're saying it's Majorie's husband's.
      Emily: He's making the rounds, and at eight he'll get sick and have to leave.
      Richard: Does everybody understand the story?
      Lorelai: I think so. But then we'll have to hide his jacket. So I suggest I put it under my dress and pretend to be pregnant, and Jason can pretend to be the doctor. Then Rory can dig a tunnel, and...
      Emily: I should've known you'd turn this into something ridiculous, Lorelai.
      Rory: Yeah. I wanna be the doctor.

    • Luke: You left some guy named T.J. alone in my apartment?! Aw Liz!
      Liz: I've been gone twenty seconds!
      Luke: That's all it takes!
      Liz: To do what? Steal the singing Be Happy bass?
      Luke: Hey That is MY singing Be Happy bass and it better still be up there, including the batteries.

    • Richard: Jason, I just heard your father was here.
      Lorelai: How could you have possibly found that out so quickly?
      Richard: News travels fast.
      Emily: Richard, Floyd is here.
      Richard: He must want something.
      Jason: Richard, I don't think he had an agenda.
      Richard: Trust me, my boy. I know about these things.
      Emily: What was his body language like?
      Lorelai: Well, he was standing. And breathing. I think all signs point to alive!

    • Floyd: Hello, Jason.
      Jason: Oh, I didn't know you'd be here.
      Floyd: Bit surprised myself. So how's your golf game?
      Jason: Getting better. Not as good as yours, though, but I'm catching up.
      Floyd: Well, I'll see you later. (Walks away)
      Lorelai: Who was that?
      Jason: My father.
      Rory: Your father?
      Lorelai: Have you two met before?
      Jason: Once, briefly at an Aquaman party.

    • Liz: T.J., this is my kid. This is Jess. Jess, this is T.J.
      T.J.: Guess what it stands for!
      Jess: No.

    • Lorelai: Just wondering what you're thinking about.
      Rory: I'm thinking about nothing.
      Lorelai: Nothing wouldn't happen to wear a leather jacket and be able to pull off an extremely convincing "Adrian!" would it?

    • T.J.: Thanks. You're a dick.
      Lorelai: So I just hear the tailend of that conversation and I'm assuming you didn't change your name to Richard
      Luke: Long long story, I'll tell you later, but here's a teaser the word "Etch-a-Sketch" comes up.
      Lorelai: I'm hooked!

    • Lorelai: We're going to be late though because we have to make a pit stop at one of my mother's charity events.
      Babette: Ooh, sounds ritzy.
      Lorelai: Like the cracker.

    • Lorelai: (next to the oven) Hey, did anyone ever think that maybe Sylvia Plath wasn't crazy, she was just cold?

    • Luke: ...it is, my big problem. Got a hand full of Barbie!

    • Jess: Could we sit down?
      Rory: No. You wanted to talk, so talk. What do you have to say to me?
      Jess: I love you.

    • Kirk: I'll pitch in $10.
      Jess: How 'bout more walkie and less talkie.

    • Lorelai: I'm going to go make out in the coatroom. Don't eat my chicken.
      Rory: That's going on your tombstone.

    • Luke: He's a grown man with an 'Etch-a-Sketch'!
      Jess: Well, then, shake him real hard and maybe he'll disappear!

    • Lorelai: Here is the question for today, kids: What are the Eskimos thinking? I mean, sure, the hoods are cute, but it's always cold, always! Plus, you have to eat fish for breakfast, and whales. And then there's penguins, and polar bears, and Santa Claus.

    • Lorelai: If you're here, then who's this?
      Rory: I don't know.
      Lorelai: We have a stranger in our house!
      Rory: Robert Downey Jr.?
      Lorelai: Or a murderer!
      Rory: Who needed a nap before committing his crime?

    • Rory: She must have followed me from Yale. I told her she could hang out there.
      Lorelai: Yes, but why do that when you can sleep where penguins need a coat?

    • Lorelai: Cold! Cold! Icy feet, stupid frozen tundra house!

    • Liz: Sorry I'm so boring tonight! I only had one cup of punch. Gary switched us over to club soda after that.
      Luke: You're not boring. Who's Gary?
      Liz: That's T.J.'s real name.
      Luke: T.J.'s real name is Gary?
      Liz: Yeah.
      Luke: Gary?
      Liz: Yeah!
      Luke: Where'd he get... never mind.

    • Luke: If I could pick anyone for my sister to be with, that guy would definitely be his cab driver!

    • Lorelai: I'm sorry, are you drunk?
      Luke: I am not drunk. I do not get drunk. I had some beer. Beers. More than one. A few. And then I came here and I climbed your tree.
      Lorelai: Well, good thinking.
      Luke: And then I fell out of your tree.
      Lorelai: Hmm. Sit down.
      Luke: I landed flat on my back. I felt like Kirk.

    • Lorelai: I'll go get you a real bandage.
      Luke: I like the Barbie ones.
      Lorelai: Yes, honey, but the other kids will beat you up if they see you wearing one of those!

    • Luke: You talked to Liz?
      Lorelai: I thought she was you.
      Luke: I'm a man.
      Lorelai: Yeah, but she was driving your truck.
      Luke: When I am in my truck, I am still a man.

    • Lorelai: Luke! Wait! I know you owe us nothing, but our dead, frozen carcasses may someday haunt you in your sleep, or not, because you have no idea who I am. I'm sorry, I thought you were Luke.
      Liz: I knew I should have put on some lipstick!

    • Luke: (about TJ) We need a solution.
      Jess: To what?
      Luke: Are we having the same conversation? A solution to him!
      Jess: A solution would have been birth control. Too late, move on!

  • NOTES (6)

    • The song playing at the Firelight Festival is "Mona Lisa" by Grant Lee Phillips

    • German episode title: "In Sachen Liebe", meaning "Concerning Love".

      French episode title: "On Ne Choisit Pas Sa Famille", meaning "You Don't Choose Your Family".

    • In the teaser of this episode, as Lorelai and Rory are talking while sitting in front of the oven to keep warm, Lorelei asks Rory if she is thinking of someone who could pull off a convincing "Adrian" (she was talking about Jess),like Rocky Balboa in the Rocky movies. Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) played Rocky Balboa's son in Rocky Balboa (2006).

    • Yanic Truesdale (Michel), Melissa McCarthy (Sookie), and Liza Weil (Paris) do not appear in this episode.

    • This is the first appearance of T.J. (Michael DeLuise), Liz's beau. He then goes on to appear frequently.

    • Music:
      - "Mona Lisa" by Grant Lee Phillips


    • Lorelai: Well if you're there, then who's this?
      Rory: I don't know.
      Lorelai: We've got a stranger in our house!
      Rory: Robert Downey Jr.?

      Rory is referring to an incident in 1996 when actor Robert Downey Jr., under the influence of crack, broke into his neighbor's house and fell asleep in one of the beds, thinking it was his own.

    • Lorelai: So on a wigged-out level of one to ten, Mom is at -
      Rory: Frances Farmer?

      Frances Farmer was an actress in Hollywood and Broadway in the 1930s and 1940s. Farmer was involuntarily committed to an institution in 1943. For seven years, she was subjected to 90 insulin shocks and electroshocks. Her last "treatment" was a lobotomy after which she never regained her abilities and died.

    • Rory: Before or after our reenactment of Alive?

      Alive is a film from 1993 where a plane crashes in the Andes and the passengers are forced to eat their dead co-passengers in order to survive.

    • Episode Title: Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels

      Nag Hammadi is a town in Egypt where 52 texts (the Gnostic Gospels) were discovered in 1945. The texts contain poems and myths attributed to Jesus that differ quite a bit from the New Testament.

    • Lorelai: Did anyone ever think that Sylvia Plath wasn't crazy, she was just cold?

      Plagued with major depression, The Bell Jar author Sylvia Plath committed suicide in February of 1963 by turning on her gas oven and placing her head inside.