Gilmore Girls

Season 6 Episode 1

New and Improved Lorelai

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 13, 2005 on The WB

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  • Luke says yes to Lorelai and Rory is living in her grandparents pool house. Good episode but I didn't like Rory much throughout.

    I'll keep this short. I didn't like Rory and still find her new 'character' extremely annoying. Like how she was acting during the party, it just wasn't Rory. I Don't think Logan is to blame, even he looks concerned by her new found attitude. She deserved to get all that community service. I hope she makes the first move to apologise to Lorelai, because there's no doubt that she is in the wrong.

    Luke says yes to Lorelai's proposal, that's obviously great. I'm glad she's letting Rory do what she's doing and that she's not talking to her parents, she shouldn't have to talk to those backstabbers. Emily was funny throughout the episode though. It was sad when Lorelai was crying at the end, she can't believe what Rory has done. Good episode.
  • Woah!! The Gilmore's do have an interesting relationship.

    I didn't know this was the start of season 6 but boy was it interesting. How could Loreli and Rory not be talking?? I love the relationship between Loreli and her parents - its heaps entertaining and comedic. Paris is cool i'm actually liking her more now, and i'm not liking Rory. I totally didn't think it was in her character to become a felon and go to court and all that. can we blame logan? YAY Loreli and Luke finally engaged. It's so sweet! and Kirk is so funny - with the rings from old ladies haha. Does Rory even know her mum's engaged? ooooh.
  • Luke askes what. Lorellia proposes again. Luke says yes! Then they get zema and kiss

    this was a great eposode for luke and loreilla. they get engaged! luke says yes! that was so great!! they kiss again! i was so happy ( but of course they have to break up again ( blahhhhhhhh!!!!) Rory is with emily and richard, though. they really miss each other . i really love this show! gilmore girls rox! luke and loriella rock to get her!
    logan and rory rock! this will be an inter esting season! i hopr the gilmore girls ( rory and loriella are soon together again ) i love gilmore girls best show ever java junkies forever season 8
  • We get an anwser to Lorelai's question to Luke and we found out what happens with Rory.

    I thought that this episode was good. I have to say that i am really mad at Rory for making the decision she has made. I do not think that it feels like the same show without Lorelai and Rory together and talking. I was reallt happy for Lorelai she tells Luke that something bad has happened to her and Rory's relationship and Luke tried to come up with a plan to get her home then Lorelai asked him to marry her and he say yes. Something big happens after something bad happens i hope they do not tell Rory i don't think that she should or deserves to know about this news.
  • me in love this esp IT IS THE BEST! HE FINiAL SIAD "YES"

    I'm in love with this espsoide it's taken them years and years for this to happen and it has i'm so glad i'm addicted to the gilmore girls and i loved it so much luke is so in with the lorlia and rory luke has always been part of each others life. everbv sense it started there so close. for example in season 1 epsoide 20 "p.s I lo..." when rory runs to her grandparents when lorlia and her have a fight beacsuse hasn't gottan over dean and lorlia was talking to Max behind Rory's back and she's findes out about it when max askes rory is she ok affter the break up and she did n't know about she ran to her grandparents house and didn't tell her mum she was going. lorlia's mwent to lukes the next and he was acting like it was his daughter. another example is in season 6 epsode epsode 13 when Rory and Logan are together for the first time after Rory saying to Logan aboutb them getting together as causlar daters rory and logan go into a room. there r stared to get undress when lorlia then christher and than luke wake in wioth them like that and luke and christpher get into a fight over how luke has been more of a father in the earler yeard of Rory's life than aand later as well the chrispher has been all of his life. This is showing how much luke and lorlia are ment to be together.
  • Luke answers Lorelei's question about marriage.

    I am very excited about this show it didn't surprise me when Luke said yes it made me very happy, because they are so cute together, and deserve to be together. I am surprised that Lorelei asked though Luke would do it. But anyways a good plot overall. The way the town acted though is another story, but what can you expect from a town that is so close knit that you can't have any secrets without someone finding out and judging you on how they feel. Other than that I loved this episode and look forward to seeing Lorelei and Luke get married, hopefully nothing will screw it up.
  • They're getting married!

    Lorelai and Luke are finally getting married! I could not believe last season when they left us hanging with Lorelai's sudden an unexpected proposal but Luke said yes, naturally! This was I think the crowning moment for them and the moment that gives me faith that they are meant to be together forever.
  • ver very special

    luke says yes to lorelai proposal to mayyry him. this episdoe was great very well plotted. Rory is condemed to do 300h of services insted of the 20h that the Lawyer the most beutiful thing in this epidoes is when Lorelai goes to her parents and gives them the stuff of rori and tells them that they won it's all yours. and she leaves.during the pisode Paris goes mad as knowing that Rory will not continue yale and i can't blame her beacuse she was the only one with which she had conversation. another thing that i liked and that was pretty funny was kurk's collection of rings. the overall rating of this episode is eccelant very very good for the beganing of season 6.
  • The first Episode of the great fight.

    I can't say I enjoyed this episode although I liked it. The way Luke accepted Lorelais proposal was very well written. Also the reason why Lorelai chose this of all moments to propose to him was well explained.

    Usually this show is all about how well Lorelai and Rory get along and Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel have great chemistry. But this is the first episode with absolutely no dialogue between the two of them. So I figure most people keep watching the show because they want to know how the story goes on but I don't think they will gain any viewers with this. At least that's how I feel.

    Mother and Daughter got along so well all these years something as huge as this was bound to happen sooner or later. Two people can't always agree. So this feels natural to me.

    So you might ask if I liked this episode so much, why didn't I rate it any higher. Well there are to reasons for that Logan and Rory's Grandparents.

    Logan. I just never liked him from the beginning. She should have tried out Marty or someone else but it was obvious that Logan meant trouble. I get that she was maybe attracted to him for his being dangerous and all but the whole "I am rich you're not, therefore I get to tell you what to do" - attitude should have set her off. She never was against her grandparents throwing around with money but she always was in for justice. And all of a sudden she's stealing boats. There would have been better ways for the writers to turn her into someone irresponsible. Ways that would have been more likely.

    Emily and Richard Gilmore. Usually I like them - as characters. But this episode they were just out of character. Like Richard exploding in the courtroom. He is way more sophisticated than that. Yelling at the judge wasn't going to get him anywhere - obviously. And then Emily shouting about "Richard you can't kill him in a Courthouse." What was that about? Was that supposed to be a Joke? Wasn't funny. Just plain stupid. Nothing the Emily Gilmore we've seen until now. On the other hand this "happy-feeling"-way to deal with Rory doesn't show a lot of ... so...

    Let's hope they will return to give her the spark she used to have.

    I knew it. THere was no way the Luke could say no. Since the start of the show we have all known Lorelai and Luke are perfect for each other. They finally realised it and now they're going to get married. I can't wait to see that episode. It will be the best ever. I am so happy everything is working out for them as a couple. I only wish Rory would go back to collage.
  • Utmärkt. Har nästan börjat känna som att GG:s senare säsonger går att jämföra med utvecklingen som Buffy gick igenom.

    Utmärkt. Har nästan börjat känna som att GG:s senare säsonger går att jämföra med utvecklingen som Buffy gick igenom. Det är sammare serie i grunden, men har växt till något svårare och mörkare genom sina karaktärer. Det är inte längre bara den mys-serie som jag blev kär i. Den är riktigt tung ibland, och sparkar mig hårt i hjärtat. Vilket fortfarande känns lite ovant (kanske för att jag såg de första fem säsongerna så fort att förändringen svishade förbi), men inte är helt ovälkommet om man är ett emotional freak som jag.

    Luke och Lorelai. Det var väntat, men det är underbart.

    Lorelai och Rory. Jävlar i havet, vad det svider. Avsnittets sista scen har gett mig en klump i halsen stor som Gibraltar. Jag har svårt att svälja. Jag kanske helt enkelt är förkyld? *springer och dricker vatten* Nope, fortfarande en klump. En GG-relaterad klump. I love it and I hate it.

    Jag menar, en säsongsöppnare där Lorelai och Rory inte utbyter en enda replik, men som ändå i mångt och mycket handlar om deras förhållande, eller kanske slutet på deras förhållande (knappast, men ändå...). Och som inte löser det utan om något förvärrar konflikten. Det är banne mig WSWB-modigt. Go, ångest, go!

    Scenen strax innan, med Lorelai i sina föräldrars sovrum, när hon berättar den gamla historien om paddan (det är en padda, inte en sköldpadda, åtminstone i versionerna jag har hört) var också hjärtslitande. Särskilt just repliken som gav avsnittet dess namn, den om "You got your new and improved Lorelai"... salt i redan djupt upphuggna sår.

    I love it 'cause it hurts me. Bara de bästa serierna gör så här ont.
  • loved it !

    oh this was such a great episode! they are finally engaged.. It was so sweet how she asked it and how he said yes... it was just i missed rory and Lorelai 2gether but that will come.. it was just such a sweet epi.. one of the best!! deff. loved it!
  • Perfect way to start out the new season. I love the way Luke said he would marry Lorelai.

    Lorelai, is hilarious. How does she come up with these things? I mean, just one person cannot do that!

    Well, I loved the episode, it was just great. Kirk sells rings now? Thats just weird, no, Kirk is just weird...Logan I don't like very much, he is just not right for Rory. Don't ask me why, but I like Jess waaaayyyy better.
  • this is an awesome show......!

    this episode....and all the episodes in the 6th season have really been a disapointment...they are SO slow and not as fast as they used to be......go back to writing GOOD episode amy sherman-padallino!!

    but that's just my opnin..... the 5th seasons the best...... but you should watch them all.. from the very beginning!!!
  • well here we go for another emotionaly damaging season!

    well now we knew it would happen, should happen, could happen and now if finally has! lorelai ans luke are gonna tie the know. though if the past shows anything it will not be for a while especially now that loerlai is pertending that rory is out of the picture. this will all shape up very interedting seeing as how well, we know that lorelai is hurting, as is rory. ans is it just me or does this seem all to ok with emily????
  • Kirk sells rings now.

    Kirk has befriended many old woman and gotten so many really nice rings from it. That must of taken him a really long time. So how come you have never seen or heard anything about Kirk collecting rings before this episode? I know kirk has different jobs in almost every episode but I still feel that there should have been some reference to collecting the rings in a previous episode.
  • Not so bad without Rory.

    I want all the jokes back!Lorelei is so weird now, really sad, after what Rory did.It not so good as before, these first episode were the best.But luke and Lorelei are together, yes!Kirk rules again, he is the funnyiestperson in whole Stars Hollow: Am I doing this wright? What? Nevermind?
  • Great start to season 6

    I love gilmore girls but im not liking that Rory and Lorelai are not taking, i wish they would just become friends again. im happy that Luke said yes to the proposal, i however doubt that they will get married. i hope they do thou. Cant wait to see what this season will involve.
  • Luke answers Lorelai's question and as news of Luke’s reply leaks to the denizens of Stars Hollow, the untraditional proposal stirs up more talk than the answer itself. Richard and his lawyer go to court for Rory; for her yacht incident, but the judge is

    Luke answers Lorelai's question and as news of Luke’s reply leaks to the denizens of Stars Hollow, the untraditional proposal stirs up more talk than the answer itself. Richard and his lawyer go to court for Rory; for her yacht incident, but the judge is tougher than expected.

    Love, Love, Loved this episode one of the best one's yet.

    Although Gilmore Girls is based on the "gilmore girls" when they don't even coverse at all it was still a great episode especially when Luke said yes to Lorelai's Proposal was a really great way to start the season.

    It was sad when Lorelai handed the reigns of Rory's life to her parents it was kind of expected as they did turn on her to do the "best thing for Rory".

  • Interesting.

    The proposal was great, but Rory and Lorelai not sharing things and not being each other's best friend is just strange and akward for the show. I think that Rory is going to relize that she belongs at Yale and quit this entire defiance thing she has going on. The grandparents are meddlesome like always, and I hope the season becomes less irritating. Put Rory and her mom back together.
  • Loved Luke with Lorelai, hated Rory not with Lorelai

    This episode was conflicting for me. I loved the parts with luke and lorelai together but i can't stand to see lorelai and rory not together. Rory starts to get on my nerves because she is being selfish about everything and hurting lorelai in the process. The scene where lorelai talks to her parents and says you've won she's all yours made me cry a river. Good episode, sad storyline.
  • I'm just so glad Luke said yes.

    This is the first episode ever where the gilmore girls dont interact once. that was really hard for me. For a while they lead you to believe that lorelai really doesn't care about rory anymore. I'm glad they had the scene at the end with lorelai all upset. They better have them make up soon because them not talking totally screws up the show. Lorelai's proposal was great, but luke should have kissed her sooner. Also neither of them ever said I love you. That makes me feel that her heart isn't really in it.
  • In this episode we finally learn Lukes answer to Lorelai very important question.

    I loved this episode but I am very upset that Lorelai and rory aren\'t talking. But I am also very excited that Lorelai and Luke are getting married. I am so happy they show finally decided to get Luke and Lorelai together in the last season and now it will carry on into this season.I wish Rory would get rid of Logan and be with either Dean or Jess.
  • Come on writers! I love this show and never miss it, but i was really dissapointed in the season premier. I waited all summer for this?

    We all knew Luke was going to say yes, but why couldn't there be a hug, passionate kiss and why didn't he get on his knees after wards and say let me do this. That would of been better why is it that Lorelie has to be the man, he should of seen it coming and made the proposal. As for Rory, it didn't tell much other than the suddleness that she's not going to like living with her grand parents. Those two are so intrusive, and blind to it all around them. I loved Lorelia showing up at their house in the middle of the night with Rory's stuff that was GREAT. And believe me I know Lorelia and Luke will never really be together because that would be too good and the show wouldnt be all that great after that.
  • I was very disappointed with the way the writers throw this episode together!

    Sure we were all waiting for luke's reply and yes we all loved the way he jumped at her proposal with a quick yes but celebrating with Zima?! That whole scene in Taylors store was stupid. I was really disappointed with the bedroom scene as well. Lorelai was 20 feet from luke on the bed with her back to him falling asleep dressed in a night gown totally passe to luke's plans of having kids and a house. We've all been waiting for luke to have the guts to finally open up to her and she is falling asleep. And why did he purchase an engagement ring from kirk? how emmbarassing for Lorelai when the town folks find out, he might as well have brought it from Taylor's store as well. This is an issue that will come back to haunt luke later. A word to the shows writers, let's hear Luke and lorelai actually say those 3 little words I-LOVE-YOU! I've hear,"we're in a relationship", "we're involved", but never I love you.
  • I think that their engagement was very unromantic and extremely dissapointing.

    The thing that made me love this show was the realationship and the chemistry these two shared. The spur of the moment thing was kind of cute, but what they did afterwards was horrible...running around the town for beer?!?!? I mean come on! Then Luke has to complain that it's 'chick' beer!??!?! They don't kiss until they finally have beer!!??!?!?!??!?!?!? I think right after Luke said yes to Lorelai that they should have embraced each other and told each other how in love the were as they looked into each others eyes and then kissed. Overall, this episode stunk!
  • wow. wow wow wow. what a great episode.

    I can't believe it.
    I just finished watching it.
    it's the best episode i've ever watched on this show.
    the gilmore girls are tearing apart. this cannot happen!
    the conversations between Lorelai and Rory cannot stop! (by the way, they did not have any conversation at all this episode. has it ever happened before?!)
    Lorelai's parents being so mean and... so.. themselves.
    Lorelai with her childish behaviour (sending Michel to open the door for Emily. Not coming to her daughter's court. Showing up in her parents' bedroom in the middle of the night.)
    Lorelai and Rory.... you have to make up! this can't go on like that forever.

    I'm guessing the episode they will make up will be a great tearjerker. Oh, i so can't wait!!!
  • Lorlai: "I just wanna be happy right now. Okay?"

    Lorlai: "I just wanna be happy right now. Okay?"

    In my opinion, that's what made her propose in the first place.
    She's feeling lower than she's ever felt - her daughter won't listen to her, and runs off to her parents, who have once again betrayed her.
    She feels like Luke is the only good thing she has in her life right now, so she decides to grab on to that thing with both arms.

    I'm not saying she doesn't love him, maybe she does, but this engagement has come from the wrong reasons, and that might be disastrous in the future.

    As for the episode itself, it was pretty good (which for any other show would mean 'outstanding', but I've developed a higher standard for this one).
    My biggest problem was Luke's strange lack of enthusiasm about marrying the woman he's been pining for.
    It's either a problem with Scott Patterson's acting, or, and this is what I'd rather believe, it’s because Luke's dream suddenly fell in his lap, and the surprise was overwhelming.
  • Pick's up after last season with Luke saying yes to Lorelai's proposal! Rory moves in with her grandparents, and is sentenced to 300 hours of community service.

    This episode is what I have been waiting for since the show has begun. A definant advancement in Luke and Lorelai's relationship. I was thrilled last season with them getting together, but this is so much better, the only thing better is to actually watch the wedding.
    Now on first glance it may seem that Lorelai is proposing because she is upset and doesn't have her best friend (Rory) around anymore, but I think it's because she realizes that Luke would do anything for her and Rory, and even though the words haven't been said I believe that she realizes that she really loves him. Luke's answer cames as no shock, he already knows how much he loves Lorelai, and the romantic kiss they share in the gazebo makes me wish I could trade places with Lorelai for a day. I think their relationship will turn out for the good, they both admitted kids would be good, so they both want to have kids together which is a pretty seriously and commited thing.

    All in all it is what I have been waiting for so I think it was great!
  • Could anyone ask for a better come back?

    This show just keeps getting better and better!
    Okay, first of all I have to talk about Rory. What the hell is she thinking? I've been watching ths show since its first season, and I've watched Lorelai and Rory fighting for her to get into college and all that, and now she's just not acting like herself. I'm really hating her right now.
    Okay, back to the good stuff: Lorelai and Luke.
    This episode showed how much Luke loves her and he really didn't care that she was the one who proposed. I think this relationship is really going to workout.
    I totally support Lorelai for not talking to Rory after all she's done, but it's SO sad! That last scene was heartbreaking.

    Anyway.. great come back! I just hope this seasone Lauren Graham finaly gets an Golden Globe or an Emmy. She deserves it.
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